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Blazing Sunlight I (骄阳似我 上) – Chapter 39


This is the 2nd last chapter where the last free postcard which comes with purchasing the novel in Chinese will apply. At last, our poor Lin Yu Sen got his wish to view and appreciate plum blossoms together with Xi Guang, albeit a bit late. Then get ready for the declaration of the decade lol.

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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 3.3


SX: “Brother He, don’t worry ! I’ll buy the ‘little angel’ for you ! Which is your favorite  brand?!” HZZ: “I actually……….. my aunt (Chinese slang for menstrual) came………..”

Hoju: Updated news. Some of you may have heard that a drama adaptation is being made of this novel. Yup, we’ve been following this news for a long time now. (For more than half a year! Oh my, I’ve been waiting eagerly for that long!) On April 24, the booting ceremony was held and the cast was also announced at that time. I, personally, have mixed feelings on the cast, but I’m still hopeful for a good, fun adaptation.:) Unfortunately, Peanuts and I are both super busy  at the moment and won’t be able to get to posting any drama news, at least for now. You can check out AVV if you want more information. 


This is the chapter you’ve been waiting for, He Zhi Zhou having his menstrual lol. Such a big blow to this proud man but such an educational experience, right haha? For those who complained they didn’t seem to want to swap back, it is not true. Everything happened too quickly so they needed time to adjust. Enjoy the gender swapping which is the best part of the novel.
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Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) – Chapter 3.2


Oh, why is He Zhi Zhou crying? Oops, it should be Shen Xi. Another blow to God He’s cool image lol.

By the way, why so many comments asking me to continue the translation? I didn’t write I won’t be continuing the translation. Between Hoju and I, we’ll probably finish it. You should trust us that all the translations on this blog will have an ending, except the one that can’t be helped.
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