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You’re My Glory (你是我的荣耀) – Revised Chapter 37

For completeness sake, I was supposed to translate and release the final epilogue before the drama broadcast but the best laid plans of mice and men. I discovered that Lucky Koi had already translated it on her blog. Since she had taken the effort to do it, the novel is not my exclusive property and I’ve been busy, so do visit her blog for the final epilogue. Instead, I’ll post the revised final chapter for completeness sake. It is unedited as my editor is away but she will edit it later. I am in a hurry to post this before Monday, when the fast track episodes will be released.

A reader called Chris wrote: I think the reference of ‘…trending towards becoming a BDS…’ means that to YT our QJJ is his Navigation Satellite System in his life as she steers or navigate him back to his dream, to stay on in aerospace, to give him a goal to work towards to, to work to become her glory…as Gu Man wrote those last lines – Holding her hand, Yu Tu suddenly felt that everything was settled. The road ahead seemed clearer, and his life seemed also to have become simple. Merely that….He would be with her. And then, he would become her Glory.

Gu Man wrote: At that time, many readers commented that the kiss in the KTV was too abrupt. After thinking deeply about it, I also feel the same. Hence, I revised a bit. I feel more satisfied now. Then I let a few readers read the newly added second kiss part but they still prefer the original version. So, I’ll post it separately for everyone to have fun.

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*No Translation Posts* and some of my personal thoughts will be coming shortly

Dear Readers,

Just to let you know, there will be NO UPDATE of Unsung Friends this week as you would normally expect.

I’m not sure if you remember, but back in November I said I would think about whether I still belonged on this translation scene. I asked my readers to give me some time to think about it (actually, I said a few days at first, but then I realized I would need more than that). I know it’s been a few months, but I have not forgotten this. It truly has been weighing heavily upon my heart and mind. I will place my thoughts into a post and let you know shortly.




The Road Home (归路) — Epilogue and Author’s Afterword *NOVEL COMPLETED*

It’s been five months since the start of this translation. Thank you, readers, for joining in on this ride. I am glad I had the honour and ability to bring this story to you, as well as, perhaps, a smile during this time.

This post contains the epilogue and the author’s afterword. Lastly, as is my custom, I have signed off with some of my own thoughts, which you are welcome to give a “miss.”

The final epilogue gives you the final piece of the puzzle, what each of them were truly thinking after they saw one another again in Inner Mongolia. *sniffles*

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The Road Home (归路) — Chapter 40

I love how the innocence of their teen years is contrasted with their maturity of the present. Yet, you feel that the purity of their relationship has still been preserved. And when Gui Xiao is with her Lu Chen, no matter what age she is, you feel like she will always be that young girl who rambles on to him, telling him anything and everything that comes to her mind and then tickling herself into amusement. ❤

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