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Hua Xu Yin: First Meeting (Part 2)

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First of all, for those who are interested in reading HXY in English, please visit Chenguang’s blog. She’s started translating HXY from scratch (respect!) and you can find the prologue chapter here.

I’m going to continue translating bits and pieces that I fancy from HXY for fun (because I don’t have the discipline to commit to translating the whole book systematically). So I’m leaving that to CG, who has permission to incorporate my drafts. CG actually knows Chinese so her translations are probably way more accurate than mine. Lol.

Finally, this post is dedicated to Az, who is finally seeing the light about HXY. Hurrah to Princess Zombie!


He tells that he is called Mu Yen [1]. Of course that is not his real name; if a man wears a mask on his face, surely he will also mask his name. Otherwise, there will be no point in him hiding his face.

As for myself – I told him that I am called Jun Fu Gui [1]. What if this man is the enemy of the father I have never met? If he knew that I am my father’s daughter, he might kill me in a fit of anger. There are many examples in history of princesses getting killed because of their fathers’ sins. That is not counting those who have been forced to marry husbands they dislike, leading to unhappy marriages that last a lifetime.


And just like that, we stayed in the cave for four to five days. We drank from the spring outside the cave and ate wild fish from the spring. I could not leave to return to the School as the snake poison in my body has not fully cleared. Mu Yen expressed that when you set out to save someone, you must ensure that that person is saved; it is not his character to give up halfway. Every day, I must drink medicine, and then bleed myself by making a small incision on my wrist.

Mu Yen usually played the zither during my bleeding sessions. His zither is a seven string zither, whose strings are made using natural silk that produces lush melodies that have the effect of lessening pain. Whenever Mu Yen played the zither, I would think of Jun Wei and his zither playing abilities that have the effect of making people unwilling to live in this world any longer. I regret that Jun Wei was unable to come and listen to this heavenly music; it would sure make him want to commit suicide. Then, no one else in this world will be harmed by his “music” again.


During these five days, I really wanted to remove Mu Yen’s mask to see how his face for myself. But when I recall that it might result in him cutting me down with a single blow, I really didn’t dare to do it. A person’s curiosity can really cause trouble. Even when the matter does not concern you at all, your curiosity may drive you to get to the root of the matter. This is really finding trouble when trouble does not find you.

By noon of the sixth day, the wound on my leg has almost healed completely and I can move around independently again. Mu Yen brought up my foot to inspect it, “It’s not necessary to bleed yourself any more. I’ll send you back first thing tomorrow.”

I never thought that time will fly by so swiftly. I have still yet to successfully remove his mask. Panicking, I refused in a rush, before turning my gaze to the floor. He asked, “You don’t wish to leave?”

I shook my head and said, “No, no… but… Big Brother, aren’t you leaving with me? This cave doesn’t have many things; surely you don’t intend to settle down here?”

He said in a serious voice, “I cannot leave. I must stay here.”

“But what would you do if you stayed here? You’ll be all alone; there’ll be no one here to chat with you and no one to listen to you play the zither.”

He bent his head and plucked at the zither, “I am waiting for someone. I am afraid if I leave, the person I am waiting for will not be able to find me.”

At once, I found myself in an awkward position. If I question him further, I might invade his privacy. But if I don’t question him further, I’m not sure how to change the subject. “About this…” I began.

He rose from his seat and laughed “Speak of the devil. I am really lucky today.

I turned around to look at the entrance of the cave. I did not know for how long the group of men in black had stood there. Just as I laid my eyes on the men, all of them took out their weapons in unison, their sickle-like blades aligned together neatly, and you can tell that these men are a trained team. (I later found out that those long sickle-like sabres are called scimitars. (Sickle and scimitar – while they may look alike, one is used to cut down grass, but the other is used to cut down people.)

I seldom leave the School in the mountains, so I can’t be said to be very worldly. At the sight of so many sabres pointing straight at me, I unconsciously took a step back and Mo Yen stepped in front of me.

“Can you actually take them on?” I asked him worriedly.

The sabre wielders started their attacks before he could even reply. Mo Yen pushed me out of the way and launched himself into their midst, his light coloured robe twisting and turning within the melee. His figured blurred, each of his movements purposeful and efficient – he seized one of his attackers by the wrist, turned the latter around and thrust the latter’s blade into another attacker behind himself, before quickly stepping out of the way to avoid having the man’s blood splattering on his clothes.

Within a short space of time, Mo Yen managed to subdue majority of the attackers, leaving behind only two or three. When the last surviving attacker realized that he cannot defeat Mu Yen, he throws his sword straight me.

Master hated violence and so I have never been taught how to fight. I was rooted to the ground beneath me as the sabre flew straight at my throat. That was definitely a bad situation to be in.

Thinking back, I imagined that if only I got so frightened that my legs gave way and I collapse on the ground, the sword would likely have flown over my head and I would escape death. However, my constitution was just too hardy. Even in such dire circumstances, my legs did not weaken and I could only become a standstill target.


[1] Mu Yen’s name translates to something like “words of admiration”. His surname Mu is taken from his mother’s surname, “Murong”.

[2] This translates something to “Wealthy Lord”. The contrast to Mo Yen’s more elegant sounding name makes me laugh.


Argh. Fight scenes are too hard to translate. That’s all I have to say.

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