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Who Gets the World Part 2: Anger



This is peanuts, a squatter on Hui Er’s blog:P Thanks to her generosity, I’ve an avenue to promote my love for the audio book. If you can understand Mandarin, you must listen to it. My translation cannot do justice to the awesome audio book. I think listening to the audio book is a more rewarding experience compared to reading the novel even if you can read Chinese. What are you waiting for:P?

You can visit ShuShengBar to get more info. If you do not want to be spoiled, stop reading:P You can read my summary for better understanding of the snippet. I’ve included part of AcrossTime’s translation posted in SSB to facilitate better understanding of my translation.

(Translated by AcrossTime)

Regarding Hei Feng Xi leaving the husband selection just right when Hua Chun Ran was going to pick him. He had some thoughts racing through his mind. I feel like he did realize his feelings for Bai Feng Xi at that moment where it was going to be final that he was going to marry Hua Chun Ran, not out of love, but for benefit. I mean why wouldn’t he? He could’ve easily owned Hua Country if he just married her. 

Early morning, Hei Feng Xi was proceeding into the palace for the ceremony, watching his back, Bai Feng Xi couldn’t help but laugh to herself, but in her heart has this unknowing bitterness. She took a deep breath then shook her head and got rid of that bitterness, placed a chair in the middle of the garden, sunbathing, and fell asleep, such comfortable and free days, where is the bitterness from, why bitter?

Every since he entered the palace, Hei Feng Xi’s thoughts were really restless, his eyebrows sometimes furrowed, seeming like there was a problem, but he did not know how to answer.

“Feng gong zi! (gong zi= formal way of addressing a male)” He suddenly heard someone quietly calling his name, snapping back to reality. It was Hua Chun Ran standing in front of his table, with such beautiful mesmerizing eyes looking at himself.

That’s right, half of the ceremony has already passed, it’s about time the princess should start appointing her husband. Inside her sleeves, she was holding the golden pen, and she was already in front of his table, that gold pen will momentarily be his… However seeing her dressed in a pink ceremonial gown, head neatly styled, with a phoenix accessory in her hair, she has an essence of elegance, with such beautiful brows and cherry coloured lips, hat face white like jade. When her gaze fixes upon him, a subtly blush forms on her cheeks, such indescribable beauty, it is a once in a lifetime beauty… however his heart suddenly became clear, she is not her! It’s not her!

Hei Feng Xi suddenly stood up, but maybe he got up too quickly that he hit his table and made a loud noise. All of a sudden everyone’s gazes fixed upon him.

“Feng gong zi!” Hua Chun Ran exclaimed as she saw him suddenly stand up, only thinking that he knew that she was going to give him the pen so he was extremely excited. She wanted to immediately… however the hand holding onto the pen suddenly started shaking, it’s him… it is him… her eyes gently fixing upon him, she lightly raised her arm, exposing her jade like finger tips holding onto a little bit of gold, that is…

“Sir (to King Hua), I suddenly remembered I had something important to attend to, I must excuse myself, please forgive me Your Highness.” Hei Feng Xi gave a bow to the king. He did not wait for anyone to say anything. He didn’t care for their reactions, nor did he care for Hua Chun Ran’s shocked expression. He walked out of the palace. He must quickly leave, just in case he will regret this!

BAM BAM BAM. INTENSE. I really liked this scene XD So yes I do believe he realizes he liked Bai Feng Xi and Hua Chun Ran just wasn’t worth it when he thought “she is not her”.

(Translated by peanuts)


Bai Feng Xi was sleeping soundly and basking in the warm sun in the courtyard. Suddenly she was awakened. She opened her eyes, sat up and saw Hei Feng Xi standing at the door. He fixed his eyes firmly on her with a look of great annoyance on his face.

“Huh? Why do you come back so quickly? So, King Hua has chosen you to be his son-in-law? With Princess Hua so smitten with you, getting selected is as easy as ABC!” Bai Feng Xi lazily quipped and lay back on the bench.

Hei Feng Xi did not answer and walked into the courtyard. He stood before her bench, did not say a word but stared at her.

Bai Feng Xi felt puzzle, sat up and asked: “Are you angry? Does that mean you have failed to marry the princess?”

“Well, I am not going to marry Princess Hua!” Hei Feng Xi replied coldly. Then he stretched forth his hands and pushed Bai Feng Xi down from the bench. Bai Feng Xi was caught off guard so she dropped to the ground.

“Huh? Really?” Bai Feng Xi did not get mad but just sat on the ground and looked up at Hei Feng Xi. After getting confirmation from his face, she could not help but evoke a trace of smile. Then the cheerful smile turned into loud mocking laughters: “Haha … Black fox, so King Hua does not like a peasant from the martial arts world to be his son-in-law, or he likes Prince Huang Chao who has a powerful army with two hundred thousand mighty troops? So, you felt dejected and returned home? … Haha I am dying of laughter! Yeah! So, there are things you cannot accomplish in this world.”

While laughing, she tried to stand up from the ground. After she saw Hei Feng Xi’s gloomy face, instead of stop laughing, she laughed even more recklessly, “Haha… Black fox, even though your marriage proposal got rejected, being this angry is not befitting your image as the martial arts world’s prince (gui gongzi). Gee, where have your generous and graceful demeanour gone? ”

Hei Feng Xi looked at her laughing incessantly, lost the elegance on his face and stared at her with fiery eyes!

“Haha …” Bai Feng Xi watching his dark appearance, laughed even more joyously. She leaned closely and deliberately suppressed her voice said, “Black fox, actually if you have taken out that something, King Hua will definitely recruit you as his son-in-law immediately! So why don‘t you take that out? What a missed opportunity, all your efforts in vain ah!”

Hei Feng Xi moved his lip, seemingly wanting to say something. In the end, he did not utter a single word but his face is getting more and more cold. Finally he left in a huff.

Bai Feng Xi turned around but still lying down on the bench. She muttered “Such a rare occasion, this black fox could be so angry! Even if he is very angry, he also should not vent his anger at me since it has nothing to do with me! In fact, I helped him quite a bit! ”

Hei Feng Xi walked into his room, opened the window and looked at Bai Feng Xi who was lying cozily on the bench with her eyes closed. He gently knocks on the bird cage hanging on the window sill and lamented to the parrot “Really not worth it, don‘t you think so? Really not worth ah! “


24 thoughts on “Who Gets the World Part 2: Anger

  1. Oooh, this sounds interesting 🙂 I’ve actually never listened to an audiobook before.This sounds like a good one to start with. I’m guessing from the translation that Hei Feng Xi likes Bai Feng Xi? Hehe, I like spoilers, but I’ll go over to shushengbar to hunt for some.

    • Yeh, my 1st customer, lol. This is most probably the best or one of the best audiobook you’ll ever hear. But the downside is it is rather confusing at the beginning so you need to go to SSB to read the help note prepared by Chancy. Another drawback is that the audiobook is still in progress so you better don’t start if you don’t have the patient to wait:) Otherwise this is highly recommended by Hui Er & me.

      Yup, HFX & BFX is the OTP but it is a lot more complicated than that. Their love story is not a typical one but HEA ending. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers but this is really an epic story in that it is not only about love between a man & a woman but many kinds of love. It is really a good book but too poetic & descriptives here & there.

    • I would probably prefer to read rather than listen, if only I could read chinese. But all the same, this is an excellent audiobook. Just beware, that you’ll be totally spoiled on the quality front after you listen to this one.

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  3. I guess I have to be your third customer~ I LOVE this scene! BFX rocks!

    • Haha, Atsu. Thanks for dropping by & thanks for supporting me. I’ve more customer than 3 but no comment except those who know me:( So very happy to hear fr u:)
      Btw I forgot to tell you Hui Er accused me of misleading her into listening to He Yi Sheng Zhao Mo audiobook. I told her the book is sweet & touching or did I say fluffy but she finds it angsty & sad & doesn’t really like it. Pls tell her it is a very good book loved by you, lol.

  4. Hui Er!! HYSXM is so beautiful and sweet and touching!! Hold out until the end. It’s one of my all time favorites!

    • I think overall its ok… But there’s way more angst than I expected. And pissy anger. Meh.

      Peanuts – Hey, you told me if you want cute and fluff I should read Gu Man’s books.

  5. Just one question.where can I get the audiobook?

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  7. Reading this blog has made me wanna know the whole story.. Every word in it. Haha.. Onward I go to search every translation available.

  8. Yah, I’m back with zero result 😦
    Indian here, far from knowing any Chinese.. Aish. I’ve been reading ancient Chinese-eng – trans novels lately, .. So addicting! Haha..

  9. So i just got up to this part in the audio book XD so cuteeeee. Im really curious what is this “something” he should take out , do we ever find out…?

    • I think that something is his seal to prove that he is the Crown Prince of his country. Bcos he is currently only known as a great wuxia hero, King Hua is not that impressed with him.

  10. they actually do know each others real identity at this point?? Bfx always talks like she doesnt..?

  11. Haha thats true thats true! ;D

  12. Thanks for translating. And I am one of the silent readers of all these novels

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