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Dream of a Floating Life; Promise for Three Lifetimes: The Crown Prince Visits



And so, on Peanuts’ recommendation, I am currently listening to Dream of a Floating Life; Promise for Three Lifetimes. In a typical C-novel fashion, I am both hilariously amused (Peanuts promised that after Episode 5, I will laugh till I die. While I have not passed on, I admit that it was a close call) and teary-eyed sad. And I have just passed the halfway point. I’m just bracing myself for full on Angst ahead.

The story revolves around 3 characters: The immortal Ye Xiao (her given name means smile or laugh, which really is too happy since her full time occupation seems to be having her heart broken), Bai Li Jun Hua, the Master of Penglai Island, who spends most of the story pining and searching for his lost love and Liu Hua Xuan, a powerful immortal of the same standing with the Heavenly Emperor who once betrayed Ye Xiao. Without giving too much away, the story basically tells of the love and relationship entanglements between these three immortals, which take place across all the realms. It’s hard to give a summary because their love lives are really so messy – chronologically, Ye Xiao meets Liu Hua Xuan first and he is her first love. But we meet Ye Xiao with Bai Li Jun Huang in the story first, so I’m naturally more attached to him. 😛

The following scene takes place during their “second lifetime” and the reason why Peanuts promised that I will “laugh until I die”. If you are looking for a fast paced and short (only 46 chapters in the audiobook!) listen/read, this is quite a good blitz so far. Of course, when I started translating this, I was at Chapter 24? Now I’m at Chapter 44 and the story’s drawing to a close. I might do a more informative review later when I have had time to digest how I feel. The last 6 chapters is gut wrenching but Peanuts promised a happy ending so I shall finish it before commenting.

Spoilers ahead, although this is mostly at the start of their second life, which I don’t think spoils the rest of the story. I think it just provides comic relief and also a setting for the when the three main characters came together for the first time.

[The story so far: Ye Xiao’s friend, Phoenix was reincarnated as Sung Zi Mo, the son of the current Prime Minister. But Phoenix, being the troublemaker that she is, did not take the Immortal Staying Potion (which locks her spirit into the mortal body) at the point of reincarnation, and so was able to escape her mortal body. It’s an offence for an immortal to “run away” from his mortal body, which may result in history changing course. So Ye Xiao enters Sung Zimo’s body so as to avoid Phoenix being found out.

It was destined that Sung Zimo falls in love with Mo Bingjie, who is actually a spy planted by the Crown Prince in his plan to destroy Sung Zi Mo’s family. But the deity who was suppose to be “occupying” Mo Bing Jie had also escaped and Bai Li Jun Hua occupies Mo Bingjie’s body in his stead. Lastly, the Crown Prince actually holds the spirit of the reincarnated Liu Hua Xuan.

So, a recap:

1) Sung Zimo (male mortal) is occupied by the spirit of Ye Xiao (female immortal) is aware that another deity is occupying Mo Bingjie’s body but does not know which deity.

2) Mo Bingjie (female mortal) is occupied by the spirit of Bai Li Jun Hua (male immortal), who knows that it’s Ye Xiao in Sung Zimo’s body.

3) Crown Prince Su Qianzhi (male mortal) is occupied by the spirit of Liu Hua Xuan (male immortal)

Of course a lot of the laughs comes from the fact that Ye Xiao is forced to behave like a male (since she’s in a male body) while Bai Li Jun Hua plays a woman with a very masculine aura.

This scene takes place after Sung Zi Mo is punished by the Emperor (at the insistence of the Crown Prince) for abducting and molesting Mo Bingjie (towards whom the Crown Prince supposedly had intention of marrying).

If you ship Hu Ge x Liu Shi Shi x Yuan Hong x Hu Ge they way I do, you’ll get a lot of kicks if you YH as Sung Zimo, LSS as Mo Bingjie and HG as the Crown Prince. Or YH as the Crown Prince and HG as Sung Zimo works as well. *Mad giggles*]

“Zimo, are you feeling better already?” a clear voice floated in from the corridor.

My body temperature dropped as soon as I heard that voice; I quickly hid behind Mo Bingjie. As soon as I did that, it occurred to me that it is very shameful for a grown man to hide behind a woman, so I stuck my head out again.

The uninvited Su Qianzhi wore a purple robe that day, a fan waving lightly in his hand; he had the look of a privileged gentleman and gave off an impressive aura.

I was so stressed by his arrival that I did not notice his elegance. Mo Bingjie must have detected my anxiety. She took a step to stand in front of me and took my hand in hers and patted it lightly, as if telling me not to worry. Su Qianzhi took one look at us, an understanding lit in his eyes and smiled, “Bingjie, it’s been a while. I feel like you’ve become someone else.”

“Your Royal Highness is thinking too much,” Mo Bingjie replied calmly.

Su Qianzhi laughed again. “In the past, you will call me Qianzhi ge-ge when you meet me. Why haven’t you called me that today?”

“My identify is different.”

“Ah.” Su Qianzhi’s eyebrows lifted, “Has Bingjie’s affections changed so quickly?”

Mo Bingjie kept silent as she stared at Su Qianzhi, as if unwilling to open her mouth.

“Bingjie, you have truly hurt my feelings.” He looked as if he was really upset.

Is he trying to compete with me in spouting out sentimental drivel? It is not for nothing that I have observed the Human Realm for tens of thousands of years. I have already seen everything and heard everything.

I immediately seized Mo Bingjie’s hands and raised them to my chest and exclaimed with great feeling, “My heart, you are not leaving me, are you?”

Thank goodness that we both have pretty good self control. Mo Bingjie smiled and unleashed her tears while nodding her head, “I will never leave you, not in this lifetime nor the next!”

“My precious! Do you really mean what you said? If you leave me, I will lose my sun, my stars, my moon. I will not be able to breathe or eat – I will be living as if I have already died while I pine for you. If you leave, I turn the Heaven and Earth inside out, and even dive into the River Styx, to search for you.”

I was just playacting when I said those words, but sadness had entered into Bingjie’s eyes. She suddenly embraced tightly as if wanting to absorbed me into her very being, and said, “You must remember what you said today. If I leave one day, you must come search for me even if you have to turn the Heavens and the Earth inside out down.”

I nearly fainted from shock at her words. I had not realised that the depth of her feelings had surpassed both mine and Su Qianzhi’s. I could not carry on with this charade any longer.

Su Qianzhi coughed twice to catch her attention before saying, “Bingjie, could you leave us for a moment so that I can speak with Zimo for a while?”

This Crown Prince seemed to have the habit of confusing people; we were sworn enemies just a few days ago and now he is using my given name so casually!

Mo Bingjie guarded steadfastly in front of me. Su Qianzhi waved his fan while he casually took in the my room’s interior. It occurred to me that he might have an urgent matter to discuss, so I told Mo Bingjie, “Darling, I would like some lotus seed porridge. Could you please go and see if it is ready?”

Mo Bingjie agreed by nodding her head slightly. Before she left, she threw a warning look at Su Qianzhi. Su Qianzhi smirked and nodded at her, “Bingjie, since you’re going, bring some of that porridge for me as well.”

Mo Bingjie left without a word. Right after she left, Su Qianzhi immediately closed the doors and walked to my bed and said to me, “My heart, I’ve been pining for you!”

My face fell. I have made a mistake. I must have made a mistake. Why is he saying such improper things to me?

“You – surnamed Su! Is it that you have nothing to do so you have come to exact petty revenge?” I gritted my teeth an scanned the room to see if we have any uninvited supernatural guests. In the end, I made an unhappy discovery. The Si Ming Star Lord who was about to bite into an apple was staring at us us.

Su Qianzhi’s lips curled into a sly smile. He lifted my half-undone hair with one hand and leaned over me, resting his body weight on the other, “Zimo, how is it that I never realised that there’s a live treasure like you in the Prime Minister’s mansion? The more that I look at you, the more I’m growing to like you!”

“Your Royal Highness!” I cried, as he inched closer towards me, imprisoning me between his arms. His breath whistled close to my ear as he smiled lightly. I lamented in my heart, I have lived for fifty-three thousand years only to be molested by a mere mortal.

“What was it you wanted to speak to me about?” I changed the topic and took the opportunity to move my head away. He laughed softly into my ear, “Are you nervous?”

I wanted to spit out blood.

Of course I would never admit it. Instead I said, “Your Royal Highness, it is not appropriate for you to come so close to me.”

I wanted to push him away but his reflexes were quicker; he blocked by xue dao in a flash and undid my robe to reveal my underwear. He laughed at me as I stiffened, “Zimo Zimo, why don’t you just yield to my wishes? I will definitely treat you well.” He bent his head as if to kiss me.

I was crying but no tears came forth. I could only say, “Your Royal Highness’ quarrel is with my father; you shouldn’t drag me into it.”

Su Qianzhi turned rigid at my words. He lifted his head, his eyes unfathomable, and he laughed loudly. He removed his hands from within my clothes and said laughingly, “It never occurred to me that you are actually quite clever!”

Sigh. It is not for nothing that I am a couple of tens of thousands of years older than you. I sighed inwardly but at the same time was relieved: at least this body that he has molested is not really mine.

“But,” he suddenly collapsed against my chest, his eyes laughing, “you do feel nice.”

“Su Qianzhi!”

I was about to gnash my teeth in frustration when the shout came from outside the door. Both Su Qianzhi and I looked up at the same time and saw Mo Bingjie standing at the door holding a sword. Her face was filled with a cold and murderous intent; her eyes fixed on Su Qianzhi and I as if she has just caught us in the midst of committing adultery. The coldness emitting from her could be felt from 30 feet away.

Su Qianzhi released me, “Ah – It’s Bingjie.”

Mo Bingjie’s did not respond. She stepped into the room and raised her sword towards Su Qianzhi. She opened her mouth and uttered a single word. “Leave.”

The expression on Su Qianzhi’s face remain unchanged. He asaked with a smile, “Miss Mo, you do realise at whom you’re pointing your sword at?”

“You, leave,” Mo Bingjie repeated. At that moment, she impression she gave me was that she was very male, and that she was the most brilliant and magnificent man the world has ever seen.

Su Qianzhi’s face turned old. He stood up in front of Mo Bingjie and bit out word by world, “Mo Bingjie, you listen to me carefully. I don’t care if your brain has regressed or what, but you take note of this: I am Su Qianzhi, the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness of the Eastern Palace. Do you really think I won’t come dare to come after you when you’ve raised your sword at me?

Mo Bingjie did not say a word in reply but instead came up to me and realeased my xue dao. She asked me gently, “Are you alright? Did he do anything to you?”

Did he do anything to me? In the face of Mo Bingjie’s anger, how would I dare to tell her. So I look towards the window and commented cheerfully, “Isn’t the weather beautiful today?”

She snorted at my words. I looked at Su Qianzhi awkwardly and asked, “Your Royal Highness, I’m sure you have other important matters to attend to today.”

Su Qianzhi looked at me and laughed aloud in satisfaction. He rubbed his finger across his lips and said, “This taste is not bad.”

I saw the sword flash and Mo Bingjie had already rushed towards him. Su Qianzhi laughed again as he flew out of the door.

Mo Bingjie turned around and sat broodingly at my bedside. She stared at me for a while before saying to me, “That person is perverted to the utmost. From now on, you must not stay in the same room alone with him.”

I nodded my head quickly at once. The repeated action that looked like a chick pecking for grain finally cheered her up a little.

5 thoughts on “Dream of a Floating Life; Promise for Three Lifetimes: The Crown Prince Visits

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  2. Ahahaha, I loved this scene! It was disturbing at first, but then I got more and more used to it. Huge fan of the Crown Prince in all of his weirdness!

    • It’s so slashy. *blush* But also so hilarious. I was telling Peanuts I want YH, LSS and HG to cameo in the drama because I maintain that SZM, MBJ and SQZ looks different from YX, BLJH and LHX (mainly because YX and BLJH are moonlighting). Everytime I imagine YH having to act girly and pretend to be manly… and getting molested by HG… I swear, they’ll sell out every advertisement slot within seconds of the idea getting out.

  3. Thanks for the translation of this scene. This translation actually convinced me to start listening to the audiobook. 😀 I am currently right at this scene in the audiobook. I have a question. Does the prince (LHX) know that YX is in the body of SQZ during this scene?

  4. Is this going to be translated to English? I hope someone does this seems very interesting and very funny thank you for the summary.

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