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Tang Qi Gong Zi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 2



Part 2 of the specials include characters from Tang Qi’s other books, Hua Xu Yin and Twice Blooming Flower. Hua Xu Yin is currently being filmed into a drama with Kevin Cheng, Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin. However, it’ll not be following the novel closely, so go to Chenguang’s orchard if you are interested to read the English translation. You can also find some snippets by Hui Er on this blog. There is no English translation for Twice Blooming Flower but you can get more information from the book bar. You can still enjoy the specials without reading these two books but it’ll be much more enjoyable if you’ve read them. Enjoy !


What will the male leads do when they have idle time?

Mu Yan: “A Fu’s birthday is coming soon so I am going to write a new song for her.”

Ye Hua: “Recently, there are several new dishes which Qian Qian wants to eat.”

Lian Song: “Cheng Yu wants to add several new flower seedlings so I often go to Ling Shan to help her look for them.”

Very good, it seems everyone has things to pursue, so what is Dijun (Emperor) doing?

Dijun: “Practice imitating Xiao Bai’s (Feng Jiu) handwriting to help her do her homework.”


When the male leads first met each of the female leads, what were they thinking?

Ye Hua: “This is destinated, I have been waiting for her.”

Qin Mo: “This little baby is really pretty. I am booking in advance.  After she has grown up, I gonna marry her.”

Mu Yan: I have heard of her good reputation. She is indeed the unique Princess Wenchang.”

Dong Hua: “This fox is really fat … wash, peel the skin, then cook in the hot pot should be delicious.”

Dijun, you win again.


When the female leads praise the male leads, saying “I think you are very good looking”, how will the male leads react?

Ye Hua (smile): “Really.”

Qin Mo (smile): “You only discovered now?”

Mu Yan (smile): “You also look good.”

Dong Hua (think for three seconds): “Recently, you have good eyesight.”



The male leads are contemplating what activities to undertake on the night before Children’s Day.

Ye Hua: “Tomorrow is Children’s Day, bring A Li to which good place to play.”

Qin Mo: “Tomorrow is Children’s Day, bring Qin Lang to which good place to play.”

Mu Yan: “Tomorrow is Children’s Day, bring Su Chen (Mu Yan & A Fu’s adopted son) to which good place to play.”

Dong Hua: “Tomorrow is Children’s Day, bring Xiao Bai (Feng Jiu) to which good place to play.”

…… Dijun, this time you actually do not need to follow the ‘pattern’.



These stories happened at night on Children’s Day.

Ye Hua said to little dough: “How do you like your mummy and I to give you a little brother as a festive gift?”

Little dough: “No way, I want a little sister!”

Mu Yan said to Su Chen: “I will give xiao huang (tiger) to you as a festive gift and you are not allowed to return it.”

Su Chen: “……”

Dong Hua and Xiao Bai sat on the bed as usual.

Feng Jiu: “You, you, why are you looking at me like this?”

Dong Hua: “Whenever I think you are celebrating Children’s Day today, I am kind of reluctant to lay my hands on you.”

Feng Jiu: “…”

Someone asked Dong Hua whether he really did it. Yes, after thinking for two seconds: “Well, I will do it with my eyes close.” Then, he took action.


Childhood is the most beautiful time of one’s life. So, little kids, what did you do in your childhood?

Bai Gun Gun: “Count the number of stars.” (Dijun & Feng Jiu’s unborn son)

Little dough: “… Bring Gun Gun to count the number of stars.”

Su Chen: “… Change counting the number of stars to feeding the tiger.”

It seems, all of you are children who love astronomy. Then, what did Yan Lang who has the highest IQ do? “Thinking while looking at the stars.” “Thinking of  what?”: “Thinking why Zheng Ming Ming is my blood-related aunt.” …


When the female leads are jealous, how will the male leads react?

Bai Qian: “I heard that you like Su Jin?”

Ye Hua: “I also heard that you like Mo Yuan.”

Bai Qian: “……”

Yan Song: “I heard that you like Jiang Tian?”

Qin Mo: “Who is Jiang Tian?”

Yan Song: “……”

Feng Jiu: “I heard that you like Lian Song?”

Dong Hua: “……”

Feng Jiu: “What is your reaction?”

Dong Hua: “……… My reaction is ‘you win’.”


Rong Yuan: “I heard that you like Rong Xun?”

Shi San Yue: “Who? Rong Xun? He is lucky that I did not kill him.”

Rong Yuan: “…”

Ye Hua: “I heard that you like Mo Yuan?”

Bai Qian: “Impossible, I will always love you only!”

Ye Hua is starting to feel relieved, Bai Qian (in a serious tone): “Do you also think my master and you look alike?”

Ye Hua: “….”

Mu Yan “I heard that Jun Wei likes you?”

Jun Fu (quickly rush over to cover Mu Yan’s mouth): “Hush! Don’t simply say nonsense! I do not want Bai Li to kill me!”

Mu Yan: “…”

Dong Hua: “I heard that you like Yan Chi Wu?”

Feng Jiu: “Of course, I like him.” followed by these words “Xiao Yan is so cute and adorable. Anyone with a motherly heart will also like him” She has not even finished talking but see Dijun has already picked up his Cang’he sword and is ready to walk out.

Feng Jiu (puzzled): “Dijun, where are you going ah?”

Dong Hua: “Nothing, just going to do some exercise.”

At this point,  Xiao Yan who is sleeping under a tree not faraway, starts to sneeze ~




When the male leads hear the female leads confessed “I love you”, how are they going to react?

Ye Hua: “…”

Qin Mo: “…”

Mu Yan: “…”

Dong Hua: “……”

Yes, because these happened all of a sudden, everyone’s language system is jammed.

(Dijun, finally you manage to follow the ‘pattern’)

It seems there is expectation of some ‘reactions’.

Ye Hua………takes immediate action.

Qin Mo ……..also takes immediate action.

Mu Yan: “I did not hear clearly, please say it again.” Then he takes immediate action.

Dijun (Think for three seconds): “I also love myself.” Then he got banished to sleep in the study room.


After each of the male leads declared their love for the female leads.

Bai Qian (shy): “Hubby, I also love you.”

Jun Fu (pleased): “Mu Yan, me too!”

Yan Song (giggle): “I have known for a long time, brother (gege) ~”

Feng Jiu immediately keeps a distance from Dong Hua and pulls out the sword: “Who are you? I am suspicious why Dong Hua has been so gentle with me lately. Say quickly, what have you done to my husband ! ! !”

Dong Hua: “….”

13 thoughts on “Tang Qi Gong Zi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 2

  1. “Take immediate action” lol lol. Thanks once again.

  2. Rofl, Donghua Dijun’s response wins, hands down. Yehua and Qian Qian are completely adorable!!!!!
    I absolutely adore these translation you have shared, especially since I have just re-read hamster’s translation and is currently waiting for her pillow book translation!
    Thanks so much.

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  4. Hahaha, unexpectedly, these are even more hilarious than the first part. I am also growing slightly more appreciate of Dong Hua’s “black-bellied” humor. I may think his and Feng Jiu’s relationship is highly unbalanced, but even I have to laugh at his antics. (Although, if I were Feng Jiu, I’d probably have kicked his sorry ass too many times to count by now.)

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  6. So this is what peanuts has been busy doing instead of writing me love letters, haha.

    The translation is cute, still retains TQGZ’s humor. Little Dough is one of my fave book kids so I’m partial to any parts with him in it. Dong Hua “black belly” humor cracks me up so it’s really tempting me to check out the Pillow Book, but it’s not finished so I don’t want to be left hanging.

  7. Awesome, awesome! I love these short snippets. I do that with my characters sometimes just to see them away from their story.

    As much as I love Dong Hua, he has some major proving to do in order to get my favor. And lidge, read the Pillow Book! I actually didn’t find the hanger to be too bad (as in you know they’re going to be okay because there’s part 2)…

    Tuan Zi FTW!!

  8. What the emperor doing? Lol i laugh so much XD
    btw i want to ask who is A fu? where i can know story about MoYuan??

  9. hahahahaha…. I’m laughing out loud here hahaha… nice story!!!

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