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Come and Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 1 – Part 3)



Lidge has been working very hard and fast on the translation so I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to her. This is the last part of Chapter 1. Isn’t Shan Shan cute & adorable:)?

Chapter 1.3 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Drawings by: 雪魅天下 from Baidu

shan32Shan Shan thinks for a long moment and then asks haltingly: “Actually, should I know you?”

shan26Yan Qing wipes his sweats: “Miss Xue, you’re an employee of Feng Teng.  When you were trained as a new employee, did you not learn about the history of the company or visit the company’s website?”

Shan Shan’s mouth forms an O.  She, she remembers now ……

Feng Teng (name of the company) ….. Feng Teng (name of the boss written differently in Chinese) ……


So he is the president …… the big, big, big boss of the company.

shan34Shan Shan obediently sits in front of the maternity ward to wait to donate blood.

shan37She is made to undergo an examination by the boss, to ensure she is healthy and the blood type is a match.

A woman giving birth is indeed in danger.  Shan Shan obediently gives up 300CC of blood.  The woman is out of danger.

shan35Shan Shan leaves the hospital amidst heaps of gratitude from Yan Qing, walking a bit then stops to look up at the moon and sighs.

shan39“Capitalists are really blood suckers, without any compassion, without any compassion.”

shan40Shan Shan shakes her head, not paying attention to a black sports car parking not far behind.  After hearing the sigh, the man in the back seat twitches the corners of his mouth, then closes the car window that he has just opened.

“Go home.”

shan41“President, didn’t you say you wanted to give Miss Xue a lift home?”

shan42“Not anymore.”


The man says blankly, “Capitalists have no compassion.”

Author’s Note: This Mr. Feng is an arrogant handsome man but I don’t know how to write about handsome man >_<。Thus, I am sorry Mr. Feng =  =.

6 thoughts on “Come and Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 1 – Part 3)

  1. i start to like this novel already…can’t wait for the next chapter!!

    • it gets funnier, lol

      I thought this story was hilarious when I read it. Now that I’m translating it and have to pay really close attention, it even becomes funnier if possible. Usually, I can’t help but chuckle to myself while I translate.

  2. He just appeared but I like the main lead already 😀 hahaha

  3. Blood suckers, literally lol. Thank you!

  4. Hahahahhaah it is funny. Capitalist had no compassion 😂

  5. Illustrations are still adorable!

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