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Tang Qi Gong Zi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 4



Yeh, little dough is back with his good friend Bai Gun Gun:) If you don’t know, he is the unborn son of Dong Hua & Feng Jiu. As usual, we’ve an adorable Dijun who provides much of the laughter:P


If the male leads invite the female leads to dance.

Yan Song: “I don’t know how to dance, teacher Qin. I will step on your feet.”

Qin Mo: “It does not matter, Song Song. We have always coordinated well together.”

Bai Qian: “I don’t know how to dance, Ye Hua. I will step on your feet. ”

Ye Hua:” Qian Qian, don’t look at the ground. Just look at me and it will be alright.”

Feng Jiu:” I don’t know how to dance, Dijun. I will step on your feet. ”

Dong Hua:”If you dare to step on me, I will step back.”

Feng Jiu: “…”


Bai Qian: “Ye Hua, my singing does not sound good.”

Ye Hua: “It is fine Qian Qian, my singing is also not nice.”

Ye Zhen: “Mu Yan, my singing does not sound good.”

Mu Yan: “It is fine A Fu, my singing is also not nice.”

Feng Jiu: “Dijun, my singing does not sound good.”

Dong Hua: “Oh? Sing a song for me to listen.”



How the male leads usually take liberties with the female leads.

Ye Hua (smiling): “Qian Qian, come here.”

Qin Mo (smiling): “Qin Lang will not be home tonight.”

Mu Yan (smiling): “I heard you have put on weight? Let me measure.”

Dong Hua (looking at Feng Jiu and contemplating): “Why don’t you change into a fox to let me play play.”

(Dijun, don’t think you can successfully find love in this lifetime ……)



Finally, the year-end exam is around the corner. Kids, what are your wishes before the exam?

Qin Lang: “Godfather, if I get more than 80 marks in my language test, please get Zheng Ming Ming to marry me.”

Su Chen: “Father, if I come out top in my class, please allow me to return xiao huang (tiger) back to you.”

Little dough: “Mummy, if I come out top in my class, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Feng Jiu: “Dijun, help me to sit for the Buddhism religion exam on my behalf tomorrow!”


How the little kids try to get what they want from their fathers.

Little dough: “Father lord, can you give mummy to be tonight ah?”

Ye Hua (raise his eyebrows and remain silent)

Little dough: “I beg you, father lord. I know father lord is the most understanding immortal in the universe!”

Little dough (tearful): “Only for a night ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

Ye Hua: “Ok, one night only.”

Little dough (rush to give a kiss): “I know father lord is the best.”

Su Chen: “Father emperor.”

Mu Yan: “What do you want?”

Su Chen (grasp and shake Mu Yan’s clothing): “Can I give xiao huang (tiger) to you today?”

Mu Yan: “…”

Yan Lang (eager): “Godfather, godfather! ~ ~ ~”

Qin Mo (unhappy): “I have already told you many times I am your biological father so call me dad.”

Yan Lang: “Oh, dad, can I ask you for something ~ ~?”

Qin Mo (still unhappy):”Ok.”

Yan Lang: “If I get more than 80 marks in my language test, please get Zheng Ming Ming to marry me.”

Qin Mo: ” ……”

Bai Gun Gun: “Father lord.”

Dong Hua doesn’t pay any attention to him.

Bai Gun Gun (watery eyes): “Father lord, can I sleep together with mummy tonight?”

Dong Hua (put away the fishing rod): “You want to go to Mount Kunlun?”

You ask me what happened to Bai Gun Gun later. He cried 😦


Little dough: “Father lord,  I will let you have mummy on Father’s Day. I am very filial, right?”

Lang Lang: “I will grant you permission to elope with mummy on Father’s Day. I am very filial, right?”

Su Chen: “I will help you to look after xiao huang on Father’s Day. I am very filial, right?”

Bai Gun Gun: “Father’s Day? I will eat the fish you burned. I am very filial, right?”



World Book Day, what books are the kids reading?

Little dough (surprise): “Is today a festive day ah? So, will there be school holiday?”

Yan Lang (surprise): “Is today a festive day ah? So, will there be school holiday?”

Child Feng Jiu (surprise): “Is today a festive day ah? Yeh, can skip school!”



World Book Day, what books are the male leads reading?

Su Heng (without looking up): “Accounts book.”

Yung Yuan (without looking up): “Accounts book.”

Ye Hua (without looking up): the “Accounts book.”

Mu Yan (without looking up): “Accounts book.”

Dong Hua (without looking up): “Recipes.”


When the same issue has two different views.

Ye Hua: “Qian Qian’s view is my view.”

Mu Yan: “A Fu’s view is my view.”

Lian Song: “Cheng Yu’s view is my view. ”

Dong Hua: “My view is Xiao Bai’s view.”


When the female leads are doing embroidery.

Ye Hua: “Qian Qian, be careful, don’t prick your hands.”

Mu Yan: “A Fu, leave these kind of activity for the palace maids to do.”

Lian Song: “After finishing, give me as a gift!”

Cheng Yu: “I am going to embroider my undergarment. if you want it then I will give it to you.”

Lian Song: “Hehe, hehe, I cannot afford it.”

Cheng Yu (grin): “It is okay, I am very generous.”

Feng Jiu: “Dijun. . . . I  am doing embroidery.”

Dong Hua: “Oh?”

Feng Jiu (shy): “. . . I plan to embroider a mandarin duck pillow.”

Dong Hua: “Oh, after you have finished with the embroidery, quickly go and cook.”

9 thoughts on “Tang Qi Gong Zi’s Books Mini-Special – Part 4

  1. As usual, Donghua… *facepalm*
    Lol. I don’t know how FengJiu does it!!! And poor poor Bai Gun Gun… How envious he must be of little dough!! And little dough!!!! I just want to pinch his cheeks!
    Thanks for the translation!!!

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  3. Once again, Dong Hua takes the cake with his unique brand of thick-skinned, bald-faced “humor”. I sometimes think that Dong Hua must secretly be Tang Qi Gong Zi disguised as one of her characters so she can torture her creations to her utter amusement.

    Out of curiosity, Peanuts, how are you translating all these? For some reason, I thought you said that you can’t read Chinese? If so, mad props to you!

    • Yah, irrespective of how badly he treats Feng Jiu, Dong Hua remains one of the most loved characters of Tang Qi. Without him, all these mini-specials will be a lot less funny. I think TQ created him to torture us the readers as well as her other creations:P

      Haha, you’ve a good memory, Mei. Yes, I can’t read Chinese but I can read pinyin, lol. So, a big thank you to google translate for making the impossible possible:) I also use google translate to read the Chinese to me.

  4. These short stories are so funny :)))
    Donghua is sooo unbelievably audacious

  5. i can’t find tang qi gong zi’s books specials part 2 and part 3??

  6. Omg, Dijun, 🤣🤣…Thank you! I needed this after watching the last episode of TPB. I’ve only discovered this site and I’m so grateful. 😊

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