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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 3)



Anybody likes to eat pork liver? I was often fed with it when I was young so I’ve grown an aversion just like Shan Shan:( Sob sob, I can understand her feelings of having to eat it daily:( So, we gonna give all our pork livers to Lidge who loves eating them, lol.

Chapter 3 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

The next day at the same time, another nourishing lunch is delivered as if to confirm Shan Shan’s fear. This time it is not Linda but a beautiful secretary from the President’s office claiming to be Linda’s assistant, Ah May.

The third day is a secretary named Ah Vi.

Each day, a beautiful secretary delivers lunch (twice, it was done by handsome and friendly male assistants who made Shan Shan’s little heart pound like a drum). The only thing unchanged is the pork liver inside the lunchbox.

Shan Shan really wants to scream – I am always willing to donate the blood I have nurtured in my body for 20 years, please do not make me eat anymore pork liver …… let me choose my food ……

Of course, this thought is buried in her heart, even if her courage increases tenfold, she does not dare to shout this out.

After eating two weeks of the special lunch from the President’s office, even someone naive like Xue Shan Shan begins to feel uneasy.

How much blood is needed that she has to eat so much ……

Shan Shan had thought of resigning, but each day she thinks the lunch would stop the next day so no need to resign. Who know the power-that-be actually perseveres to send lunch for two weeks straight?

On Monday of the third week, Shan Shan pulls aside the secretary, sincerely thanks the company, thanks the President, thanks the secretaries/assistants, says even without lunch she is willing to jump through hoops for the company and can donate at least 400CC of blood so beginning from tomorrow there is no need to bring her food.  (Shan Shan had spent two days drafting these words. Then she spent the entire weekend making sure her message is simple but to the point.)

The secretary smiles and says: “I’m acting according to the President’s order.  Miss Xue, if you have any other ideas, you’re the best person to tell the President.”

Shan Shan is dumbfounded, she is only a small employee.  How can she talk to the President?  Feng Teng is a big building, she does not know where Big Boss’s office is.  She can follow the secretary to find him, but …… but …… she does not have the courage ……

Thus, Xue Shan Shan has to shamelessly continue to eat pork liver every day in the office under the admired and speculative stares of her colleagues …… then tragically, her face, which has never had pimples, has a glorious pimple entrenched in the middle of her forehead……

Of course, there are also good things. Shan Shan feels the warm spring in the office.  Her colleagues are heavyweights, knowing how to act graciously but doing so silently and stealthily.  Before, Shan Shan would need to run all over the office asking for help but unable to get complete answers.  Who has time to teach a newcomer?  Now different colleagues take the initiative to ask if she needs help. Sometimes they conveniently bring her a cup of hot tea and when they talk they make sure to include her in the conversation…..

Shan Shan is not that naive to not know why the attitudes of her colleagues have changed.  She is an honest child who fears being mistaken for being a company royalty so she quickly explains the reason the President sends her lunch is because she had done him a little favor.  Specifically what favor she does not divulge because she thinks it concerns other people’s privacy.  The colleagues outwardly appear understanding but inwardly they do not believe a small employee can help the Big Boss to the extent he has to send lunch every day. Something shady is in the air.  Shan Shan sees everyone looking convinced so thinks the misunderstanding has been cleared, not knowing her explanation has made the situation even more complicated.

The picky manager is now polite, not because he is scared of the power-that-be, but the old man feels even with such a strong supporter, this girl is still modest and hard-working. That is rare nowadays so he feels more and more satisfied with her.

Eating pork liver into the fourth week, that day the secretary brings lunch but also gives Shan Shan an invitation, a gorgeous invitation.  As Shan Shan opens it, she thinks wealthy people certainly have different standards.  The invitation says:

A banquet for the baby celebrating one month will be held on November 2, 2007, Friday night, 8pm.  Yan Qing and Feng Yue respectfully invite Miss Xue Shan Shan.

Location: Club XX

At the bottom in black ink is the address of Club XX.

The three words “Xue Shan Shan” and the address are in different handwriting. The words “Xue Shan Shan” are written prettily and clearly. Shan Shan guesses it is by the pregnant woman with the same blood type.  The address is written with force, imprinting the other side, the writing style very firm, giving Shan Shan a feeling of dominance. She immediately thinks of the arrogant boss at the hospital.

But he would not be free to write this …… as for the address, it can be searched online, why need to write it out.

Colleague A passed by and saw, secretly surprised Xue Shan Shan can attend a banquet of the President’s family, then remarks casually: “Club XX?  It is said it is based on membership, very mysterious.”

Shan Shan was glad it would not be a five-star hotel so no need to dress too formal. Hearing that, her eyes darken, feeling money suddenly gains wings and flying out of her wallet.

Shan Shan shops all evening, buying a dress not too showy that she can normally wear and a pair of black high heels that she has never had the courage to walk in.  She also buys a set of 8 toy ducks as a gift. The kind that swims on water, each toy duck singing a different song.  She selects a brand name that costs several hundred yuans.  She remembers as a child, she had loved toy ducks so a baby will probably like this gift.  At first, she thought about buying silverware for the baby, but the President’s family has everything so buying toy is more practical.

Then she finds out her credit card has expired and she owes the bank 1 yuan ……

Friday after work, she does not leave immediately but stays until 7pm. Then goes to the bathroom to change into the dress and high heels and walks out of Feng Teng’s building.  Fortunately, everyone has gone home. Shan Shan would be embarrassed if she is caught dressing so formally.

While standing in front of the building waiting for a taxi, a silver BMW stops in front of her. The window is rolled down and Senior Assistant to the President sticks his head out.

“Miss Xue is going to the banquet?  Get in and we’ll take you there together.”

“All right, thank you.”  Shan Shan nods gratefully as it is hard to find a taxi at the end of the week.

Then Shan Shan opens the back door.

Then ……

Shan Shan regrets it ……

Who can tell her, why is Big Boss sitting there ……

Mr. Senior Assistant, I have never offended you ……

17 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 3)

  1. “mr. senior assisstant, i have never offended you…” hahaha it’s funny 🙂 i kind of understand the feeling at the end there…like `oh my, why i accept it, stupid mouth’

  2. ROFL!!!!!!!! That’s why, Shan Shan, you should have listened carefully before opening the door!
    “…we’ll take you.”

    Shan Shan cracks me up so bad. I can’t wait for Big Boss and her interactions!!!!

    Thanks for the translation!!!!

  3. Eh…does ft like Shan Shan at this point?

    • It’s up to each person to interpret the story. From my perspective, I would say no. For me, the point where Feng Teng’s feelings are certain for Shan Shan is after she picks out parsleys for him in chapter 6. From here until the parsley incident, several things do happen to suggest Feng Teng’s partial towards Shan Shan, but for me, it’s the parsley incident that seals the deal.

  4. Nooooooo….plssss….noooooooo…….dun make us wait…..

    But eh….how come ft likes ss? Im still lost tho….so far she hasn’t done anything special….if u say he’s certain of his feelings at the parsley picking…tat means he must already be feeling sth for her now rite?

    • Hey, I have to go to work and sleep too^^

      Shan Shan doesn’t do anything special in this story, but perhaps this is why Feng Teng likes her. She doesn’t expect anything from him or purposely gets close to him to take advantage of his power and money.

      Then again, this is a cute, romantic, funny, light story. Don’t try to read more into it than necessary. It’s meant to cheer up readers and make us laugh XD

  5. Initially I thought I’ll wait patiently til the whole book is translated but since i just finished the second half (part 2) of SS and now in btw books…so might as well drop by….and wow….from Chinese to Vietnamese and finally to English…wow…you guys practically went round the world and back again!!! Amazing job, guys…..

  6. Hihi lidge ….is this book in shu sheng bar a complete series or just parts of it? I tot of giving it a read but saw some books in parts….dun wanna read and then can’t get the rest of the story 😦

    • Why you want to read the Chinese novel? Don’t you like Lidge’s English translation:)? The link in SSB has the complete story but only the first 18 chapters are guaranted written by the author. The remainder is partly fanfic, partly by the author. Anyway all are good so no need to care:)

    • Don’t worry. The story has 41 chaps in total and we’ll translate all of it……eventually, hehe. I’m just kidding, we’ll try to get it done as quickly as we can, but we also have work, school, etc…..and of course, sleep too^^

  7. Shan Shan’s point of view is just so “plain and simple” (I don’t mean it in a bad way though *winks*) but it cracks me up especially the last part 😀 😀 😀

  8. Lol Shan Shan’s pov is hilarious.

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