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Three Lives Three Worlds Mini-Special (Children Edition) – Part 5



Since the cute and adorable little dough is a clear favourite with many 3L3W fans, I decide to do a post entirely devoted to him. Happy, haha? Lidge, this post is to reward you for all your hard work in translating Shan Shan:) I am sure most of you can guess who will be my focus for the next part, lol.


A particular day, after reading a novel written by Jun Wei, little dough went and asked Ye Hua.

Little dough: “Father lord, if mummy and I  both fall into the river at the same time, who will you save first?”

Ye Hua: “Your mother has zenith skill. Unless she commit suicide, otherwise she would not drown.”

Little dough: “I said what if!”

Ye Hua: “Your father lord has zenith skill, so can save both of you simultaneously.”

Little dough: “If only can save one?”

Ye Hua: “Really, have to pick one?”

Little dough (firm & holding a small fist): “Yes!”

Ye Hua: “… Then have to get your mummy to give me a gift earlier than planned.”

Little dough: “???”

(The gift is having another child so it means he’ll save Qian Qian. My poor little dough:(


One night, as Cheng Yu is sending little dough home to Xi Wu Palace after playing with him for the whole day, they passed by Zhang Sheng Palace and heard some noises.

Little dough (appear worried): “Oh no, mummy and father lord are quarrelling. I’m going to try to mediate.”

Cheng Yu heard and grabbed little dough: “This is not a quarrel, quickly go back to your Qing Yun Palace.”

Little dough (unwilling to move): “But the sound is so loud, what are they doing?”

Cheng Yu’s face suddenly turned red: “Well, this is Japanese language, you will understand when you grow up.”


A particular day, little dough is very angry and went to find Ye Hua for a discussion.

Little dough: “As the future heir of Tianjun, I as the royal great-grandson want it at least once …..”

Ye Hua: “What?”

Little dough (clench his fist): “To wake up in Zhang Sheng Palace!”

Ye Hua: “Ok, then you sleep in Zhang Sheng Palace tonight.”

Little dough is very pleased.

Ye Hua: “Your mummy and I will sleep in Qing Yun Palace.”

Little dough: “…”



Someone asked me if Dijun has a child, what will the consequence be like.  The consequence is what you see here.

After a long long time, Little dough and Bai Gun Gun sit and count stars together in the courtyard.

Gun Gun: “You also just got chased out by your father lord from your mummy’s bedroom?”

Little dough: “Yes, you are also ar?”

Gun Gun: “Yes, I am also.”

Then these two lonely children continue to count stars in the courtyard.


Little dough and Gun Gun met in the school when new school term begin.

Little dough: “I heard that the school asked every student to live on campus.”

Bai Gun Gun (biting melon seeds): “Really?”

Little dough: “My mummy is quite reluctant  as she will miss me but my father seems very happy.”

Bai Gun Gun: “Well, my father is not happy with the arrangement.”

Little dough: ‘Sob, sob, I am really an unloved child … …”

Bai Gun Gun (try to help): “It is not like that. It is just that he does not want mummy to have to stay on campus also.”


On a clear sky and warm windy day, little dough who is holding Bai Qian’s book, looked confuse and asked: Mummy, what is meant by ‘cut sleeve love’?”

Bai Qian’s hand started to tremble “Ahem. Where did you see it?”

Little dough: “I saw mummy likes to read the book so much so I went and borrowed the book from 4th uncle to have a look. What is the meaning of that word in the book ar, mummy?”

Bai Qian: “Well . . it is kind of like the relationship between your 4th uncle and Zheyan!”

Little dough put away the book and rushed to see Gun Gun, panting for air “Gun Gun, lets cut sleeve!”

Feng Jiu who is  sitting next to them, looking frightened at Dong Hua.

Dong Hua with an expressionless face said softly: “No way, the offspring’s IQ will be pulled down!” (Will there be future generation?)



Little dough: “How old are you?”

Su Chen: “Five years old.”

Little dough (frighten): “Ah, you are five years old but about the same size as me who is 300 years old!”

Su Chen: ” … …”

Little dough (look over at Bai Qian): “Mummy……”

Bai Qian: “Huh?”

Little dough: “I I I… … Am I malnutrition, ah?”

Feng Jiu (frighten little dough): “That is because last time you ate Dijun’s sweet and sour fish, so you cannot grow anymore.”


Children, what gifts have you prepared to give on Father’s day?

Little dough: I I I… … I made a big decision today. I will let father lord have mummy for today … … woo woo woo woo.

Su Chen: I I I … … I made a big decision today. I will help father lord to feed xiao huang today.

Gun Gun: I I I… … I also made a major decision today. I will help father lord to bully mummy today.

Feng Jiu: Bai, Gun, Gun … …


A particular day, Dijun is fishing at Fen-tou-li pond which is nearby, a Buddhist scripture on his face, he appeared very serene and at ease.

Little dough ran frantically: “Grandpa Dong Hua!”

Dong Hua: “……”

After a stick of incense finished burning.

Little dough: “Uncle Dong Hua!”

Dong Hua: “……”

After two sticks of incense finished burning.

Little dough: “Brother Dong Hua …”

Dong Hua put away the scripture and appeared indifferent: “What is the matter?”

Little dough: “Just now, sister Feng Jiu roasted some yams and set Tai Chen Palace on fire. She asked me to come and get you home fast to put out the fire.”

Dong Hua: “……”


A certain day, after little dough read an ancient book, he went and asked Lian Song.

Little dough: “3rd grandpa, what do you think is the four artifacts in the ‘Three Lives’ (San Sheng) world?”

Lian Song took his fan and tapped the palm of the hand, in deep thought:

“Well, it should be Bai Qian’s fan, Ye Hua’s sword, Feng Jiu’s fur and Dong Hua’s thick-skinned face.”

Little dough: “……”

14 thoughts on “Three Lives Three Worlds Mini-Special (Children Edition) – Part 5

  1. Why is this site so awesome?! Thank you so much for the regular updates. I appreciate how you guys partner up to bring us new things to read so regularly. Thank you, thank you.

    • Bcos of your support, we try to update this blog as often as possible, lol. There are many good drama and news blogs out there so we try not to duplicate by fangirling novels, haha….Like the increasing popularity of drama from mainland, it also has many good novels. If you can understand Mandarin but can’t read it like us, you have the option of listening to audiobooks or using google translate to read novels to you. If you cannot understand Mandarin, we try our best to translate the juicy bits for you:)

  2. Little dough!!!!! I just want to pinch his cheek!!! And the second story had me blushing!!!! Rofl
    And Donghua!!!! Lmao and rofl. Even while not beig the main feature, his character always manage to sneak in and crack me up!

    Thanks or translating!!!!!

  3. Thanks peanuts!!
    Little dough and Gun Gun are adorable.

  4. Eh….sorry arh..but who are gun guns parents again?

    And also….which part of hua xu yin tells the story of how Su Chen came about?

    Thanks thanks.

    • Bai Gun Gun is the unborn son of Dong Hua & Feng Jiu. Hamster will be translating that part soon where Feng Jiu is misled into thinking she is pregnant so she gonna call her son Bai Gun Gun, lol.

      Su Chen is not featured much in HXY. I think he is mentioned in the last chapter or the epilogue. He is Mu Yan’s sister Mu Yi’s son. Because A’Fu & Mu Yan cannot have a child so they adopted Su Chen as the future heir.

  5. Icic…thanks so much peanuts?..thanks for explaining……..I love ur site…and will be lurking/stalking and whatever not……..and it started me onto reading….or should I say…trying to read the Chinese site with the help of a dictionary…haha….i was just wondering about how this shu sheng site operates…coz I noticed there is some VIP thing…and was wondering if the chapters that are there…are they the whole complete chapter or just parts….coz I’ll be crying if I spent so much effort to read and then realize its not complete…hahaha….

    Btw…is hua xu yin in shu sheng bar a completed novel? Or just a part of it? Coz I read and seems no mention of su Chen.

    • Most of the contributors in SSB only listen to the audiobooks.The ebook links are random links they found online so I’ll change them to free links if you tell me which one has the VIP thing. As for whether they are complete or not, I am not sure as we listen mostly to audiobooks. If you feel anyone is incomplete, let me know & I’ll check for you. Many authors tend to write epilogues after the books have been published or include new epilogues in collector edition or revised edition so there is no way for us to keep track. The HXY’s epilogue is in the collector edition which I’ll include the link in SSB.

  6. little dough is too cute…i want to pinch pinch and pinch his cheek

  7. Peanuts peanuts….I loooovvvvveeeee you……smaucks…….. 🙂 you are a life saver……haha……I’m not sure too as well…..trying to learn to navigate around sub and different translated texts…..I’m stalking hamster428 and your site…..heheh..

    …I started off with bbjx…then dmy..then yzg….then I chanced upon tltw……soon cute… first I tot little dough was well…really a coral or sth like tat…coz when qq met him in the garden…he was described as a coral looking thing…..later on I realized he’s a little boy…..

  8. LOL, Dijun’s skin is really a one-of-a-kind artifact . I wonder if there’ve been anyone that shameless :)))

  9. Just found your site yesterday because I finished 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms and needed the extra dosage of all the characters and went searching and landed on your page and I have to say I’m now addicted to all your contents. Thank you so much for putting these mini-series up I just can’t get enough of the characters. I do have one question though can you help explain, what is ‘cut sleeve love’ I still don’t understand its meaning. 🙂 Thanks.

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