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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 4)



Are the toy ducks cute? Unfortunately somebody is not fond of them:( The sender of the much hated pork liver lunches will be revealed so don’t miss it:)

Chapter 4 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

“Pre …… President,” Shan Shan hastens to say hello.

Big Boss is leaning against the luxurious backseat with his eyes closed.  He utters a faint grunt in acknowledgement and does not bother to open even one eye.

Senior Assistant Fang looks back and smiles: “Miss Xue, get in quickly.”

“Oh, all right.”

Shan Shan steps gingerly into the car.  There is a fluffy white carpet. When it rains, would the carpet not get dirty from footprints?  Fortunately, she is wearing her new shoes. If she wears her usual sneakers, there will be two big black footprints ……


The car begins to move.

Hands on knees, back straight, eyes straight ahead – Shan Shan sits stiffly like an elementary school student next to the window.

Senior Assistant Fang is amused. Afraid that she is not comfortable so he looks at the gift in her hands to find a conversation topic: “Miss Xue has prepared a gift?”


“Very interesting.”

“Really?”  Shan Shan is flattered. Suddenly feeling an affinity with Senior Assistant Fang, her body unconsciously leans forward.  “I also think these toy ducks are cute. They also sing and each one sings a different song.”

Shan Shan begins to show off her gift. Senior Assistant Fang offers praises so Shan Shan happily chats with him. Suddenly the President coldly chimes in ……

“Feng Teng pays you a low salary?”

Shan Shan turns to see Big Boss arrogantly looking at her.

“Not low …… uh …… very high ……” Shan Shan discovers Boss Feng’s eyes fall on the gift.  Does he think her gift is too cheap?

The hands holding the gift cannot help but tighten. Shan Shan plucks up her courage to argue: “Pre …… President, these toy ducks may look ordinary, but in fact ……”

These toy ducks can sing and swim. Most importantly, the toy ducks have brand name! Brand name, do you understand?  Very expensive!  Even more expensive than ducks that can be eaten!

“In fact what?”  Big Boss squints his eyes, his tone sounding slightly unpleasant, his face plainly saying “object me and die.”

Shan Shan gulps: “In fact …… these toy ducks are ordinary =  =”

The car accelerates forward in Shan Shan’s frustration.  Nearing the club, Feng Teng answers a call and after hanging up his phone, he gives instruction to his senior assistant.

“Take her upstairs when we get there, Feng Yue wants to see her.”

Feng Yue?  Xue Shan Shan remembers, that is Big Boss’s sister.  Why does Miss Feng want to see her?

That is fortunate.  Shan Shan is an adult but this is her first time going to a banquet alone.  Feng Teng’s judgment on the gift has crushed all of Shan Shan’s confidence.  Hopefully, she can quietly hand over the gift during the meeting and not lose face in front of a large crowd =  =

The tall bodyguard who doubles as Feng Teng’s driver parks the car. Feng Teng tells them to go ahead first. Senior Assistant Fang brings Xue Shan Shan to take an elevator to a suite upstairs.

Feng Yue is petite and very pretty, sitting in the reception area chatting with a few people. When she sees Shan Shan coming forward, she warmly reaches out for Shan Shan’s hands: “You’re Miss Xue, thank you for your help.  Otherwise, I would have died.”

Shan Shan is embarrassed and immediately blushes, shakes her head and says: “Oh no, I didn’t do anything.”

Feng Yue smiles, pulls her down to sit and begins a conversation. Suddenly remembering something, she asks: “Miss Xue, do you like the food?”

Shan Shan is surprised for a moment.

Feng Yue says: “I told the cook to make your lunch and my brother’s lunch together, did you not eat the food?”

“I have, I have.”  Shan Shan nods, suddenly realizing that it is Miss Feng’s order.  Of course, Big Boss is arrogant, how can he think of giving a little employee lunch?  If blood is needed, directly commanding her presence sounds more like him.

“Do you like the food?”  Feng Yue asks again.  “It is delicious, it is delicious.”  Shan Shan nods. Everything except the pork liver was very delicious.  “It’s too much trouble for you.”

“It’s no trouble!”  Feng Yue smilingly says: “My brother is very picky about his food.  Every day, our cook has to make lunch to bring to him so making another lunch for you is easy.  I know people who work for Feng Teng are hardworking to the point that they eat dumplings for lunch.  You lost a lot of blood so you need to eat well.”

This time, Shan Shan cannot help but feel a bit touched. This elite lady is very considerate.

Feng Yue sees the gift in Shan Shan’s hands and says in surprise: “This gift is for the baby?”

“Yes.”  Shan Shan hands over the gift.  “These ducks can swim and sing.”

Feng Yue seems to like it.  “I am afraid people would give money.  That’s meaningless, not putting in any effort.  Did you know that at first when I asked my brother how to thank you, he said to write you a check but I think that’s insulting ……”


Shan Shan stares blankly. A thought pops into her head – Elite lady, why did you not let Big Boss insult me!  I want to be insulted ……

10 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 4)

  1. Lmao!!!! “I wanted to be insulted!”
    First time ever to hear a heroine say this!!! Lol
    I wonder what Big Boss thougt was wrong with her gift. I never seen duckies toy that does that. Maybe I should look into for my own niece and nephew! Lol

    As always, loving the story and loving the translation!!! Thank you!!!!

    • At the end of this chapter, Feng Yue says that Feng Teng’s idea of paying someone is by giving them a check. This suggests Feng Teng only sees value in cold, hard cash. Also, someone like him is unlikely to buy toys so he might not realize that toys can be very expensive, especially if they’re brand name.

  2. lol!!i guess i also want to be insulted too..i like money better than weeks of liver

  3. ah shan shan u r right i want to be insulted too

  4. please insult me like so too. loads and loads of insults

  5. Why is Big Boss such a bully 😀 and I love Shan Shan’s practicality in life ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Lol wants to be insulted haha. Thanks lidge and peanuts! ❤

  7. “Elite lady, why did you not let Big Boss insult me! I want to be insulted” lmao 🤣🤣🤣 this is too funny

    Honestly i can relate to her especially when people gives me useless gifts in bday, I’m like please give me money directly, even if the amount is small, no prob 😅😅

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