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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 5)



Hooray, our poor Shan Shan need not eat pork liver anymore:) She planned to eat as much as possible at the banquet but the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray:(

Chapter 5 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Check or pork liver …… what a big difference. The easy choice makes Shan Shan wants to cry.  Pork liver, she never wants to eat pork liver again. If she has to she can easily write an essay called “18 Days of Eating Pork Liver.”

Shan Shan says: “Delivering lunch every day is too much trouble, you don’t have to do it anymore, haha.”

Feng Yue nods: “All right, you work in an office so it doesn’t look good if you receive special treatment.”

Shan Shan had not thought of this but she agrees, feeling greatly relieved.  After chatting for a bit, the baby starts crying as the banquet also begins.  Shan Shan takes the opportunity to say goodbye, allowing a service staff to lead her to the dining area.

Shan Shan thought it would be like on TV, people walking to and fro holding a glass of champagne but it seems this is a Chinese banquet.

Before coming here, Shan Shan had gone into debt to attend this feast. Thus, now she must eat enough not just for today but for N days in the future.  With this goal, Shan Shan develops two plans.

Plan A: If the banquet is Western, she will hold a plate and sneakily walk everywhere.

Plan B: If the banquet is Chinese, she will choose the most secluded corner to sit.

Shan Shan looks in all four directions, selecting the most secluded corner to sit down, praying not many people will choose her table, waiting happily for the banquet to begin.

Sure enough, the table is very secluded.  Many people walk by but do not sit down.  Shan Shan is filled with joy, ah, less people means more food for her.  Soon, joy turns to grief.

Because the table does not have anyone else and other tables are filled with people, she is the only person sitting by herself

= =

Shan Shan is in trouble …..

Shan Shan may be thick-skinned but not enough to sit by herself. She stands up to look for another table but where to find an empty chair. She does not know anyone so hastily inserting herself anywhere would be odd.

Everyone is sitting but Shan Shan is standing and embarrassingly wishes a hole would open up to swallow her. Suddenly she feels an intense gaze. She turns in that direction to see Big Boss frowning and staring at her.

Instant death!  Tragedy!  Big Boss must feel she is making the company look bad.  Shan Shan looks back in misery – Boss, I did not mean to, you must understand.

Staring at each other for a moment, Feng Teng moves his gaze and summons a waiter to whisper something.

Shan Shan sees the waiter looking at her and knows for certain they are talking about her. Her heart starts to beat wildly. Surely she would not be asked to leave.  Even so, that would not be too bad because she can still go to eat beef noodles.

She is starving!

The waiter smiles and walks to her, stopping in front of her and makes an inviting gesture: “Miss Xue, Mr. Feng invites you to his table.”

Huh?  She is not asked to leave?  She is asked to go to his table?  But his table …… is in the middle in the front …… with the legendary President there ……

Shan Shan is embarrassed once again.

Shan Shan is not courageous to refuse Big Boss’s invitation in front of so many people. No, not an invitation but rather a command so she fearlessly follows the waiter.  A chair is added next to Feng Teng.

Feng Teng is in a discussion with a well-dressed old man about land or real estate developments, not paying any attention to her.  Shan Shan dutifully stands and waits for the conversation to finish before saying carefully: “President, would it not look bad if I sit here?”

Feng Teng’s tone is lazy: “What’s wrong?”

“This table is full of important people. I, uh …… at this time, I’m not an important person yet = =”

Feng Teng lightly leans back and stares at her.  “You don’t want to sit here? Then why look at me like that with your eyes?”

“My eyes?”  Shan Shan is stunned.

“Your eyes said to me ……” Feng Teng slowly explains, “I’ve been abandoned, please save me.”

“……” Big Boss, you are mistaken.  My eyes were obviously pleading with you not to deduct my salary. –   –

But Feng Teng looks certain. Shan Shan begins to doubt if she had sent the wrong signal …… though she does not think so. Maybe her eyes betrayed what she was feeling. Is there not a song called “My Eyes Betray My Heart?” = =

It has to be said though, Big Boss, your ability to decipher eye messages is very impressive. –   –

Hoping to eat a lot is out of the question when you are sitting next to Feng Teng. Making sure the chopsticks are not held shakily is hard enough. Shan Shan had intended to eat “gently but ferociously” but now “ferociously” can only be put in a doggie bag to be brought home. Shan Shan tries to remember how to eat politely when she used to pretend to be an elegant young lady.

But after four years of fighting with college roommates over food, polite eating feels like something she did in a previous lifetime.

All right, using chopsticks to pick up vegetables – smile.

Looking at people in the line of vision – smile.

The waiter brings a dish of pork feet, all right, smile with the pork feet.

Hey, it is not pork feet. It does not matter, with any animal’s feet, just smile.

……  The face is becoming stiff =  =

Finally, more than half of the guests begin to leave.  Shan Shan immediately says goodbye to Feng Teng.

Feng Teng says:  “Leave later, see the guests off with me.”

“……”  Shan Shan reminds him shakily: “President, I’m also a guest.”  I also brought a gift ……

“You want to leave early?”  Feng Teng narrows his eyes. A familiar oppressive feeling descends on Shan Shan.  “The boss hasn’t leave yet, how can the employee go first?”

“Of course not!”  Shan Shan immediately replies in a serious tone, “I’ll stay to see the guests off …… see the guests off.”

15 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 5)

  1. Hahaha……poor ss…. I think ft is beginning to like here already? .if not y ask her out of the blue to sit at his table n see guests off….isn’t this telling others she’s his other half? Isnt it only wives or girlfriends have this honor? Especially ft is the big big boss?

  2. You guys are making me hysterical. I can’t believe a translated version can be equally as funnii (or maybe it’s even funniier, i can’t decide, my mind is not coherent anymore). As it is, I’ve got so many books q-ing up on my list, and i’m here reading this as well (altho i said i wl only come here when everything is translated but looks like i can’t stay away). OMG, ShanShan is really killing me (again n again) but I’m loving her more and more.

    Tell me something, where and how do u find the time for all these???

    • Gu Man has a certain writing style, which is light, cute, and off-beat funny. I try hard to preserve that in the translation. I want to keep close to the original version as possible so you guys will feel like what you guys would read if Gu Man had written the story in English rather than my interpretation of the story in English.

  3. Rofl!!!! I can never get enough of ShanShan and FengTeng!!!! Thanks for the translation!!!!

  4. kinda late reading this but i enjoy it so much.. Wallace Chung would act as the bos, right? aahh i cant wait.. he’s my fave and this novel is soooo good 🙂 thank you!

  5. lol I’m enjoying this so much. Shan Shan and Fen Teng in the book sound so much funnier than the one from the drama. Thanks for the hard work.

  6. Omg I can’t stop laughing!
    So glad I watched the drama first, else I would have been disappointed. Thank you so much for the translation!

  7. I’m cracking up 😀 😀 😀 Big Boss why do you have to scare Shan Shan like that?

  8. Lol at this two ❤

  9. Ive read this before and have also seen the drama. It’s so funny…. can’t help but laugh every time. 🤣🤣

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