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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 6)



We have more food in this chapter. It is Lidge’s favourite beef noodle. Find out if Shan Shan is having it alone or with our Big Boss Feng Teng:)

Chapter 6 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

A half hungry, half full Shan Shan stands next to Big Boss to see the guests off.

Feng Teng is used to these occasions because of his family background. He is at ease with a handsome appearance, his movement is like a work of art.  Shan Shan and Feng Teng stand side by side. Feeling his masculine breath close by causes Shan Shan’s little heart to skip a few beats out of sync. Of course Shan Shan quickly calms it down — Big Boss is terrible ! You have the nerve to thump wildly, you do not want to live anymore!

This is Shan Shan’s first time being a part of a grand banquet so she does not know what to say except a few polite words over and over again. Most of the time she stands next to Feng Teng and stiffly smiles while she inwardly cries out: Wow, this is the mayor who wants to establish connections with people in business.  Ah, this old man sells XXX, very expensive stuff, totally a crook!

=  =

Shan Shan does not understand why Big Boss tells her to stand beside him when he can handle everything.  As Feng Teng talks to someone who looks like a wealthy married lady, Shan Shan takes the opportunity to peek at her phone. Past ten o’clock, ah, Shan Shan is feeling a little depressed. She hears a voice asking from behind.  “What are you doing?”

“Checking the time, as after midnight it’s expensive to call a taxi.”  Shan Shan answers without thinking. Then suddenly she remembers the voice’s owner and stiffly turns around.  “Uh, President ……”

Shan Shan wishes for a scarf to cover her face. How could she have said that?  Big Boss is really treacherous, attacking without warning.

Feng Teng looks at her for two seconds.  “When this is over, someone will take you home.”

Wah, Shan Shan is surprised and nodded:  “Thank you, President!”

What a blessing in disguise. She can save 50 yuans from having to call a taxi ^_^.  Shan Shan tries her best to see the guests off. With most of the guests gone, Feng Teng also bids farewell to Feng Yue. Then he says to Shan Shan: “Let’s go.”

Walking outside.

Shan Shan hastens to keep up with Feng Teng. She thinks the driver is probably waiting for her outside. There is only one car parks in front of the door. The valet sees Feng Teng and immediately opens the car door respectfully: “Mr. Feng.”

Shan Shan sees Feng Teng gets in the car and then ……

Shan Shan stands before the sports car in confusion.

Where is her driver?

Perhaps, when Big Boss said “Someone will take you home” …… he meant himself?

Shan Shan stands in front of the car door, squirms and asks: “President, you said you will have a person drive me home. Where is the driver?”

Feng Teng loses a bit of patience: “I’m not a person?”

Shan Shan really wants to nod.  Big Boss, you are not an ordinary person. Even if you were you would belong to the tribe that eats other humans =  =

Losing more patience and seeing her still standing frozen, Feng Teng says: “Get in.”

Shan Shan does not dare to argue. She obediently gets in the car. It is a white sports car and not the BMW from before, which Shan Shan does not know the brand.  The rich have a lot of vehicles, Shan Shan cannot help but feel overwhelmed.

After saying “thank you” repeatedly and giving her the address, Shan Shan gently leans back into the seat. Perhaps she had drank a bit of wine at the banquet, Shan Shan feels a little relaxed, yawns then …… Shan Shan falls asleep.

Falling asleep is not bad. What is bad is Xue Shan Shan has not fallen into a deep sleep. The sports car moves forward. Shan Shan opens her eyes to see a familiar sign flashed by, still feeling drowsy and forgetting who is next to her, Shan Shan shouts: “Stop here, I want to eat beef noodles.”

When Shan Shan realizes she is not sitting in a taxi and the driver is Boss Feng, there are only awkward echoes in the car. Saying in front of the banquet host that she is still hungry, moreover the banquet host is Big Boss, Shan Shan wants to cry: “President …… I have a big appetite …… Every night, I have to eat …… I ate fully at the banquet, really. It’s just everything has been digested ……”

Feng Teng looks at her speechlessly for a few seconds then turns the car around, stopping in front of a small shop with a yellow sign:  “This place?”

“Yes.”  Shan Shan nods, thinking that she wants to quickly get away from Big Boss.  “President, I’ll get off here. Goodbye and thank you for taking me home. I’ll call a taxi when I’m done so you don’t have to wait for me.”

Talking quickly without breathing, she gets out of the car and shuts the door.  When she looks up, Boss Feng is standing across from her.  Shan Shan is in trouble.

“President?”  Why did he get out of the car?

“Beef noodles, is it?”

“President, you also want to eat this ……”

“Why not?”  Feng Teng walks towards a Shan Shan who is turning into a statue.  “I’ve digested everything too.”


“Do you think my digestion system isn’t as good as yours?”

Looking into Big Boss’ murderous eyes, Shan Shan answers immediately: “No, President, your digestion system is #1 in the world =  =”

Feng Teng snorts.

In the noodle shop, Feng Teng starts to sit down but Shan Shan quickly stops him.

“Hold on, let me clean the chair.”  She uses a tissue to carefully wipe off all the grease on the chair. After all, Big Boss is wearing an expensive suit.

Feng Teng gets ready to sit down. Just as he raises his hands, Shan Shan screams: “Hold on, let me clean the table.”

Once again, she uses a tissue to carefully wipe the table.

Feng Teng “……”

“All right, President, please sit down.”

Shan Shan casually wipes her chair once or twice and sits down.  The noodle shop owner goes over to greet them. Shan Shan plans to order a small bowl.  Shan Shan often comes here to eat noodles so the owner knows her well. She says quickly: “We only have enough for a small bowl today.”

Shan Shan awkwardly nods.  Under Big Boss’ scrutiny she has lost her appetite so ordering a big bowl would be a waste.

The noodles are cooked simply.  Two bowls of beef noodles are served quickly.  Shan Shan breaks apart the chopsticks and begins eating but sees Feng Teng frowning at his bowl.

See, see, cannot eat this. I told you not to come inside.  Shan Shan inwardly fumes while outwardly asks in concern: “President, what is it?”

Feng Teng looks up and says casually: “Get me another bowl, I don’t eat parsleys.”

Why did you not tell the owner that =  =

Shan Shan automatically stops him: “Throw away an entire bowl of noodles?  That’s such a waste, just pick out the parsleys.”

Feng Teng raises his eyebrows.  “You’ll do it?”

Shan Shan is silent for awhile then nods determinedly: “I’ll do it!”

She picks, she picks. This is a big world. The boss is everything so picking out parsleys from a noodle bowl is nothing.

Using a new pair of chopsticks, Shan Shan looks down and carefully picks out all the parsleys. Then she pushes the bowl back to Feng Teng.

“President, you can eat now.”

Shan Shan looks up. Big Boss looks at her sharply. Shan Shan trembles a little, what is he trying to say with his eyes …… why is she scared = =

Big Boss Feng glances at the bowl, nods and says: “Very good.”

Shan Shan trembles again. It is obviously a praise but why is she feeling more scared?  It feels like a misfortune is coming …..

Shan Shan worriedly finishes the beef noodles. She does not dare to argue with Feng Teng over the bill. She looks at Big Boss paying, then Big Boss drives her home …..

Um, nothing terrible happened. It seems that just now was an illusion …… Shan Shan is relieved.

After waving goodbye to Big Boss, Shan Shan runs up the stairs. She looks out of a window on the second floor, seeing Feng Teng’s white sports car stands out prominently in the night.  The car soon turns a corner and disappears.

Shan Shan suddenly feels a bit frustrated and empty.  Today and this month, everything has been like a dream for a little employee like her. After this she will never see Big Boss again ……


Shan Shan squeezes her fist and cheers up quickly!

Fighting!  Xue Shan Shan!

Tomorrow is a new day without pork liver!

=   =


11 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 6)

  1. hihi SS is so absent-minded so cute..`Tomorrow is a new day without pork liver!’ SS should be happy too early. i dont think so it her hellish day has ended.

  2. Ahhhhh…ur problems are just starting….hahahah
    Thanks lidge for updating 🙂

  3. don’t want to be rude here i would like to suggest that if u can keep use a few chinese word like calling ‘president’.. i think i feel close to chinese novel if it like that. i can learn a few words too. hopefully this is not overboard.

    • That’s a good suggestion. Unfortunately, I don’t know Chinese and translating this from a Viet translation so I can’t use any Chinese words. Also, we’re several chapters in already and changing things now is too much trouble..

      Please bear with us^^,

    • I suggest we’ll keep the word ‘president’ as some readers might not understand Chinese at all and will get confused. Fr next chapter onwards, I’ll try to include the Chinese pinyin in bracket for you.

  4. Reading this makes me hungry lol. Thank you!

  5. Tooo cuteeeee. Im getting diabetes this is lightens my mood while im reading it

  6. I dont know why im grinning from ear to ear

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