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The Pillow Book Mini-Special (Feng Jiu Edition) – Part 7


I am sure after last week mini-specials on Dong Hua, you can guess who’ll be featured in this week mini-specials. Yes, she is the foxy Bai Feng Jiu, the long suffering victim of our Dijun’s bullying:P Who or What should I do next week?

Character Profile

Name: Bai Feng Jiu
Gender: Female
Height: (estimate is above 1.60 but below 1.70)
Age: About 32,200 years old
Species: Scarlet fox
Nationality: Qing Qiu
Residence: Fox hole
Hobbies: Go to make up classes, cooking, chat with Xiao Yan, bully by Dong Hua
Target of Affection: Meng Shao, Cang Yi Shenjun
Commonly called: Feng Jiu, Her Royal Highness Feng Jiu, Princess Nine Songs (……), Xiao Bai (Dijun exclusive use)
Rank: Anyway, much lower than Dong Hua
Weapons: Tao Zhu sword
Clothing: White when in mourning. Vibrant colour like red which is Dijun’s preference:P
Hair Color: Black
(When Feng Jiu’s ‘bully by Dong Hua’ encounters Dijun’s ‘bully Feng Jiu’ …
When Feng Jiu’s species ‘scarlet fox’ encounters Dijun’s species ‘stone’….) (It is just too miserable ……:(


Feng Jiu is holding a book, looking at it seriously.

Dong Hua: “What are you looking at?”

Feng Jiu: “In the mortal world there is a thing called ‘yoga’ which can shape your body to look more beautiful.”

Dong Hua: “Shaping the body? You do not need to. . .”

Feng Jiu: (ignore Dong Hua) “I should go and have a look!”

The next day, Feng Jiu has a defeated look on her face.

Dong Hua: (look at Feng Jiu) “What happened?”

Feng Jiu: “I went to learn yoga. The instructor asked us to close our eyes and relax. . .”

Dong Hua (cast cold sidelong glances): “Then?”

Feng Jiu: “When I relaxed. . . I fell asleep. . .”

Dong Hua said calmly: “Indeed only you can do such a thing!”

Feng Jiu: ” . .”



Dijun has been invited to go to Xi Tian to revise the Buddhist scriptures, for three month.

On the day he is leaving, Feng Jiu reluctantly sent Dijun until southern heavenly gate: “You really must go for three months, such a long time?”

“… Ah.”

“One day less also cannot?”

“… Ah.”

“Three months, very long ah!”

“… Ah.”

“You leave for so long, what is going to happen to my homework, who will do it?”

“I have already helped you to finish your homework for the next three months.”

“Why didn’t tell me earlier? I am going back to catch up on my sleep!”



Feng Jiu: “Warrior Xiao Yan, why you always fail to get Ji Heng’s love?”

Xiao Yan (pointing to the sky with indignant tears): “I, your grandpa …… cannot beat ice face, because I don’t look as handsome as him.”

Xiao Yan (looking at Feng Jiu): “You actually manage to get together with ice face, will certainly have a lot of experience in love?”

Feng Jiu (look embarrassed): “My cooking is quite good.”

Dong Hua (closing the Buddhist scriptures and shaking his head): “No, it is because you are more silly compared to Ji Heng.”

Feng Jiu: “Do you mean that, if I’m smarter than Ji Heng, you will like Ji Heng?”

Dong Hua (say softly): “But you will not be smarter than Ji Heng, this is a fact.”


One day Feng Jiu consulted Xiao Yan: “Seriously, I have been rather curious as to how you manage to become the Blue Ghoul Lord ?”

Xiao Yan trying to turn the stone table into powder with his slender right hand, full of pride said : “Of course, with my fist.”
He turned to look at her: “You manage to become the female monarch of Qing Jiu at such a young age, will certainly be able to understand I, your grandpa’s experience?”

Feng Jiu: “I cannot understand, I can ascend the throne thanks to being a rich third generation though inheritance. ”


Feng Jiu: “I am particularly curious how come no one is trying to usurp your throne?”

Xiao Yan trying to make the stone table powder into finer powder: “Everybody says that I, your grandpa can fight well!” He angrily said: ” Is it you also want to say you have not been usurped because you are a rich third generation, you are richer and more powerful than I, your grandpa? ”

Feng Jiu: “I am ashamed to admit, because I married a husband Dijun, who can fight well.”

Xiao Yan, you lost again. .


One day, the pregnant Cheng Yu and also ready to be a mum, Feng Jiu were each persuaded by Lian Song and Dijun to stay at home to nurture their health as well as avoid any action that may cause harm to the pregnancy. Finally they found the opportunity to meet each other once again after staying at home for sometime under house arrest which was disguised as a chance to rest and maintain health ……

Feng Jiu: “Dijun elderly, make me accompany him to read the Buddhist scriptures, fishing, planting flowers and weeding daily. Cheng Yu, the days pass by very slowly, very boring ar…”

Cheng Yu: “Well, Lian Song also does not let me move around much.”

Feng Jiu: “Oh, yet you are still so calm, I really admire, admire you.”

Cheng Yu: “So I let him move around to provide amusement for me, otherwise I would have been bored.”

Feng Jiu: “…”

At the moment, Feng Jiu (wander in her heart): “Can I make Dijun move around to give me some fun, can I can I!!!! I don’t dare ar T ^ T”

Nevertheless, Feng Jiu could not help but asked curiously.

Feng Jiu: “Cheng Yu, how do you get Lian Song to amuse you …?”

Cheng Yu: ” It is really nothing special. Just occasionally let him read me a book or sing me a song for me to listen, or role play for me to see ~ ah, he is quite good at role playing ~”

Feng Jiu: “… You win”

Feng Jiu: “Let Dijun elderly sing me a song?!! Tell me a story?!! With his tens of thousands of years monotone?!! Role playing?!! With his thousand years of ice face, can play what role to amuse me ar? ! !


Little dough went to Tai Chen Palace to get a free meal. However Feng Jiu did not complete her assignments on time and is punished to make copies. That day Dong Hua Dijun’s mood is very good so he fried a small fish for little dough.

Three days later ……

Feng Jiu: “Recently, how come never see A Li at all?”

Bai Qian: “A Li has been very sick these two days, vomiting and diarrhea, perhaps he ate something bad for the tummy. This child is physically weak.”

Feng Jiu (suddenly realized: This is indeed true. Anyone who encounter Dijun’s cooking will also get physically weak)


Little dough: “I have not seen brother Dong Hua … uh, uncle …… uh, grandpa!”

Feng Jiu (adjusting her flower hairpin): “Oh, he is helping me do my homework.”

Little dough: “My much older cousin, you still need people to help you do your schoolwork. I do not have anyone ah, why not … why not you lend brother Dong Hua   … uh, uncle …… uh, grandpa to me to use for a while?”

Feng Jiu (face floating with dark cloud): “You treat the elderly Dijun as a thing that can be borrowed and lent?”

Little dough: “Could it be that….cannot ar?”

Feng Jiu (raise an eyebrow): “Of course not, you can think like this my little boy. Will you be glad if I borrow and lend your grandfather?”

Little dough: “…”



Feng Jiu (looking at Gun Gun but pointing at Dong Hua): “Look at your father lord, so abnormal ah ……”

Gun Gun: “Mummy, how is father lord abnormal?”

Feng Jiu: “Why your father lord is always so free? Also …… he alway go fishing all day at the Fen-tou-li pond but I have never seen him catch anything.”

Gun Gun: “Father lord certainly did make a catch!”

Feng Jiu: “Why did you say that?”

Gun Gun: “Mummy, you are the fish caught by father lord.”

Feng Jiu (her face filled with “so small yet you understand these words): “…”


The Weaver Contest in Jiu Chong Tian is being held in full swing.

Bai Qian waved her hand at a distant: “Ye Hua, Ye Hua, come here quickly.”

Ye Hua: “What is the matter?”

Bai Qian: “My black thread is running out, please pull a few from your clothes for me to use.”

Feng Jiu tugging at the sleeves of Dijun and said: “My white thread is running out, please pull a few from your head for me to use”


In a particular year, the female leads give presents to the male leads on their birthday.

Bai Qian: “I will give you the opportunity to spend one night with me, as a birthday gift.”

Ye Hua: “I don’t want”

Bai Qian furious: “A Li, mummy will accompany you to sleep tonight! ”

Ye Hua hugging Bai Qian:” I want … every night … ”

Feng Jiu:” Since it is your birthday, tonight I will let you play play ”

Dong Hua: “You go to bed first. I will join you after I finish my chess game.”

Feng Jiu is bewildered so she turned into a handkerchief and floated on to the bed.

Dong Hua: “……”

18 thoughts on “The Pillow Book Mini-Special (Feng Jiu Edition) – Part 7

  1. Rofl!!! Poor Feng Jiu!!! She just had to fall for the ice man. Lol!!!
    It would be nice to have a feature on Yehua. He is a nice breather for our cruel Dijun! Lol
    Thanks for the mini special!!!!

    • Opposite attracts, fiery vs ice, lol. Ye Hua is too nice to make fun of:( I’ll see what I can do:)

      • Lol! I guess the sadistic side of me do want that to happen with Yehua, so if you can, it would be wonderful! Unlike Donghua who is very outright funny with his response, Yehua is extremely adorable! I squeal at his appearance in these mini specials. Overall, I just can’t get enough out of these guys! Lol

  2. Hi ! Thank You for theses Mini-Specials ! ^^ It enlightens the whole world of San Sheng San Shi. I like Feng Jiu with Dong Hua, they are such a cute and dry funny conversations couple. For the next special, it’ll be nice to have a special about Yehua, he is really a loving husband to Ban Qian.

    • It is difficult to do a funny special on a loving husband:( It is easier to write abt Feng Jiu & Dong Hua than Bai Qian & Ye Hua but I’ll give it a try:)

  3. Oh… so cute <3<3<3 I read all in a flash and I want more ^^~ great job really.

  4. DongHua & FengJiu is the perfect couple ever! One to bully with One to be bullied, LOL.
    Thank you for translation, peanuts XD

  5. Sorry to alarm you again, I was rereading pillow book and noticed that at feng jui wore a lot of white clothing to make her look more mature like her aunt plus fitting her status. It’s our Dijun who think her would look good in more vibrant, youngful colors such as red or crimson. 🙂

    • Yaya, she is in mourning white clothes but Dong Hua is still very much alive:P Dijun has higher status plus he is so thick-skinned & shameless so his preferance for vibrant color takes precedent:P

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