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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 8)



Our poor Shan Shan is now officially a vegetable picker:( But she gets to eat lunch daily with our handsome Big Boss:P All is not lost, as there are two pieces of good news so read on to find out……….

Chapter 8 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Xue Shan Shan proudly becomes a vegetable picker.

Although it is said wealth cannot last forever, the poor can be proud, dictatorship should be overthrown, but …… but …… but she has not passed the probation period.

But Shan Shan decides after the probation period is over and she is a full-time employee, she will definitely show her courage.

But the best thing to do now is to pick out vegetables for Big Boss.

At the 22nd floor, in the President’s (Zong Cai) office, Xue Shan Shan sits on a sofa in the reception area picking out soybeans while Feng Teng and several senior directors are in a meeting in a small conference room.

It has been almost one month. Shan Shan had hoped Miss Feng would come back to save her but 2 days ago Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren) said Miss Feng had gone to Canada.

Really, why travel all over the world just after giving birth? Big Boss’s (Zong Cai) family is very strange. Take Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren) for example, his picky eating habit has worsen to incredible proportions. He may eat something today but not tomorrow. He will eat boiled vegetables but may not eat fried vegetables ……

As Shan Shan mutters to herself, the door of the conference room opens. Feng Teng walks out surrounded by a group of directors. Shan Shan does not know these people but is aware that they are all powerful figures in the company. She feels it is impolite to sit so she puts down the spoon in her hand and stands up to smile at them.

The directors immediately cry out: “Miss Xue, please sit down, you mustn’t, you mustn’t.”

How embarrassing!

How can they know her last name is Xue!

She is finished. Everyone in the company probably knows she is the gutless employee who picks out vegetables out of the President’s lunches!

That thought sends a cold chill through her heart. How can she show her face in the company now?

Feng Teng had been standing sideways speaking to the directors. After hearing a commotion, he turns and asks: “All done?”

“No, no.”  Shan Shan quickly sits down and continues picking out soybeans.

What will happen in the future will be left to be dealed with in the future. What is important now is to be a good servant. So what if she picks out vegetables for Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren). He is the king in the company!

Shan Shan uses a small spoon to scoop the soybeans into her lunch. Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren) has said not to waste food. This means whatever he does not eat, Shan Shan has to eat. These soybeans will go into her stomach.

She does everything smoothly, completely unaware that the directors are looking at her in shock.

They have heard about the meteoric rise of Miss Xue. They do not know why the President (Zong Cai) favors her. The President (Zong Cai) even spends the little rest time at lunch with her, completely not caring about company rumors.

It appears that the relationship between Miss Xue and the President (Zong Cai) is not simple.

She even takes what she wants to eat from the President’s (Zong Cai) lunch!

The directors walk off looking pensive. Feng Teng throws the reports in his hands onto his desk, then walks to sit down opposite from Shan Shan.

Shan Shan stands up and respectfully gives him his lunch: “President (Zong Cai), everything’s done.”

“Sit down.”

“Oh.”  Shan Shan has been eating lunch here for one month, of course under Big Boss’s order. Shan Shan understands Big Boss (Da Boss) needs for someone to clean up after he finishes lunch.

Shan Shan picks up her chopsticks and begins to eat slowly.  Shan Shan can eat fast, a few bites and she is done. The end result is Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren) was dissatisfied because he wants her to finish at the same time as him.

=  =

Though it must be said, Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren) is really competitive. He is even jealous of her ability to eat faster than him.

Thus Shan Shan looks up to check Big Boss’s (Zong Cai Da Ren) progress after each bite. Being looked at so often causes Feng Teng to put down his chopsticks: “Whatever you like, just take it.”

Shan Shan: “……”

There is food in her mouth so she cannot talk. Shan Shan quickly waves her hands left and right to gesture “no.”

Feng Teng nods in understanding: “You want to say that you don’t want to take it ……”

Nod, nod, Big Boss (Zong Cai) is very smart.

“You want me to do it for you?”

Shan Shan finally manages to swallow. She was about to speak but hearing that she begins to choke. As she chokes, she glares at Feng Teng: Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren), please do not joke while we are eating!  And he did it coolly too.

Feng Teng sees her coughing until tears run down her face. He elegantly leans sideways and lightly pats her on her back so she can breath easier.  Shan Shan is covered by his masculine smell, her heart suddenly begins to beat rapidly. She quickly pulls away from him.

The air around Big Boss(Zong Cai Da Ren) is truly scary. Being near it for a bit and her heart shows strong protest.

Feng Teng pulls back his hand and looks at her pink face. Suddenly smiling, he says gently: “Tell me slowly what you want to eat, don’t be so anxious.”

Shan Shan coughs more severely. Finally she can breath normally and hastens to defend her innocence.  “President (Zong Cai), I do not dare to dream of taking food from you. It is enough that I have the soybeans!”

“It’s alright if you want it.”  Feng Teng says generously.


“Today, the beef is very good.”  Feng Teng unseemingly adds in a sentence.

Understood!  He does not like the beef today.  Shan Shan rubs her bulging belly and clenches her teeth:  “Since it is so delicious, President (Zong Cai), you must let me try it!”

Picking up a clean spoon, Shan Shan boldly takes food out of Big Boss’s (Zong Cai Da Ren) lunch.

Feng Teng smiles and says: “You’re welcome. Take all of it if you want.”

The spoon stops in the air. Shan Shan looks up at Feng Teng, almost in tears.

“President.”(Zong Cai)


“Can dying from eating too much be considered a work-related accident?”

Finally, Big Boss’s (Zong Cai) conscience comes alive. He does not give her all the beef, so Shan Shan only eats a few pieces.  For some reason, a strange feeling lingers in the air.  When lunch is over, Feng Teng goes to the bathroom to wash his hands. Shan Shan cleans up quickly to get away from the strange feeling. As she is about to slip away Feng Teng says: “Starting tomorrow, you don’t have to come here anymore.”

Shan Shan is surprised, lo and behold, she is free?  Without having to put up a hard fight?  Shan Shan feels sad.  At least let her have the opportunity to reject eating lunch here first. Otherwise how else can she show off her courage?

It is still good that she can stop abusing her poor stomach.  That thought cheers Shan Shan up but she has not even smiled when Feng Teng adds: “Come back in two weeks.”


Feng Teng’s lip is curved slightly, “Is there a problem?”

“…… No, no.”

I knew it there is no such good thing ….. Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren), you should not speak half of your point and then changes direction on the latter half, okay.

Shan Shan is depressed, burps, and walks out of Feng Teng’s office.

The strange feeling during lunch bothers Shan Shan for the rest of the afternoon. She cannot concentrate on her work with her head in the clouds but she does not know what is wrong.  As she walks to the pantry for tea, Shan Shan’s eyes suddenly light up. She freezes and muttering to herself: “I remember now, the beef…… saliva ……”

Ah ah ah, she concentrated on picking out vegetables, she forgot Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren) had tasted the beef. The beef she ate did not have his saliva, right?

“Saliva what?”

“……of the President (Zong Cai) ……ah!”  Shan Shan turns around to see her colleague standing behind her looking excited.

Shan Shan cautiously shuts her mouth. Hahaha, she laughs and tries to run away.  Picking vegetables is embarrassing enough, she cannot let people know she is now reduced to eating leftover food.

Colleague A, who is shrewd and knows when to advance and when to retreat, is carried away by the “Secret History of the President (Zong Cai).”  The colleague smiles and grabs her.  “Shan Shan, seeing you like this, was today the first time …… with saliva?”

“Yes ……” Previously, there was no need to eat leftover food.

“Ah, no, no, no, never with saliva before today.”

Shan Shan holds her cup in confusion and runs out of the break room.

Trying to pull a fast one but ended up confessing everything to someone smarter, colleague A stands there with an unbelievable look on her face: President (Zong Cai), you are really innocent, you only kiss up to now.

Colleague A walks out with an empty cup looking like she is sleepwalking.

The nightmare of eating leftover food bothers Shan Shan the entire day. The next day Shan Shan finds out from Ah May that Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren) along with Linda and Senior Assistant Fang have gone to a subsidiary in Europe for a meeting.  Only then can she cheer up.

The Demon Lord (Da Mo Wang) has gone abroad …… hahaha!

So Shan Shan’s happiness returns. Unexpectedly a few days later something better happens.  The Chief Financial Officer, who is the superior of the manager, the superior of Shan Shan’s manager, one of the directors Shan Shan saw in Feng Teng’s office, announces in a regular morning meeting of the Finance Department that Xue Shan Shan’s work performance is excellent so her probation period will end early. She is now a full-time employee.  In Human Resources Department, under the eager assistance of the HR Director, all paperwork are completed quickly.

Shan Shan is happy as she is a full-time employee now!  From now on, she can reject all unreasonable demands from Big Boss and he cannot fire her without a valid reason!

Good news improves a person’s mood!  Shan Shan smiles when she sees anyone.

The only unhappiness is that Shan Shan finds the food quality in the company’s cafeteria has dropped. She missed the rice with grilled ribs so much but now finds the taste is not like before.

Oh ~ ~ ~ the main cook has probably become too lax after so many praises.

12 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 8)

  1. Lidge…….thanks again for ur translations… 🙂

  2. Lol!!! Saliva!!! Shan Shan seemed to dig herself a little hole here. I a cringing at the thought of the rumors that will be circulating In the company! Lol. Wonder how Feng Teng is going to react to it.
    And two week… hopefully this does not mean that there won’t be any Feng Teng appearance in the next few chapters!
    As always, thank you for another wonderful chapter!!!!

  3. Haha…..ya… so blur…doesnt she realize that ft is having feelings for her? Ahahaha…….ft looks like he likes to tease her…and finds satisfaction in it too…

    • I think FT likes that SS is a bit blur because he knows she’s not trying to get close to him because of his power and money.

  4. thanks for lovely translation. ^^
    since she get full time employment already. shan shan must be happy that she can speak up now..hehe

  5. i like this scene.. bigboss really2 cool in that scene.. almost melting watching it.. 😀

  6. thanks for translation,
    I’m happy 😘😘😘

  7. The food quality might not have dropped, she’s just used to eat best quality food lol. Thanks again!

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