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Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Mini-Special (Ye Hua & Bai Qian Edition) – Part 8



Due to popular request, we’ve a mini-special on Ye Hua this week. I can’t do Ye Hua without Bai Qian so the two of them are featured together. All the pictures are taken from the artbook which hamster has just bought & I plan to buy. Aren’t they pretty?

Do you think Ye Hua look handsome? Is he better looking or Mo Yuan? Do they really look alike??? I feel Ye Hua is better looking than our Dijun:) Well, at least he has black hair and is a lot younger, haha…Plus he is definitely a better cook. The only downside is he does not have ice face’s brand of dry humour:P

I think I heard in Baidu that there will be a fourth 3L3W book on Mo Yuan. In fact according to rumour, Tang Qi might skip book 3 on Lian Song & Cheng Yu and write Book 4 instead. Oh, please don’t abandon my rogue Lian Song:(


Bai Qian has always been concerned that she is about 90,000 years older than Ye Hua, so she often complain to him. Initially, Ye Hua will console her not to be bothered by it, but as time goes by …

Bai Qian “The deities from all corners of the universe call me aunt (gugu), because my age is older and more senior. How about you, how do you see me?”

Ye Hua put down the memorial, frowned and said impatiently: “Ai you, my great aunt, why you mention this issue again!”

Bai Qian immediately burst into tears. . .


Ye Hua: “Lately, you have grown a lot fatter”

Bai Qian: “Because the dishes you cook are just too delicious!”

Ye Hua: “As the wife of the future tian jun, you should control your weight well”

Bai Qian: “I control my weight very well ar. You see I want to be fat now so I put on weight. If I want to get fatter later, I can still put on more weight.”

Ye Hua: “……”



Qian Qian: “I heard Su Jin’s beautiful appearance is incomparable in heaven, a model for all woman in the four corners of the universe.”

Ye Hua: “No such thing. Qian Qian, you should know better that those rumors can’t always be trusted.”

Qian Qian: “There is also Princess Mou Qing from Nan Hai who is gentle and virtuous, passionately devoted to you?”

Ye Hua: “Oh! I heard Princess Mou Qing has married the 2nd son of Xi Hai Shujin, Su Mo Ye half a month ago but we have not sent a gift yet.”

Qian Qian: “I heard the first thing Miao Yun the nun did after she become an immortal, is to ask around for your address!”

Ye Hua: “Miao Yun? Who is Miao Yun?”

Qian Qian: “You really do not know Miao Yun? Anyway I heard before that Princess Lu Xiu from Nan Hai, is such a beauty who can cause the fall of a nation and the collapse of a city ah!”

Ye Hua: “No matter how beautiful, also can’t even compare to one ten-thousand of your beauty, not to mention your temperament.”

Qian Qian: “Ah, very good! Ye Hua, I am very happy that you can be so frank with me!”

Ye Hua: “I heard the High Deity Master Mo Yuan of Kunlun is solemn, extremely handsome and dotes on disciple number seventeen.”

Qian Qian: “Is it? I have always felt the elderly teacher loves Zi Lan that guy the most.”

Ye Hua: “That Demon king Li Jing is said to be famous enough to stun the nation at large? Gui Jun is also said to have outstanding good look and grace?”

Qian Qian: “Don’t mention that sissy Li Jing. Whenever I see him, I want to beat him up!”

Ye Hua: “There is also the riding bird Bi Fang who is passionately devoted to you ah!”

Qian Qian: “No such thing, Bi Fang and I are just normal good friend! In summary, no deity in the whole universe can compare or match you, Ye Hua!”

Ye Hua: (smiling) “This sound very good! I am very pleased!”



Bai Qian is drunk after drinking the peach wine and drowsily said: “Alcohol is a good thing, it can boost your courage.”

Ye Hua said: “Drunkeness can lead to sexual misconduct, so do not teach the child the wrong thing.”

Little dough: “How to be courageous? What is sexual misconduct?”

Bai Qian stood up and pointing at Ye Hua said: “You sleep in the study room tonight!” Then turned to A Li said:” This is courage … ”

Ye Hua went across to pick up Bai Qian easily, walked toward the study room, turned back to look at A Li and said: “Father lord is demonstrating what is sexual misconduct.”


For little dough birthday, Bai Qian personally cooked a plate of beef. Ye Hua and little dough picked up a piece each.

After a stick of incense finished burning….

Little dough: “Father lord, have you swallowed yet?”

Ye Hua: “I am still chewing.”

Bai Qian: “…… ”


Ye Hua


Mo Yuan

“I am really foolish, Mo Yuan lifted his dull eyes and went on to say. “I know the Demon king Li Jing is my love rival but I do not know the real rival is my own flesh and blood brother. I have only slept for 70,000 years but he has already taken away my little seventeen (Xiao Shiqi:(


Mo Yuan: “I heard that little seventeen liked your 2nd uncle before.”

Ye Hua: “…”

Mo Yuan: “I heard that little seventeen liked Li Jing before.”

Ye Hua: “……”

Mo Yuan: “I heard that little seventeen liked me before.”

Ye Hua: “That is because you look a lot like me.”

Mo Yuan: “…”


Bai Qian: “You really have never liked Su Jin at all?”

Ye Hua: “Of course, not.”

Bai Qian: “Then why did Su Jin tell me it is because of her that you gave me the name Su Su?”

Ye Hua: “… That is purely a coincidence, a coincidence.”

Bai Qian (suspicious): “Oh, is it?”

Ye Hua: “By the way Qian Qian, I want to ask you, how do you explain what others say, you only like me because Mo Yuan and I look alike?”

Bai Qian: “…”


The male and female leads quarrel, using bitter words.

Ye Hua: “You’re an old woman, shamelessly an old cow eats young grass.”

Bai Qian: “A Li is not your biological son”

Ye Hua: “……”

Mu Yan: “You are already dead, but still alive to waste living resources ”

Jun Fu: “You deserve to die without a descendant.”

Mu Yan: ” …… ”

Dong Hua: “The one I love is Lian Song, not you.”

Feng Jiu: “Oh good, unfortunately, the one Lian Song loves is me, not you.”

Lian Song:” I lay low also got shot T_T”

Dong Hua & Feng Jiu: “…… ”



Ye Hua (sitting on the sandalwood couch and looking at Bai Qian who is writing a book): “Qian Qian, the night is getting cold.”

Bai Qian (busy writing): “Not yet, I have to finish writing this part …… I am thinking and working very hard to write the feeling of the female lead, so Ye Hua …… you go to sleep first.”

Ye Hua (stand up to pick up Bai Qian, put her on the couch and immediately extinguish the candle): “Qian Qian, those kind of feeling can only be found in real life …”



This is how someone who is jealous will behave.

Ye Hua will not say anything, just keep drinking. . . . . . After drinking alcohol he will self-reflect alone. . . . . .

Bai Qian tries to resist the feeling, then repeatedly asks herself: I am jealous? I am actually jealous? Once I get jealous, I am jealous for such a long time?

Zhe Yan: “I have never been jealous, I trust my Zhen Zhen….”

Bai Zhen: Same as above.

Little dough. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . Some say little dough is still young so will not get jealous, but it turns out that you are wrong!  . . . . . . . . . . . . . “Father lord is the worst, I remember clearly last night I was sleeping in mummy’s Chang Sheng Palace but I woke up this morning in my Qing Yun Palace. Father lord lied to me, said that I sleepwalking back myself.” He used his hands to make a gesture of helplessness: “Obviously he wanted to monopolize mummy exclusively so he carried me back while I was asleep. He even deceives his own flesh and blood son, really unscrupulous.”

10 thoughts on “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Mini-Special (Ye Hua & Bai Qian Edition) – Part 8

  1. No one can defeat Dijun’s dry humor. Rofl. On the other hand, I just love the little Dough vs Yehua moments. Poor little dough!!!
    And for me, i do love Yehua, but Mo Yuan has my heart. I would love to hear his story!
    Thank you for the special!!!!!!

    • Haha, YH bully little dough but get bullied by BQ. Quite hard to work on them. A lot easier with DH, FJ & little dough. I am kind of neutral on MY as I don’t know him well, lol. It is because of that there is more room for his story to develop compared with Lian Song. I am still thinking what I should translate next week:(

  2. Thanks for translating Yehua/Bai Qian’s part ^^ I prefer this couple to feng jiu/dong hua (altough I love dong hua dry humor) but it’s probably because I have read Ten Miles of peach blossoms in its integrality, and not The Pillow Book.
    Hum, maybe you could translate or do a resume of a book? It’s seems that there are many many nice book (shushengbar)
    Or maybe you could translate a particular scene in any book you love?

    • When hamster finish translating Pillow Book, you’ll love them more. Nothing much can be written on Ye Hua & Bai Qian except little dough:) Maybe when Mo Yuan’s book 4 come out, more can be written.

      Huh? You don’t want me to do this special anymore? Anyway I am going to translate Shan Shan soon as Lidge will only translate until chapter 14:( Haha, I’ve not read most of the books in SSB and I forgot those I’ve read so you’ve to wait longer for your summary:P

      I did two scene translation for Who Gets the World, a book I love:) The 3rd one is in production. Hui3r should be free next week to do scene translation which is her specialty:)

      • Yes, I also think that I’ll love Pillow Book. It’s seems so funny and lovely.
        Ho, no no I adore this special in fact. It makes me appreciate SanShengSanShi even more ^^ It’s really a big bonus !!
        I will be waiting patiently for the update os ShanShan and the summary :p
        Hehe, can’t wait to read your scene translation of WGTW and Hui3r’s . That’s something that I love because it give us, non chinese reader, a good insight of the book.

  3. I really love Ye Hua! He’s much to my taste rather than Dijun because he’s kind! :)) if I were to live with a Dijun, i would probably keep ramming my head against a wall lol

  4. Love to c yehua n his son compete..lovely..yehua n bai qian2 is the best than feng chiu n donghua..sadly in pillow book not much told about them ..

  5. Ye Hua is a friggin perfect husband, all men should strive to please their wifes like him…

  6. where do you buy these artbooks? PLEASE tell me I really need to buy one 😦

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