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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 10)



We have reached the quarter mark of the book so all of you who are still around as well as Shan Shan will get presents:) Your present is a very long chapter with many interactions between Shan Shan and Big Boss:P As for Shan Shan, read on to find out what she is getting………

Chapter 10 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Shan Shan quickly stands up and trotting to keep up with Feng Teng into the President’s office.  Feng Teng tosses a few things in his hands onto a sofa and commands: “Close the door.”

“Yes.”  Shan Shan shuts the door.  With Big Boss’s commands, sometimes Shan Shan acts faster than she can think.

After closing the door and turning around, Shan Shan is shocked.

Big Boss …… is, is actually taking off his clothes ……

All right, it is just his jacket. There is still a shirt inside but why is the undressing action so beautiful?  No wonder some people go to strip clubs and Big Boss has a really good body ……

Shan Shan looks without blinking.

Feng Teng takes off his jacket. Seeing her standing there dumbfounded, he conveniently tosses the jacket to her: “Help me hang it up.”

Then he goes to the bathroom to wash his hands, leaving Shan Shan standing there like a statue holding the jacket ……

Big Boss is really Big Boss, always dictating things so naturally. She will become Big Boss’s maid if this continues.

Shan Shan’s hand turns into a fist. It has been decided that she must fight back, starting with not hanging the jacket!

Feng Teng washes his face and walks out to see Xue Shan Shan still standing and holding the jacket. Feng Teng frowns:  “You can’t find a place to hang it?”

“No.”  Shan Shan says with all her courage: “President, I will not help you hang it!”


Feng Teng’s expression darkens and walks slowly towards her.  Shan Shan feels oppression enveloping her and gradually growing stronger.

“Because ……”  Shan Shan clenches her teeth with her two hands holding out the jacket.

Must fight it!

“President, it’s getting cold so you need to wear it or you’ll catch a cold.”

Xue Shan Shan, you are hopeless …… Shan Shan stares at the jacket in her hands in frustration.

Forget it forget it, hanging up clothes is nothing. The purpose of today is to discuss about lunch and this is absolutely not negotiable.

Feng Teng smiles: “So you care about me, I just thought ……”

His smiles gives Shan Shan goosebumps. She denies hurriedly: “No, no, of course I care about you.”


What what?  Why care about him?  Shan Shan squeezes her brain and stammers: “Because, because the President’s health is the happiness of the employees.”

“My health is your happiness, what a nice thing to say.”  Feng Teng nods in satisfaction.  “All right, I’m very healthy so you can hang up the jacket.”

Ah, what Big Boss just said sounds strange. While in doubt, Shan Shan hangs up the jacket.  After the jacket has been hung and she turns around, she still does not know why it feels wrong. Shan Shan pushes the question to the back of her mind and begins to stutter: “President ……”

No, no, what is this tone since she is not begging for a favor.  Shan Shan coughs and begins again: “President!”

Feng Teng walks behind his desk: “What is it?”

“About that, the lunch ……”

Shan Shan is about to bang the drum of war and until death puts an end, Feng Teng interrupts to say: “Bring the two paper bags on the sofa here.”

Ordering her to do things again!  Fine, this is her last time helping him.

Shan Shan hands over the two pretty paper bags but Feng Teng does not accept them. He turns on his computer and enters the password. Then he looks at her and says casually: “Oh, you take them.”

They – are – for – her!

These words are like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky, completely shocking Shan Shan. After several minutes, she still cannot react.  A glance inside the bags shows what seems like skin care products. Big Boss actually bought skin care products for her ……

Really, really scary!

Her survival instinct seems to tell her, absolutely do not accept this. Accepting it means there will be no escape later …… So Shan Shan opens her mouth: “President, I cannot ……”

The word “cannot” just barely left her mouth, Big Boss’s eyes slice over. The word “cannot” is immediately swallowed up at her lips. Shan Shan almost dies of internal injury!

“Cannot what?”

Threatening her again!  This trick is old, absolutely no creativity.  Shan Shan despises Big Boss.

“Cannot……cannot not accept this.”

But she feels threatened by the same trick over and over again. Shan Shan despises herself even more.

Seeing her look down in disappointment, a bit of displeasure flashes in Feng Teng’s eyes.

“All right, you can go.”  Feng Teng’s expression is cool and waving at her to go out.  Shan Shan walks to the door. Feng Teng continues: “Don’t forget to come tomorrow at noon.”

Shan Shan now realizes the lunch matter is not settled. All the steps in her plan were disrupted by Big Boss’s gift.

While walking out of the President’s office, Shan Shan decides that the money must be returned to Big Boss. But Big Boss certainly will not take it so Shan Shan very smartly thinks of an idea – – – from now on she will not punch in when working overtime. She will not accept overtime pay so that should make up for it.

Linda sees Shan Shan carrying the paper bags, smiles and says: “Miss Xue, so he gave them to you.”

She continues as if to claim credit: “I recommended this brand to the President. Did you not say last time that your skin is dry and peels in the winter?  This brand is very effective.”

Shan Shan remembers now. She had gone upstairs to ask Linda and Ah May, two fashion experts for advice. She did not expect …..

“Linda.”  Shan Shan appears to remember something and asks nervously: “Do you know how much the two cosmetic sets cost?”

Linda frowns and thinks she is not broad-minded. When men give gifts just accept them. Asking the cost is tacky but she still smiles and says a number.


After hearing the cost, Shan Shan can only think of one thing. Let the wind blow her away, blow her away ….. why are these so expensive? How long will she have to work overtime?

Shan Shan is disheartened, completely in despair and murmurs: “Linda, couldn’t you recommend a cheaper brand?”

Under the surprised and puzzled eyes of everyone, Shan Shan floats downstairs like a soulless spirit.

Being a soulless spirit until night time, Shan Shan sits on her bed looking at the two boxes of skin care products in a daze.  Big Boss is worthy of being a powerful capitalist because he is very skillful at spending money.

Ahhhh ……~~

Shan Shan opens the pretty boxes and intends to try them. After all, these are in exchange for her working unpaid overtime for N years so she cannot let them expire.  But when taking those bottles out to have a look, Shan Shan is speechless.

What do the words on these bottles mean?

Although she knows each letter, she does not know them when they are grouped together, is it French?

Shan Shan’s face darkens.

Throwing the boxes aside, Shan Shan lies on her bed and looks at the ceiling. Then she gets up to find a pen and paper to copy all the words on the bottles down, intending to ask colleagues in the office tomorrow.

The next day at work, Shan Shan asks two colleagues known to be highly regarded in this area. The result is they do not know.  Shan Shan thinks, it appears she must ask Linda. Since this is the brand she recommended so she should know.

Lunchtime quickly approaches. Shan Shan walks upstairs in sadness.

The sadness is because Shan Shan feels contradicted.  There is a saying: A person cannot accept things without doing anything in return.  She has eaten food and accepted gifts but has not done anything in return. She feels selfish but if she does not refuse then the cycle of eating and accepting gifts continues. Does she want to go from a vegetable picker to a servant for life?

Servant for life …… Shan Shan is startled, her body growing cold – – – Never, never, there will be no escape then!  She would rather be selfish, but she cannot be a servant for life!

The former is about having integrity, the latter is about being a human.

Shan Shan makes up her mind once again.

When entering the office, Shan Shan finds Big Boss is in a mood that cannot be described as pleasant.  Oh right, Big Boss would not feel good when hungry. She will wait until the tiger is full before stroking its whiskers.

Shan Shan automatically sits down and begins picking out vegetables. When it is done, she respectfully calls Big Boss over for lunch. While eating, she secretly observes him. Ah, the expression on Big Boss’s face is improving.

When lunch is over, Shan Shan finally speaks with all her courage: “President, about picking out your vegetables, can I not do it from now onwards?”  Seeing Feng Teng frowning, Shan Shan clarifies quickly: “You can get Senior Assistant Fang to do it!”

Senior Assistant Fang, I am so sorry ……

“No, no, Ah May can do it!”  Shan Shan thinks this is the best of both worlds.  Ah May said this herself so Shan Shan is not betraying a friend.  The last time when they went shopping, Ah May said this is something she can only dream of doing but cannot. If Shan Shan does not want to do it, then let her do it.

“Ah May is highly educated, careful and gentle. She is also close by so she can easily be called.”  Shan Shan stutteringly analyzes Ah May’s good points.

Feng Teng squints his eyes:  “Helping me to pick out vegetables, you think of it as a job?”

If not, then what?  Shan Shan really wants to ask but all of her courage is used up. She is afraid to open her mouth again.  The expression on Big Boss’s face is now more terrible than when he was hungry!

“If you don’t want to do this job, then don’t think of it as a job.”

“Huh?”  Does this mean this is the end or not the end of picking vegetables?  Big Boss speaks too deeply, why could he not give a straightforward answer?  Shan Shan is almost made dizzy by him.

“You said Ah May is highly educated, skilled ……”

Uh, there is hope?  Shans Shan recommends strongly in delight: “Ah May has a master’s degree!”

“Thus, for Ah May to do this is a waste of good talent.”  Feng Teng says coolly: “You’re the best person to do it.”

=  =

No is no, Big Boss should not resort to personal attacks. Shan Shan is sad.

Looking at her frustrated face but not daring to speak out, Feng Teng’s mood improves somewhat and changes the subject by saying: “Did you use the products I gave you yesterday?”

“…… I haven’t.”

Feng Teng’s face darkens.

Shan Shan explains quickly: “It’s not as if I don’t want to but it’s because I don’t understand the instructions written on the labels. I’ve written them down to ask Linda later.”

Feng Teng reprimands: “Asking someone about this, you don’t feel ashamed but I feel ashamed.”

Not knowing French is shameful?  Shan Shan feels she is completely innocent in this matter. She is only a little employee. Big Boss should not judge her according to his extraordinary high standards. Anyway she is the one who is shameful, so what does it have anything to do with the President =  =

“Let me see.”  Feng Teng looks impatiently.

“See what?”  Shan Shan is confused.

“Didn’t you copy down the instructions?  Where is the paper?”

“Oh.”  Not knowing what he will do, Shan Shan obediently takes out the paper from her pant’s pocket.

Feng Teng looks at it, then puts it on the table. “Come over here.”

Why?  Shan Shan walks closer.

“Listen carefully.”  Feng Teng points to each word and begins translating: “This is ……”

He translates each sentence one by one, Shan Shan is dumbfounded, Big Boss is actually explaining it to her???

She is still not over her shock. Feng Teng finishes and asks: “Got it?”

Shan Shan: “……”

=  = It is so surprising to be treated considerately, she did not listen carefully.

Feng Teng looks at Shan Shan like looking at a pig. Shan Shan bows her head in shame.

“How could you have been selected by the company?”  Feng Teng shakes his head and sighs.

“Forget it.”  He picks up a pen and writes in Chinese beneath each sentence.

His pen holding posture is boldly alluring. Born with an ability to grasp the momentum of everything, the pen strokes very strong …… Shan Shan unknowingly transfers her eyes to Feng Teng and gradually is preoccupied with looking at him.

Why does she feel Big Boss looks gentle when bowing his head as he writes ….. obviously he appeared impatient …… illusion, this is certainly an illusion.

Feng Teng finishes writing and lifts his head to see Xue Shan Shan looking at him in a daze. His mood suddenly improves and gives her the paper.

“Take it.”

“Oh.” Shan Shan accepts it.

Feng Teng smiles: “Tomorrow, remember to come on time.”

Shan Shan is hypnotized by Big Boss’ smile and nods obediently: “Yes.”

Feng Teng is satisfied. “You can go back.”

It is not until she walks back downstairs, Shan Shan only snaps out of it.

Ah! Big Boss is too deceitful. Raising her salary is not enough, he now uses “masculine beauty” tactic. Even worse is that she fell into the trap.

After two rounds of battle, Shan Shan understands she cannot fight Big Boss straight on. The only choice left is to outsmart him.  Blunt speaking has failed so she can only voice her objection in a roundabout way.  After a few days, by coincidence CPA exam results are announced. Everyone in the department who took the exam talk about this everyday. A light bulb goes off in Shan Shan’s head.

After finishing lunch with Feng Teng, Shan Shan says seriously: “President, to improve my ability to better serve the company, I plan to take the CPA exam. I need to study during lunch so ……”

Shan Shan stops and looks wistfully at Feng Teng, hoping he will understand and tell her to stop coming for lunch starting tomorrow, just focus on her study.  Big Boss certainly cannot know the date of the CPA exam.

Feng Teng completely understands and says knowingly: “Your office is too noisy so you can study here at noon.”

Shan Shan deflates.

Although this has failed, Shan Shan is a strong child. She has found the joy in fighting. She has prepared well mentally for a long war so she is not affected by this defeat.  As for Feng Teng saying she can study in his office, Shan Shan does not let it bother her.

So on the next day at the President’s office, she is confronted with a giant stack of books on the table. Shan Shan’s expression is priceless.

“What are these?”

“Materials for taking the CPA exam.”  Big Boss answers casually.

Shan Shan finally understands what it means to shoot one’s own foot.

“Don’t you want to study here?  I thought you would forget to bring your books so I called Linda to prepare a little.”

Feng Teng walks to her side, turns and frowns: “Why are there so few?”

Shan Shan’s eyes darken, the intolerableness of this: “These books are not enough?”

The CPA exam is composed of five tests, just the teaching materials are a lot already. This pile not only includes teaching materials but also reference books and sample exams.

He said these are not enough!

Feng Teng is quiet and takes out a sample exam to look at.

“These sample exams shouldn’t be counted.”  Feng Teng flips through one and says: “You can start studying now, then take an exam every two weeks.”

Exam?!  Oh, no!  Big Boss wants to be a part-time teacher too?

“But I have to work.”

“Then come here on Saturdays.”

“Isn’t Saturday an off day, a day when we don’t go to work?”

“Did I tell you to go to work?”  Feng Teng is delighted inwardly and smiling happily: “It’s for the exam.  Improving your qualifications is good for the company.”

Shan Shan struggles to escape death. “I’ll take one ….., uh, two tests because passing five tests is impossible.”  The CPA exam is notoriously known for its pervertedness.

“The exam is a year from now so there is plenty of time.”

So he knows when the exam is held!  This is too treacherous.

“And ……” Feng Teng continues lightly: “I know a way to make you pass.”

Ahhh, Big Boss has backdoor connections?  Shan Shan’s eyes light up. Although she cannot cheat, thinking a bit about how to cheat is fun.

“Just one sentence.”

Of course, of course!  Big Boss looks so sure!  Oh, Shan Shan is excited.

“If you cannot pass your exam, your salary will be reduced.”

Five minutes before lunch is over, Shan Shan looks ill as Big Boss pushes her out the door. She carries a thick stack of books and walks blindly downstairs.

The first time banging the drum of war, it felt good. The second time feels weaker and the third time is hopeless.

After this incident, Shan Shan is thoroughly done.

At the same time realizing a truth – – –

Fight against the heaven, it is a great joy.

Fight against the earth, it is a great joy.

Fight against Big Boss, it is extremely foolish.

Author’s Note: Poor little Shan Shan. I can already forsee your miserable life after marriage, no freedom for a lifetime. This is the price of marrying into a rich and powerful family.

(Shan Shan: Actually, you are jealous, right?

Turtle (Author): Watch out that I’ll make you allergic when using the cosmetic bought by Boss.

Shan Shan: ……….)

16 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 10)

  1. ‘Fight against the heaven, it is a great thing.

    Fight against the earth, it is a great thing.

    Fight against Big Boss, it is the dumbest thing.’

    Puahahahahaha!!!! Big boss is definitely undefeatable!!!!!! This chapter, so far, is my favorite chapter! Thanks for the translation and update!!!!!!

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    • What make this book so well-loved and hilarious is FT’s teasing & SS’s helplessness:) Anyway all are pretty harmless, not like some books which border on being abusive. I don’t mind picking vege if I get free lunch & cosmetic, haha….

      • i dont mind to pick vege too..i can eat expensive food..yeah that’s right i wonder what brand that cosmetics is that require her years of free OT

  3. What a nice present ! ^^ Thanks !
    I can’t wait for Shan Shan to realise the true meaning behind Feng Teng’s behavior *—*

  4. Hiya! I would like to thank lidge for translating this story, peanuts for posting it, and hui er for hosting this translation. I am enjoying the story immensely. The story has a very simplistic plot line but the hilarity of Shan Shan’s denseness and cluelessness is what makes it so funny! Hahaha! She sort of reminds me of Jin Mi in Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost. The male lead obviously likes her romantically and yet she is completely oblivious to his actions! The part when she was reluctantly putting his “unwanted” soybeans onto her plate was so funny, because all the board of director members thought she was so intimate with Feng Teng that she got to pick what she wanted to eat off of his plate and he had to eat whatever she didn’t want! Hahaha! Professional vegetable picker! What a job!

    • Haha Mel, at last you found your way to this book:P On behalf of everyone since I am the mastermind:P, I’ll like to thank you for your support. This is indeed a very funny and simple book so I hope you’ll still enjoy the later chapters when they are not so funny anymore but still sweet. However, good things will come to those who waited as the tidbits after marriage are hilarious. Btw, the radiodrama is really good, all 3 versions of them. Unfortunately none of them is complete yet:(

      • Thanks for the welcome, peanuts. I must say, I was a bit disappointed with the latter half of the story (disappointed with the story, not with your translation). I left you a long comment about that under the comments section of Chapter 25.

      • radio drama ?

  5. Thanks you for the great works guys. I was lmaool during this whole chapter. I love FT and SSn oping they are going to date soon. And I love the author note they just add to the fun.

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