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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 11)


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In this chapter, our poor rabbit Shan Shan is having nightmare (but I feel it is such a sweet dream:P) and is being forced to go on a company trip by that tiger Feng Teng:( She thought she has come up with a ‘flawless plan’ to get out of it but of course our Big Boss will not be defeated so easily. Read on to find out what is her plan and how Feng Teng thwarted it:)

Chapter 11 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Nowadays, little employee Xue Shan Shan has a new hobby —  play online games for two hours before going to bed.  The account is new, the game is Xue Niu, the character’s name is “Beat Boss & Sleep Well.”

Some curious people ask why not “Beat Boss, Kiss & Sleep Well,” but Shan Shan still plays happily. Every night after beating Boss, Shan Shan can sleep well and forget the unpleasant things that have happened in the day.

Sleeping well, plus eating and drinking in the President’s office results in Shan Shan gaining weight.

So Shan Shan is very pleasantly surprised.

The meat from gaining weight comes from Big Boss’s food, without spending money, completely free, how can she not be surprised and excited?!

Shan Shan feels she is at an advantage.

One night, after Shan Shan finishes beating a Boss, she walks into the bathroom to brush her teeth before going to bed.  Standing before the mirror, Shan Shan pinches her cheeks.

Oh, this meat has whitened, is soft, feeling much better than before.  It is probably the credit of Big Boss’s skin care products.

Pinching the left cheek then pinching the right cheek over and over, Shan Shan is suddenly sad, mutters to herself: “Aiish, my face is not bad, why hasn’t any guys chased after me?”

The female colleagues around her age have suitors, there are a lot of single and talented young men at Feng Teng, but why is it that not one guy pursues her?  Shan Shan’s self-esteem is a little wounded.

If someone pursues her …… Shan Shan begins to fantasize this possibility, her mind suddenly drifting to Big Boss’s gloomy smile, Shan Shan winces, all of her thoughts are scared off.

Why think of Big Boss!  How terrible!  Go to sleep!

Shan Shan climbs into bed, her head buried underneath her blanket.

As a result …… the sleep is not good, Big Boss actually invades her dream.

The scenery in the dream is very beautiful.

There is a vast meadow of green grass, Shan Shan sits on the ground happily eating grass, eating grass, because she (it?) is now a white rabbit.

Eating eating, suddenly a pair of black leather shoes appears, Rabbit Shan Shan looks up, oh it is Big Boss.  Big Boss is dressed neatly, elegantly, looking down at her and smiling.

Rabbit Shan Shan takes a look then bends her head down to continue eating, eating and thinking: Wearing a suit on an outing, Big Boss is too distant.

While Shan Shan’s thoughts are in a whirlwind, her long ears are suddenly grabbed and lifted.

“The grass looks better than me?” It is Big Boss’s angry voice. “I’ve wasted my effort to feed you, wasted my effort to like you.”

Like her?  Did she hear wrongly?

Shan Shan is stunned, a half-eaten blade of grass falls from her mouth.

It seems as if Big Boss knows what she is thinking, coughs, his ears turning red but his expression becomes arrogant: “You heard me, I said, ah, you, you don’t need to be too excited.”

Shan Shan is still stunned speechless, another blade of grass falls from her mouth.

Big Boss sees her silent, embarrassment turns to anger: “Why are you not speaking?  Why are you not showing any signs?”

Shan Shan shakes her head, wanting to say “I’m just a rabbit, how can I speak?”.  Seeing her shaking her head, Big Boss roars in anger, in the blink of an eye turns into an imposing tiger, opens his mouth wide and swallows her.

Screaming out loud “Ahhhhhhh” Shan Shan sits up from her bed, squeezing the blanket to herself, cold sweats pouring out in buckets.

A strange and terrifying dream!  And too fantasy absurd!  She should stop playing online games from now on.

The meadow is too familiar, it is where she often fights Bosses in the online game.

The large tiger is also familiar, it is the Boss she fought before going to bed.

Who would think it and Big Boss would team up to take revenge against her?

All right, all right …… but these things are not important ……

The important thing is!!!

In the dream Big Boss said he likes her, her face turns red, her heart pounds!

Shan Shan holds the blanket and shakes.

Does …… does she have feelings for Big Boss?  Or there is no need to be embarrassed and her heart speeding up.

No, impossible!!!!

Does she think she is not being tortured enough?

If Big Boss knows she actually dares to have such a dream, he would certainly throw her out the 22nd floor window.

“No, no …… that’s certainly not the case, it’s normal for the heart to speed up after a confession, no reaction means that person is dead.”  Shan Shan struggles to convince herself, “Right, right, right, that’s it, even if a pig confesses it likes her she’ll be embarrassed, let alone it’s Big Boss, yes, that’s it.”

After repeatedly swearing loyalty to Big Boss, after repeatedly telling herself she must not feel “anything else,”  Shan Shan finally calms down, but she had been too shocked and could not fall back asleep the rest of the night, the next day she goes to work feeling exhausted.

Unexpectedly, at noon in the President’s office, something happens which makes her more exhausted.

“Why …… do I have to go on the trip?”

Shan Shan wants to take a hold of Big Boss’s shoulders and shake him.  What does it have to do with her that the President’s department goes on a trip with the Human Resources department!  Why does she have to go too!

All the employees of Feng Teng can go on a trip every year, the company will provide different trips near and far for them to choose.  Who knows when the tradition began that two departments go together, which continues to now.  This year, the Finance department and the Marketing department have gone on their trip already before she was hired, and it had been decided last year that the President’s office and the Human Resources department would go together this year.

Normally Feng Teng is very impatient to take part in this kind of trip, so not even his shadow was seen in previous years, no one knows why he wants to go this time, the news travel to the Human Resources department making everyone there exited.

Just now, Big Boss had said in a very unusual tone, giving “notice” to Xue Shan Shan that she needs to be ready at 7am on a certain day to gather at the ground floor of Feng Teng’s building to go on a trip to Lake Tai with them.

“President …… I, I don’t want to go.”

Shan Shan feels angry and sad.  Even her toes know why Big Boss wants her to go, he is probably afraid there are strange food he cannot eat, so he needs a free servant, always ready to help him pick out vegetables.

Hearing her refusal, Feng Teng’s face falls.  “Or you want to stay here and take the exam?”

Exam …… Oh right, that day is Saturday, the day she has to take a sample CPA exam =  =

Originally thought Big Boss was just talking about it, who knew the last time he really gave her an exam.  But the last time he had work to do at the office and no other plans, this time he is going on a trip, how can he monitor her?

Shan Shan is about to say that, then immediately stops to think, given Big Boss’s personality a direct refusal means he would come up with other ways to torture her, why not ……

A plan pops into Shan Shan’s head, the more she thinks about it the more wonderful it seems, her face could not help but break into a smile, very sincerely she says to Feng Teng: “President, going on a trip with you is really great, I’ll certainly be on time, hahaha ……”

Shan Shan laughs happily, Feng Teng looks at her for a while, then smiles also.

This is Shan Shan’s plan, 7am is when everyone gathers so all she has to do is show up at 7:30am or even 8am.  A group going on a trip will not wait for her, they cannot blame her if they leave before she arrives.

Of course she does not need to show up, but Big Boss will know she does not plan to go on purpose.  Shan Shan plans to show up at 8am and talk to the old security guard, to express regret that a miserable traffic jam causes her to miss the trip.  He will be her witness.

Hahahehe, this is a flawless plan.  She is getting really good at scheming.

So on Saturday morning at 8am, Shan Shan gnaws on bread, walking leisurely to Feng Teng’s building.

Then she sees what obviously looks like a tourist bus.

How embarrassing!

Shan Shan holds up her phone in disbelief, it is almost 8am, why have they not left yet???

She turns into a statue in front of the bus.

Ah May opens a window, calling: “Shan Shan, hurry up, we’re just waiting for you.”

Shan Shan nods, drifting to the bus in a daze, glancing and immediately seeing Big Boss.  He is in the first seat next to a window, wearing a soft gray sweater, looking very handsome.  It is Shan Shan’s first time to see him dressing casually, not formal like at the company, making him younger and more approachable.

The corners of her eyes scan the bus, only the space next to Big Boss is empty, Shan Shan understands and sits down next to Feng Teng, says cheerfully: “Haha, President, good morning.”

Feng Teng answers dismissively: “It’s no longer early.”

Shan Shan laughs hollowly because of her guilty conscience.

Everyone is present, the driver starts the bus, the tour guide talks briefly about the scenery and history of Lake Tai, soft music fills the bus.

The more Shan Shan thinks about it, the more she feels something is wrong, did they really wait an hour for her?  After a while, she could not help but ask Feng Teng: “President, didn’t you say the other day we’d go at 7am?”

“You heard wrongly.”

“No.”  She had heard clearly.

“If I said 7am, why did you show up at 8am?”

Feng Teng does not look angry, but Shan Shan breaks into a cold sweat.  Xue Shan Shan, you are a dummie, would asking that not expose that you showed up late on purpose?

Shan Shan tries to put out the fire: “Oh President, you said 8am, I remember now, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Feng Teng appears to not hear her, looking down at the tourism brochure in his hands.

Did she really remember wrongly?  Shan Shan thinks over and over again, turns around to whisper at Ah May: “Ah May, what time was everyone’s supposed to meet?”

Ah May say: “Originally it was 7am, but yesterday President said that’s too early so moved it to 8am, you didn’t know?”

How could she have known!  No one told her!  Business crook business crook business crook!

He definitely did it on purpose!

But how can he know what she was planning?  Is there something weird added in his family’s rice?

> _ <

Shan Shan wants to interrogate Feng Teng, but seeing his profile looking intently at the tourism brochure prevents her from asking questions, her intuition tells her that Big Boss’s calmness now is ever more frightening than when he threatens her.

Her sixth sense is very accurate.

Feng Teng is a hardened warrior in the business world, he will not show whether he is angry or happy, otherwise he would have been destroyed by competitors already.

Two hours later, the bus arrives at Lake Tai.

Along the way, Feng Teng is expressionless making Shan Shan very nervous, Shan Shan starts a conversation from time to time but he does not answer, Shan Shan thinks this is the end, Big Boss is really angry now.

But why is he angry?  Did he not figure out her plan?  She could not trick him =  =

When the bus arrives, Shan Shan quickly grabs Big Boss’s bag, “President, let me help you.”

Tightly holding the bag, looking earnestly at Feng Teng.

Feng Teng looks at his stolen bag, says nothing, puts on his jacket and gets off the bus.

Shan Shan blindly follows everyone off the bus.

9 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 11)

  1. why can’t she see it..he likes her..!!

    • Our translator Lidge is in slack mode, so I am going to reply her fanmail, lol.

      She can’t see it bcos she can’t believe it ! Subconsciously she does know or else she won’t be having the rabbit & tiger dream. Our Shan Shan is just an ordinary girl so this is just too good to be true. Patient, if she is not so slow, we won’t be reading all these funny misunderstandings:)

  2. Puahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Poor and Clever Feng Teng! I loved how he changed the time! I wonder if he knew she was going to cone late or if he purposely moved the time so she had to wait an hour…. but it is cute how he actually wanted to go on this trip with her!!!! It is also so funny how Shan Shan is unaware conciously… yet unconsciously, she knows he likes her. Can’t wait for the trip. Thanks for the chapter!!!!

    • Haha, I think FT purposely moved the time bcos he is smart enough to know Shan Shan’s trick. Initially Shan Shan was reluctant to go but when she smilingly said yes, he’ll probably be suspicious. So, he informed everyone except Shan Shan to come an hr later. Hey, he is the Big Boss, president of a successful coy so his IQ is definitely a lot higher than ordinary Shan Shan:)

  3. If Shan Shan intends not to go for the trip, where is her bag of clothes . Hahaha

  4. I think feng tang loves to see various expressions of shan shan so he wanted to annoy her by making her wait. But his plan failed because she came late (on time)

  5. Ah SS , are you poking the tiger?
    Girl it’s not is family rice that has extras lol it’s yours that missing some essentials 😀

  6. There is manhua?? Ahh.. i want to read it too.

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