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Mini-Special on Tang Qi’s Ancient Novels – Part 10



I am doing something different this week. I won’t be focusing on any character but I will be featuring all of Tang Qi’s ancient novels. For those who did not read Hua Xu Yin, don’t worry as you can still understand the special. All you need to know is the protagonists in Hua Xu Yin are Su Yu (also known as Mu Yan) and Ye Zhen (also known as A Fu). They are a sweet & loving pair with an adorable pet tiger called xiao huang who loves to eat roast chicken. All the sub-plots in Hua Xu Yin can be considered sad tragedies:(  Nonetheless there is also some dry humour in that book which is Tang Qi’s trademark:)

I need to reiterate most of these specials are originally written by Tang Qi’s many talented fans in baidu. I only search, read, understand, compile, sort, translate, edit and modify with my ‘poetic license’:P


Ye Hua: “Qian Qian, are you reading a novel?”

Bai Qian: “Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is written about both of us.”

Ye Hua: “Oh?”

Bai Qian: “This mortal called Tang Qi has very good writing skill. I think we can let her help Si Ming write the book of fate. But …..”

Ye Hua: “What is it?”

Bai Qian (first flip through a few parts in the West Sea, then turn to page 224 until page 228): “I feel that these few pages should be deleted. Isn’t that mortal Tang Qi know too much?”

Ye Hua (frowning): “She does really know a lot.”

Bai Qian: “But…… since she wrote us so beautifully, I will forgive her.”

Ye Hua: “Are you saying those scenes are very beautiful?”

Bai Qian: “…”

Ye Hua (pick up Bai Qian by the waist and quickly walk into the bedroom): “Since you have such a longing for those beautiful scenes, I will let you enjoy those good times as soon as possible …”

(I don’t know what is on page 224 to 228 but I guess they are the bedroom scenes, heehee…..)


Little dough: “Why Hua Xu Yin and The Pillow Book, both also have two books but Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms only has one book?”

Qian Qian: “Your mummy is much easier to pursue so only took one book time to capture your mummy’s heart.”

Ye Hua: “Many things are summarised with the stroke of a pen.”

Zhe Yan: “Zhen Zhen and my relationship is not developed or explained!”

Yuan Zhen: “Xiao Guai Guai and my ending is also not resolved!”

Cheng Yu (interrupt!): “The main reason is your mummy got pregnant again. So, Gong Zi cannot tortoure all of you lah..”


Ye Hua: “Qian Qian, are you reading novel again?”

Bai Qian (very engross in reading Hua Xu Yin in her hand ): “Ye Hua, I am very envious of Su Yu and Ye Zhen.”

Ye Hua: “Oh, why? Is it because they are a sweeter pair than us?”

Bai Qian (shake her head): “It is not because they are sweeter than us.”

Ye Hua: “Hmm?”

Bai Qian: “It is because they have a South China tiger pet but we do not.”

Ye Hua: “……”

(But you have little dough who is even cuter:)



Feng Jiu: “Dijun, why don’t you read the Buddhist scriptures recently?”

Dong Hua (give the book in his hand to Feng Jiu): “A mortal named Tang Qi wrote a book called Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book. It is written about both of us and I am relatively satisfied with my image.”

Feng Jiu (panic): “What about my image leh?”

Dong Hua (subtle smile).

Feng Jiu: “Come on, what about my image?”

Dong Hua: “I do not pay much attention to your image. I am just very surprised when all of a sudden, I heard Xiang Li Meng likes you.”

Feng Jiu: “You also can feel surprised meh?”

Dong Hua: “In fact, I am even more surprised that you do not like to eat the sweet and sour fish I cooked.”

Feng Jiu (relief smile): “Finally you…”

Dong Hua (interrupt): “But the content of the book cannot be trusted especially when you read it online.”


Feng Jiu (puzzled): “Dijun, What is fetishism?”

Dong Hua: “. . . Probably refers to a person who likes small animals.”

Feng Jiu (understood): “Oh, then I also want to know, what is meant by cut sleeve ah?”

Dong Hua: “. . . Probably refers to a man who likes another man.”

Feng Jiu (surprised): “Oh! You really like Lord Lian Song ar!?”

Dong Hua (rub his forehead): “What do you think? Where did you hear all these rubbish!?”

Feng Jiu (being honest): “Dijun, I read all these from the blog of a book called Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book!”

Dong Hua (calmly pick up the Cang’he Jian sword): “These group of mortals do not want to live, I am going to deal with them.”

Feng Jiu (very silly and naive): “Dong Hua, I still have a question, what is ‘heavy taste’?”

Dong Hua (put down the Cang’he sword): “Well, I can teach you this!!!”


Feng Jiu: “Dijun, I just read a really touching story.”

Dong Hua: “What is the story?”

Feng Jiu: “Xiao Feng and Li Cheng Yi are so in love, but ultimately Xiao Feng died indirectly in Li Cheng Yi’s hands … Dijun, don’t you think this is such a sad tragedy?”

Dong Hua: “Xiao Bai, don’t read too many sad tragedy books. You should read more warm and affectionate story.”

Feng Jiu: “I am a fan of an author called Tang Qi. She claimed her stories are warm and affectionate but I have never felt that way … especially when I last read Hua Xu Yin’s sub-plot – Fusheng Jin, the story on Shen An & Song Ning. She …… she actually said that Fusheng Jin is a warm and affectionate story!”

Dong Hua: “Xiao Bai, why not I tell you a warm and affectionate story.”

Feng Jiu: “Well 0v0”

Dong Hua: “There was a little girl who was taking her bath in the hot springs. Then she encountered a guy, she has liked for many years who is also taking a bath. As a result, her undergarment felt into his hands. Do you think this story is warm and affectionate?”

Feng Jiu: “…”

(Xiao Feng and Li Cheng Yi’s story is called Eastern Palace written by Fei Wo Si Cun)



Cheng Yu (looking at the sky and complain): “Why all of them have novels to read but we do not?”

Lian Song (wave his fan): “Novel, what is so nice to read? Look at that girl, Su Jin who has such miserable ending!”

Cheng Yu (helpless sigh): “I heard that a mortal called Tang Qi has started to write our story but because she has to finish writing about Dong Hua and Feng Jiu, so she put our story on hiatus, really unfair ar.”

Lian Song: “Do you know why she doesn’t write about us first?”

Cheng Yu (puzzled and shaking her head).

Lian Song: “Because Ye Hua and Dong Hua both also did something meaningful but we did not.”

Cheng Yu: “… You, you, what do you mean?”

Lian Song (lay Cheng Yu on top of the couch & ready to undress): “So we have to do something meaningful for her to write.”


Cheng Yu (feeling moody while flicking through page by page of The Pillow Book): “3rd Prince, why Tang Qi has not finished writing our book?”

Lian Song: “Because Dong Hua and Feng Jiu’s book is unfinished.”

Cheng-Yu (with a melancholy look at Lian Song): “Why she still has not finished writing?”

Lian Song (slowly wave his fan a few times): “Maybe it is because we still have not done enough meaningful things?”

Cheng Yu: “…”

Lian Song (walk over while waving his fan, ready to undress).

Cheng Yu (push Lian Song away): “I want her to write a good novel, not a yellow porno book.”

Lian Song: “…”



Ye Zhen (feeling sorrowful when closing the book in her hand, then look at Mu Yan who is leisurely drinking tea): “In fact, our story is so touching.”

Mu Yan: “A Fu, are you reading Hua Xu Yin?”

Ye Zhen: “Yes, have you read before?”

Mu Yan: “Of course, I have read it. We have personally experienced all that so cheer up, don’t get too upset.”

A burst of laughter was heard in the next room. Ye Zhen was just about to get up but she was pulled back by Mu Yan: “A Fu, there is no need to go and check. Our son is reading Hua Xu Yin.”

Ye Zhen: “… He understands love? Which part is funny?”

Mu Yan: “Naturally he doesn’t understand. He is probably reading the scene where xiao huang the tiger is forced to become a street performer.”


Dong Hua (reading Hua Xu Yin): “Well ……”

Feng Jiu: “How is it?”

Dong Hua: “The novel is written quite well but there is a part where I can’t figure out.”

Feng Jiu: “Wah, so hard to believe that there is something Dijun cannot figure out!”

Dong Hua (lazily reply): “Why the tiger will only eat roast chicken?”

Feng Jiu: “If it doesn’t eat roast chicken, what else can it eat? Don’t tell me eat the elderly Dijun’s sweet and sour fish, ar?”

Dong Hua: “…”

Feng Jiu: “What kind of reaction is this?”

Dong Hua: “This is ‘you win’ reaction……”

Feng Jiu: “…”

(A mini-revenge on Dijun for those who are starting to dislike him:P)

16 thoughts on “Mini-Special on Tang Qi’s Ancient Novels – Part 10

  1. I can never hate Donghua! Lol. These specials tickle me silly… such… ‘hungry’ scenes, making me blush. Lol
    As usual, thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Just a personal question, are you a Malaysian or Singaporean?

    • Did my ‘lah lah’ give me away, haha? I cannot read Chinese so you should know who I am:)

      • yes, the lah lah SO gave you away. omg, you don’t read chinese but how do you manage the translations then? haha!

        • A big thank you to google translate with the broken English, lol. But google translate speak mandarin perfectly and I can understand most of them after years of tv watching, haha. Pinyin and Chinese audiobooks are also useful. No writer in this blog can read Chinese:( But we have the ‘Msia boleh’ spirit, heehee….I presume you can read chinese.

        • wow. I can’t read chinese,Probably can pick up simple words only like I can’t even finish reading a sentence without blanks…hahah. That steered me clear off chinese novels til now. I’m amazed that none of you can read chinese here…I can speak well and thats pretty much what I do with the language. But I do find chinese dramas helpful especially since most of them come with chinese subtitles so it’s like I match what they say to what I see. I am attempting to learn how to write again but its a painfully slow process….I’m from the land below the winds btw 😉

          • Sorry for the late reply, just got back from my holidays. Welcome to the Chinese illiterate club/blog, miss Sabah!:P If you are interested in Chinese novels but is too lazy to read with google translate, I highly recommend you to listen to the audiobooks. Some of them are very good in term of storyline and execution, just like watching a drama except you are doing it with your ears instead of your eyes. This is good as you can rest your tiring eyes & use your vivid imagination to picture the leads with your fav stars:) So far, what have you read & what kind of novels do you like? Maybe, I can give you some recommendations if you are interested.

          • I’m reading Hamster’s translation of 3w3l pillow book. That’s the only one ongoing on a constant basis. I tried looking for more english translated stuff but most are just halfway. ‘sobs’ I like period novels btw 🙂 I also read translation of ‘come and eat shan shan’ and found it cute so I’m really open. 😀 Maybe you can recommend me those with really good audiobooks?

          • Haha, if you wait for English translation, you’ll starve to death. There is a lot more options with audiobooks. A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated (Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang)’s English translation is on-going constantly. You’ve read Ballad of the Desert & 10M of Peach Blossoms, right? Go to shushengbar (SSB) and see which book takes your fancy then I’ll tell you if the audiobook is good or not:) Or you can pick from the popular books there.

            For ancient books, I’ll recommend you Who Gets the World, my fav audiobook but it may be too heavy going for you as it is pretty confusing at the beginning so you need to read note 101 in the comment section of the book in SSB. Hua Xu Yin is another good one by the author of pillow book. Don’t depend on the drama because it is very different fr the book. Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost is also good (kind of like Pillow Book) or you can wait patiently for xiaoyuer’s English translation. Btw pillow book has pretty good audiobook.

            As for modern novels, Gu Man’s (the author of Shan Shan) Just One Smile is Very Alluring ( and He Yi Sheng Zhao Mo are pretty good & popular. Some of the novels have a few links so I am enclosing the best one for you. Most of the cute modern novels do not have audiobooks. You’ve to do it the hard way, use google translate to read to you like what Xinn Xinn & I are doing, haha…

          • Thanks! I have a tip for you though. I use Zhong Wen Chinese Pop up dictionaty plug in in my google chrome so when I hover over chinese words, they show the pin yin. Really handy!

        • Thanks, only in chrome? Msg me with any feedback or question. I like audiobooks, haha…From your blog, you are a kdrama fan. I need to find time to watch monstar.

          • I’m a chrome user so yeah. Actually I’m more of a jdrama fan but recently found two Korean dramas I’m quite interested in 🙂 I heard good reviews for Monstar so you could give it a shot when you’re tired of reading chinese novels or audiobooks 😉

          • Moshi Moshi, I should have paid attention to your mochi, yummy yummy, lol. I’ve lost touch with dorama except I need to watch It Started with a Kiss soon. Btw, I like BOF, Jap version the best ! I used to be a fan during its hey days but I have since migrated across the ocean to Korea, haha….

          • haha! I get it, I was the opposite, migrating from Korean to Japanese 😉

      • But I come from where you are from too 😉

  3. I love Dong Hua and Feng Jiu ❤❤❤

    Another reasin why I also watch the drama. Both are so cute as couple 😍😍😍

    Thank you for all of these chapters.hug all.

    Thank you for the translator team.

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