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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 12)



Shan Shan and Feng Teng went on a company’s trip. They should have a good time, happily enjoying the scenery and food. However Shan Shan did something to irk the Big Boss resulting in him giving her the cold shoulder. Then Shan Shan got sick. Find out what poor Shan Shan did and how she fell sick……….:( Wishing Shan Shan & Lidge a speedy recovery:)

Chapter 12 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

The tourists walk behind the tourism guide.

Shan Shan wants to stick to Big Boss to redeem herself, but Big Boss is too charismatic, after a while everyone pushes forward causing Shan Shan to fall back.

Shan Shan can only hold the bag and walk with Ah May behind everyone, Ah May looks at the crowd around Feng Teng: “Shan Shan, your temper is really good.”

“Ah? Really?”  Shan Shan replies modestly in embarrassment, she thinks Ah May is admiring her.

Ah May says: “In the morning when you hadn’t come yet, someone from Human Resources wanted to sit next to the President.”

“Who?”  Which colleague had been so brave and kind-hearted, sacrificing herself for justice?

“There, that girl in red.”  Ah May points to an employee standing near Feng Teng.  “Do you know what the President said?”


“He didn’t bother to glance at her and said, ‘There’s no other seat?’ Ha ha!”

=  =

That is truly Big Boss’s style.

Shan Shan carefully looks at the girl, shakes her head, saying scornfully: “She’s too thin!”

Big Boss needs someone strong like her who can handle the heavy responsibilities of being near him!

After walking a few minutes, everyone sits in a boat to go to Xiandao, also known as “Turtle Mountain,” it is the main destination for today.  On the island, it is mainly walking around to look at tourist attractions, Shan Shan is a bit hungry, her eyes light up zeroing in on the bag in her hands.

Big Boss’s bag should have a lot of delicious food, would he know if she secretly steals a little?

Shan Shan hesitates whether she should open the bag, Feng Teng suddenly turns around from the front.

“Shan Shan, come here.”

Busy guessing what is in the bag, Shan Shan is startled, quickly puts her hands down to innocently look at him.

Huh, Big Boss called her?  He is not angry anymore?  Does this mean she can eat the food in the bag?

Shan Shan cheerfully runs up, not noticing that Feng Teng had called her ‘Shan Shan.’


Let’s eat lunch!

Shan Shan’s eyes light up.

Feng Teng shudders under her gaze, suddenly feeling he has become something like grilled ribs, shaking off the feeling he points at a structure before them: “Go there and ask for your fortune.”

Shan Shan follows the direction of his hand, it is a Yue Lao temple, many unmarried employees are inside for a fortune reading, Shan Shan faintly hears the priests say something like intepreting each bamboo fortune costs 50 yuans, etc etc ……

So Shan Shan immediately shakes her head.

“President, I don’t need to do that.”

Shan Shan speaks of her ambition: “I want to focus on my career, will not consider marriage.”

Only dummies ask for a fortune reading, each one costs 50 yuans!  Why do they not just rob us!  And those priests are all liars, they all have a wife.

And ……

She does not have any money =  =

She had not planned to go on the trip, when leaving the house she only grabbed a few coins for the bus, where can she get money to pay for a fortune reading?

Feng Teng looks at her, takes out his wallet and hands her 50 yuans.

“Go ask for a fortune.”

Shan Shan accepts the money, hesitates: “President, it’s your money, I’m going to ask for a fortune, so it counts as yours or mine?”

The corners of Feng Teng’s lips curve upward slightly in amusement: “It’s ours.”

“Uh ……”

Can it be like that?

Shan Shan walks into the temple in confusion, the employees see Feng Teng and Shan Shan, all step back to allow Shan Shan to try first.

Shan Shan kneels on the futon, holds the bamboo container and shakes two times, a bamboo stick falls out.

Feng Teng picks it up and looks at it: “The first fortune.”

At the priest’s table, the priest reviews the book and nods in satisfaction: “A wonderful fortune, this fortune is very good, it says – –Fair! Fair! The fish hawks lovebirds are singing on the sandbar in the river.  A gentle and graceful lady, a fine match for a gentleman [Note: Chinese text –– 关关雎鸠,在河之洲,窈窕淑女,君子好逑].  Miss, this means your fated husband has appeared.”

The employees surrounding them congratulate Xue Shan Shan.

A brief smile appears on Feng Teng’s smile, although brief but enough for the smart employees to see it, understanding that they are complimenting the right person, the congratulations pour in harder.

In the midst of the loud commotion, Xue Shan Shan is heard to say happily: “This is a good fortune, this is the first time someone tells me I’m a gentle and graceful lady.”

Everyone suddenly falls quiet in the Yue Lao temple, Feng Teng glances at Xue Shan Shan then walks out without looking back.

Walking out of Yue Lao temple, Shan Shan feels colleagues looking at her a bit strangely.

Did she say something wrong?  She had not been joking = =, she had not done it intentionally but out of panic.  The atmosphere had been so weird, the congratulations put Big Boss and her as a couple, she could not help but panic ……

Her guilty conscience probably had made her jumpy, although she had not meant to think that, just dreamt it ……


The picnic is near a lake, Shan Shan gnaws on the dry bread Ah May has given in relief, looks at Lake Tai rippled by winds and cries.  The tears fall into the lake, creating many small ripples that break apart the cold loneliness.

Ah, actually, what had fallen had not been tears but breadcrumbs …… but the effect is the same, very bleak, what can be bleaker than eating dry bread when other people eat meat?

Ah May has gone crazy from dieting, knowing it is a trip but not bringing anything eatable ……

Shan Shan secretly peeks at Big Boss’s face, quietly sits somewhere far away, pinching off breadcrumbs to feed the fish: “Come here, come here, let’s suffer together, we can eat bread together.”

Many colorful fish swim up to fight over the breadcrumbs, red and white patterns flash in the water, very pretty, Shan Shan feels a sense of accomplishment.  Smiling happily while feeding the fish, suddenly they wiggle their tails and swim to the left ….. Shan Shan turns and sees Big Boss also feeding the fish.

! ! !

He even wants to fight with her over feeding fish!

Too outrageous!

What ungrateful, unscrupulous fish!  Remember who fed you first!

Shan Shan gnaws the dry bread in loneliness, silently declares to the lake a hundred times, a hundred times: “This cannot continue, please heaven above, let this end quickly!”

Obviously the heaven ignores ordinary people like her, after the trip Shan Shan continues her sad existence.

The trip is near the end of the year, the Finance department has a lot to do, including having to deal with accountants, Shan Shan is so busy that her feet do not even touch the ground, working overtime to 10 o’clock several nights.

But that is envied by those in the Accounting department, who say they work to 3 o’clock in the morning.

Earning money is very hard!

Even that busy, she still goes to the President’s office every day at noon to be tortured, Shan Shan thinks this is truly tragic.  Big Boss’s face is always black, like she is withholding his salary.

So under both mental and physical torture, Xu Shan Shan develops a glorious cold.

At first Shan Shan thinks nothing of it, it is just a cold, take medicine for seven days and it will go away, just drink a lot of hot water.  But the cold is severe this time, even the power of hot water is not effective.

That morning waking up, Shan Shan feels bursts of dizziness, asking for time off is impossible, there is a lot of work to do.  She takes a few pills and goes to work, at noon she goes to the President’s office for lunch, when lunch is done she begins studying for the CPA exam.

Shan Shan feels her head growing too dizzy, her eyelids continue to collapse.  Peeking at Big Boss out of the corner of her eyes, he is working diligently, not looking at her, it seems he is also very busy lately ……

Closing her eyes briefly is not a problem, right?

Shan Shan lightly leans her head back on the soft sofa cushion, sleepily closes her eyes and then ……

She does not know how much time has passed but hazily hears some voices.

“…… A little fever ……” a strange voice says.

“Is an IV necessary?”

No IV!  Using IV for a little cold is silly, and also, an IV costs several hundred yuans ……

“Not at this time, taking medicine and resting are enough for now.”

Oh, this stranger is a good person ……

Mutterings mutterings, the voices gradually decrease, followed by a door slamming ……

Ah ……

The world is quiet again ~ ~ ~ let’s continue to sleep ^_^

Shan Shan wakes up.

She sits up, her head still a little dizzy, but she feels much better than before.

Turning her head, she finds herself still in the President’s office, probably she has not slept long …… but why is there a screen in front of the sofa?  There are faint voices as Feng Teng talks to someone, the sounds are very light, nothing can be heard, also ……

Shan Shan touches the thick blanket over herself!

~> _ <~

First thought ––  She has been caught sleeping!

Second thought –– Thank goodness she does not snore =  =

Shan Shan mulls over these thoughts, pulls out her phone and cannot help but utter a soft “ah.”

It is two o’clock already, she has slept for so long!

The noise has alerted the talkers on the other side of the screen, there is silence for a while outside, then Shan Shan hears Feng Teng whispers quickly, the other person closes the door and walks off.

Shan Shan looks as Feng Teng walks around the screen with a look of displeasure on his face, Shan Shan combs her hair in embarrassment.

Big Boss is angry again, what to do what to do?

Shan Shan tries to remember the “100 Things That All Workers Need To Know” she had read online, such as what to do when your boss catches you looking at adult websites, what to do when your boss catches you sleeping on the job ……

But she cannot remember anything = = now that she needs to remember what she has read, she realizes she reads too little ……

When Shan Shan is ready to confess, offering to have her salary reduced, Feng Teng speaks with displeasure: “Why didn’t you tell me you’re sick?”

Ah?  He is not mad at her for sleeping on the job?

Shan Shan neatly puts her hands on her knees, asks carefully: “President, you’re not angry?”

Feng Teng’s face stiffens. “When was I angry?”

OMG!  Why deny it!  If he is not angry, why does his face seem to say “You better not make me angry, think how to appease me quickly or I will fire you”?

Perhaps Shan Shan’s face shows her disbelief, Feng Teng appears a bit uncomfortable, changes the topic: “Don’t go back to work, I’ve already talked to your manager.”

“Ah, thank you, President.”  Shan Shan remembers the thick blanket, sincerely thanks him.  Studying with the President feels like frigid winter most of the times, but can feel like warm spring occasionally.

After thanking him, Shan Shan is about to leave when she suddenly thinks of something, her heart speeding up as she looks up to watch him nervously: “President, what did you tell my manager?”

Seeing Shan Shan anxious, Feng Teng’s anger quickly disappears, in place is a faint smile, she worries for his reputation?

Feng Teng certainly could not say she is sleeping here, only saying she is sick and had gone home to rest.  But he wants her to worry, does not answer, pours a cup of water and hands her the pills: “Take these.”

Shan Shan sees that he does not answer, becoming more anxious.  “President, you didn’t say I want the day off, right?!  I want to trade my shift with someone!  Taking time off will reduce my year-end bonus.”

13 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 12)

  1. Oh Shan Shan! This girl… lol. And Feng Teng… my heart goes out for him for falling for this dim but lovely and cute and funny girl!
    Thanks for the translation lidge! Hope you get well very soon!

  2. Lidge u recovered ? Need a ft to give u a blankie n medicine? Hehe

    Ss is really blur… Ft already said it’s their fortune but she still dun get it….haha

  3. hello. thank you for the translation.

    I have a question. Why did feng teng get angry because Shan Shan said it was the first time she was called gentle and graceful lady?

    • You are welcome.

      FT is angry bcos SS is too dense to get the fortune teller’s message. She should be happy because she gonna meet the man in her life, but she was happy because she was called gentle and graceful lady :p

  4. OMG SS what are we going to do with u. And I have to say I’m loving he book version of the trip better than the drama. ❤ Lidge and Peanut Xie Xie Nie ❤

  5. Oh Shan Shan you slowpoke 😛
    anyway thanks to the translators for your hard work in translating this interesting and humorous novel ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. I lost it when she got angry at the fish! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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