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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 13)



For those who have been waiting impatiently for Shan Shan to realise her feelings for Feng Teng, you must not miss this chapter. Shan Shan is feeling jealous and restless thinking that she will soon be replaced as the vegetable picker so she can no longer have lunch with the Big Boss:( She even consults her friend over it, telling her a story of the pig (Shan Shan) who is captured by the wolf (Feng Teng).

Chapter 13 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Because she is sick!

Feng Teng fists his hands, resisting the impulse to throw her out.

The phone on the desks rings in a timely manner, Feng Teng turns to walk outside, says stiffly: “Take the medicine then go to sleep, you’re not allowed to say anything, I’ll deduct your year-end bonus if there’s a beep.”

Threatening to deduct her year-end bonus ….. Is this the only threat Big Boss can think of?

Shan Shan closes her mouth immediately.

Silent for awhile, Shan Shan suddenly remembers she needs to go, why had she stayed?  But if she leaves now, would it be strange if people see her?

With the benefit of hindsight, Shan Shan props her chin in her hands to think about the possibility that she can secretly slip from the President’s office to go home, the conclusion is that the possibility is zero, Shan Shan loses all hope.

To save Big Boss’s reputation, she has to wait for everyone to go home before leaving, surely Big Boss will not kick her out?

It is unknown when the curtains of the reception area were pulled closed, along with a screen added to create a relatively dark area, Shan Shan stands up, thinks of Big Boss’s command to be quiet, creeps over to pull back the curtains, the winter sunlight quickly shines inside.

The winter sunlight is weak but on the body, it gives a feeling of enveloping warmth, a feeling of lazy comfortableness, Shan Shan turns toward the windows to bathe in the sunlight.

The office is very quiet, only the sounds of shuffling papers, calls occasionally come in, Big Boss’s voice sounds nice.

Shan Shan feels herself enjoying the atmosphere, making her heart calm in the warmness.  After bathing in the sunlight a bit, Shan Shan remembers the pills that need to be taken and turns to get a cup of water.

The water still hot, the cup warms her palms, Shan Shan thinks of Feng Teng smiling and pouring water for her, suddenly her heart speeds up and skips out of sync.

Although Big Boss’s mood changes quickly, one minute hot another minute cold, very volatile, very weird, sometimes the expression on his face is good …… If Big Boss suddenly tells her not to come up here anymore, can she get used to it?

The idea comes out of thin air, Shan Shan is startled herself, quickly shoves the idea out of her head.

What a joke!  If there really is that day, she will set off fireworks to celebrate.

After 5 o’clock when it is time to go home, Shan Shan is more certain of this idea.

Big Boss actually asks for her money to pay for the medicine!  Just casually saying it is one hundred yuans!

One hundred!

Is there cold medicine that costs one hundred yuans???

This is extortion!  So Big Boss is also a part-time member of the triad!

Because she does not have enough money, Shan Shan reluctantly writes an IOU, walks out of Feng Teng with an aching heart, please God let her escape the clutches of the devil quickly!

Shan Shan does not expect God to respond so fast, she is still sick, but an opportunity to escape quickly appears!

It is a very normal day, senior accountants are conducting an audit so most of the employees in the Finance department have to work overtime, Shan Shan is questioned by a senior accountant to the point of dizziness, runs with an empty cup to the break-room for some water.

Still not there yet, Shan Shan hears colleague A gossiping about this and that.  This colleague usually appears to be intelligent, which can intimidate people, but anyone knowing her over time will discover her ability to dig out dirt rivals the paparazzi.

“Hey, have you guys heard, Zhou Xiao Wei from Human Resources left in the President’s car at noon today.”

Two other colleagues in the break-room look at her suspiciously, Colleague A senses their doubts, says anxiously: “You don’t believe me, but a lot of people downstairs saw it.”

Shan Shan freezes in the doorway holding her cup, her face full of shock.

Big Boss’s clutches reach for another employee!  No wonder he only ate half of his lunch, answered the phone, then left to probably recruit new blood.

Zhou Xiao Wei?  Shan Shan searches her memory, the name sounds familiar.

Oh, she remembers now, the previous trip at Lake Tai, Ah May had said someone wanted to sit next to Big Boss.  Back at work, Ah May had followed the gossip trail to uncover the person’s name to relay back to Shan Shan.

Her memory is of a thin and weak beauty, how can she be strong like her, certainly she will not be able to withstand Big Boss’s tortures.

An image emerges in Shan Shan’s mind, a fragile beauty threatened by Big Boss shouting out “Don’t” “Please don’t” while tearfully writing IOUs to become an indentured servant ……

Shan Shan suddenly feels indignant justice burns intensely within her, although her heart feels a bit down for some reason, this feeling is insignificant and muffled under the righteous cause.

Shan Shan fist her hand and declares: “The President is outrageous, how can this be!”

“We can only hope for the same thing!  Just look, at noon Zhou Xiao Wei left in the President’s car, everyone in Human Resources have to work overtime today, she’s the only one allowed to go home by the HR director.”

“…… How …… How unfair!”  Shan Shan’s voice trembles, full of jealousy.

Take time off from work! Take time off from work! She is also a servant but has never been allowed to take time off from work!  She has to pick out vegetables even when sick!  Big Boss had not been afraid of infection!

“Ah, Shan Shan!”  Colleague A screams out in surprise, finally hearing a voice, seeing only Xue Shan Shan in the doorway, her face full of anger and jealousy, colleague A silently groans, surely Shan Shan would not think the rumor is from her, if this gossip reaches the President ……

With that thought, colleague A acts quickly try to salvage the situation, explaining quickly: “Shan Shan, don’t misunderstand, there’ s nothing between the President and Zhou Xiao Wei, it’s said she has a rare blood type, the President’s sister bled and needed a blood transfusion, that’s why Zhou Xiao Wei was called.”

Bled?  Miss Feng is not abroad?

Shan Shan is both surprised and worried: “What happened?  Is Miss Feng all right?”

“The people in Human Resources said she’s all right.”  Colleague A answers, then relapses into gossiping mode, asks: “Oh, why did I tell you this, you’re with the President every day, don’t you know?”

Finding out that Feng Yue is fine, Shan Shan is relieved, but the feeling of annoyance returns, stronger than ever.  There is someone with the same rare blood type in the company?

Shan Shan unconsciously looks at the blood vessels on her wrist.

Based on the routine, someone will deliver lunch with pork liver to Zhou Xiao Wei, then she will go to the President’s office to eat, at the same time becoming Big Boss’s servant ……

And Shan Shan will not see Big Boss again, it is complete liberation.

The long-awaited dream has come true, Shan Shan is happy, but the happiness lasts shortly, her mood quickly crumbles.

There is a scapegoat, obviously it is something to be happy about, why is there tightness in her chest, why does she feel down?

Why …… does she feel like she has been abandoned?

At home after work, Shan Shan still cannot escape from her emotions.  After circling the room a few times, Shan Shan grabs the phone to call a friend from high school.

“I feel bad right now.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Hmm~”  Shan Shan breathes a sigh of sadness, there are a lot of things to say but where to begin.  “Let’s see, here’s an example.”

“Well, I’m listening.”

“Once there was a pig captured by a wolf.  The wolf tells the pig that he wants to fatten her up so he can eat her later. The little pig wants to resist and is scared, but she cannot fight against the wolf so she can only comply to be fattened up by the wolf.  Time passes and the pig grows fatter and fatter, but the wolf lets her go and catches another pig to eat.  Somehow, the released pig is annoyed.  Tell me, what should the pig do?”

“Umm …… Go be a free pig!”

Shan Shan’s face darkens: “You’re not getting the point of the story! Isn’t it good not to be eaten? Why does the pig not like it? “

“Ahhh! I know! Of course the pig has fallen in love with the wolf! A love which crosses boundaries! How romantic~”

“…..Lu Shuang Yi! You’re a dummie!”

Shan Shan hangs up the phone.

At night, Shan Shan lays awake, her friend’s phrase “a love that crosses boundaries” continuously swirls in her head.  The next day, Shan Shan goes to work with two black eyes, a flagging spirit, drawing concerns and condolences from colleagues while colleague A looks at her with eyes full of understanding and sympathy.

At lunchtime, Shan Shan understands not to go to the President’s office, lazily lays on her desk.

There is no lunch for her today!

Be happy, be happy, Xue Shan Shan, you are free at last.

Feeling sluggish for awhile, Shan Shan finally uses her last ounce of energy, reignites her spirit.  Planning to go to the company’s cafeteria, the phone suddenly rings, Shan Shan answers, the unhappy voice of Big Boss resonates loudly: “Xue Shan Shan, you dare to go on strike!”

16 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 13)

  1. All it took was one phone call from Fengteng and Shan Shan’s confident shot right back up!!!!! ROFL!!!! I just love this novel… Can’t wait for more Boss!!! Lol
    Thank You as usual!!!!

  2. i love this chapter..especially the part feng teng said “Xue Shan Shan, you dare to go on strike!”

  3. LMAO!! Thanks for translating this!

  4. Thank you for translate this novel. It’s cute like a comic.
    LOL at pig and wolf story and poor the dummy friend 😀
    Anyway, is the translation finish already?

    • You are welcome, glad that you like it. Haha, I see you are raiding my blog:P Yes, it is a cute novel with no angst, completely different from Tong Hua’s novels so it can heal your shattered heart:P A comic on this drama will be coming out soon. A drama is being filmed. The tiger and the rabbit story is also very funny. I also translated the radio drama and song which are adorable. The translation will be finishing in about a mth time

      • Thank you so much.
        You know what, I’m marathon this novel (chapter 1-40), silent separation (chapter 1-4) in a day. Thankfully it’s Sunday 😀 and hopefully my mind won’t mixed it all :p
        Can you recommend another sweet novel that you’ve translated?

        • Aren’t you happy spending your Sunday with two handsome guys, Feng Teng & He Yi Chen, lol?
          What you see is what you get. Everything is listed in the bookmarks section of this blog. You can check out other translation links in Shusheng bar. If you’ve not read Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, I recommend you to read it on hamster’s blog.

  5. Thank you Peanuts.
    After i read both novel, I think I like feng teng more :p (I’m sorry yi chen).
    Feng teng has more sense of humor. I like the way he bully Shan Shan but I don’t want a boyfriend who give me extravagant lunch every day (I’ll get fat!!!). Overall, he’s perfect or maybe too perfect to be real :p

    • Haha, I also like Feng Teng better but lidge with many other girls prefer Yi Chen’s devotion. You may change your mind after you finish Silent Separation. Then you must read Three Live Three Worlds – The Pillow Book. The lead Dong Hua is also very funny.

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  7. Hi peanuts and lidge, I hope you don’t mind me using the pig story you have translated for the recap I’ve done. I have finally credit back to this page. Let me know if you do mind I will happily take it off. ^^;

    • Lidge is unhappy that you credited me instead of her for that pig & wolf story bcos she translated it. Hence you better change the credit to her as she is very small air one, lol.

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