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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 14)



Meow ! Meow ! This is a fishy chapter, lol. Guys like to go fishing and gals only like to eat fish but not fishing:P Anyway be careful of the fish bones or else you’ll end up like Shan Shan, heeehee……We also have a new year party coming up. FYI, Lidge has translated one third of the book, clap clap…..

Chapter 14 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)


Of course Big Boss cannot let a good servant like her go.

In the President’s office, Shan Shan picks out vegetables while cursing herself out of habit, at the same time despising herself, she had felt sad at the thought of not coming here anymore.

Big Boss’s mood does not seem to be good today, the atmosphere is a bit heavy.

Shan Shan eats a few bites, cannot help but ask Feng Teng: “President, is Miss Feng all right?”

Feng Teng is slightly surprised: “You know already?”

He is not pleased.  That employee has loose lips, it only happened yesterday, even Xue Shan Shan knows.  Feng Yue’s hemorrhaging is not state secret, but Feng Teng does not like wild rumors in the company.

Feng Teng says: “She’s fine.”

“Oh, that’s good.”  Shan Shan is quiet for a while, then asks: “President, how will you and Miss Feng reward Miss Zhou?”

“Why do you ask this?”  Feng Teng’s eyes light up.

“Uh, that ……”

Oh, why did she ask that?  Could it be that she wants to know if another person will eat lunch with them?

Shan Shan’s hesitancy inadvertently pleases Feng Teng, he does not want to embarrass her: “With a check.”


Shan Shan is surprised, asks automatically: “Why didn’t you give me a check?”

Feng Teng suddenly feels angry, answers coldly: “Xue Shan Shan, are you a dummie?  You don’t know how to use a long fishing line to bait a big fish?”

How can a check be more valuable than him?

Xue Shan Shan looks at him in confusion, appearing to understand yet not really understanding, she is slow as she eats vegetables, her expression completely shocked.

Suddenly, her face is extorted with pain.

Feng Teng, although still annoyed, asks: “What’s wrong?”

Shan Shan replies with much difficulty: “…… big …… fish …… bone  …… stuck ……”

The company’s doctor called up by Feng Teng tries not to laugh as he removes the fish bone, then Shan Shan and the innocent doctor are thrown out of the office by Feng Teng.

Shan Shan frowns.  What Big Boss had said – “throw a long fishing line to bait a big fish” – constantly swirls in her head, but thinking of fish reminds her of the stuck fishbone ……

So ……

Let’s not think about it anymore.

Big Boss is weird like that, always saying strange things is normal for him, it is foolish to mull over what he says.

With that decision, Shan Shan calmly deletes what Big Boss had said from her mind, then reboots, returning to a Xue Shan Shan without any worries ^_^

> _ <

But a tiny, strange suspicion lingers =  =

Today is Friday, close to the time to go home, the employees inevitably become impatient, the old manager had gone to another department, colleague A leaves her desk, goes to stand near Shan Shan to chat.

“Shan Shan, what do you plan to wear tomorrow?”

Shan Shan’s head is still full of accounting numbers, unable to react, she looks up at the speaker.

“Tomorrow night is the New Year’s party, working overtime so much is turning you into a blockhead.”

Shan Shan remembers now, the company holds an annual party on New Year’s day, a notice had been issued last week.

Thinking of the party, Shan Shan is excited, it is hard not to drool.

According to senior colleagues, Feng Teng’s annual party is extravagant, the lavish dinner not only takes place at a five-star hotel, there is also a drawing of huge prizes.  Last year, the grand prize had been a car, the smallest prize had been a digital camera.

This year’s annual party will also occur at a five-star hotel, a Western-style buffet.  Feng Teng’s profits this year are better than last year, everyone suspects the prizes cannot be less than last year’s.

Shan Shan cannot help but fantasize about herself getting the grand prize, wonder what the grand prize is this year, if it is a car then best to sell it, hahaha …… still off in dreamland, Shan Shan suddenly remembers, the grand prize is awarded by Big Boss ……

Big Boss’s gloomy face during lunch flashes in her eyes, Shan Shan cannot help but shake a little.

Forget it, the grand prize is best left for someone else, she is happy with second prize =  =

While Shan Shan sits in a trance, another female colleague becomes interested in the conversation and jumps in to discuss with colleague A about what to wear tomorrow, Shan Shan listens to their chatters, her face wrinkling up like a bitter melon.

Almost forgot, the annual party may have food to eat and prizes to take home, but the requirement is that employees must dress formally!

Wonder which pervert decided that, the temperature this time of year is frigid, does that person not know a person wearing a dress will freeze =  =

Shan Shan cannot help but complain, the two colleagues argue: “The requirement of formal clothing is the same every year, you can’t dance in the ballroom in sportswear, and the hotel has heat.”

=  =

There is also dancing in the ballroom ……

So best to eat then escape immediately.

Colleague A says: “There is also the voting for “the most beautiful and elegant lady,”  the people in our Finance department look ordinary, we don’t dare to think of winning but people in other departments will go all out to dress their best, we can’t be too simple and be humiliated.”

Colleague A’s remark generates many agreements.

Shan Shan has already heard, male colleagues get to vote for who they think is “the most beautiful and elegant lady” at the party, the winner receives 10,000 yuans.

But Shan Shan views this prize with contempt.

She only has to blink to know, this is a conspiracy by the men.

Think about it, to be beautiful and elegant, can a person eat and drink freely?  Of course not, and who will consume all the delicious food?  The men!

How mean!

Only one woman will win, but all the women cannot eat freely!

But Shan Shan will not say this out loud, she wants to use this opportunity to eat more, haha ^_^

> _ <

Though it must be said, if she knows but keeps quiet, is she a bad person? =  =

“Shan Shan, you must dress nicely tomorrow …… You don’t want the dance opportunity to go to someone else.”  Colleague A mysteriously winks at her.

What dance opportunity?  Shan Shan is confused.

Colleague A sees her bewilderment and says: “Don’t tell me you don’t know, whoever wins “the most beautiful and elegant lady” opens the dancing with the President.”

How embarrassing!

See, see!  It is not easy to take home 10,000 yuans.

There is such a torture.

It is decided!  Usually she is invisible in a crowd, but she must try hard to be more invisible tomorrow ……

Hence on Saturday, Shan Shan sleeps until noon, then rolls to the right a bit, then rolls to the left a bit, the afternoon passes by.  Close to 5 o’clock, Shan Shan calmly takes out clothes from her closet.

Yesterday she had thought about what to wear, and she finally decides to wear the dress she had worn when going to Miss Feng’s banquet.  Although it is a bit thin and reaches only to her knees, saving money is the priority.  Her paychecks must be deposited so she can go home and brag to her mother, money cannot be squandered away.

Shan Shan’s teeth chatter from the cold as she puts on the dress, and then …… Shan Shan is speechless.

Why, why …… can the zipper not be pulled up?

The zipper had been fine the last tiiimmmeeeee!

Shan Shan bitterly stares at the mirror, the first time regretting the weight gain =  =

It is the evil fault of Big Boss!

Shan Shan gnashes her teeth and continues to pull up the zipper, it is too late to buy a new outfit.  After inhaling N times, the zipper is finally pulled up with much effort, the chest area is a bit tight though.

Ah ….. the tightness there, that should not affect eating, right?

Looking into the mirror, making sure the dress is satisfactory, nothing is amiss, Shan Shan puts on a long coat and leaves.

Shan Shan had planned to take a bus to the hotel, but the cold winds almost blow her away so she obediently calls a taxi.  At the hotel, she meets Ah May in front of the elevator.

Ah May looks at her up and down, full of surprise:  “Shan Shan, you want to go in like this?  You need to at least make a bit more effort!”

Shan Shan says: “This is fine.”

Is it not just a dinner, she had washed her hair, is that not enough effort =  =

Ah May shakes her head, insists they go to the bathroom to fix her makeup and hair, Shan Shan quickly rejects the offer.  Are you kidding?  She will eat and drink, if she wears makeup the powder will fall into the food, that is unsanitary.

Ah May is at a loss, silently thinks Shan Shan usually does not wear makeup, maybe the President likes that, so stops forcing her and just says: “You will understand when you get to the ballroom.”

At the ballroom, Shan Shan realizes Ah May had been telling the truth, everyone realizes the importance of the annual party, everyone is dressed up, there are “clouds” of beautiful women floating everywhere.

Shan Shan unconsciously scans the crowd, not knowing what she wants to find.  Ah May smiles and says: “The President is not here yet, but Shan Shan, why didn’t you come here with him?”

Shan Shan is shocked: “Ah May, don’t say such a scary thing before dinner =  =”

Then she flies to the tables full of food.

The food at the annual party is very diverse, very colorful, smells absolutely wonderful, rows upon rows of food make Shan Shan drool.

Shan Shan alternately looks at the delicious food while looking at the entrance of the ballroom.

Big Boss, please come quickly!  We miss you every much, do not be late ~ ~ ~

Or the food will get cold and …… not taste good. –   –

When she almost finish looking over all the food, there is a burst of noise in the ballroom, probably some important people are arriving.

Shan Shan looks up, Big Boss walks into the ballroom surrounded by several senior directors.

11 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 14)

  1. clapclapclap!!thanks for the good work ^^. so sad the novel almost come to the end.. i will be missing shanshan and feng teng.

    • my mistakes. i though there;s only 18 chapters

      • Gu Man wrote 18 chapters as internet novel & Lidge will translate all. Then I’ll translate chapter 19 to completion which are in the published book. As for the epilogues and fanfics, we’ve not worked out what to do yet. So, plenty of Shan Shan & Feng Teng, probably until the end of the year:)

        • Yay… I’m looking forward to more of this extremely cute couple ^^~ Anw, I wish you will do fanfics and epilogues, hehe

        • Lidge doesn’t wanna translate fanfics bcos they are not written by Gu Man and might not do Gu Man’s writing justice. But I’ll read them & decide if they are worthy to be translated.

          • Honestly, I do not really fancy reading fanfics, too… However, I mean some sidestory that Gu Man wrote by herself… ^^~ I wanna read them, hehe… they are so adorable ^^~

        • Oh, you mean the one where FT asks SS to change phone ringtone but her phone only has 2 tone, 1 for the guy & another for the gal, lol. I’ll try to make Lidge translate them but no promise, haha…

  2. Omg hahaha!! I just finish watching the drama and now gonna finish Reading this but i have to say…. SS’s eating habit is just like me!! 😂😂👍

  3. It’s official! Shan Shan is on my top5 favorite female lead character together with Princess Weiyoung, Princess Ni Huang, Jian Yao and Xu Xu! ❤

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