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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 15)



The party and the eating has began. Feng Teng is back looking like a catwalk model. Poor Shan Shan is still his slave, this time to help him drink wine:P It is no use for her to fight back because capitalists think women are the same as men and men are the same as animals.

Chapter 15 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Shan Shan, unable to blink, looks at Feng Teng in the midst of the crowd.

Big Boss is really ……

An example of perfection.

The chandeliers shine brightly, Feng Teng walks leisurely into the ballroom, he wears a business suit, on the outside is a black coat, looking exceptionally masculine, polished.

Shan Shan’s eyes unconsciously follow him until her view is blocked by a tall manager, Shan Shan pulls back her gaze, looks around, everyone else is also staring like her, some even standing on tiptoes for a better look, unhappiness more or less fills her heart.

How disdainful!

Big Boss is playing it cool once again!

Men who attract flirtatious women are no good, dressing handsomely, does he think he is a model walking the catwalk at a fashion show!

Shan Shan mutters to herself, suddenly realizing Big Boss’s eyes zeroing in on the corner where she is standing.

Ahhhh ……

She mulls over the possibility, has he discovered her?  Is there a radar detector inside Big Boss’s head?


Shan Shan stiffly turns away, staring intently at the steaks in front of her…….

Steak steak ~  ~

Why are you a steak!

As soon as Feng Teng arrives, the man and woman emcees walk on the stage to announce the start of the party and begin a long speech filled with good wishes, when it is over Feng Teng walks onstage to give his speech.

An explosion of applause breaks out, then silence descends over the noisy atmosphere.

Shan Shan secretly sneers, thinking all Big Bosses are threatening and can scare people ~ ~, she looks up to see Feng Teng speaking, hearing his calm voice, suddenly feeling the person onstage is a stranger.

Although she often sees Feng Teng, this is Shan Shan’s first time watching him giving a speech in front of many people, it is an odd feeling.  At this moment, he exudes a particular temperament, undemanding but easily suppressing everything else, controlling the entire atmosphere, inspiring admiration from listeners.  He appears confident and elegant, his movements are not exaggerated, but every word is compelling and exhilarating.

In the end what does it matter?  Shan Shan thinks in confusion.

Probably …… the feeling of being so unreachable ……

The applause breaks out loudly, Shan Shan discovers Feng Teng has finished, claps once or twice along with everyone else.

And then …… cough ……

In general, deep and complex emotions do not bother Xue Shan Shan more than three minutes, when the applause ends Shan Shan immediately shoves aside her strange emotions, happily holding her plate and running everywhere.

Beef, lamb, crab legs ~ ~  ~

It is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, whatever she can pile on her plate, the food in front of her is the priority right now!

Shan Shan eats cheerfully, suddenly a man cries out in surprise.

“Miss Xue.”

…… Almost choked.

Shan Shan tries hard to swallow the food in her mouth, turns around, it is Miss Feng’s husband, is his name not Yan Qing?

Shan Shan politely greets him: “Hello, Mr. Yan.”

Yan Qing is the general manager of a subsidiary and does not visit the company headquarters often, tonight he is at the party in the capacity of a senior director, this is Shan Shan’s first meeting with him again after the baby’s banquet.

Yan Qing looks at her, full of emotions: “Miss Xue, finally we meet again.  My wife and I don’t know how to properly thank you, we owe you too much.”

Huh? Owe her what?  Did she not just donate blood one time?  And they already thanked her a long time ago.

Shan Shan is a little surprised: “Mr. Yan, you mustn’t worry, it was nothing.”

“How can it be nothing?” Yan Qing is still emotional. “When Yue Yue had an accident last month, I was on a business trip, thanks to Miss Xue for helping or I’ll regret it forever.”

Yan Qing says: “Yue Yue is still in the hospital, when she feels better we have to invite you for another meal.”

Shan Shan blinks, finally understanding Yan Qing, does he think she donated blood the second time?  Shan Shan quickly explains: “Mr. Yan, there’s a mistake, I ……”

“Yan Qing.”

Shan Shan’s explanation is interrupted by a voice.

Big Boss?

Shan Shan looks in the direction of the voice, unconsciously hiding the huge plate of food on the table behind her.  Feng Teng does not look at her, only speaking to Yan Qing: “Andy’s looking for you.”

Yan Qing surveys the room, smiles and tells Shan Shan: “Miss Xue, I have to go, we’ll talk next time.”

“Oh yes, goodbye.” Shan Shan nods.

Yan Qing leaves, only Xue Shan Shan and Feng Teng are left in the corner, silence descends.  Shan Shan calls out “President,” Feng Teng does not bother to look her way, picks up a wine glass on a nearby table, looks towards the center of the ballroom, slowly drinks the wine.

=  =

What is he doing?  Does she need to bow down before he leaves?

The silence makes Shan Shan feel uneasy, remembering what had happened, Shan Shan says hastily: “President, Mr. Yan seems to have made a mistake, he thinks I donated blood this time too.”

“If it’s a mistake, then let it be a mistake.” Feng Teng puts down the wine glass and tells her: “If you see him later, don’t deny it.”

“Huh?” Shan Shan is puzzled, “Why?”

It is like stealing someone else’s effort, Shan Shan feels guilty.

“Don’t ask so much.” Feng Teng says coolly.  Of course he has a plan for the future, but he is not telling her, she would not understand anyway.


His lack of explanation makes Shan Shan a little sad.  The complex emotions she previously pushed aside return.

If he does not want her to say anything, then she will not!  And she is not the person holding back the truth, she is just an accomplice, but only under coercion.  Shan Shan is depressed, tries to think of an excuse: “President, I’ll go look for Ah May, I won’t bother you.”

She says and prepares to leave.

“Hold on.” Feng Teng stops her: “Who says you can go?”

Big Boss speaks with an insufferably arrogant tone: “Follow me, help me drink wine when I’m asked by other people.”

Shan Shan is stunned.

Help him drink wine????

Did she hear wrongly? Is this not done by a man? Big Boss wants her to do it!  Shan Shan is angry.  Of course, capitalists think women are the same as men and men are the same as animals!

“President, I’m not your secretary …… ah ……”

Hearing her refusal, Feng Teng appears displeased, reminds her coolly: “Your year-end bonus.”

How mean!  Using this threat again!  Shan Shan fumes, argues courageously: “President, I, we have a union.”

You cannot deduct money without cause! Or I will file a complaint!

“Union?” Feng Teng raises his eyebrows, asks slowly: “Who pays them?”


Why did she feel Big Boss is unreachable?

He needs to get lost to the other side of the universe!

6 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 15)

  1. Rofl!!! Our dear Shan Shan will never break from Big Boss’s grasp. Rofl!!!!
    This chapter feels sooooo short. Lol I can’t wait for more! Thanks for translating as always!

    • Yes, the chapter is short bcos the translator Lidge has been slacking, lol. But peanuts who needs to start translating will be even more slack so don’t expect weekly update, haha…

      • Nnnoooooooooooooooo~! You girls can’t do that to me!!!!! Lol. JK… chill some and take your time. Slow update is better than no update! 😀

  2. “union? who pays them?”


  3. Xue Shan Shan What are we going to do with you. “Men who attract flirtatious women are no good, dressing handsomely, does he think he is a model walking the catwalk at a fashion show!” ROFL oh girl you didn’t!! The Nerves.

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