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35 Favourite Male Characters in Chinese Romance Novels



Peanuts: Two months ago, Lidge sent me a Baidu poll result on China’s choice of top 35 Favourite Male Characters in Chinese romance novels. I don’t really agree with most of their rankings. As usual, He Yi Chen from Gu Man’s novel Why We Become Silent comes first. I find He Yi Chen alright but not my number one favourite but Lidge loves him. Thus, to each its own. For your information, Ye Hua is ranked fourth. I suspect Dong Hua is not ranked because the poll is outdated. If you want to know my favourite male characters, click here.

Lidge: 35 Favourite Male Characters in Chinese Romance Novels or what I like to call “35 reasons why we read Chinese romance novels”…haha. My comments are in black. Peanuts comments are in italic. Are you ready? OK, here we gooo……


No.1: He Yi Chen, aka Lawyer He from Gu Man’s Silent Separation

L: So he’s not just #1 in my heart but in lots of other girls’ hearts too, hehe..

P: He has got no sense of humour & a hot temper. Top 10 ok but number 1 no way !


No.2: Yan Xi from novel: A Heart Warming Decade

L: At first, Viet readers had no idea who this is.  Fortunately, someone explained that this is a new novel because everyone thought we were losing our minds since we’ve never heard of this guy and he’s #2!  According to spoilers, the male lead is similar to Egg Egg’s Say Goodbye in the Morning where the male lead has some psychological problem and thinks he’s gay due to abuse.  He can only love and quietly helps the female lead from afar.  Since I loved Egg Egg’s Say Goodbye, I hope someone will translate so I can read.

P: This is not a new book!!! It is an old book. It is on number 17 of the old top 100 novel list. There is an audiobook & it is long plus only single voice so I am putting it in the back burner.


No.3: Xiao Nai from Gu Man’s Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng

 L: Do I need to explain?  I feel he’s similar to the guy who established Baidu, Robin Li.  Wonder if Gu Man based the character on him?

P: Yes, sound very much like one of the internet entrepreneur but I am not sure if it is baidu. I like him as ‘Big God’ in the game world more.


No.4: Ye Hua from novel: Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

L: Perennial fan favorite. Always in top 10 of polls for favorite male leads, lol.

P: Hey, I prefer Dong Hua more than Ye Hua. He is ok, just not funny enough & seems like a love sick puppy.


No.5: Rong Zhi from novel: Feng Qiu Huang

L: This is currently being translated.  I’ve read a bit and he’s the classic Mr. Darcy type, aka my type, lol.  This novel is #5 out of top 100 so of course I have to read it!  But later, later……… right now, no time.

P: Xiaoyuer did recommend this book but it is so long. I read the spoiler & a few of her posts on it but didn’t find him that captivating.

No.6: Tan Shu Mo from novel: So What, You Are My Student?

L: Book is popular, but I didn’t like it that much.  As far as hot teachers, it’s hard to beat Yang Lan Han in Ye Luo Wu Xin’s Love Given To You By Mistake. Why didn’t I have a hot teacher when I was in school?

P: Xinn Xinn also recommended Love Given to you by Mistake so I am tempted to jump on the bandwagon but loving your teacher is too alien for me:( I don’t find him anything special, just a nice & considerate cradle-snatcher:P

No.7: Sun Jia Yu from novel: First Love Forever Love

LHaven’t read this but people who have says the male lead sacrifices a lot for the female lead.  Sad or open ending so of course I’m not keen on reading it, but people who have read it say it’s good.

P: Never read this book but read some good reviews. A book which will make me cry, run run run. He is very nice and kind of sacrificed his life for the female lead, very sad, sad, sad:(


No.8: Mu Yan from Tang 7’s Hua Xu Yin

L: Another perennial fan favorite, that is, until Uncle Kevin portrays him and makes all the fangirls cry, lol.

P: I don’t really fancy Mu Yan because I feel HXY is Ah Fu’s story. He is ok as a supporting but not unforgettable. I won’t put KC’s picture here because he is not the Mu Yan in the novel.


No.9: Bai Zi Hua from novel: Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua Qian Gu

L: Said I would read this but ummm, haven’t because I forgot, lol.

P: He is Qian Gu’s shifu, probably a replica of Chong Hua in Chong Zi so no no no. I hate shifu, lol. He is bland and boring at the beginning but sort of redeemed himself towards the end of the novel.

No.10: He Su Ye from novel: Loving You is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done

L: Can someone tell me who this guy is and why he is awesome? Lol.

P: If I find out this book has a happy ending, I’ll check him out for you!!!! Oh, He is a warm and gentle Chinese medicine doctor, very nice and caring for the female lead so deserving of his spot here.


11. Muong Pei Lin from stepmum Fei Wo Si Cun’s Too Late To Say I Love You

L: OK, no one needs to tell me who this guy is and why he is awesome^^

P: WC is awesome but his character in the book isn’t. People, please don’t mix up WC with the lead in the book!


12. Lu Li Cheng from Tong Hua’s Secrets Hidden By Time

L: Let’s pray that he has a better ending on TV than in the book!

P: Squeeeek, drooling, lol. He should be in top 10:P Yes, yes, waiting for this drama impatiently, haha. Arrghhh, finished watching the drama, so cute and sweet but make sure you watch the ending where he gets the girl !!!!

13. Liang Fei Fang from Big Grey Wolf With Wing’s novel: Bloom

L: Read this but don’t recall anything except lots of R+ rated moments.  Don’t know why he’s popular.  Maybe need to reread?

P: No, no, don’t reread. This book is awful, guarantee you’ll get diarrhea with the mustard overdose:P Read Go with the Flow of Love, a better book.

14. Chen Yu Bai from Big Grey Wolf With Wing’s novel:
Go with the Flow of Love

L: Haven’t read but since he’s #14, maybe need to read because I’m missing out?

P: Yes, yes, yes. Lidge you must read this book !!!! Xinn, Seoul & I love Chen Yu Bai. He should be in top 10. Can’t wait to see him on the screen.

15. Xue Cai from novel: Bringing Calamity to the Nation

LAs you can tell from the lack of description, I have no idea who this is, lol.

P: This shows Lidge is not SSB’s super fan & SSB is a good blog because this book has been posted there. Heehee, I didn’t read this book:P

16. Chen Zi Jia from novel: A Gentleman’s Promise

LThought I was reading so much but apparently not enough because no idea who this is.

P: Yah, Lidge doesn’t read enough classic but all the junk, lol. Yes, he is a patient and great guy who deserves this spot.


17. Hei Feng Xi from novel: Who Gets the World

L: Haven’t read this.

P: How can my Feng Xi be at 17????? I want to protest. He is at least top 3 or top 5. Peanuts loves him to pieces lol.


18. Chen Xiao Zheng from Xin Yi Wu’s To Our Eventually Lost Youth

L: Don’t know why he’s so popular. Of course, I did skip his parts in the book, lol.

P: How come he is more popular then Lin Jing gege? If I’ve to choose between them, I’ll take Lin Jing.

19. Zhang Sun Wu Ji from novel: Legend of Fu Yao 

L: Don’t know who this is.

P: Seems to have pretty good reviews but a super long ancient book so unless there is an audiobook, I won’t touch it.


20. Yun Zheng from novel: 绾青丝 (Wan Qing Si)

L: Haven’t read.

P: This book is no. 8 on the old top 100 list so he should be good. I am still waiting for someone to read to me, haha…

21. Jiang Chen from novel: A Love So Beautiful

L: No idea.

P: Good reviews. I just started listening to this book but I’ve finished the radio drama already. A very cute & sweet book. Dr Jiang is indeed very swoon worthy.

22. Tang Yi from novel: Black & White

L: No idea again.

P: He is impatient and scary but is patient and caring only to the female lead. He is kind of abnormal as the ways he shows his love and affection are so BT and intensive but what can you expect from a triad boss, lol.


23. Ruan Zheng Dong from novel: Cinderella’s Dream

L: Only read the first half of the book. Obviously not keen to finish.

P: The lead in the Girl in Blue, that drama with Roy & FSF? EEEeeeee, don’t really like most of step-mum’s male leads.


24. Cheng Zheng from Xin Yi Wu ’s You’re Still Here/Original

L: My love!!!♥♥♥

P: Arrrgh, I also love him but where is my Han Shu? Obviously Lidge doesn’t love him as much as I do because she ranks his book nearly last !!! Hu Ge has nothing to do with the book except I wish he gets to play Cheng Zheng in the drama. Peanuts is dreaming, heehee… 

25. Su Li from novel: 时擦 (Shi Ca) 

L: I have read this before but I have also forgotten about it. The beginning is a school crush which is cute but when the main couple meet again as adults, it got boring and is just like a typical modern Cinderella plot.

P: Never heard of this book so does it have good ending? If yes, then I’ll give it a try as good reviews.

26. Rong Yan (2nd brother) from Big Grey Wolf With Wing’s Who Waits, Coincides with Flowers

L: Haven’t read. Or maybe I have and can’t remember? Does it matter? Still can’t remember, lol.

P: I didn’t read Rong Yan’s story because I prefer the youngest brother Yan Song more than him. He is ok so I’ll give this book a try later.

27. Long Fei Li from novel from MoWu Bi Ge’s Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

L: No idea again.

P: Another super long ancient book with good reviews, I’ll give it a pass.


28. Rong Yuan from Tang 7’s Hua Xu Yin

L: Of course he’s awesome!!!!

P: Is he the king in the 13 Yue story because I always mix up the two Rongs:(? If yes, then I like him also.

29. Jiū Mó Luó Shén from novel: Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You

L: Haven’t read this but have heard high praises to the heavens about him so of course will read one of these days.  I have the books just haven’t started.

P: This book is no. 10 on the old top 100 list but I’ve no idea what is it? Is it the love story between a girl and a monk??? 


30. Wang Li Chuan from novel: Li Chuan’s Past

L: OK, this novel is one of my biggest pet peeves because I was tricked! I’ve heard praises for this so read it. Kept reading, felt bored but kept reading, felt bored but kept reading, felt really bored but still kept reading because I hoped that the reason he left the female lead would not be the Korean answer to all tearjerkers – cancer.  Well, guess what?  It is…………. [fill in the blank because I don’t want to spoil for you but you know where I’m going with this, right?]

P: Yes dear, I saw the trailer for the drama. The book is average but Godfrey is hot. Ask promee, Godfrey’s super fan about it, lol.

Lu Zhi Ang from novel:  Rush to the Dead Summer

L: This is like a mysterious novel I’ve never heard of so don’t know why he’s #31.  Tried to google and couldn’t even find it in Viet so of course can’t trace it to Chinese.  So peanuts, if you want to know, learn Viet XD.

P: Nothing is impossible for peanuts:P Haha, I found the book in Chinese:) A heavy duty book so I gonna give this the flick.


32. Meng Jue from Tong Hua’s Yun Zhong Ge

L: Haven’t read.

P: Arrrgh, another of my fav & why is he ranked so low at 34???? Definitely a top ten guy. Now I know why a lot of people in China wear specs, lol. Lidge, you need to start reading good & popular books:P I refuse to put Yu Zheng’s Meng Jue picture here because he is his MJ, not mine.

33. Fang Hua from novel: Falling Dreams of Fan Hua

L: Haven’t read.

P: Recently the audiobook for this novel has been released. Oh, it is a sad book about a beast (he is not a human but looks like a human?) who loves his disciple secretly. Later, she marries the prince but is injured when someone attempted to take her life. She loses her memory and cannot remember her shifu but he continues to look after her.

34. Xiao Qi Ran from novel:
Xiao Ran’s Dream

L: Haven’t read.

P: Hey I posted this novel in SSB but haven’t found the time to read or listen to it. Anything posted by peanuts of course is great, lol.

35.  Xi Xi Chen from novel: Warm in Winter Cool in Summer

L: I found this story kind of boring.  Had to reread the first part because thought the second part is continuation of first part. Turns out it’s just the epilogues, a longgggg one about their married life. So basically, I read a story I found boring twice!!!

P: Yah, the book is average only but Xi Xi Chen is good. He is so persistent & sweet to the female lead who is not likeable ! I like their time in Paris. 



36 thoughts on “35 Favourite Male Characters in Chinese Romance Novels

  1. Whoa! Heavy duty post here! I haven’t read…err…most of the books on this list. I do have two cents about the ones that I have read though.

    I sort of get why everyone loves He Yi Chen (to be honest I loved him too). He’s not exactly real life material, but dreamy enough that I see why everyone likes him. And it helps that every time I reread this, I imagine a Chen Kun – Zhou Xun adapt of this, so that’s why I love him so much too, hehe!

    Actually, one of my favorite characters is Fu Jiu Yun from 三千鸦杀 (Killing of 3 Thousand Crows). He’s witty and funny, loyal and endearing, and all sorts of cute. And then the last few chapters…..oh!

    I do like Dong Hua a whole lot more than Ye Hua because Ye Hua has about as much personality as a wet handkerchief. He’s loverboy alright, but that’s about it. Whereas Dong Hua has such an awesome personality – I’m really looking forward to him suffering a little for Feng Jiu’s affection *rubs hands in anticipation*

    Hei Feng Xi!! I know why everyone loves Hei Feng Xi and I do to (although it has a lot to do with A’Bu reading him though). I’m looking forward to revisiting that wonderful story…

    I don’t like Fei Wo Si Cun in general (she feels like a neo-Qiong Yao with a penchant for disaster). That being said, I didn’t read a lot of her books and the ones that I did read I didn’t really love the characters. 来不及说我爱你 (Too Late To Say I Love You) and 如果这一秒,我没遇见你 (If We are Strangers) are both rather disastrous. And the less I think about 千山暮雪 (Sealed with a Kiss) the better (that book gives me the hives)… I rather hated Li Chang Yin from Eastern Palace too. He wasn’t particularly memorable but I loved the tangent of the plot. Confession: I really, really liked Ruan Zheng Dong while I was reading the book. And this has nothing to do with the drama adaptation at all (don’t even talk to me about that). He had issues but he dealt with them and the ending was just heartbreaking. I do really want to read 寂寞空庭春欲晚 (Lonely Courtyard in Late Spring) at some point when I can rouse my lazy self to do so.

    Rong Zhi!!!! Although I liked a whole lot of other characters from that book too. I think it’s time for a revisit because I don’t remember a lot of the details…

    Actually, my favorite Hua Xu Yin character is the grievously mistaken Shen An. The poor man, I just wanted to give him another chance. Mu Yan was alright, but really, the story is about A’Fu. I loved the women in that book for their strength, their hopes. I know everyone loves the Shi San Yue arc the most, but I really liked the Liu Jiu Jiu arc (I think I’m the only one there…)

    I have gradually grown more and more allergic to Tong Hua. I pitied Meng Jiu from Da Mo Yao and hated Huo Qu Bing (let’s not even talk about the historical implications there), and really could not connect with Chi You at all (although Shao Hao was alright). I liked both Meng Jue (that’s because he’s Meng Jiu’s adopted son though) and Liu Fu Ling, disliked both Yin Zheng and Yin Si (I preferred 13th and 14th)… so I don’t know exactly how I feel about her as a writer.

    Although I really disliked the trajectory of 寡人有疾 (‘I’ have an Urgency)(the end of the story made no sense…we were in the land of fluffy bunnies and cartoon villains and all of a sudden, the writer decides to drown us in Hua Xu Yin type sadness?!) but Pei Zheng was all sorts of awesome. The one time when I liked the lead more than the second lead (Su Yun, but I think that had to do with the way he was read…)

    One book where I liked both characters was 岁月是朵两生花 (Twice Blooming Fower). The double combination of Lin Qiao and Qin Mo was just—!!!!! I know lots of people didn’t really like this novel but I loved it (so much to the point that I’m thinking of translating it into English…just thinking though)

    I dislike Xin Yi Wu in general, but I can’t quite figure out why. I really, really wanted to like her but I just can’t for some odd reason. I am in camp Chen Xiao Zheng (although I’d rather not talk about the movie) and prefer him over Lin Jing, but I think that’s out of pity. Lin Jing is just so dull… And then 浮世浮城 (Mirage) was rather flat all over. I think it was more of Zhao Xun Xun’s personal crisis so whoever was with her was not important. She had to learn how to deal with herself first and foremost.

    Xie Shen Yan from 爱莫能弃 (Love Can’t be Abandoned) was so romantic that it was sickening towards the end but I liked the way things started off.

    I still have yet to finish 独步天下 (An Unrivaled World) but Huang Tai Ji has always been an interesting topic to me (actually, I think Hailanzhu is more of interest but one and the same)

    One character I absolutely detested – 第三种爱情’s (The 3rd Kind of Love) Lin Qi Zheng. That fellow needed a serious time out. I couldn’t feel sorry for either him or Zou Yu but man, the way that book was written made me want to read more but I knew it was headed for a crash at the end. Seriously? Everyone in that book needs a timeout.

    Other characters I liked include Liu Hua Xuan from 浮生梦-三生约 (Floating Dreams, The Promise of 3 Lifetimes)(oh the tears I cried for him although it was supremely silly) and all of the male characters in 落花时节又逢君 (When Spring Ends, I’ll See You Again) (which means Bai Ling, Yang Zhen, and Duan Fei) except for the main character Jin Xiu. Hong Ning was alright, but that’s a topic for another post.

    And then my favorite book for last: 重紫!! (Chong Zi) My favorite character of all time would have to be Wan Jie! And then Tian Zhi Xie, Qin Ke, Jiu You. I have a strange relationship with Luo Yin Fan though. It’s equal parts hate and love. But oh, when an awesome story is populated by awesome characters (all of whom are tragically underused by the way)……. ^^

    I’m sorry for the super long post, but this is to make up to Peanuts for all my long months of non-posts and MIA!

    • I know right????? Where’s Fu Jiu Yun and Meng Jiu and Dong Hua, and my Chi You??????

      • Yes, my friend!! Completely agree. Long time no chat by the way!

      • Thank you Atsu for the long comment. I love it, write more next time, lol. Pls don’t mind, I’ll be adding the english name for those books you commented bcos I think most of the readers here can’t read chinese. Otherwise I won’t edit your post.

        I didn’t compile the list so blame lidge, lol. Btw she asked the way to get Atsu & Chancy to surface is to post abt hot male leads, lol? Yah, most of the characters I like are not on the list & I don’t know most of them on the list. But China taste is different from us & as I said that poll is outdated. We should do one ourselves.

        Wow, I know you like Chong Zi but I don’t know it is your most fav book. I still haven’t finished the book & I think never will inspite of Abu, lol. Jessy & I had a hard time getting into the book. But I like the funny xian xia Piao Piao, I am currently listening to. I think you’ll like Hua Qian Gu, very similar to CZ. I feel it is better. But it has a long way to go as Abu’s dad is sick so he is on leave.

  2. I suddenly realize, I really have to expand my horizon. I have to move out of my shell and into the ancient realm wherein lurks all these extremely charming long wavy hair warriors!!LOL..

    After investing six months of my life into the fascinating world of Chinese novels and under Shi Fu Peanuts’ tutelage, I am very proud to be able to identify several of the leads.

    But for the life of me I don’t see how Liang Fei Fan got there. If I had a hard copy of that book, I will definitely throw it into the fire. I have only aborted two books so far, and Liang Fei Fan’s is one of them. Horrible, horrible…

    And although I did not read the book on second brother, Rong Yan, I did not think he was exceptionally charismatic from his cameos in Go With The Flow of Love. And why wasn’t Xiao Bai nearer to the top?

    Haha….If I had participated in the polls, I will for sure throw in one or two of my fav “uncles”.

    • Thanks for commenting, my little disciple:) I told you many times to read Heavy Sweetness or Three Lives Three Worlds with English translation but they’ve fallen on deaf ear:( I think you’ll like the female lead in 3L3W – The Pillow Book bcos she is just like you, lol. Your shifu has only been reading C-novel for a yr so you’ve a lot of catching up to do eventhough you are a LOL:P

      Maybe it is the aunties who voted for LFF & RY, lol. Even Lee Wei Ran is bettter than them. I only like Xiao Bai & Yan Song,

      Male No. 1 waited 7 yrs for the girl & Male No. 2 waited 10 yrs but your uncles are craddle snatchers, so impatient, lol. Also what kind of sacrifice did they make & are they multi-dimensions? Check out my challenge 3:my favourite male leads:)

  3. Wow… such long long comment… >_< I think I'll pass on this 😛
    Honestly, He Yi Chen usually ranks the first in most of the challenge… I'm not really into this series by Gu Man, therefore I won't comment on this 😛 But where is my Feng Teng in Shan Shan, come and it.. he is the boss of boss ar~~~~~~~~ I love him so much “<

    Well, my comment was cut, again =.=”
    And here is the rest (luckily I learnt from it and already copy my comment) =))

    I haven’t read most of the stories above because I’m a type who enjoys humourous, light and simple novels, however, those stories is way too famous that I’m kind of learning by heart about them =.=”
    And about number 22, I think it is not the same as Black and White, because I already read the first half of it… >”< (well, I dropped because the female lead annoyed me a lot, yeah)

    • Haha, I read your Challenge 3 ^^~ so he’s not chosen because he is two-dimensional, eh? ‘ v ‘
      Honestly, I love Feng Teng and Shan Shan’s love story, but I can’t deny that his character doesn’t develop much. He rocks with his pervert (?! haha) and humor while bringing out the cuteness of Shan Shan, but the fact that the storyline is so simple makes him not very interesting and impressive, hehe… Plus, it’s Gu Man’s 3rd story, therefore her fans already too impressed by He Yi Chen and Xiao Nai, Feng Teng, he is too late, ar~~ T^T
      I have lots of famous-and-recommened-novels in my PC, however, I dropped them several times already, maybe the mood is just not right, ha? ^^~ Will try reading them next time 😀
      Well, I can’t read Chinese, but I’m studying Japanese and luckily the Chinese words don’t frighten me much… If the words are simple, some times I can even read and guess the meaning, hehe…

    • You can understand Mandarin, right? You must listen to the radiodrama on Shan Shan, very cute & funny. I’ve listened many times, lol. Actually, Xiao Nai is also very 2 dimensional. He Yi Chen is more developed but I don’t really like him bcos he is either angry or serious. I like Shan Shan & Feng Teng the best so they get my vote for fav couple, heehee. I’ll check if got such poll. If yes, I’ll translate it & put them in there:P Hey, I also can’t finish my novels most of the time. I’ve short attention span:( I only like short novel.

      • Sadly I do not understand Mandarin also… But for the love for this cute couple of mine, maybe I’ll try listening it… >”””v<

        OMG, my comment >_”””v”_<

        Sorry I spam your page >”_<

        I seem not able to post comment without being cut 😦

        • No worries, I can always edit them:) Atsu can post super long comment. I think you’ve to use pc to do it and don’t reply notification, must go to the specific page to post. You better post a few short comments & I’ll merge them for you in the future.

          • But I always use my PC to comment.. maybe I’ll try not to use any icon in my comment, ha.. sometimes I can post really long comment also 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting. Smart of you to save a copy elsewhere bcos I always do that:)

      Like you, I am also not as fond of He Yi Chen as Lidge. As to why Feng Teng can’t make the list, read my challenge 3:) Can you read Chinese? I am pickled vege, you are fish is something like Shan Shan and the boss also something like Feng Teng, lol. I also like light & funny stories but read some famous books as well to gain exposure to different kinds.

      It is bcos the female lead is annoying which brings out the awesomeness of the male lead to become fav character as he is able to tolerate & love her, lol. I doubt I’ll read Black & white since I dislike annoying female lead.

  4. This might sound like a dumb question but..why is it that many Chinese novels tend to have art/fanart depicting the characters? Is it like a trend for artistic fans to paint fan-art of how they visualize the characters, or does the novel have an official character picture? O_O

    • This is not a dumb qn but an interesting one:) Some famous and popular novels have official character pictures eg the author of Hua Xu Yin is Tang Qi who is also very popular with her Three Lives Three Worlds books. All her books have an extra picture booklet. FYI, 3L3W’s copyright has been bought by TR who is the producer of BBJX. Keeping my finger cross that this will follow the book closely. Someone talented called Eno draws most of them as well as for other novels. They do look very nice.

      Also, due to the popularity of the novels, you will see a lot of fanart in baidu. Some are amateurs fangirling their fav characters and some are really good. Some of them are pretty original whereas some just copy the official one or modify them.

      • Oh ok, that’s cool there are actually official character pictures! That way people can see how the authors visualize the characters!

        I am impressed by all of the Chinese fanart, is it really pretty.

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  9. I love Ye Hua, Mu Yan and Dong Hua… Well I’m like crazy about Tang 7’s books >__< When I read them I would cry and laugh at the same time and experience a range of emotions 😉 And of course, I also love He Yi Chen. I think 80% of the girls who like chinese romance novels are his fans =))))

    • Since you love Tang 7’s books, I highly recommend you to read Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost. Decembi will continue the translation so you should be able to read the whole book but you’ve to wait:P If you can’t access xiaoyuer’s blog for the translation, drop me a comment & I’ll email you the translation or you can read Decembi’s summaries.

      Yes, Tang 7 has the power to make you cry & laugh at the same time. Too bad, the translation for Hua Xu Yin is on hiatus as when I wanted to cry over something sad in that book, Tang 7 will write something in the next line to make me laugh, lol.

      • Thanks for the reply and your recommendation! I already read “Heavy Sweetness ash-like Frost” though. It’s an advantage being Vietnamese ;))) Before knowing chinese romance novels I could only read western literature, but now I prefer chinese novels. I’m so glad there are translated chinese novels online.

        • Aiya, since you are Vietnamese, then you’ve plenty of choices. You can visit my book bar to find books to read and if you need the Viet title, I can find someone to help you:) Yah, Chinese novels are a lot more funny for modern novels & more epic for ancient novels.

  10. How come Tong Hua male leads like 孟九, 霍去病, 相柳 are not feature?

    • You’ve to take all this with a grain of salt. It provides an indicator only but is not absolute. This is merely a fan poll in baidu. You must also look at the date of the poll as Lost You Forever was only published recently. Also, you need to take into consideration that mainland Chinese has different taste in men/novels compared to overseas Chinese or Westerners due to different upbringings and living environment. Lastly, different people has different taste, so the poll can’t satisfy everyone.

      • Just out of curiosity then, were most of those who participated in this poll mainland Chinese or overseas/Westerners? Lol I just read Da Mo Yao (well Koala’s translation…bless her) and I’m absolutely in love with Meng Jiu and Huo Qu Bing. Anyways…yeah.

        • Nearly everything on this blog are translated from mainland Chinese. Not enough overseas Chinese who have read enough books to do ranking.

          The leads in DMY are great when it is your 1st novel but after you’ve read more than 10, you may start to feel differently:)

  11. where can i read He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo? Can you give me a link 🙂 I’m Vietnamese and i have read book in Vnmese and it’s name is ‘Bên Nhau Trọn Đời’. I want to read it in English but i cant find where to read it. Thank You

  12. Hi, do you know where I can read Falling Dreams of Fan Hua? I’ve tried looking for a link but can’t find one 😦


  13. Jiang Chen ❤

  14. Hi, peanuts, Hoju, Lidge and other translators! First of all, I want to tell you thay I’m such a big fan of your works!! My trust for you guys is just too overload that I’ve probably stalked every single book in SSB whenever I have the time to.. but it seems like SSB’s server is down?☹️ Will it ever going to be alive again? I’ve been waiting for months to resume on reading a lot of good books recommended by SSB, but yeah.. I couldn’t :,(

    If you’re reading this somehow, please leave me some reply— or maybe some good news (example: the server’s down temporarily) to share with me at the very least.

    Thank youuuu!!! I admire all of you very very much! *shy*

    • Thank you very much for your message. SSB was attacked by bots 😦 but thankfully SSB IT Director has solved the issue so enjoy 🙂 In the future if SSB is down again, please be patient. We’ll try to solve the issues but because all of us have our own jobs and are helping out at SSB on a voluntary basis, so we cannot find the time to solve those complicated IT issues immediately.

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