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Challenge 3: Most Favourite Male Characters




I am supposed to write this challenge sometime ago but I’ve been procrastinating until now, the end of the month. I better wash my hand of this as I realised I am someone who doesn’t like to take up challenge, too stressful. Hui3r, you can do all your challenges and I’ll comment whenever I want, hehe…I like most of my male characters so I do not really rank them because I don’t like to play favouritism.

Did you enjoy reading Lidge and my comments on the top 35 favourite male characters in chinese romance novels? Are they similar to your rankings? Since I ranted so much on it, I gonna do my own favourite list. However I am not going to do 35. Instead I am going to elaborate on three from different book genre which you can probably guess from looking at the pictures. It is the quality not the quantity that counts, haha…


For those who’ve read my short review & summary on Who Gets the World can guess I will choose Hei Feng Xi as my most favourite male character in the wuxia/ancient genre. Physically, he is good looking, attractive and graceful. Reputation-wise, he is skilled in martial arts, so heroic. At the same time he has another identity as the prince of Black Feng state, a charming and well-loved prince. Then he becomes a capable and powerful king. As for personality, he is smart, funny with his sarcastic brand of humour and loyal.

I don’t like goody two-shoes nor baddie. I like greyish character and he is one. Outwardly to all, he appears as kind and honorable but he is actually cunning & calculative and even revengeful. He knew of his siblings’ plan to assasinate him and his father but he did nothing about it. As a result his father is injured and passed away in due time after he sentenced his sons who were involved to death. Thus Hei Feng Xi manages to get rid of them without the need to have blood in his hand. There are also other instances where his actions are questionable. One can’t really blame him for the way he turns out due to the environment he was bought up. In most books, the palace is never an easy place to survive with people constantly scheming against you to get ahead of you.

Hei Feng Xi is ambitious enough to want to get the world. He even contemplates marrying another princess. However he is willing to give up the world to live a peaceful life with the woman he loves most. Such a guy is a rare breed in ancient novels. Eventhough fourth prince loves Ruo Xi in Bu Bu Jin Xin, he did not give up his throne and leave the palace with her. Li Cheng Yi in Fei Wo Si Cun’s Eastern Palace also chose country over beauty. He even betrayed the woman he loves to further his ambition. One might say Hei Feng Xi is irresponsible but such action is testament to his profound love and affection for the woman. I don’t think it is irresponsible because he entrusts the care of his state to an equally capable leader. We should treat this as an early retirement.4c3053f082025aaf2ea0e15efbedab64024f1abc

For the xian xia genre, needless to say I’ll choose Dong Hua. Otherwise I won’t be bothered to translate the weekly special so diligently. Some might prefer Ye Hua as Dong Hua at times can be an overbearing big bully. Ye Hua is good and nice but too bland and docile for my taste. As I mentioned before I like someone who has more character. I do like the adorable Yan Chi Wu, that grandpa but he is just too stupid & impolite to be my favourite. Lian Song is also quite good but I don’t know him well enough and I don’t trust playboy, haha…

Honestly, i don’t really fancy Dong Hua’s appearance. Silver hair make him look old, I wish I can color them black, heehee. But I guess this makes him look distingushed and distinctive. I don’t need to explain further on his fighting skill and reputation if you’ve read his clash with Xiao Yan in the Pillow Book. From his hobbies of fishing and reading Buddhist scripture, he comes across as a rather boring deity but my my he has such great sense of dry humour. Whenever he opens his mouth, I just can’t stop laughing haha…Without Dong Hua, my weekly special will not be so hilarious and entertaining. Normally I get annoyed with people who are shameless but I make an expection for our Dijun because he is a master at it.  In a nutshell, peanuts is crazy about Dong Hua Dijun, lol.

For those who don’t want to read spoilers, don’t continue as I am going to touch on part 2 of the Pillow Book. Many readers feel that Dong Hua should have his comeuppance and suffer in book 2 for the ways he has tortured and bullied Feng Jiu. I beg to differ as I feel he has become a lot more tolerable and better in part 2. Pardon me for having a poor memory, I recall Dong Hua saving Feng Jiu when she absent mindedly felt asleep in the middle of nowhere, got lost & it was raining heavily. When she was injured, he brought her medication and applied it on her. He is also jealous when he feels Feng Jiu treats Xian Yan better than him. In addition, he jumps in immediately to rescue her without a moment of hestitation when she is in danger.

I believe in his own way, he cares deeply for her which I think he did confess to it. As for love, I am not sure our Dijun knows what is love and how to love, haha. He probably loves Feng Jiu in his own way, which is different from how we understand it. Although he is as old as the hill, he is a newbie in love, not as experience as Ye Hua & Lian Song. Their love is the epitome of opposite attracts. Feng Jiu can teach Dong Hua to cook better and Dong Hua can teach Feng Jiu to be smarter, lol.


It is quite difficult for me to pick a favourite character in a modern book. Since I like Shan Shan so much to translate it, I should choose Feng Teng, right? However, Feng Teng is two-dimensional. He is there to support and bring out Shan Shan’s cuteness and silliness to bring laughter to us. Thus, I decided to choose Han Shu from Xin Yi Wu’s Let Me Look at You. Of the three, I’ve to concede he is the most flawed as well as controversial. I’ve debated for quite a while if I should select him as my favourite and write about him. Spoiler ahead so read at your own risk. (Yuan Hong pics have been used because it is rumoured he will be Han Shu in the drama version)

At the beginning of the book, I fall head over heels in love with Han Shu. He is handsome, funny, lovely, nice and upright. He is so persistent and steadfast in his love for the female lead. He even resorts to stalking him. Haha, don’t get me wrong, I don’t suppport stalker like Lidge but this shows his obssession with her. Then more than half way into the book, a bombshell is dropped and shattered his image in my heart:( Han Shu is not as perfect as I was led to believe. Suddenly I feel betrayed.

He takes advantage of the female lead when she is drunk and can’t offer much resistance. In addition, his lack of courage to speak up for the female lead in court causes her to go to jail for 5 years. The female lead is charged with assault which happened at the same time she was drunk in a motel with Han Shu. However he is too cowardice to be her witness as he’ll probably be charged with statutory rape as the girl is under 18 years of age and unwilling.

How can peanuts choose a rapist and a coward to be her favourite male character? Is she out of her mind? Before you judge me, read my explanation first. Lidge complains that I always toe the line so she instigated me to be a rebel so I pick a rotten guy to be my favourite male lead, haha. For your information, Lidge also likes Han Shu very much. Any rotten egg should be directed at Lidge for being a bad influence to naive peanuts, lol.

What make me choose Han Shu is that he is real and he is fallible. For me he is a rather tragic character. I blame him for what happened yet I also feel sad for him. He is just a young boy with an obsessive crush. I am angry at him for not speaking out and seeking out the female lead earlier but he is a confused & flawed human. Thereafter he has never been really happy or have a good night sleep. He constanly have nightmares and cries in his sleep. He lives in guilt and tries to help the female lead to atone for his sin. He tries many times to beg her for forgiveness and willing to give up everything for that. I am not saying you commit a crime then everything will be okay if you get forgiveness.

However the mistakes have already been made and you can’t turn back time. Do we expect the female lead to seek revenge? Will she feel happier if he goes to jail or dies? If she wants him to go to jail, she would have dobbed him in when she was interrogated by the police. If the female lead can let go of the past, as a reader I also can. Please take note this is fictional as in real life I may not be so forgiving. The female lead said of course she hates him but with the passing of time, it is not important anymore. Time is a great healer. If you want to continue to live life happily, you need to learn to let go. Although she said that, I don’t think it is easy for her to let go as shown by her treatment of Han Shu where she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. It is because of his persistance, sincerity, helpfulness and support for the female lead which make it possible for her to finally accept him.

I have read book like Please Listen to My Chatters & watched drama like Sealed with a Kiss with rapists as the male leads. However Han Shu is the saddest and most heart breaking one. He is different from the male lead in Sealed with a Kiss as his motive for rape is not revenge or premeditated but love. Not that his motive makes his action more palatable. Just that his redeeming features in that he is conscious what he did is wrong, is suffering fom his actions and seeking ways to redeem his failings, plus his continuous devotion and dedication to the female lead make me have a love-hate relationship with him.


In conclusion, you will notice peanuts likes handsome, honest, interesting, funny and loyal guys, haha….The choices are purely my personal preference only so you don’t need to agree with me. If you have your own personal favourites and want to share, please write a comment. To address the comments in the top 35 most favourite male characters in Chinese romance novels post, I will add Fu Jin Yun from the novel Killing of Three Thousand Crows since he is also another of my favourite. It was a toss up between him & Dijun and as usual Dijun always win, haha…As for Meng Jiu from the novel Ballad of the Desert, I don’t want to rehash why he is one of Chancy and my favourite male character. If you want to know, go & read the English translated book.

The novel Killing of Three Thousand Crows is at best an average book. It is all due to Fu Jiu Yun who elevates this book to enable me to finish it. Such a nice and dreamy name, I am floating on cloud 9 already, haha…His character is so sweet & funny at the beginning. Then later, so giving & sacrificial towards the female lead. She is so lucky to have someone who treasures and values her so much until willing to die for her. I don’t like the female lead whose character is rather flat and bland. I feel that she doesn’t deserve him. She even attempts to harm my Jiu Yun. His devotion to her, going through continuous and endless reincarnations just to be able to be with her, to wait for her, totally melt my heart !!!


10 thoughts on “Challenge 3: Most Favourite Male Characters

  1. Han Shu is definitely one of my favorites. He is handsome, wealthy and educated (the epitome of male perfection) but he is like a little boy yearning for acceptance, forgiveness and love from Jue Nian, which I find adorable.

    I’m ambivalent about the ending of Let Me Look At You. On one hand, JN is with HS even though her feelings for him are at best neutral, mainly because his persistence wears down her resistance. From a female perspective, I don’t like the idea being with someone you don’t love. Love is not the be all and end all, but I can’t imagine living the rest of my life with someone I don’t have feelings for. On the other hand, HS is a good guy who not only adores JN but can protect her and support her financially and emotionally. In time, I feel that JN will be moved by HS and all he has done and will do for her. Sometimes, love can come so softly that we don’t realize it.

    • I keep making a note to myself to read Let Me Look At You and yet I still haven’t gotten around to it. Everyone keeps talking about it so I think I should check it out!

      I generally like the guys more from ancient/historically set books. I have a very soft spot for Wan Jie from Chong Zi, Fu Jiu Yun from Killing Three Thousand Crows (the title makes no sense whatsoever in English), and Meng Xi Mo from Da Mo Yao.

      I am in search of my next obsessional read if anyone has read something really good recently! ^^

      • Since you are allergic to XYW & Please Listen to my Chatters, you might not like LMLAY.

        I think my obsession & yours are different. Currently I am obssessed with Piao Piao’s Desire to be an Immortal. I am already at chapter 30 & should catch up with the broadcasters in no time with the speed I am going, haha…Normally I am allergic to xian xia but this one is really wacky and funny. Come & listen with me if you can stand it, lol.

  2. I haven’t read any of the three books your favorite male leads come from. Though you’ve piqued my interest in Let Me Look At You! I will read that next.

    I like your new blog with Hui Er. Jia you, peanuts! 🙂

    • Oh, thank you for your support xia0yuer. Actually Lidge is also contributing a lot by translating half of Shan Shan bcos I forced her to do so, lol.

      Nearly everyone except Chancy & Raini like the book Let Me Look at You, so do come back & tell me where you stand after you’ve finished. You must listen to the Who Gets the World audiobook. It is really one of the best once you get passed the first 30 chapters. Otherwise I refund you, lol. Pillow Book is also a must listen/read !!! Hey, peanuts has good taste, haha….

  3. any top ladies?

  4. Perhaps you might consider reading Poison Genius Consort… LFY n HYX is my favorite pair in ancient novel. As a single character, each of them is of excellent personality. As a pair they are fabulous too.

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