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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 16)



The party is now in full swing but Shan Shan cannot eat anything as she has to help Feng Teng to drink wine:( There is a prize for the most beautiful and elegant lady of the night so read on to find out if Shan Shan will win it. Gu Man included a funny little story because this chapter is a bit short, not because Lidge has been slacking, lol.

Chapter 16 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Why did she feel Big Boss is unreachable?

He needs to get lost to the other side of the universe!

Falling into Big Boss’s clutches once again, Xue Shan Shan miserably holds a wine glass and walks behind Big Boss, smiling, clinking glass and making polite small talks.

Cannot eat the delicious buffet is already tragic, worse is having to walk everywhere in high heels.  Fine, she can put up with these hassles, but there are some things that are really unbearableeeeee!

For example, take this old man in a suit before her.

“Miss Xue is glowing tonight, different from your usual look, I must cast a vote for you.”

Glowing …… You old geezer!  You lie without blinking!

“Thank you, you’re too kind.” Shan Shan smiles. ~  ~

Another example, take this man in traditional Chinese clothes.

“Miss Xue is a natural beauty, young and lively …… (synonyms omitted) …… Ah! Just like …… (nauseating metaphors omitted) …… Ah! Along with the President …… (boring parallelisms omitted) …… Ah!

“Thank you, thank you.” Shan Shan appears flattered and embarrassed outwardly, cynical inwardly – How amazing!  Lying without blinking is already a talent, but even going as far as composing poems!

Waiting until the old man in traditional Chinese clothes walk far away, Shan Shan pulls on Feng Teng’s shirt sleeve: “President, does the man in traditional Chinese clothes hold a higher position than the man in the suit?”

Feng Teng nods.

Shan Shan says knowingly: “I knew it.”

Without waiting for Feng Teng to ask why, she quickly tells him: “Because his ability to lie is better.”

Feng Teng laughs, looking at her slightly red cheeks.  She is probably a bit drunk, usually she does not dare to tell him such things, also ……

He looks at her fingers on his sleeve …… actually tugging it back and forth ……

He could not help but think of an idea, raising a hand to motion a waiter to come over to give her a new glass of wine.

“What is this?”  Shan Shan looks at the glass filled with pretty liquid in his hands.

“The alcohol concentration in this cocktail is lower.”

“Thank you, President.”

Shan Shan gratefully accepts the glass, completely forgetting that in front of her is Big Boss whose ability to lie eclipses those old men.

The cocktail tastes as if there is not a lot of alcohol in it, but the alcohol concentration is actually several times more.

Feng Teng happily looks at Shan Shan, after a while suddenly frowning: “Where’s your flower brooch?”

When stepping into the ballroom, each woman is given a flower brooch to be pinned on her dress, there is a number beneath it so the men will base on the different numbers to vote for who they think is “the most beautiful and elegant lady.”  Women competing for this title are busy walking around the room to lobby votes for themselves, if other people cannot see your number then it does not matter how well you are dressed.

Shan Shan breaks out in a cold sweat, she cannot tell him that she thought wearing the flower brooch looked stupid so she already threw it away ……

Absolute not!

“Oh! Where’s my flower brooch?” Shan Shan calls out in surprise, looks around as if to search for it then reports: “It probably fell off somewhere.”

“…… It fell into the sky?”

“Uh …… How can it?”

“Then why did you look at the ceiling?”

Shan Shan: “…… =  =”

Feng Teng motions to a waiter: “Please give this young lady a flower brooch.”

Shan Shan quickly stops him: “President, I won’t need it.”

Feng Teng only says two words: “Year-end bonus.”

Bonus …… is the bonus so great?  Someone indifferent like her, she does not have the slightest interest in something that forces females to starve, all right!

> _ <

Even if she is interested, there is no chance ……

“President, I won’t win.”  Shan Shan says honestly.  She is aware of herself, she came to indulge in the buffet, that is why she did not bother to dress up.

“Why not?”  Feng Teng scans the room, says slowly: “Although you don’t look great, others look worse.”

Shan Shan is stunned.

Big Boss …… You are too sinister, just to belittle me you have to put down my fellow sisters.

The waiter brings a new flower brooch, Shan Shan puts it on under the threatening gaze of Big Boss.  Shan Shan suddenly thinks of something, previously she stood in a corner so no one could see her number, but now Big Boss makes her wear the flower brooch and walk around the room with him ……

Shan Shan blurts out: “President, surely you’re not helping me to cheat!”

Feng Teng looks at her in surprise and smiles: “If you say so.”  Then watching her face turning pale, he adds.

“We’ll divide the prize money, I get 70% you get 30%.”

Actually …… really …… the idea ……

Also wanting to divide …… capitalists only think of profit!

Shan Shan feels like she is about to faint.

Let her faint and be carried outside rather than go through with this humiliation!  If she knew Big Boss has that much faith in her, also has that much of an imagination, even if going into bankruptcy she would have tried to dress up better.

Now she looks shabby, if she wins that something-something prize then clearly it is by cheating, oh the shame!

It is important for people working in finance to have integrity!  She cannot be deceitful under the watchful eyes of everyone …… Also Big Boss is really blind, to think she can win ……

What is she thinking ……

In conclusion, she better faint quickly ……

Unfortunately, Shan Shan’s body is healthy, although dragged by Big Boss everywhere around the ballroom it still holds up well.

The dining is almost over, the host MCs begin the drawing and call out the winners.

Starting from the lowest prize.

All the prizes starting from the lowest ..….. are not won by Shan Shan.

All the other prizes following …….. are also not hers.


Finally, the grand prize …… is won by someone who giggles uncontrollably when accepting it from Big Boss ……

Shan Shan does not have any regrets, her head is filled with thoughts of “the most beautiful and elegant lady,” do not vote for her, her male colleagues better not yield to the despotic power of Big Boss ……

After the grand prize has been given away, the host MCs begin to joke with each other:

“It’s finally time for the most exciting prize of the night.”

“Absolutely, for the ladies here, I think this prize is more important than the grand prize.”

“Of course, of course, without further ado, everyone is so anxious already, quickly say who is the most beautiful and elegant lady tonight.”

“The person with the most votes is Ms.  ……”

Shan Shan stops breathing.

“Human Resources! Zhou Xiao Wei!”

Turtle Gu Man: This chapter is a bit short so enclosed is a little story ~ ~

After a long while when Shan Shan has officially become Feng Teng’s girlfriend, one day Big Boss discovers in Shan Shan’s phone that his ring tone is the same as the other men!

Big Boss is furious, commands Shan Shan to immediately change it to something different from everyone else.

Shan Shan trembles in his anger, says carefully: “My phone only has two types of ring tone, one for men, one for women, does Big Boss want to be the third type of human?”

Author’s Note: Shan Shan did not win because it was a secret ballot.

7 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 16)

  1. Marvelous as always… Shan Shan is especially adorable when she’s drunk…
    And Feng Teng is so pervert, knowing that she’s drunk and still giving her heavier alcohol ^^~ what is he planning?
    I like what Shan Shan actually thinks when people compliment her, lol, such a honest girl, lol..

    • Hey, hey, I am going to officially announce this next week but since u’ve been such an ardent supporter of the blog as well as Shan Shan, you get to hear this first, lol. There will be a comic book on Shan Shan. Eventhough it will be in Chinese, you can still look at the pictures. Once it is out, I’ll post them here so don’t blink, lol.

      • wow, I’m so luckyyyyy 😀
        This is such great news, I mean, I’m always trying to find a comic version of Shan Shan ‘cuz there are quite a lot Chinese novels that have comic version, but well, I can’t find any 😦
        I’m looking forward to it, thanks you *heart fluttering* =))

  2. Rofl… oh Shan Shan! And that bonus one cracked me up. FengTeng probably should get her a new and better phone with more ringtones now! ROFL!!!!!
    And thank you Lidge for the translation!

  3. OMG, Shan Shan and Big Boss are so cute. Thank you for keep translation for all of us

  4. Shan Shan is my spirit animal. 😀 Another fun and enjoyable chapter 🙂 Thank you translators ❤

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