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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 17)


Squeeeeeek ! So cute !!!!! I found out from baidu there will be a comic book on Shan Shan but nobody knows when it’ll be released. I’ll definitely buy 2 and give 1 to my translator Lidge since both of us can’t read Chinese so we can enjoy looking at the pictures, lol. I’ll also scan them and share with all of you. What do you think of the drawings? Some comments in baidu don’t like how Feng Teng has been drawn but I find him good looking enough for my taste. But Shan Shan looks kind of too kiddy.

The party is winding down so this chapter is also a bit short. But this time Gu Man didn’t include any funny little story. Shan Shan is happy that she didn’t win. Instead she is feeling jealous:(

Chapter 17 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Ha ha ha ha! It is not her, it is not her!

Shan Shan almost cries in relief, happiness, justice still exists in this world.

Shan Shan suddenly looks at the world full of confidence, applauding loudly along with everyone else.

Amidst the applause, Zhou Xiao Wei stands still flushing red, looking shyly towards Feng Teng.

Feng Teng is expressionless, Shan Shan thinks Big Boss has lost on his investment so he must be feeling unhappy, he can direct his anger towards his “partner” which is her, as she looks to escape Feng Teng scowls at her: “Wait for me here, don’t go anywhere.”

> _ <

Directing his anger towards her now.

He will go dance with a beauty but commands her to stand here looking silly.

The music of a waltz begins.

Feng Teng walks towards Zhou Xiao Wei, politely invites her to dance, Zhou Xiao Wei shyly puts her hand into his extended hand.

They glide onto the dance floor.

Zhou Xiao Wei is exceptionally beautiful tonight, she must have spent a lot of effort dressing up. She wears a white chiffon dress leaving her shoulders bare, in front of her chest is a transparent layer of white lace that appears pure but seductive at the same time. A small diamond tiara is slightly tilted in her softly curled hair, glittering brightly, making her ethereal and fragile.

She looks up at the tall man dancing with her, her gaze bashful and innocent.

Shan Shan stands on the outside watching them dance, her eyes gradually shifting lower to Zhou Xiao Wei’s waist, where Big Boss is resting his paw.

How lecherous! How very lecherous!

Wonder which pervert thought of the waltz, it is just an excuse for men and women to touch each other ……Shan Shan silently curses. Initially, her mood is very joyful and high but somewhat inexplicably falling.

On the dance floor, Feng Teng and Zhou Xiao Wei turn in circle several times, they do not look dizzy, but Shan Shan feels dizzy the more she watches them.

Ummm …… probably too much alcohol, probably needs to sit down a bit.

Shan Shan walks to a buffet table to get some cold food then sits down to eat to replenish her energy, that is the most important thing. She was a dummie to obey Big Boss’s command to stand there and wait for him.

While eating, another voice calls out.

“Miss Xue!”

…… This person causes her to choke again.

Shan Shan looks up and smiles, greeting him: “Mr. Yan.”

Yan Qing asks courteously: “I wonder if I may have the pleasure to invite Miss Xue to a dance.”

Shan Shan is embarrassed: “That …… I don’t know how to dance.”

Yan Qing smiles thoughtfully: “Sitting here to talk is good too.”

After saying this, he sits down across from Shan Shan, Shan Shan asks worriedly: “Miss Feng is feeling better?”

Yan Qing hears mention of Feng Yue, his face is filled with gratitude: “Thanks for your help, she is no longer in danger, she is slowly being nursed back to health, these things can’t be rushed.”

Oh no …… listening to him makes Shan Shan feel guilty, but Big Boss does not allow her to say the truth, Shan Shan quickly searches for a new topic: “I heard Miss Feng was in Europe, when did she get back?”

“Europe?” Yan Qing asks in surprise: “We traveled there for our honeymoon, but we haven’t returned in two years, do you plan to go for a vacation? Feng Yue wants to go back, we can go together when she feels better.”

Shan Shan is shocked into silence.

The first dance is ending.

Ah May and Linda are not dancing but sitting on the outside to gossip. Ah May is envious of the prize money, her voice tinged with a bit of dissatisfaction, Linda laughs and says teasingly: “You shouldn’t be jealous, the investment she spent is ten times what you spent.”

Ah May is surprised: “Linda, everything I’m wearing isn’t cheap.”

Linda laughs out loud and looks towards the dance floor, slowly listing the luxurious brands on Zhou Xiao Wei, then challenges Ah May again: “See, ready to admit defeat?”

Ah May’s reluctance fades away, sighing: “She is just a small staff but willing to spend so much money.”

Linda quips: “A wine-lover’s heart is not in the cup (having an ulterior motive) If you don’t fork out, you won’t reap big profit.”

Ah May laughs knowingly: “But I bet, even if she spends ten times more, the President will invite Shan Shan for the next dance.”

On the dance floor, the first dance ends, Feng Teng drops his hands, nods politely to say good-bye and is about to walk away, Zhou Xiao Wei calls out urgently: “President.”

Feng Teng pauses to look at her.

The music for the second dance begins.

Ah May is startled to see the President is not dancing with Shan Shan like she had thought, the second dance he is still with Zhou Xiao Wei.

Everyone else is also shocked, thinking: Has Zhou Xiao Wei’s beauty tonight melted the heart of the President?

Everyone unintentionally shifts sympathetic eyes towards Shan Shan, who is considered “the official girlfriend” but left standing by alone, they see her looking blankly, distracted, as if she has taken a blow.

The truth is that Shan Shan is not paying attention to the unusual atmosphere in the ballroom, unaware of everyone focusing on her, she is not even aware that the second dance has started. After Yan Qing has left to answer a phone call, she is immobilized in this position, completely shocked.

Big Boss …… actually lied to her? Miss Feng did not go to Europe! So who sent the lunchboxes?

…… Could it be Big Boss?

But why?

To exploit her, to enslave her? Or …… or ……

Shan Shan feels uneasy, her heart thumps heavily, as if something is about to burst free out of its cocoon.

Ah Ah Ah! Impossible, impossible, Shan Shan quickly pushes it back. She must have drunk too much to think so strangely! Wine is really bad, giving her strange thoughts ……

She could not help but look to the dance floor, Feng Teng and Zhou Xiao Wei are still dancing, at that moment Feng Teng turns his back to her, Zhou Xiao Wei sees her and smiles gently.

Shan Shan does not notice her, she looks at Feng Teng’s sturdy back, her head becoming heavier and heavier, Shan Shan wants to go outside to sober up, staying inside any longer and she feels she is slowly being taken over by a demon.

As a result, those who are paying close attention to what is happening will testify, Xue Shan Shan stares at the President and Zhou Xiao Wei on the dance floor in “jealousy,” then stands up in “anger” and walking outside looking “troubled.”

Author’s Note:

Readers: Shan Shan is drunk now, so it will easy to write H scenes for her in the next chapter.

Turtle: ……….Will I write such an uncreative plot?

6 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 17)

  1. I wish I can help translate the comic ^^~ But sadly I can just understand very little of Chinese (since I learn Japanese ^^~) and mostly have to depend on the novel 🙂 Anw, Feng Teng is really a bit of… disappointing. And Shan Shan looks like a child to me, lol, therefore, the couple seem a little… lolicon, haha. I prefer the drawings on the cover page of the novel. 😀
    But they are cute, really ^^~ I’m looking forward to the comic 😀

    • Which cover? The actual book cover got two animals, the tiger and the bunny. Feng teng quite good looking here, no meh? Shan Shan is cute picking the vege, lol. She just needs to be bigger. Lolicon is dong hua and feng jiu. No worries, I will get my dad to read me the comic book then translate and post here.

      • Well, I think that Gu Man once posted two version of the Shan Shan covers on her weibo, the first one is here ,
        and the second one (which she said is offical) is

        But I do not know why when the book was released, the cover was totally different (not that I have any offense, the official is cute too ^^~) and I think that this cover is used in Vietnam only *blushing*. I like these two covers because Feng Teng and Shan Shan are what exactly I imagine in my mind, hehe…

        P.s: I already figure out why my comments are always cut =”= therefore, no worries anymore *ta-dahhh*

        • I used the first cover in chapter 8 of the translation. Shan Shan looks good but FT does not look good,the face too sharp and pale like a Dracula, lol. This book cover is used in the published book for the Taiwan market.

          I also used the 2nd cover in the translations for the previous 2 chapters. SS looks good but FT is too girly. This is the cover for the radio drama. Did you listen to it? I feel the comic book FT is the best looking. Btw, I have a surprise for you two weeks later, haha…..

          • I’m the opposite, I like the first cover the best ^^~, dont know why, but FT is really what I imagine… sharp and confident ^^~ The 2nd cover, well, you are right, FT is kinda girly there, lol.
            I haven’t listened to the radio drama yet. I’m having final exams now, guess I have to postpone it a little later 😦
            Now that I’m carefully looking at FT in the comic version, well, the bigger FT is not really good, but the smaller one is nice, he is better looking, while SS is the opposite o__o
            SS looks really like a small rabbit to me, haha..
            2 weeks later… yeah.. ^^~

  2. Xue Shan Shan stares at the President and Zhou Xiao Wei on the dance floor in “jealousy,” then stands up in “anger” and walking outside looking “troubled.”

    – i really like this last sentence, poor shanshan 😦

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