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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 18)



This is the final chapter of the internet novel as well as Lidge’s translation. It is quite a long and exciting chapter as Feng Teng and Shan Shan will have a confrontation and confession. The outcome might come as a surprise so don’t miss this chapter. I will not be able to post chapter 19 until mid July as I am on my way to Beijing to buy the published novel, lol. Hang in there, don’t fall off the cliff, haha….

Chapter 18 (translated by lidge and edited by peanuts)

Shan Shan pushes open the hotel doors.

Outside, the northwest wind is chilling to the bones, Shan Shan shudders against the wind for awhile then quickly returns inside.

So cold! Why did she walk downstairs?  Shan Shan holds her bare arms and trembles.

It is probably all right to leave a bit early, it is getting late ……

As she debates what to do, the phone inside her purse rings, Shan Shan takes it out, looks at the flashing number on the screen, hesitates, her mind telling her not to answer, but her fingers press the reply button for some reason.

Feng Teng sounds a bit unhappy: “Where are you?”

“…… Downstairs in the lobby.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to go anywhere?”  Feng Teng sounds more irritated.  “Wait for me there, I’m going down now.”

“Wait.”  Seeing that Feng Teng is about to hang up, Shan Shan quickly stops him.  Since she cannot escape anyway, it is better to die comfortably so Shan Shan says brazenly: “President …… Please bring my jacket down too =  =”

After a while, Shan Shan sees Feng Teng walking out of the elevator, in his hand is her jacket, his sharp eyes scanning the area to find her.  Shan Shan runs up, thanking him while accepting the jacket.

“What are you doing down here?”

“Well, I feel dizzy, I want to go home.”

Feng Teng looks at her red cheeks, his face softens. “I’ll take you back.”

Then he walks outside without giving her a chance to refuse.

Shan Shan is stunned for a moment before jogging to keep up.  Big Boss is too kind …… these actions will give her strange thoughts ……

Shan Shan’s thoughts are still in confusion when she steps into the white sports car.

The car glides smoothly into the night, the two people in the car are silent.

After a while, Shan Shan could not help but voice her suspicion: “President, Mr. Yan said Miss Feng did not go to Europe.”

“Um,” Feng Teng answers lightly: “So what?”

He asks her so what?  Shan Shan glares at him, how can someone caught lying be so calm?

Big Boss is truly a demon that is thousands of years old!

“Um, why did you say she was in Europe?”

Feng Teng placidly says: “Did I?”

Of course!

“Oh.” Feng Teng pretends to be absent-minded, “Slip of the tongue.”

Shan Shan =  =

Big Boss, can you be anymore shameless?

But perhaps, it is truly a slip of the tongue…..otherwise why will Big Boss lie to her? Can it be that in order to deceive her into having lunch together with him?

This is impossible la………..

The significance of what that represents is simply even more impossible…..He is the President. It feels like they are separated by a universe. Will an alien separated by a universe like her ah?

Shan Shan thinks frantically. There is silence again in the car. Feng Teng appears reluctant as he begins: “Don’t misunderstand what you saw tonight on the dance floor.”

Zhou Xiao Wei did not accept the check after donating blood, after the first dance ended she requested another one.  Zhou Xiao Wei’s shy intention did not escape Feng Teng’s notice, but would one more dance change anything?  And during the company’s annual party, he could not embarrass someone who donated blood for his sister so he had to dance with her again.

Then he saw Xue Shan Shan walking out.

Experience tells Feng Teng, Xue Shan Shan would not go outside without a valid reason, but he wants to explain anyway.  Although his explanation is too subtle, only briefly mentioning it.

Shan Shan feels moved by mistake.  She does not know Feng Teng and Zhou Xiao Wei had danced again, thinking Feng Teng had been explaining the first dance.

Big Boss explaining about dancing with someone else even though it was expected to happen, telling her not to misunderstand ……

Is it possible, is it possible, it really is …… it really is ……

Shan Shan being impulsive and feverish due to the tipsy feeling from the alcohol asks seriously: “President, can I misunderstand you, that you like me?”

Feng Teng’s hands on the steering wheel shake lightly. He likes her words, a little against his expectations. She actually dares to take the initiative to ask him, is even more against his expectations.

It seems that the results from that glass of wine are pretty good.

Feng Teng unexpectedly finds out that he does not hate being asked like that by her, He turns to look at her and smiles faintly, “Sometimes, it is all right to misunderstand something.”

Huh …… Although Big Boss’s answer is profound, can he mean …… he really likes her?

Ah Ah Ah!

Shan Shan suddenly feels bewildered, as if she does not know where to put her hands and feet, the space inside the car has become very small, even the beating of the heart can be heard, her face begins to flush, in her chest it seems like a flock of birds are singing ……

Silent for a while, Shan Shan says: “President, can you drive a little slower?”

“Are you car sick?”

“No > _ <, the car is going too fast.”

Her heart is beating too fast.

So the sports car capable of going 400km/hr crawls at a turtle’s pace to Shan Shan’s apartment.

The car stops, the atmosphere inside the car suddenly heats up ambiguously, Shan Shan’s tiny heart that had just calmed down begins pounding again.  At this moment, Big Boss leans over to her ……

Ah!  What is he doing!  Shan Shan gapes at him intently ……

“Why are you nervous?”  A trace of laughter flashes in Feng Teng’s eyes.  “I want to help you unbuckle the seatbelt.”

When the seatbelt is loose, the violin strings inside Shan Shan’s mind snap too ……

The seatbelt ……

Big Boss is truly thoughtful.

Ha …… Ha, laughing forcibly, Shan Shan mutters: “You, um, I, why didn’t you tell me?”

Really! Tell me if you like me, if you do not tell me I cannot know ……

The laughter in Feng Teng’s eyes deepens, he says casually: “About this, shouldn’t the person who falls in love first speak up first?”

What does this mean?  Shan Shan is stunned.  Big Boss means she liked him first.

“Me?”  Shan Shan points to herself, the flock of birds singing in her chest beat their wings and fly off without looking back.

“Isn’t it obvious?”  Feng Teng appears threatening again, looking expectantly at her.

He deliberately takes advantage of her being tipsy to tease her, it is her fault not to realize it.  But he forgets one thing, a timid mouse would run away when seeing a cat, but a drunk timid mouse would attack back!

“I, I, I ……”

When Shan Shan is about to crumble under Feng Teng’s intimidation, she realizes something important!

Big Boss secretly likes(?) her!

So she is at an advantage!  He cannot do anything to her!

Shan Shan feels happy again, this happiness is different than the happiness of being embarrassed previously, it is like an average person being given the code to launch nuclear bombs!

Her courage increases rapidly!  The flock of birds flies back, passionately singing in Shan Shan’s head: Rise up!  Ordinary citizens should refuse to be slaves!

It has to be admitted, the national anthem is worthy of being the national anthem, it is very inspiring, Shan Shan is inspired, looks directly at Feng Teng and says heroically: “I, I don’t like you!”

While Feng Teng is stunned, Shan Shan continues: “Because President, you’re too childish!”

The world is silent.

Feng Teng’s face cannot be described by any language, he hisses out three words: “Xue Shan Shan!”

Shan Shan thinks she can see a flames burning on Big Boss’s head.

I, I am not afraid of you!

The worst you can do is fire me!

Shan Shan continues to stutter: “If you fire me because of this, then you are very childish!”

At first Feng Teng’s body had been taunt, then he gradually relaxes, at this moment he smiles.

“I won’t fire you.”

Shan Shan is scared by his smile, “I, I must go inside.”

“All right.” Feng Teng easily unlocks the car door.

Shan Shan gets out of the car quickly, at the stairway Feng Teng suddenly calls out to stop her.

“Shan Shan.”

What?  Shan Shan turns around hesitantly.  And please do not use that affectionate tone, I have just rejected you.

Feng Teng opens his car door, steps out, her jacket in his hands.

“You forgot your jacket.”

Then he opens up the jacket, attentively puts it on her.

“Shan Shan, we have a lot of time.” He smiles and whispers in her ear. “Good night.”

“…… Good night.”

Shan Shan shakily watches the white sports car disappear into the night, partly from of the cold, partly from Big Boss’s scary smile ……

But she is no longer afraid of him!  Shan Shan is filled with confidence once again.

Big Boss, just you wait!  Tomorrow, I’ll show you what a little sneak is capable of, oh wait, she is not a sneak, she is more like a slave ……

That is not right either!

Oh, it does not matter, does not matter!  The important thing is her mood is excellent.

So excellent that she runs up the stairs.

So excellent that she turns on her computer to fight Boss in an online game.

So excellent that she goes to bed.

To dream again.

It is still the vast field of green grass.

The tiger spits out the white rabbit from its mouth, saying proudly: “So you like me.”

The white rabbit asks in surprise: “How do you know?”

The tiger’s tail swings side to side triumphantly: “Because I just ate you into my heart.”

This tiger is not knowledgeable at all, the white rabbit looks at it scornfully.  Food will go down to the stomach, not the heart.

But …… not necessarily, this is a tiger not a small rabbit, maybe tigers are different?

So the thumping thumping that sound like “white rabbit” “white rabbit” is the heart of the mighty tiger?

The tiger swings its tail, invites the white rabbit: “Do you want to go into my garden? My garden is very beautiful, suitable for a small rabbit, and there are a lot of delicious grass.”

A lot of delicious grass?  The rabbit’s heart is tempted, but it still hesitates: “But, but ……”

“But what?  Speak quickly!”  The tiger impatiently pats its paws.

“But you can’t bully me.”  The white rabbit says bravely: “You have to listen to me. You can’t make me do this or that. Also, you have to eat grass with me.”

“Eat grass?”  The tiger says reluctantly.

“Yes! Grass.”  If not, you will eat me one day?

The white rabbit says: “You can’t be a picky eater. You can’t choose to eat this kind of grass but not that kind of grass.”

“All right, all right, I promise!” The tiger waves a paw and readily agrees: “So you’ll come with me to my garden?”

“Yes.”  The white rabbit nods, its ears hang down in shyness.

“Get on my back, I’ll take you.”

“You kneel down. You’re so tall. I can’t get up there.”

The giant tiger kneels down willingly. The white rabbit hops on, grabbing the fur on the tiger’s back and calling out courageously: “Majestic tiger, let’s go, hurry up.”

The tiger carries the small white rabbit and soar over the field of grass, over the river, through the forest. Beyond the forest is the beautiful garden of the tiger.

The tiger thinks, wait until we get to the garden. I will tell the white rabbit – –

If a tiger is ferocious to a small rabbit, this means it wants eat the rabbit in one big gulp.

If a tiger is gentle to a small rabbit, this means it wants to fatten up the rabbit, then eats it slowly.

And the tiger will slowly teach the rabbit to like eating meat ……

The moonlight in the city shines into all the bedrooms that do not have the curtains drawn.

Shan Shan hugs a pillow, sleeping under the tender moonlight, a sweet smile on her lips.

Author’s Note: This is the original planned ending. It can be considered an outcome that is filled with implications as it needs not be written too clearly. The happiness is right in front of you.

10 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 18)

  1. The last chapter of Shan Shan’s first part, cuteeeee as always.

    Way to go, Shan Shan, tells straight to your boss face that he is so childish (he truly is, like a boy who all he can do is bully the girl he like * v *), well. Congrats on your first and only time that you can win against him 😛

    FT is really… he can tell lies with such straight face and then act so full-of-himself when SS blames him.. OMG ^^~ I think his skin is thick (like Dong Hua =)) ) too 😀

    • Hey, greeting fr Beijing ! I have problem accessing my wordpress account, maybe on the banned list, lol. I went to the book shop today and saw so many novels but I cannot read, bah. I cannot find Shan Shan but saw He Yi Sheng Zhao Mo. Also saw a whole shelf of tong Hua and xin yin wu’s novels, so I guess they are the most popular.

      I am going again to the bookshop tomorrow with my dad so should be able to find and buy my Shan Shan since he can read Chinese. Yah FT is so full of himself accusing Shan Shan of liking him first. I am glad she rejected him, serve him right, haha…

      • Wow ^^ I’m so jealous of you, I wanna go Beijing too T^T

        Shan Shan is realsed quite long ago and it is famous, so I get the books are run out of now ^^

        Have a nice holiday ^O^

        • Oh, no need to be jealous as BJ isn’t that great especially the yucky toilets, bah. With facebook, youtube and blogspot, wordpress is also banned in China. Sob, sob, i miss my blog.I bought He Yi Sheng, Shan Shan and The Pillow Book. Later need to learn how to read them, heehee…Btw, Gu Man gonna release her new book in mid July, yeah. You like Shan Shan’s Song?

          • So many social networks are banned in China, eh? I wonder why, in my country, only FB (and sometimes WordPress too) is banned 😦 but there are many ways to access to these pages ^^~ You have FB account too?
            And what is Shan Shan’s Song?

        • Because those sites cannot be censored. China has their own similar version eg tudou, Youku, QQ, weibo etc. You live in Vietnam? Yah, I have fb account because I do not live in china, haha….Shan Shan’s song is the radio drama song I just translated and posted, very cute. Lidge likes it eventhough she cannot understand any Chinese, lol.

  2. FINALLY CAUGHT UP! AND OMG…. LMAO. FengTeng and Shan Shan are adorable beyond words… and as he whispers good night to her, I can’t help but swoon. Thanks so much for translating, and can’t wait for you to come back and translate more. lol

    • Welcome back to Shan Shan and the blog number one supporter, lol. I just finished translating chapter 19, waiting for Lidge to proof read then it’ll be posted:)

  3. I feel like the only one that didn’t really like the novel up to here. I like the mc, but the whole story is her being tricked and bullied by the boss. The whole relationship is so one sided. I don’t mind some cute teasing and bullying, but he is never really nice to her and always threatening her.

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