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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 19)



I am doing the translation from now onwards so give some face and leave some glowing comments, otherwise I’ll go on a strike, lol.  I need to warn my readers that you may feel the story is not as hilarious as before because Lidge has translated the best parts of the book. Also, my translation skill may be not up to scratch:( Anyway, for those who love Shan Shan & Feng Teng, it is still good but do adjust your expectations.

Chapter 19 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Shan Shan sleeps until about ten o’clock the next day, opens her eyes, drowsily puts on her clothes and slippers before stepping into the bathroom. She also drowsily squeezes the toothpaste to begin brushing her teeth, brush ah brush …… brush ah brush…. brush brush brush ……

Suddenly, Shan Shan bites the toothbrush!

No, impossible ……

Shan Shan raises her head, opens her eyes wide and looks at her reflection in the mirror.

Is she not awake yet, if not then she must be drunk so she is hallucinating. How she remembers, remembers Big Boss made a love confession to her last night? And she courageously rejected him?!

Rejected ……

Shan Shan almost snaps the toothbrush.

Hastily finish brushing her teeth, Shan Shan does not even change her pajamas, just puts on a long down-filled coat and runs downstairs. In fact, she does not know why she is running down, merely driven by an urge to take a look at the scene of her hallucination.

As it turns out, no one is downstairs, the alley is deserted which is similar to a bleak winter scene. Shan Shan stands for a while at the spot where Feng Teng parked his car last night, looking at the ground, then looking up at the sky ……

Even though she remembers every word very clearly, but, but it certainly is an illusion …..

How could she be so daring to resist Big Boss?

No, no, the main point is how is it possible that Big Boss hinted something to her.

While trying to hypnotize herself, Shan Shan walks upstairs and coincidentally the aunt who lives next to her is coming down.  When the aunt sees her, she smilingly asks: “Little girl, where are you going?”

Although the relationship between neighbors in a big city is cold and detached, Shan Shan is a lovely child who is well-liked, every time she will obediently greet everyone and help them to carry their shopping bags, gradually they become familiar with each other.

“Hehe, aunt is going out ah? I am just walking around.” Shan Shan is aware that her messy look is making her appear strange so after the greeting she wants to leave immediately, but unexpectedly the aunt enthusiastically walks over.

“Last night, the guy who sent you back is your boyfriend?”

“Ah?” Last night? Boyfriend? Shan Shan is trembling.

“Quite tall and good-looking, has a car so must be quite well-to-do?”


Shanshan’s smile is frozen.

Ah ah ah!

Shan Shan’s heart flutters all the way when she dashes back to her room and throws herself on the bed.

Actually it is not an illusion … I am finished, finished, she actually rejected Big Boss’s confession, confession ar! Big Boss, why you do not make an appointment in advance to make your love confession, very impulsive ah!

For a moment, Shan Shan’s heart condition is like after the passing of a gale, disorder and messy. However, like small bubbles floating from the bottom of the heart, there is undeniable joy.

Like him or not?

Shan Shan has never thought about it, not even a trace of such thought. However, if she does not have a trace of such thought, then why is her heart surging turbulently now?

Frightening ah! How did that come about, obviously before yesterday, she did not have any thought on Big Boss ah …..

She could not help but remembers what Feng Teng said.

Why did you come to my office every day, because I commanded you?

Why did you eat with me, because I commanded you?

Of course, because you commanded me!

Shan Shan answers righteously in the heart.

But there is a faint voice justifying itself: Seems like it is not entirely true……

So in fact, all this while she has been deceiving herself as well as others, burying one’s head in the sand?

…… Shan Shan personally also feels she has difficulty understanding herself.

But, but, anyway. Big Boss has confessed.

Shan Shan covers her face with her hands, feels her cheeks are hot and her heart’s joyful soft singing sound seems like singing increasingly loud so she could not lie down anymore. She gets up and quickly finishes putting on her clothes and shoes.

She wants to go to crowded places.

Go to dinner, go shopping, go to the supermarket, even to stroll around the streets, randomly doing anything is good, otherwise her increasingly moody emotion will explode.

She cannot pretend anymore, must find release for the unknown things filling up her heart.

When she is walking on the street, her pace seems more brisk than usual. Obviously she is still walking on the street, but the brain actually feels that she is running on the road.

She stops thinking and follows the crowd to get out of the subway station. Standing in the crowded central square, Shan Shan feels baffled, how come she unconsciously arrives here?

However, this is not important.

Standing in this place at this moment, she feels that everything is so wonderful.

The sky is bright.

The northwest wind is gentle and warm.

The marble floor feels as soft as the grass.

Everything looks extremely vivid and clear.

Even the uncles who pass by are so cute.

Shan Shan walks many rounds in the business district and finally exhausted, she sits on a roadside bench moaning and groaning continually.

Xue Shan Shan ar,  Xue Shan Shan, you are finished. Big Boss only confessed casually, you go so far as to become infatuated with the entire world!

She just sits on the bench in the wintry public square, does not even feel the cold, so much so that her cheeks are flushed. Shan Shan sits there foolishly for quite a while. She takes out her mobile phone, flips to the directory and stares blankly at the two words “Feng Teng”.

At the time when her mind has wandered elsewhere, the mobile phone starts to ring.

Shan Shan‘s heart is trembling. Suddenly the heart is beating rapidly until she sees the Caller ID is “Lu Shuang Yi”, her heart beats slowly and begins to stabilize.

She answers the call in a combined disappointed but relaxed voice: “Hello, Shuang Yi.”

“Shan Shan ar, are you awake yet?”

“….. You think I am like you, ah =  =” People who sleep in every day has no ground to discuss when to get out of bed with office workers, so unfair.

“Hey, I want to ask you when are you returning home this year?”

“I plan to take the night train two days before Lunar New Year.”

“Oh oh oh, then I am going back earlier than you. Hey, it is the Spring Festival, so take care of yourself.”

Shuang Yi’s tone sounds like she will rejoice in Shan Shan’s misfortune, but Shan Shan’s mind is not paying any attention so she did not listen carefully to what she said. Involuntarily, she says: “Shuang Yi, I have something to ask you.”

“What? Say quickly, I want to do some updating immediately la.”

Shan Shan is about to say it yet is unable to say it, hesitates for a long time, says: “Forget about it, you go and get busy. I will talk to you when I see you back home.”

“Tell me now!” Shuang Yi fiercely says, “I find it annoying when people tell half the story, just as hateful as authors who do not update after writing the suspenseful parts.”

“…..Oh.” Shan Shan hesitates for a moment, “Shuang Yi, if there is a very strong and perfect man making a love confession to a very ordinary woman, what to do?”

“Oh, if it is a novel, the leading female should quickly accept ah, then the author can finish writing the book, hehe hehe.”

“…..If it is not a novel?”

“Ah? Then it is like gold card from heaven, quickly pick it up!” Shuang Yi laughs very loudly, then speaks firmly, “However just take a good look and touch it, then quickly throw it away.”


“Dummie!”  Shuang Yi who is acting very wisely and farsighted says, “What is the use of picking up a gold card when you do not know the password?!”

8 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 19)

  1. Ah ah ah, Shan Shan… the silly little maiden in love ar ^^~ So messy and adorable ❤

    It's true that this part is not as funny as the first part, but I still like it equally, mostly 'cuz Shan Shan is slowly growing up and accepting Feng Teng's love as strongly and equally as him give to her 🙂 The way Gu Man writes this part is also light and natural so there is no offense to it, 🙂

    I like this part 'cuz we'll know how much Feng Teng loves Shan Shan in it and also his pervert side, lol.

    • Hey Shan Shan’s super fan, I didn’t forget abt the radio drama. I tried doing a brief sub for you but it took me longer than I anticipated:( I am only half done with part one of echo of wing drama & will finish it tonite then email you:)

      I think part 1 is funny but part 2 is romantic especially what happened in the cabbage field plus watching tv together, lol. Actually I’ve not finished reading the book. Will read it as I translate, heehee…

      • Really? You’re still not finished reading the book? :O Then there’s more for you in the end… ^^~ FT’s feelings are shown more in this part therefore it’s more romantic and maturing ^^~ The later part of this is coming back to the funny side of part 1 ar ^^~ I feel a little sad reaching the ending of the story, having to say goodbye to them 😦

        And thanks for the sub ^^~ I’m happily waiting 😀 Just do it when you want and have time ^^~

  2. You’re too humble! Your translation is wonderful and we appreciate it so much. Thank yooUUuu!!

  3. Thank you sooo much! I’m reading this all now, and I’m going through many stories because it’s so easy to read! By far you are perhaps one of my most favorite translators because everything is so smooth! It’s all hilarious too, I love the stories you have chosen to translate. Without you I wouldn’t have anything to do while I was procrastinating and then I’d actually study and make myself fall asleep. Thank you very much ❤

  4. Birds of same feather flocks together its so Real! HAHAHA shuang Yi is funneh.

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