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Gu Man Comic Booklet – Gui Man’s Jiong Ji (Part 1)



I am sure all of you already know I bought the book, Come & Eat, Shan Shan in Beijing:) It includes a comic booklet called Gui Man Jiong Ji. Gui means turtle. Jiong – 囧 originally means bright. But now, it is the coolest word on the web. Many young people like to use it in online chat). Ji means to record / to note / to remember / mark / sign. The cartoons have nothing to do with the story but are just a record of Gu Man’s experiences? The last one is the free poster which relates to the story. With great difficulty since I cannot use google translate, I’ve translated them with the help of my dad and good friend. I don’t really find them funny but they look pretty cute so enjoy looking at them.


The doll figure: Oh, you are eating supper again! That will make you fat!

Gu Man: Do you know what it means by “Horse won’t get fat if it does not eat grass at night”?

The doll figure: ?

Gu Man: If a writer does not eat at night, her writings won’t be rich (fat).

The doll figure: …….Oh yea, so that means you always stayed hungry before?

Gu Man: It’s so windy here, so I can’t hear you.


Played too much computer game, I am having a sniff neck & headache….

Haha…..Luckily, I can always claim workers compensation:P


I am very anxious when I’ve writer’s block.

I feel very excited when I’ve flashes of inspiration……

When I was walking on the road, suddenly I’ve many creative ideas.

But when I arrive home and want to write them down, I forgot everything! 😦


Such a nice day to update my internet novel!

Type, type, type….

Oh no, my computer hung up and I have lost everything!

I might as well not wake up to update, wasted my time!

Going back to bed in tears:(


It has stopped raining so I am going out with my laptop to update my novel!

Oh no, why is it suddenly raining?

I am all wet when I arrive at the destinated place.

What? I’ve an umbrella in my handbag all along !!!!


Wah ! So nice !

Wow !

Ka Si Le….!

As an author, I’ll not buy a bag with the brand name ‘Ka Si Le’! (pun on the brand name which also means ‘jam’. I think she doesn’t wanna get ‘writer’s block’)


Shan Shan (playing computer game) is elated: “Finally, I killed the Boss!”

Feng Teng (reading): “Ah? Oh, you have taken revenge for last night?”

Shan Shan is fuming: “…… I want to play again.”

Feng Teng looks out the window at the sky: “So early? But, since you requested ……”

He puts down the book and stands up ……

Shan Shan: “Hey, why are you doing!?”

Feng Teng: “Don’t you want to play again?”

7 thoughts on “Gu Man Comic Booklet – Gui Man’s Jiong Ji (Part 1)

  1. Haha!! The last part was so funny. Oh Feng Teng, why are you still playing with the innocent Shan Shan.

    Thanks for translating the last time! I appreciate the hard work you guys put in it!

    • Thank you for your comment. It is really hard work since we can’t read Chinese. But we enjoy every moment of it, sharing our joy & laughters with all of you.

  2. At first, I thought it was nice of your dad to indulge you and help you translate. Now after reading the comic, I’m jealous that you have an awesome dad who puts up with your nonsense 😛

  3. I always love the chibi version of Gu Man, it’s so cute ^^~
    Why is Gu Man in real life just like Shan Shan? So… oblivious and fluffy x_x Haha, but it’s like Lidge said, those are really funny nonsense 😀 Your dad is so awesome ^^~

    And the last part, ew… pervert as always, Feng Teng! You’ve must be very strong, indeed *smirking*

    • IF GM is not like SS, how can she have written SS so well, lol? Yes, yes, my dad complained while reading them to me, aiya who wrote all these nonsense, lol? Then he said that person has poor Chinese language skill and is a dummie, lol. Still have 4 more parts to be translated but I gonna do it on a monthly basis or else my dad will get annoyed, haha….

      I’ll email you the radiodrama English script at the weekend. Meant to finish it but I got distracted, lol.

  4. “I am very anxious when I’ve writer’s block. I feel very excited when I’ve flashes of inspiration. When I was walking on the road, suddenly I’ve many creative ideas.But when I arrive home and want to write them down, I forgot everything”
    LMAO. I relate to this soooo well. lol
    And that last scene. XD…. Feng Teng and Shan Shan… LMAO
    Thank you for sharing as always! ❤

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