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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 20)



Oh, our Shan Shan is feeling out of sort after Feng Teng’s love confession. With a heavy heart, she is returning home to celebrate the Lunar New Year, but something goes wrong at the train station. Guess who is the knight in shining armour who will come to her rescue, which will be in the next chapter:P?

Chapter 20 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Shan Shan holding the mobile phone is stumped for words.

She has never been in love, but during the few years in university, she saw her roommates dating one by one. There was a girl in the dormitory who once said, when finding a boyfriend you must find one you can understand, find a man you can see through and understand, otherwise no matter how good or even the best, you also must think twice.

In other words, you need to know his password.

Big Boss ……

No need to mention the password, even where to enter the password she also does not know……

Like a bucket of ice water pour down her head, Shan Shan’s surging emotion suddenly cools down.

Suddenly, Shuang Yi, who is still on the other end of the line, realizes something is wrong and suspiciously asks: “Shan Shan, the one you mentioned is not yourself, right?”

“…… No.” Shan Shan is denying it without much spirit.

“Ha ha ha, I know it will not be you. Aiya, you are just like me. Even if you manage to pick up a card, maybe it is an unpaid credit card ……”

Shan Shan: “……”

After hanging up the phone, Shan Shan does not have the mood to continue shopping anymore so she unhappily returns home. On the way home, she goes to eat beef noodles, but she has no appetite at all. Even though she is a little hungry, yet she cannot finish the remainder of the noodles no matter how hard she tries.

The following day, she has to go to work.

Shan Shan spends the next few days being busy and distracted.

She does not go upstairs to eat, Feng Teng also does not ask her. She waits for news from Linda but all in vain. Only A May sends her a message complaining that she has been very busy.

It seems this is more like a normal world, a normal life, but Shan Shan suddenly realizes this kind of world is not likeable, making people feel depressed and lacking strength.

Fortunately, there are other matters that are able to distract her attention.

Her landlord wants to sell the house she is renting, seemingly because he is in need of money desperately so he cannot wait until the end of the year. Thus, Shan Shan must move out at the beginning of the year. However, it is impossible to find a rental accommodation in such a short time, and she is also very busy with the year-end accounts closing. Eventually, she manages to contact her university friend who is also working on the small floor as her called Da Hua. She agrees to let her put her luggage at her place until Lunar New Year. As for looking for a rental accommodation,  it will have to wait until the Spring Festival is over.

Because the landlord breaches the contract, he compensates two months of rent to Shan Shan, which amount to a few thousand dollars. Getting such a windfall, usually Shan Shan will be very happy, but she has no feelings at all now.

She doesn’t even have the energy to feel delighted.

The annual accounts closing is completed, and the Spring Festival is around the corner. Finally, the staff in the office has a bit of free time to chat about their Lunar New Year plans. Shan Shan finishes the job at hand and unconsciously go online.

“Xue Shan Shan.”

Plop! Hearing someone calling her, Shan Shan quickly closes the webpage.

“Hey, Shan Shan, why are you looking at the company‘s webpage?”

A Jia has such sharp eyes to notice the webpage she has just closed is the company’s homepage which has the photos of their President hosting the recent visit of some high-level officials.

“Uh ……” In fact, she does not know why, unconsciously she just clicked on it ……

Shan Shan quickly changes the topic: “What can I do for you?”

After hearing her question, A Jia smiles brightly and asks, “Shan Shan, when are you going home, ah?”

“Two days before Lunar New Year, ah, night ticket.”

Shan Shan’s home is in G province, to go back she has to take more than ten hours of train ride, then still has to take another bus ride, it is frustrating. It is estimated when she arrives home, it will be time to eat Lunar New Year’s Eve family dinner.

“It is like this, initially our family had intended to return home on New Year’s Eve morning tickets, but at the last minute we decide to go to Hainan to celebrate the New Year. You see, we have no time to go to the train station so when you leave, can you please help us return the tickets? ”

“Okay, no problem.”

Shan Shan readily agrees. Anyway, she is going to the train station so returning the tickets is merely a little favour.

A Jia expresses her gratitude repeatedly: “Ha ha, Shan Shan, thank you ah, I will treat you to dinner later.”

After her colleague leaves, Shan Shan is caught up in her own little world again.

I have to go home tomorrow la, President, is your action just a whim, a whim only?

The office is very lively, but Shan Shan feels out of place. She is lost in thought for a moment, then takes out the mobile phone and quietly types three words ——

Happy New Year.

Then she configures the SMS to be sent automatically at eight o’clock at night on Lunar New Year’s Eve.

The recipient is Feng Teng.

Then she exhales a long breath.

Is her gesture, placing herself on a field of death and she will have to fight to live?

What are you afraid of Xue Shan Shan? At worst, Big Boss will say he was just kidding, but if she is not clear about it, she is afraid she will not have a happy New Year!

She does not know whether this will give her an explanation or a conclusion. Anyway, after doing it, her whole body seems a little more relaxed.

In the blink of an eye, the holiday has arrived. On the eve of Lunar New Year, Shan Shan takes her packed belongings to Da Hua’s place. Then she drags her luggage to the train station.

This is Shan Shan‘s first working year and also the first time she has first-hand experience of the extremely high traffic load during Spring Festival travel season. While in previous years, she also had to go home from school, but the school holidays were relatively earlier. Whereas now, the train station is so crowded that it is hard to find a spot to stand, and the air is so stuffy making people feel uncomfortable.

Shan Shan feels a little regret that in order to save some money, she did not buy an air ticket. When she manages to find the ticket refund counter, to help her colleague to return her tickets, she also sees a long queue.

A lot of people are crowding around there, non-stop asking others whether they have ticket to somewhere, wanting to buy tickets from those who want to return their tickets. Among them is a man who keeps on asking if there is ticket to H city. Shan Shan can’t help but glance at him.

That man is very alert as he immediately runs up to ask Shan Shan: “Miss, are you returning train tickets to H City?”

Shan Shan nods her head, the man is pleasantly surprised and asks: “How many do you have?”

“Three tickets.”

“Great, I just want three tickets.” That man is even more joyous and promptly asks: “Can you sell me the tickets at the original price? Our family has been waiting here for most of the day but to no avail.”

Shan Shan looks at the old clothes worn by the family, showing that they are not well-off and says: “I am returning the tickets for other people so you only need to give me the refund money.”

On the contrary that man starts to hesitate and looks at her suspiciously, “Your tickets are genuine, right?”

Shan Shan is getting annoyed as she does not expect her kindness to be mistaken as selling fake tickets so she bluntly replies: “It is okay if you don‘t want them.”

“I want them. I want them.”

After the man hears what she said, he quickly takes out a few hundred yuans to pay.

Shan Shan takes the money, carefully checks that there is nothing wrong with it, then gives the tickets to him. That man takes the tickets and leaves. Shan Shan drags her luggage, planning to go to the supermarket in the waiting area to buy some snacks to eat on the train.

She still needs to wait for more than an hour so there is no hurry. She slowly chooses a few snacks then goes to the counter to queue up to make payment. Surprisingly, after she comes out from the supermarket, she sees that man who she has just sold the tickets to. He is leading two police officers to stand in front of her, pointing at Shan Shan and angrily says: “It’s her! I bought the fake tickets from her!”

Shan Shan is baffled.

13 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 20)

  1. i miss feng teng. i don’t see him in 2 chapter already 😦

    • So do I, so do I:( I promise you, he’ll definitely be in the next chapter & it’ll be good, lol. But I need a lot more time to translate as it is a rather long chapter.

  2. oh, goodness. She’s conned.

  3. From this chapter, our little SS slowly grows up ar ^^~
    I’m looking forward to the next chapter cuz it’s very sweet ❤ and finally their 1st kiss is near, near, near~~~~~

  4. I just found your website because I was looking for pics from this show. I am just on episode #14 and need to stop because exam season is upon me; however, I love this show and this couple. I wanted to post here because I literally clapped when I saw that you also had synopsis of the novel translated. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This is definitely going to get me through exams because I have the rest of the show to look forward to but also your recaps of both the show and the novel. I feel like I got an early Christmas present!

  5. You guys are godsend and a plague at the same time lol , I’m pulling an all nighter here when I have class to attends in the morning so addicted.

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