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Come & Eat, Shan Shan Radio Drama with English Subtitles (Part 1)



Shan Shan’s number one fan requested me to translate the script of the radio drama. I took some time to do the subtitles and also emailed a copy to Lidge. She said the radio drama is too super duper cute and funny so I should post it. Initially, I didn’t want to post it because it is kind of a summary of chapters 1 to 7. However, the radio drama is just too good and nice. You must listen to it even though you’ve read our translations especially if you miss Feng Teng 😛 For those who didn’t read the translations, you also should listen. I find Shan Shan’s voice very cute and Lidge thinks that Feng Teng sounds sexy. Thus, I am sharing it with all my readers so everyone can become a Shan Shan maniac, lol.Echo of Wings Radio Drama – Part 1 or 

Chapter 1

“Shan Shan, have you done ABC’s accounts?”
“Yes, soon.”
“Have you given the accounts to DEF dept?”
“I have sent them yesterday.”
“Shan Shan, don’t forget GHI dept’s accounts.”
“Ok, I’ll do it immediately.”
“It is national holiday, but we’ve to work overtime.”
“Every month end, we are also this busy.”
“Yes ar, so tiring, I am going home now, bye bye everyone.”
(Come & Eat, Shan Shan – Part 1. Welcome to Listen!)
1.21 “Hello!”
“Hello, are you Miss Xue Shan Shan?”
“This is Hospital XX. Please come immediately to the maternity ward of Hospital XX.”
“Oh, okay.”
“Miss Xue, please bring your…….”
What did I just hear? Hospital?
Hopefully, something has not happened to my father.
2.15  “Are you Miss Xue Shan Shan?”
“Please come with us.”
Isn’t father at home so he wouldn’t be appearing here?
Just now on the phone, the person said maternity ward. I must have made a mistake. Then who called me just now?
These guys look like triad members.
3.12 “Miss Xua Shan Shan, please save my wife.”
“That ……” Can someone explain what is happening? Also, who is this man crushing my hands in his grips?
“Yan Qing, let her go.”
“Urgh.” This man has just come from a cocktail party.
“Xue Shan Shan?”
“Blood group AB – RH negative?”
“My sister and you have the same rare blood type. She’s just been admitted into the maternity ward waiting to give birth, but the blood bank is running low. To prevent any mishap, please wait here in case we need your help.”
So this is what everything is about.
“No problem, no problem at all. This blood is rare to find. Take as much as you want.”
“Actually ….. Can I ask a question?”
“Go ahead.”
“Umm …… Who are you people? Also, how did they know how to contact me?”
“I’m Feng Teng.”
“Arrrrrh, do I know you?”
“Miss Xue, you’re an employee of Feng Teng Corporation. When you were trained as a new employee, did you not learn about the history of the company or visit the company’s website?”
“Errrh! Feng Teng ….. Feng Teng ……Feng Teng…. You are the President?”
4.56 “Miss, it’ll take about ten minute to pump the blood.”
“Miss Feng is out of danger.”
“Miss Xue, thank you very much. If not because of you, Feng Yue will…”
“You are welcome. Small matter only. It is good that she is safe. Then I’ll go home lah”
“Aiya, capitalists are really blood sucking, without any compassion, without any compassion.”
“Go home.”
“Boss, didn’t you say you wanted to take Miss Xue home?”
“Not anymore.”

“Capitalists have no compassion.”

Chapter 2

6.00 “Shan Shan, such little things, you also can make mistakes. You are useless. Third-rate University, third-rate education. Don’t know why Human Resources selected you. You better think of a way to pass the probation period.”
I also don’t know how I got accepted. Initially, I didn’t harbor much hope. Forget about it, I’ll redo them.
“Who is Miss Xue Shan Shan?”
“I am.”
“Isn’t that Linda, the President’s senior secretary? Why is she here?”
It cannot be, signing off on wrong reports with missing data, even upper management is alerted? Even someone who has not finished her lunch has been sent here to get me ……
“Miss Xue, how are you? I’m Linda. President Feng told me to bring you lunch.”
Ha! President Feng? Lunch?
(It can’t be …… Xue Shan Shan’s supporter …… is, is actually the President?……)
“OK, Miss Xue, you hold it carefully. I am leaving.”

Rice, fried liver, fried beef, boiled spinach, seaweed salad, fried mushrooms and eggs, carrot slices, a red bean soup with sweet apples. These food ….. replenish blood, right? Something has happened to Big Boss’s sister again? Big Boss wants to fatten me up because he needs more blood?

Chapter 3

7.52 “Miss Xue, how are you? I am Ah May, this is the lunch President Feng asked me to send you.”
“Thank you.”
“Miss Xue, how are you? I am Ah Vi, this is the lunch President Feng asked me to send you.”
“Thank you.” (Repeat twice with different senders)
Arrrgh! I am always willing to donate the blood I have nurtured in my body for 20 years, but please do not make me eat anymore pork liver …… let me eat something else …… How much blood is needed that I have to eat this for 2 weeks ……
“Miss Xue, how are you? I am Amy, this is the lunch President Feng asked me to send you.”
“Amy, I want to have a few words with you.”
“Please say.”
“Thanks to the company for being so warm, making me very happy to work here. Thanks to the President for such good employee benefits. Thank you all of you for sending me lunch daily. Actually, the President needs not do this. Even without lunch, I am willing to jump through hoops for the company and can donate at least 400cc of blood, so beginning from tomorrow there is no need to bring me food.”
“I’m acting according to the President’s order. Miss Xue, if you have any other ideas, you better talk to the President directly.”
9.24 “Miss Xue, how are you? I am Angel, this is the your lunch as well as your invitation card.”
Ar, invitation card?
A banquet for the baby celebrating one month will be held on November 2, 2007, Friday night, 8pm. Yan Qing and Feng Yue respectfully invite Miss Xue Shan Shan. Location: Club KY.
Club KY? Glad it would not be a five-star hotel.
“Club KY? It’s said it is based on membership, very mysterious.”
“Argh, based on membership?”
10.24 Party dress, OK. High heel shoes, OK. Gift , OK. Let’s go.
“Miss Xue is going to the banquet? Better get in, and we’ll take you too.”
“All right, thank you. It is hard to find a taxi at the end of the week.”

Urgh,  Pre.. President. Mr. Senior Assistant, I have never offended you ……Why did you not tell me the President is in the car?

Chapter 4

11.10 “President, hello!”
“Miss Xue, get in quickly.”
“Ah, all right.”
“This is the gift, Miss Xue has prepared?”
“Very interesting.”
“Really? I also think these toy ducks are cute, they also sing, each one sings a different song.”
“Feng Teng pays you a low salary?”
“Not low …… uh …… very high ……Pre …… President, these toy ducks may look ordinary, but in fact ……”
These toy ducks can sing, can swim, most importantly, the toy ducks are brand name! Brand name, do you understand? Very expensive! Even more expensive than ducks that can be eaten!
“In fact what?”
“In fact …… these toy ducks are ordinary.”
“Hello! OK. Senior Assistant Fang, takes her upstairs when we get there, Feng Yue wants to see her.”
Feng Yue? That is Big Boss’s sister.
13.03 “You’re Miss Xue, thank you for your help. Otherwise, I would have died.”
“Oh no, I didn’t do anything.”
“Miss Xue, do you like the food?”
“I told the cook to make your lunch and my brother’s lunch together, did you not eat the food?”
“I have, I have.”
Oh, it is Miss Feng’s order. Of course, Big Boss is arrogant, how can he think of giving a little employee lunch? If blood is needed, directly commanding my presence sounds more like him.
“Do you like the food?”
“It’s delicious, it’s delicious. It’s too much trouble for you.”
“It’s no trouble!”
“My brother is very picky about his food. Every day, our cook has to make lunch to bring to him so making another lunch for you is easy. I know people who work for Feng Teng are hardworking to the point they eat bread for lunch. You lost a lot of blood so you need to eat well.”
This elite lady is very considerate.
“This gift is for the baby?”
“Yes. These ducks can swim and sing.”
“I was afraid people would give money. That’s empty, not putting in any effort. Did you know that at first when I asked my brother how to thank you, he said to write you a check, but I think that’s insulting ……”

Ah! Elite lady, why did you not let Big Boss insult me!? I want to be insulted ……

Chapter 5

14.30 Check and pork liver…..…Arrrrrrr!!!
“What is wrong, Miss Xue?”
“Delivering lunch every day is too much trouble, you don’t have to do it anymore, haha.”
“All right, you work in an office so it’s bad if you receive special treatment.”
“Miss Xue, please excuse me.”
“Okay, you get busy, I’ll hang around.”
15.10 In order to attend this feast, my purse has become thinner so now I must find a secluded spot to eat as much as possible.
Urgh! Why am I the only person sitting at this table? One person hoarding a table is not good, but there isn’t any empty seat at the surrounding tables. What am I going to do? Why Big Boss is looking at me so fiercely? Is he blaming me for hoarding the table all by myself?
What is Xue Shan Shan doing? Why is she so lonely all by herself?
Big Boss, I do not mean to hoard the table, you must understand. Why is Big Boss talking to the waiter? Surely, I would not be asked to leave.
“Miss Xue, Mr. Feng invites you to sit at his table.”
Ar, the President’s table in the middle in the front, the host’s table.
“Miss Xue, please come with me.”
16.50  “President, would it not be inappropriate if I sit here?”
“What’s wrong?”
“This table is full of important people, I, uh …… at this time, I’m not an important person yet.”
“If you don’t want to sit here? Then why look at me like that with your eyes?”
“How did I look at you?”
“Your eyes said to me I’ve been abandoned, please save me.”
Big Boss, you are mistaken. My eyes were obviously pleading with you not to deduct my salary. My Eyes Betray My Heart? Big Boss, your ability to decipher eye messages is very impressive.
“President, I’ve to take care of some family affair, I’ll go first.”
“President, I also want to get going.”
“Then President, I also want to leave.”
“Leave later, see the guests off with me first.”
President, I’m also a guest. I even brought a gift.
“You want to leave early? The boss hasn’t leave, can the employee go first?”

“Of course not! I’ll stay to see the guests off …… see the guests off.”

Chapter 6

18.15 “President Feng, thank you for your hospitality.”
“Good bye.”
“Good bye.” (Repeat once)
Why did Big Boss tell me to stand beside him, yet he can handle everything? Past ten o’clock, my taxi fare, ahhh….
“What are you doing?”
“Checking the time, after midnight, it’s expensive to call a taxi.”
“Uh, President.”
How could I have spoken the truth?
“When this is over, I will get someone to take you home.”
“Thank you, President!”
Yoh yoh yoh, I can save 50 yuans.
19.25 “Get in, bah.”
What is happening?
“Hmmm. President, you said you will have a person drive me home, where is the driver?”
“I’m not a person?”
Big Boss, you are not an ordinary person, even if you are, you would belong to the tribe that eats other humans.
“Why are you standing there? Get in.”
“Orrrrrrrrh, hehe.”
20.25 ABC Beef Noodles. “Stop here, I want to eat beef noodles.”
“Hmm. What do you want to eat?”
Oh no, I’ve been sleeping in Big Boss’ car.
“Aihaha. President …I have a big stomach … Every night, I have to eat … I ate fully at the banquet, really, it’s just everything has been digested …”
“This place?”
“Yes, yes. President, I’ll get off here, goodbye, thank you for taking me home, I’ll call a taxi when I’m done, you don’t have to wait for me.”
Why did you get out of the car?
“Beef noodles, is it?”
“President, you also want to eat this ……?”
“Cannot meh? I’ve digested everything too.”
“Do you think my digestion isn’t as good as yours?”
“No, President, your digestion is #1 in the world.”
“Hold on, let me clean the chair then you can sit.”
The price of your suit is worth a few years of beef noodles.
“Hold on, let me clean the table.”
“All right, President, please sit down.”
“Shan Shan, what do you want to eat?”
“Two small bowls of beef noodles.”
“Today, you only want small bowl?”
“Ahhha, yes.”
“OK, two bowls of noodles.”
Look it look it, cannot eat this, I told you not to come inside.
“President, what is it?”
“Get another bowl, I don’t eat parsleys.”
“Throw away an entire bowl? That’s such a waste, just pick out the parsleys.”
“You’ll do it?”
I’ll do it! I pick & pick. The world is big, but the boss is biggest. I’ve even bled so picking out parsleys from a noodle bowl is nothing.
“President, you can eat now.”
“Not bad.”

Why am I feeling a bit frustrated and empty even though I don’t need to eat pork liver anymore?

Chapter 7

23.40 (Shan Shan is singing)
“Shan Shan is in a good mood today, did something good happen?”
“Yes, something good will happen.”
No need to eat pork liver anymore.
Alas, I can go to the company’s cafeteria to eat grilled ribs.
“Hi, Shan Shan!”
“Ah May, you won’t bring me lunch, will you?”
“I won’t bring them today.”
“That’s good, I’m going to lunch now, I’ll invite you out for a meal when you have time.”
“All right, we can go shopping this Sunday, I need to buy new clothes. Shan Shan, the President didn’t ask me to bring you lunch, but he wants you to come up here to get it.”
“…… Get what?”
“Your lunch.”
“Ah May …… you didn’t hear wrongly, right?”
“Ah May, can you connect me to the President?”
“Well, hold on, let me check first. OK, I’m connecting you.”
“President, I …… I’m Xue Shan Shan.”
“Umm, what is it?”
“President , about lunch, Miss Feng said ……”
“About lunch. Miss Xue, my secretary is not hired to bring you lunch so from now on, you have to come up here to get it.”
(Alas! The President realises this).
“Xue Shan Shan, didn’t you say you’re going to lunch with us, are you going or not?”
“You guys go ahead.”
“You’re not going? Then where are you eating?”
“The 22nd floor.”
“No wonder she’s happy all morning, she’s been promoted from concubine to empress.”
26.00 Never mind, Shan Shan. Miss Feng probably forgot to talk to the cook. Later, I will remind Big Boss so everything will be OK.
“Miss Xue, the President said for you to go to his office directly.”
“Ah, shouldn’t I look for Ah May?”
“Ah May probably went to lunch in the cafeteria already, go inside quickly, don’t keep the President waiting.”
Oh, no. Big Boss is so busy, why concern himself with an employee’s lunch?
“Come in.”
“Don’t just stand there, come over here.”
Oh. Cannot be smitten by Big Boss’s “beauty”, cannot.  The more dangerous the appearance, the more difficult to judge. Big Boss is one such example.
“Wait a minute.”
“The lunchbox is there.”
Alay, a bamboo box with three layers. There are two boxes. Miss Feng thinks I have a bottomless stomach.
“Two lunchboxes…… President, I cannot eat that much.”
“One is mine.”
“President, I …… I can’t continue to eat this. I’ve already told Miss Feng there is no need to give me lunch. She has probably forgotten to talk to the cook. The blood I donated has been replenished. You see my face is very red now.”
This girl is too much.
“I don’t care what she does, you tell her yourself.”
“Uh, President, can you let me know how I can contact her?”
“She flew to Europe yesterday. She’ll come back in about a month.”
Really, then I’ve to eat this for a month?
“Miss Xue, you don’t need to be grateful.”
“I’m not grateful ……”
“Miss Xue, are you embarrassed eating free food?”
“Ah, President, you’re right, I’m very embarrassed.”
“Then you can do something to earn the lunch.”
“……What can I do?”
“Bring the lunchboxes over here.”
“Open this one. Uh, you can pick out the carrots in this dish and the green peppers in this other dish. Do it carefully, like the day you picked out the parsleys.”
What!!!! Pick vegetables!

Shan Shan’s Song is being sung.

7 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan Radio Drama with English Subtitles (Part 1)

  1. OMG OMG… I love love it ❤ Just listened it all over again ❤ The more I listen, the cuter it gets ❤
    So the radio drama was just to chapter 7? 😦 Why is it? I want to hear FT's pervert voice 😦 must sound very sexy aw ^^~

  2. Ahahaha, I’ve listened I think more than 5 times, yet I still don’t get tired of it, lol. I even downloaded & saved it. No, no, the radio drama is until chapter 18 for this one. I still have another 2 parts to sub but you’ve to wait bcos I am busy translating SS chapter 21:P

    I am listening to Wei Wei’s radio drama which is also quite good. Xiao Nai sounds quite dreamy. But dun ask me to sub bcos I dun have time to translate that book which is harder as I am not familiar with the internet language:(

    • Ah ah, I understand 😀 you’ve just subbed to chap 7, eh ^^~
      I don’t really wanna listened to WW’s drama so dont worry, just focus on translating anything related to SS =))

      Ah, and the comic? 😛 You must be very busy 😛

      • Will post part 2 of the radio drama next week. But you have to wait longer for the comic bcos my dad is busy. I am also doing a feature on hua qian gu. Have you read that story? Aiyoyo, so angsty. Luckily I can always come back to Shan Shan to cheer me up:P

  3. Hello there, just want to informed you that all link in part 1-3 of the radio drama are not working. I think they put down the radio drama.. 😦

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