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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 21)



This is a rather long chapter but Feng Teng makes it all worthwhile for me to work so hard on the translation:P Thus, all of you must read carefully and savour it slowly, lol. Yes, our poor Shan Shan is now practically a jailbird!!! Fret not!!! You know who will come to the rescue, wink wink? I find Gu Man is being too subtle. I would have written Feng Teng breaking into the jail to rescue her. Then she’ll be be eternally grateful and decide to follow him to the end of the earth. Haha, I think I read too many wuxia books.

Chapter 21 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Xue Shan Shan is taken to the police station and finds out that the three tickets she was helping her colleague to return are actually fake tickets. She quickly and honestly confesses the source of the tickets and takes the initiative to take out the mobile phone to call A Jia. However, she cannot find her mobile phone in the pockets of her coat. Suddenly, she starts to panic, searching everywhere but still cannot find it. Then, she finds out that even her wallet is missing.

She still had the wallet when she was shopping and paying in the supermarket just now, how can it disappear in the blink of an eye? Could it be that it dropped when she hastily stuffed it into her pocket?

All of a sudden, Shan Shan is stunned.

This time, I am in big trouble! All my money, cards and train ticket are inside my wallet. Without the train ticket, she is unable to prove that she is a genuine train passenger. Although she has the habit of putting her identity card in her suitcase so it is not stolen, at most this can only prove that she is not an unregistered resident.

In addition, she still needs to pay compensation to that man.

Shan Shan is flustered and explains repeatedly: “I really do not know they are fake tickets.”

“Source? I am only trying to help my colleague to return the tickets. Initially, she was going back home but at the last minute decided to go to Hainan. So she gave the tickets to me and asked me to help her to return the tickets.”

“…… I do not know where she bought her tickets, and I cannot contact her now because I cannot remember her phone number ah.”

“Company? I am the employee of Feng Teng. I have a stable job so why would I become a ticket scalper ah.” Finally, Shan Shan is able to find a plausible explanation.

Feng Teng is quite famous in S City so the two police officers look at each other and ask: “How do you prove that?”

Feng Teng.

Suddenly Big Boss’ name pops out from her mind. She can remember his mobile number, but …… how can she lets him know such an embarrassing incident.

Shan Shan subconsciously dismisses the idea, her chaotic and messy brain thinks for a moment, then says: “I remember a colleague’s number.”

A May’s number is very easy to remember so Shan Shan uses the phone in the police station to call her. Fortunately. she does not switch off her phone so it is connected.

“Hello, how are you?”

“A May, I am Shan Shan.” Shan Shan hurriedly asks, “Are you still in S City?”

“Shan Shan? I am still here, how come you are using this number, ah? You should be in the train now, right?”

“No, something has happened.”

It is noisy at A May‘s end, and there is the sound of music, seems like she is at a party. Shan Shan can‘t consider too much as she quickly explain her predicament. Then with great regret and embarrassment, she says: “A May, do you have time now? If you are not busy, can you please bring something to prove that I am an employee. I am at XX police station. ”

“Hold on, please.” She seems to be discussing something with somebody, then returns quickly to the phone and says, “Shan Shan, do not worry. This is a small thing only, I’ll be right over.”

The police see that she managed to contact someone, asks her to sit aside to wait and starts to handle other cases. Finally, Shan Shan’s heart feels calmer and starts to relax. She feels hungry and exhausted. Originally, she was supposed to happily return home, but now the train has already left without her. Whereas she is being detained in the police station, gnawing cold and dry bread.

Fortunately, there is a kindhearted policewoman who gives her a cup of hot water, making her feel better.

She silently finishes eating the bread, lost in thought. Then, she borrows the phone from the police to call her mobile phone, but it has been switched off . Shan Shan knows she will not be able to get her mobile back so she feels more depressed.

After waiting for about an hour, someone finally make an appearance, but it is not A May. Instead, it is Senior Assistant Fang.

Mr. Senior Assistant to the President, as always, is immaculately dressed and smiling from ear to ear. Shan Shan is surprised and asks: “Senior Assistant Fang, how come it is you?”

Senior Assistant Fang smilingly explains: “When you called, A May and I were at a dinner party. A May drank a bit too much so I did not let her come.”

“Oh, so sorry to trouble both of you.” Shan Shan says in embarrassment.

Senior Assistant Fang soothes her: “It’s nothing, don’t worry, we can go back soon.”

Shan Shan nods her head.

She does not know how he did it so quickly. In short, the man leaves satisfactory with twice the compensation. Since the victim is not going to press charges and the police probably is aware that Shan Shan is innocent, they decide to let her off.

Shan Shan hesitates and asks: “I can go now?”

Senior Assistant Fang smilingly says: “Yes, I have already called them before I came.”

Actually, Mr. Senior Assistant is very awesome! Shan Shan follows him out and feeling very grateful, says: “Thank you, Senior Assistant Fang. I will treat you to dinner after Lunar New Year.”

Senior Assistant Fang smiles and drops a bomb: “Miss Xue, you do not need to thank me. President Feng is waiting in the car outside, let’s go.”

Shan Shan’s knees start to go wobbly and her footsteps immediately becoming slow, “Pre…President, Big Boss?”

Senior Assistant Fang is surprised that she appears shocked, “Today, we attended a dinner party organized by the consulate with President Feng. Miss Xue, you didn’t know?”

When he speaks, he is also opening the police station‘s door. Shan Shan subconsciously looks outside and under the light opposite the road and falling snow, she sees Feng Teng’s tall and straight figure leaning against the car.

Totally, totally unprepared ah!

What’s it all about, having the Boss to appear out of the blue? For a split second, Shan Shan feels seeing him is scarier than seeing the police.

Then slowly, Shan Shan walks step by step to stand in front of Feng Teng. She subconsciously uses the standard posture of a child having done something wrong, standing straight with her head bow down showing her remorseful look.

It just so happens that her line of vision stops at his black coat, a few snowflakes falling on him. Shan Shan, not knowing why but unexpectedly and involuntarily, her heart starts to ripple like lake water. A moment ago, she was still feeling scared, but now she is full of expectations.

However, Feng Teng does not say anything at all.

He glances at her for a moment, then gracefully brushes away the snowflakes on his body and gets into the car without a word.

Senior Assistant Fang puts Shan Shan’s suitcase into the back of the car. Seeing that she is still standing, he coughs once and says: “Miss Xue, please get into the car first.”

“Oh, okay.” Shan Shan absentmindedly nods her head. After hesitating for a few seconds outside the car, she resolutely heads toward the front seat, next to the driver.

Senior Assistant Fang coughs once again, “Miss Xue?”

Shan Shan looks pleadingly at Senior Assistant Fang – We are both employees, Senior Assistant Fang, you should understand! This employee has just been arrested by the police, how can she dare sit beside the boss ah.

There are a few seconds of silence, and finally Feng Teng briefly speaks out: “Start the car.”

It is exceptionally quiet in the car, Senior Assistant Fang understandingly breaks the silence: “President Feng, we will not be able to catch Miss Xue‘s train so do we send her directly home?”

Shan Shan does not realize that Senior Assistant Fang is subtlety asking Feng Teng instead of her, forcing her to appear cheerful as she says: “Can you please send me to a nearby hotel?”

She explains about her landlord wanting to sell the house she has been renting so she has moved out and returned the key. Also, her college friend would have left S City to return home. Then, she remembers her wallet has been stolen.

Oh yes! How can she forget such important thing?

At the moment, what is the most critical issue, to borrow money ah! Don’t think about all those messy stuff with Big Boss, the most important issue is to borrow money!

She could not help feeling a little regret. How could she have forgotten such an important thing in the police station just now? Currently, Big Boss is sitting behind her so how to ask Senior Assistant Fang for a loan ah?

As for asking Big Boss ……

Forget it lah …… Capitalist’s money, not everyone can afford to borrow it T T

Shan Shan is thinking hard on how to ask, then hears Feng Teng speaks to Senior Assistant Fang, saying: “You get off and go home at the next intersection.”


What? Senior Assistant Fang is going to leave? Shan Shan has not have time to figure out how to deal with the situation, but they have already reached the next intersection. Senior Assistant Fang gets down from the car and politely waves goodbye to them, leaving Shan Shan all alone with Feng Teng in the car.

Shan Shan watches helplessly as he walks away, and her heart is feeling more despair. Do I really need to borrow money from Big Boss?!

The car’s door is opened, the tall male body carries with it the ice and snow from outside the car leisurely takes the seat beside her. The strong masculine odor momentarily clashes and scatters Shan Shan’s train of thought revolving around money. Her heartbeats become irregular, beating like the chest has one thousand hearts in it.

Shan Shan feels her brain is a little muddled so she quickly winds down the car window for a bit and lets the cold wind in.

Feng Teng does not start the car immediately, his hands are on the steering wheel and he is looking ahead, “Xue Shan Shan, you do not have anything to say to me?”

Yes ah, please lend me a thousand, OK? OK? OK? No, to be safe, make it one thousand five hundreds! However, before asking for a loan, she has to say some perfunctory words. Shan Shan appears caring and asks, “President, can you drive? Haven’t you just attended a banquet? Drunk driving is not appropriate T T”

Feng Teng looks at her and smiles faintly,” Don’t worry, I do not need to drink at such occasions.”

“…… Oh ……”

Shan Shan continues to think about her one thousand five hundreds, ah one thousand fifteen hundreds.

“Just now, you told the police that you are Feng Teng’s employee?”

I am finished, finished, as expected, he is beginning to reprimand me?

“Yes, yes ah.”

Feng Teng snorts coldly: “At that time, you did not forget about me.”

Shan Shan quickly seizes the opportunity to appear faithful: “I, I always remember that I am a member of the company……”

“Oh? Then how come I didn‘t even see your shadow these few days?”

Oh, Big Boss, this is like the pot calling the kettle black. These few days, obviously you are the one who have disappeared, okay? This has nothing to do with me!

“These few days, I have been working diligently, cough. So in view of my hard work, can you please give me a little bit of my overtime money in advance = = I will pay you back after the Lunar New Year.”

Finally, she said it! Shan Shan is feeling more relaxed now.

Feng Teng glances at her, “You have lost your wallet as well as the mobile phone?”

Shan Shan quickly nods her head.

“You want to borrow money from me?”

She continues to nod intensely.

“Xue Shan Shan, it is not so easy to borrow my money.” His voice suddenly becoming threatening, “You think carefully what you should say.”

If at the beginning Shan Shan is still feeling a little confused, then this sentence “think carefully” finally reminds her and evokes not long ago memories.

That day before she left, he also asked her to think carefully.

“Why did you come to my office every day, because I commanded you? Also, why did you eat with me, because I commanded you?”

“Think carefully, Shan Shan.”

He, he is referring to this, right?

Of course she has thought about it, but she really thinks it is because he commanded her….. at least at the beginning ah. However, even if you think with your toes, you would also know you would not be able to borrow any money with such an answer…..

Aiya, why is she so foolish, she did not think of a good answer beforehand to deal with Big Boss. But cannot blame her, as who knows in order to borrow money she has to solve a riddle ah.

The car is slowly traveling along.

“That, I have thought, have thought ……” Seeing a cheap hotel has passed by, Shan Shan is feeling anxious.

“Why did I go to your office every day? Why did I eat together with you every day? It is not because you commanded me! But because—— because ——”

Shan Shan shamelessly keeps on repeating the questions to stall for time, while racking her brain and finally resourcefully blurts out.

“Because I am mesmerized by your beauty!”

After her outburst, Shan Shan feels the world has come to a standstill. The luxurious car seems to swerve off course for a split second, although the fast speed is still the same ……

She dares not look at Big Boss as she is also momentarily stunned by her own words. Just now, she must be out of her mind as how her brain can suddenly produce such a sentence ah ……

However, perhaps this is true?

Suddenly Feng Teng who has always been calm is left speechless. After quite a while, he says in an unpredictable and sinister tone: “Oh? Very good, but since you have been mesmerized by my beauty, then what happened after that? ”

Shan Shan thinks for a moment before understanding what he said “Then what happened after that” refers to the incident where she rejected him. Big Boss, can’t you be more straightforward ar = =

But you are right, since she is mesmerized by his beauty, how would she have rejected his love confession.

Sure enough, once you tell a lie, you need ten more lies to cover the lie ah.

Xue Shan Shan is having a headache. Don’t tell me I have to say that I was drunk on that day and said those things to feel good = = this is closest to the truth. But if I say it, Big Boss will surely throw my corpse into the wilderness =  =

Shan Shan wants to cry. It is so difficult to borrow a little money, merely one thousand five hundreds ah!

What kind of answer will sound flattering and reasonable? Shan Shan continues to squeeze what little left of her brain and finally strikes by an idea. She practically cries tears of joy and says: “That! President, in fact, I am rejecting you in order to captivate you.”

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