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Come & Eat, Shan Shan Radio Drama with English Subtitles (Part 2)



Did you enjoy part 1? I am sure everyone did:) Miss Uyen told me the more she listens the more she loves it which is exactly my sentiment, lol. Part 2 is equally good and funny, if not better. They really sound exactly like how I imagine them to be. You can always count on Shan Shan and Feng Teng to entertain and cheer you up !

Echo of Wings Radio Drama – Part 2 or

Chapter 8

Although it is said wealth cannot last forever, the poor can be proud, dictatorship should be overthrown, but I’ve not passed the probation period. (Crying sound)
“Uh, you can pick out the carrots in this dish and the green peppers in this other dish. Do it carefully, like the day you picked out the parsleys.”
Aiya, since that day, I’ve become a vegetable picker for a month.
“For this project, we need the help from your department.”
“Alright, of course!”
“Miss Xue, please sit down.”
How can they know my last name is Xue!?
They can’t know I am the vegetable picker.
“All done?”
“No, no.”
I won’t think about it anymore. What is important now is to be a good servant. So what if I am a vegetable picker. After all, I am his private picker.
Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren) has said not to waste food, this means whatever Big Boss does not eat I must eat them all.
Ai ! Oh !
“She dares to take what she wants to eat and put them into her bowl!”
Miss Xue’s relationship with the President (Zong Cai) is not simple. Even want to spend the little rest time at lunch together.
1.48 “President (Zong Cai), everything’s done.”
“Sit down.”
“Which dish you like, just take it.”
“You want to say that you don’t want to take it ……You want me to do it for you?”
(Coughing) How can Big Boss say such a cold joke?
“Tell me slowly what you want to eat, don’t be so anxious.”
“President (Zong Cai), I do not dare to dream of taking food from you, it is enough that I have the soybeans!”
“It’s alright if you want it.”
“Today, the beef is very good.”
Understood! Big Boss does not like the beef today.
“Since it is so delicious, President (Zong Cai), you must let me try it!”
“You’re welcome, take all of it if you want.”
“President.”(Zong Cai)
“Can dying from eating too much be considered a work-related accident?”
“President, I am going down to work.”
“Starting tomorrow, you don’t have to come here anymore.”
Huh, I am set free so easily without having to put up a hard fight?
At least let me have the opportunity to reject eating lunch here first, how else can I show off my courage? It is still good as I can stop abusing my poor stomach.
“Come back in two weeks.”
Big Boss (Zong Cai Da Ren), can you not speak half of your point and then changes direction on the latter half.
3.44 “Xue Shan Shan is at level 22 again?”
“What is the matter with level 22?”
“Level 22 is the President’s office. The President is going to Europe on a business trip. That little girl’s thinking is too simple.”
“Shan Shan and the President??”
“Oh, you don’t know?”
“Don’t know what Xue Shan Shan has to attract the President. Everyday during lunch time, she also goes to level 22 to meet the President.”
“It can’t be.”
“Who knows? Didn’t she get her confirmation as a full-time employee recently.” etc
The President has not returned yet? When he comes back, I am going to reject all his unreasonable demands. I am a contracted full-time employee now.

Chapter 9

4.32 “Hello!”
“Shan Shan, if you’re free, come up here.”
Come up?! Is Big Boss back?! Ok, today I must make it clear to the President that I no longer want to become the vegetable picker. Calm down, calm down! Remember that victory is always on the side of justice! Do not crumble just because Big Boss is handsome and wealthy.
“Shan Shan, over here. Urgh Shan Shan!”
Knock knock …… knock knock …… knock knock knock knock.
She must muster up the gut. She cannot gossip with Ah May now, talking will break down her fighting spirit.
Ahahaha…. “Shan Shan, the President has not come back yet.”
“…… Then why you call me up ……”
“If we’re not the President, we can’t call you? I went home for a visit last week, I’ve brought back some specialty food for you.”
“Oh, thank you, thank you.”
Hahahaha. “Shan Shan is so funny.” “Yes ar, just now the look in her eyes and that expression.”
“Hey, Ah May, yesterday, the people from the planning department came to ask you to consult the President about the proposal. Okay, I’ll call him later.”
“President, how are you?” The planning department……..”
“Ok, I’ll verify later. By the way President, Miss Xue Shan Shan really misses you.”
Oh no, I said this during working hours. Will the President…….
7.07 “Go there, go there….. Arrrgh, don’t come over here ! Aiya!”
“The plane leaves in two hours, it’ll arrive at noon tomorrow.”
The arrogance, the arrogance! Big Boss is not back yet but declaring war already. Moreover it is an international, long distance call!!! So he is coming back tomorrow, is it.
“Shan Shan, the President’s plane arrives in S City at noon, he will be at the company around one o’clock.”
“Alright, alright”
“Shan Shan, I just put down the phone and you are already here. Aiya, your speed is….”
“Ok.You just stay here and wait a while.”
“Ok. Ah May, you get yourself busy.”
Yawn. Soon lah, soon lah. Nearly 12 o’clock, endure a bit longer…..
President, hasn’t come back yet?…
“Welcome back, President!”
That is….
“President, Miss Xue came here as soon as she finishes lunch.”
“Hmmm. Come in.”
“Miss Xue, Miss Xue, the President called for you to go inside.”
Ah! The President! Big Boss!

Chapter 10

9.35 “Close the door.”
Oh My God! Big Boss …… is, is actually taking off his clothes ……
Big Boss has a really good body. No wonder some people pay money to watch strip dancing.
“Help me hang it up.”
Cannot let his good look charms me. Big Boss is really Big Boss, always dictating things so naturally, I ill become Big Boss’s maid if this continues. I have decided, must fight back, starting with not hanging the jacket!
“You can’t find a place to hang it?”
“No. President, I will not help you hang it!”
“Because ……” Must fight it!
“Because it’s getting cold, President, you need to wear it or you’ll catch a cold.”
Xue Shan Shan, you are hopeless. Hanging up clothes is nothing, the purpose of today is to discuss about lunch, this is absolutely not negotiable.
“So you care about me, I just thought ……”
“No, no, of course I care about you, President.”
“Why? Why? Why do I care about him? Because, because the President’s health is the happiness of the employees.”
“My health is your happiness, what a nice thing to say. All right, I’m very healthy, you better hang up the jacket first.”
“President ……” No, no, what is this tone, she is not begging for a favor.
“Hmmmmm. President!”
“What is it?”
“About that, the lunch ……”
“By the way, bring the two paper bags on the sofa over here.”
“Oh.” Ordering me to do things again! Fine, this is my last time helping him.
“President, here they are.”
“They are for you. Take them.”
What? They are for me? They are skin care products in the paper bags. Big Boss is actually giving them to me. I can’t accept.
“President, I cannot ……”
“Cannot what?”
Threatening me with the eyes again!
“Cannot……cannot not accept this.”
“All right, you can go out.”
“Don’t forget to come tomorrow at noon.”
Arghmmmm ! The lunch matter is not settled. The money must be returned to Big Boss, but Big Boss certainly will not take it, so from now on I will not punch in when working overtime, that should make up for it.
“Miss Xue, so he gave them to you. I recommended this brand to the President, did you not say last time that your skin is dry and peels in the winter? Using this is very effective.”
“Are you saying last time with Ah May? Linda, how much do the two cosmetic sets cost?”
So little-minded, “In total it is eighteen thousands renminbi.”
Eighteen thousands, how long will I have to work overtime, arrrrghhhh?
“Linda, can’t you recommend a cheaper brand?”
14.22 Big Boss is worthy of being a powerful capitalist. Paid eighteen thousands for the cosmetic yet never blink his eyes. He is very skillful at spending money. What is written on the bottle? English, no? French? Forget about it, I’ll ask Ah May tomorrow.
“Shan Shan, it is 12 o’clock, we are going for lunch first. The President has returned so you better go up quickly now, hahaha…”
“Hee, hee!”
There is a saying, a person cannot accept things without doing anything in return. I have eaten the food and accepted the gifts so if I refuse to do anything, it makes me look petty and ungrateful. But if I do not refuse then the cycle of eating and accepting gifts continues, then I’ll go from a vegetable picker to a servant for life? Servant for life …… Never, never, there will be no future then! You cannot be a servant for life! The former is about having integrity, the latter is about being a human.
“Come in!”
The President isn’t looking happy. Oh right, Big Boss would not feel good when hungry, so I better let him eat until he is full then talk to him.
“President, about picking out your vegetables, can I not do it from now on? “You can get Senior Assistant Fang to do it!”
Senior Assistant Fang, I am so sorry ……
“Shan Shan, you are such a silly child. If I can pick vegetable for the President, I am willing.”
“No, no, Ah May can do it! Ah May is highly educated, careful and gentle, also is close by so can easily be called.”
“Help me to pick out vegetables, you think of it as a job? If you don’t want to do this job, then don’t think of it as a job,”
“You said Ah May is highly educated, skilled ……”
“Ah May has a master’s!”
“So Ah May doing this is a waste of good talent. You’re the best person to do it.”
No is no, Big Boss should not resort to personal attacks.
“Did you use the products I gave you yesterday?”
“…… I haven’t. It’s not as if I don’t want to, it’s because I don’t understand the instructions on the labels, I’ve written them down to ask Linda later.”
“Asking someone about this, you don’t feel ashamed, but I feel ashamed.”
Not knowing French is shameful? I am only a little employee. Please, Big Boss don’t judge me according to your extraordinary high standards. Anyway the one shameful is me, what does it have to do with you?
“Let me see.”
“See what?”
“Didn’t you copy down the instructions? Where is the paper?”
“Come over here. Listen carefully. This is ……”
Big Boss is actually explaining it to me personally???
“Got it?”
“Aiya, How could you have been selected by the company? Forget it.”
Why does I feel Big Boss looks gentle when bowing his head as he writes ….. obviously he is impatient .
“Take it.”
“Tomorrow, remember to come on time.”
“You can go back.”
This is not right, I’ve failed again. This can’t go on, I must get out of it.
“Shan Shan, do you want to take the CPA exam? It is beneficial for your promotion”
Hey, I can use taking exam as an excuse!
“President, to improve my ability to better serve the company, I plan to take the CPA exam, I need to study during lunch so ……”
“Your office is too noisy, you can study here at noon.”
19.25 “President, what are these?”
“Materials for taking the CPA exam.”
“I I …”
“Don‘t you want to study here? I thought you would forget to bring your books so I called Linda to prepare a little.”
“Why are there so few?”
“These books are not enough?”
CPA exam teaching materials are a lot already, this pile not only includes teaching materials but also reference books and sample exams. He has the nerve to say these are not enough!
“These sample exams shouldn’t be counted. You can start studying now, then take an exam every two weeks.”
What? Exam?!
“But I have to work.”
“Then come here on Saturdays.”
“Isn’t Saturday an off day, a day when we don’t go to work?”
“Did I tell you to go to work? It’s for the exam. Improving your qualifications is beneficial for the company.”
“I’ll take one ….., uh, two tests, passing five tests is impossible.”
The CPA exam is notoriously known for its pervertedness.
“The exam is a year from now, that’s a lot of time.”
Grrrrrhh ! So he knows when the exam is held! Too treacherous, lah.
“And I know a way to make you pass.”
“Just one sentence.”
“If you cannot pass your exam, your salary will be reduced.”
Fight against the heaven, it is a great joy.
Fight against the earth, it is a great joy.
Fight against Big Boss, it is extremely foolish.

Chapter 11

21.33 “At 7 o’clock on the day after tomorrow, we’ll travel to Lake Tai together.”
Tour? Tour? What does it have to do with me that the President’s department goes on a trip? Why do I have to go too! Must be want me to go there to be the vegetable picker.
“Hmmm…President …… I, I don’t want to go.”
“Or you want to stay here and take the exam?”
Exam. Oh right, that day is Saturday, the day I have to take a sample CPA exam. If I don’t go, I am sure Big Boss will think of some ways to torture me so may as well ……
“President, going on a trip with you is really great, I’ll certainly be on time, hahaha ……”
7am is when everyone gathers so I will only show up at 7:30am or even 8am. A group going on a trip will definitely not wait for me. So if they leave before I arrive, they cannot blame me. I can’t don’t show up. Big Boss will definitely know I do it on purpose. I’ll show up at 8am and talk to the old security guard, to express regret that a miserable traffic jam causes me to miss the trip. He will be my witness lah. Hahahehe, this is a flawless plan.
(Singing…I am a wolf…)
23.00 Hmmm…Tourist bus. Already 8am, how come…..
“Shan Shan, hurry up, we’re just waiting for you.”
“Arrrghhh, oh.”
“Haha, President, good morning.”
“It’s no longer early.”
“Lake Tai is situated…..
“President, didn’t you say the other day we’d go at 7am?”
“You heard wrongly.”
“No, I had heard clearly.”
“If I said 7am, why did you show up at 8am?”
You are a dummie, would asking that not expose that you showed up late on purpose?
“Oh President, you said 8am, I remember now, I don’t know what I was thinking.”
“Ah May, what time was everyone’s supposed to meet?”
“Originally it was 7am, but yesterday President said that’s too early so moved it to 8am, you didn’t know?”
How could I have known! No one told me! Business crook business crook business crook! He definitely did it on purpose! But how can he know what I was thinking? Is there something weird added in his family’s rice?
“Everyone, we’ve arrived at Lake Tai.”

Chapter 12

25.08 “President, let me help you to carry.”
“Shan Shan, your temper is really good.”
“Ah? Really?”
“In the morning when you hadn’t come yet, someone from Human Resources wanted to sit next to the President.”
“Who?” Which colleague had been so brave and kind-hearted, sacrificing herself for justice?
“There, that girl in red. In the end, do you know what the President said?”
“He didn’t bother to glance at her and said, ‘There’s no other seat?’ Ha ha!”
“She’s too thin!”
Big Boss needs someone strong like me who can handle the heavy responsibilities of being near him!
Big Boss’s bag should have a lot of delicious food, would he know if I secretly steal a little.
“Shan Shan, come here.”
Huh, Big Boss is calling me? He is not angry anymore? Does this mean I can eat the food in the bag?
Cough “Go there and ask for your fortune.”
“Yue Lao Temple.”
“Everybody, it costs only $50.”
What $50? Each one costs 50 yuans! Why do they not just rob us! Anyway I did not bring my purse.
“Hmmm…I want to focus on my career, will not consider marriage.”
“Here is $50. Go ask for a fortune.”
“President, it’s your money, I’m going to ask for a fortune, so it counts as yours or mine?”
“It’s ours.”
“Uh ……”
Can it be like that?
“The first fortune.”
“A wonderful fortune, this fortune is very good, it says – –Fair! Fair! The fish hawks lovebirds are singing on the sandbar in the river. A gentle and graceful lady, a fine match for a gentleman. Miss, this means your fated husband has appeared.”
“Shan Shan, congratulations! Congratulations ! Remember to invite us to your wedding banquet”
“Oh, the President is smiling. Shan Shan, you are so fortunate!”
“Yes, ar, I am so envious of you.”
“This is a good fortune, this is the first time someone praises me as a gentle and graceful lady.”
“Grr, Xue Shan Shan!”

Shan Shan’s Song is being sung

7 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan Radio Drama with English Subtitles (Part 2)

  1. Haha, SS really has a weird way of thinking… =)) The first time I read about her thinking every one knew her last name because she was FT’s veget picker, I cracked of, laughing like crazy =)) Her slowness is awesome =))

    • Miss Uyen is SS’s number one supporter, lol. The book is funny bcos she is slow. Anyway, nearly all white text depends on the female leads being silly, naïve & slow, haha….SS the novel doesn’t have any angst like He Yi Sheng or a surreal setting like Wei Wei, so it is considered GM’s least popular work.

      • Yeah, I know SS’s the least popular among GM’s works (which I clearly know why but sadly accepted :P) but there are a lot of SS’s fans out there ^^~

        Anw, the first is always the most memorable 😀 HYS is GM’s first work and it helped her achieved ton of fans therefore it always has a special place ^^~ But SS has it own charms and SS’s fans totally satisfy with it =)) (well, the only thing that I dont satisfy is I want more.. more extra stories, more… anything that related to SS, plz =”=)

        • Don’t know why, I find HYX boring. I wanted to translate it but there is not much humour in the book to sustain me:( Wei Wei is more funny but the internet languange is just too difficult to translate. Anyway, Shan Shan has the best radio drama, haha…..Yah, I wish GM will make SS cameo in her new book Blazing Sunlight Book 2, lol.

        • And I find HYX stressful =)) It sure has some enlightening moment but the misunderstanding and leaving and not-explaining-properly-to-each-other make me… arghhhh…. =”=

        • Where got enlightening moment? I never laugh once, lol. When I recommended it to hui3r, she complained me for making her listen to such a sad & angst book:(

          • I think it’s not very angst, maybe ‘cuz I just scanned through it, but it sure has some very romantic, cute and enlightening moments arr ^^~

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