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100 Most Attractive Male Characters in Chinese Internet Novels – Part 2



This has quite a lot of overlaps with the top 35 favourite male characters. You go and spot how many of them appear in both so you’ll know who are the popular and well-loved ones. A special mention must be given to Feng Teng, my Shan Shan’s beloved Big Boss, lol. Now, you know my self-interest in posting this article, heehee….If you are curious as to who is that ancient guy in the featured image, he is Rong Zhi (Feng Qui Huang). As for the handsome couple starring at you, they are Wei Wei & Xiao Nai (Just One Smile is Very Alluring). As usual, I only know about half of the books so no comments on those I don’t know which may be updated later.

50. Xià Mù from novel: Passion Heaven

“My darling, please don’t get lost to a faraway place.”


49. Huang Tai Ji from novel: An Unrivaled World


48. Níng Yì from novel: 凰权 (Huáng Quán)

47. Dǒng Zhuō from novel: 美人殇 (Měi Rén Shāng)

“I am willing to spoil her, I am willing to guard her, I am willing! Thus she needs not see anything bloody or dirty, should have a stable and comfortable life, filled with sweet laughter!”

46. Xǔ Zhì Jūn/Lín Yì Zhōu from novel: Stars in the Deep Sea (深海里的星星)

“Even if the world is barren, there will still be someone who believes in you.”

45. Chen Xiao Zheng from novel: To Our Eventually Lost Youth

“Whoever loves first, whoever will lose. He went, he loved, he tried hard. If it works out, it is luck but if it fails, it is fate. Of course, when we are young we will not believe there is predetermined fate which we cannot change.”

Although he has some fans, I don’t like him. Although he is from a poor family and loves the female lead dearly, he puts career advancement ahead of her which is unattractive!


44. Yǔn Zhī/ Yè Jǐng Lán from the novel: 月沉吟 (Yuè Chén Yín)


43. Hè Lán Yōu/Mù Xīn from novel: 燕倾天下 (Yàn Qīng Tiān Xià)

“He slowly reaches out, the cool fingertips touches my cheek, like gently caressing a unique and priceless treasure: “Huai Su, actually I missed you for many years.”


42. Feng Teng from novel: Come & Eat, Shan Shan

“Why did you come to my office every day, because I commanded you? Also, why did you eat with me, because I commanded you? Think carefully, Shan Shan.”
“Because I am mesmerized by your beauty!”

Yes, yes, yes, I am also mesmerized by Big Boss’ beauty!!! He is handsome and cool as a cucumber:P But he is also controlling and intimidating. Anyway he should rank higher in view of his good taste in buying cosmetic as well as picking Shan Shan to pick vegetable, haha….

41. Chóng Guāng/ Gù Yuán from novel: Tiny Times


40. Xiāo Jué/ Chu Fēi Huan from novel: Phoenix Emperor (帝凰)

“Life is just a happy quarrel.”

39. Jiāng Hán from novel: 青城 (Qīng Chéng)

“When today becomes yesterday, when love becomes have loved before, time is blowing away your youth.”

38. Chéng Tiān Yòu from novel: Liáng Shēng, Must We Be Sorrowful?

“When I was very young, I heard a very beautiful saying. They said: A butterfly cannot fly over the vast sea. Now, I only understand, it is not that a butterfly cannot fly over the vast sea; actually after suffering many hardships a butterfly can fly over the vast sea, but finds out that the vast sea has never waited for its arrival. I am just like a butterfly who has suffered many hardships. Whereas Jiang Sheng, you are just like the vast sea who has never waited for a butterfly.”


37. Nà Lán Shù from novel: 千金笑 (Qiān Jīn Xiào)

“Hold me tight.”

36. Liang Fei Fang from novel: Bloom

“I am used to it, you’ve any objection?”

He is nice and affectionate but too indulgent and spoilt the female lead too much for my liking, a case of sugar overload:P

35. Xiao Qi Ran from novel: Xiao Ran’s Dream

34. Su Yao from novel: Mary is Next Door (玛丽在隔壁)

33. Ou Chen from novel: Summer of Bubbles

Anyone watched the drama or read the book? I didn’t but I prefer Luo Xi, probably because I like Huang Xiao Ming more than Peter Ho:P


32. Meng Jue from novel: Song in the Clouds

“Yun Ge, the things I deliberately did in Chang’an city is not in order to ‘know’ you but is to ‘reunite’ with you. The entanglement has begun many years ago; End? Never. ”

Oh, my poor Meng Jue. I don’t think he did anything very wrong to deserve the way Yun Ge treated him. He did so much for Yun Ge in silent. Such a misunderstood and sad guy. At the same time, I also like Liu Fu Ling. Oh, where is my Ling gege???

31  Lu Zhi Ang from novel: Rush to the Dead Summer 

“Those boys taught me how to grow up and those girls taught me how to love.”

30. Lóu Xí Yuè from novel: 良师如此多娇 (Liáng Shī Rú Cǐ Duō Jiāo)

29. Rong Yan from novel: Who Waits, Coincides with Flowers

“I’ve behaved well. Every night when you were away, I slept by myself.”


28. Lin Jing from novel: To Our Eventually Lost Youth

“A lot of people, once missed, is a stranger.”

Although he left the female lead without a word, he has valid reason to do so. The important thing is he came back when she needs him most and gives her a future together.

27. Luo Qi Qi from novel: Time Will Never Go Back

“So many years, I’ve been learning, which is not to look back. I will only feel regret for the things I have not done, but I will not feel regret for the things I’ve done.”

I don’t know why the female lead is the most attractive male character in the book?

26. Tang Yi from novel: Black & White

25. Lù Yǔ Píng from novel: 芙蓉如面柳如眉 (Fú Róng Rú Miàn Liǔ Rú Méi)


24. Yun Zheng from novel: 绾青丝 (Wan Qing Si)

“Love just love, laugh just laugh, cry just cry, leave just leave, it is no big deal.”


23. Zhǎng Sūn Wú Jí from novel: The Rising Empress


22. Hei Feng Xi from novel: Who Gets the World

“Woman, long time no see.”

I’ve just finished listening to the audiobook. It has a happy ending yet I feel kind of sad. Thus, I am going to do probably my last feature on it:) Love, love, love Feng Xi for giving up the world for the female lead. He should be ranked at least top 10 but never mind, he is top 5 on my list:P


21. He Su Ye from novel: Loving You is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done

He has a nice name, very gentle and warm just like his personality. Dr He is very patient and attentive to the female lead, trying to heal her physically as well as emotionally.

20. Chen Yu Bai from novel: Go with the Flow of Love

Arrrgh, my little rascal Xiao Bai, lol. He is very cute, funny and sweet to the female lead who is kind of silly. At times, he is also a big bully and unreasonable as well.

19.  Sun Jia Yu from novel: First Love Forever Love

“My girl, I wish you well and happy all your life.”

18. Tan Shu Mo from novel: So What, You Are My Student?

17. Jì Liáng Chuān from novel: Jì Liáng Chuān, Love you for so Many Years (季凉川,爱了你那么多年)


16. Lu Li Cheng from novel: Secrets Hidden By Time

“During our youthful era, we all have some emotional secrets buried by the dust of time.”

Can’t wait to watch this drama, can’t wait to watch Lu Li Cheng, can’t wait to watch Wallace Chung, lol. From the review in koalaplayground, he sounds awesome and is always there for the female lead. Unfortunately he didn’t make his confession on time, so it becomes a buried secret:(


15. Bai Zi Hua from novel: Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua Qian Gu

“Bai Zi Hua, I curse you in the name of God: This life and eternal life, you won’t grow old or die and won’t get injured or get killed.”
“How can you be so cruel? Make me kill you personally, then leave me all alone.
What do you want? You only need to say it. No matter right or wrong, I will also give you.
I’ll give you love. I’ll give you myself.
What does the destruction of the six realms has anything to do with us? What does whether these people are alive or dead has anything to do with us?
I will take you away, we can go anywhere, you can do as you please.
Just do not leave me ……”
“Do not think of the past anymore, as long as you will always be by my side, unhurt and alive, then it is not a curse, but divine grace.”

These quotations are advertisement for my coming feature, not because I like Bai Zi Hua. I don’t find him attractive. You’ve to read my article to find out why, lol.

14. Kǒng Dí from novel: 花羡人间四丁目 (Huā Xiàn Rén Jiān Sì Dīng Mù)

13. Mu Yan from novel: Hua Xu Yin

“The person who can forget you will only be Su Yu, he is no longer Mu Yan. If I am no longer me, how do you think I can be happy and how can your mind be at ease?”
“The omnipotent me, cannot sew and stitch.”
“I like you, A Fu, do you also like me?”

Mu Yan is practical and realistic in that he chooses to face reality with  A Fu and not live blissfully in a make believe dream. Yet, he is just too rational to make me like him very much.


12.Ye Hua from novel: Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

“Susu, I will marry you, I’ll be your eyes.”
“It is impossible for me to say something like this even when I am dying, I’ve only loved you alone in all my life. Qian Qian, you cannot ever forget me, if you dare to forget me, if you dare ……what can I do?”

Many people feel this book is very similar to Heavy Sweetness and Ye Hua is also similar to Phoenix. I also think they are quite similar in that they are both very doting on the female leads. In fact, I like Phoenix more in that he forgives Jin Mi for killing him. Well, Ye Hua is good in cooking and fathering the cute & adorable little dough, haha…

11. Ye Chen from novel: Hundreds Millions Wife Buy One Get One Free

Somebody is busy reading this 900+ chapters book and I am the culprit who recommended her, lol. I find Ye Chen average only. Instead I find his 7 years old son Ning Ning more attractive & cute. Oh no, I am a cradle snatcher, whereas my disciple Xinn who loves uncle can have the dad, haha…


10. Wang Li Chuan from novel: Li Chuan’s Past

I don’t need to tell you how great this guy is since Promee and cloud&sea are fighting over him, lol. Do both of you like Wang Li Chuan because Godfrey is portraying him or you like Li Chuan for himself:P?

9. Jiū Mo Luó Shén from novel: Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You

“First, it is best not to meet, then we will not fall in love; second, it is best not to know each other, then we will not yearn.” (translated by decembi)

8. Rong Yuan from novel: Hua Xu Yin

“How do you manage become like this?”
“Is it painful?”
“If in pain, just yell out.”
“Who taught you to become like this, the leg is broken yet you do not utter a word and when in pain, you also endure with great difficulty?“
“Just cry out.”
“It is okay, I’m here.”

“Why do you grab the knife so fast?”
“At this time, you only need to stand behind me.”

Oh, he ranks higher than Mu Yan. He is really very nice and protective, knowing the female lead is a substitute yet he loves her dearly. He chooses to die a lonely death in order to spare the female lead of any sadness and pain:(


7. Fang Hua from novel: Falling Dreams of Fan Hua

6. Fu Xiao Si from novel:  Rush to the Dead Summer


5. Rong Zhi from novel: Feng Qiu Huang

“As soon as meet Rong Zhi, a lifetime mistake.”


4. Kylin Zhang Ling from novel: Grave Robbers’ Chronicles

“Use my whole life, in exchange for ten years of your innocence.”


3. Yan Xi from novel: A Heart Warming Decade

“You take a good look at me. A Heng, beside you, what else can I lose?”
“If he is not as good as me, then what are you going to do? If he is better than me, then what am I going to do?”
“You always want to hear me say that I like you, but, baby, how are you going to make me like you even more?”


2.  Xiao Nai from novel: Just One Smile is Very Alluring

“If I know one day I will love you so much, I will certainly fall in love at first sight with you.”
“What do you think of this wedding? Do you want a more grand wedding? Then, marry me.”
“The wind is blowing lightly on the branches of the willow trees. The man in spotless billowing white robe is standing under the tree, carrying a zither and looking elegant and extraordinary.”

I am thinking of translating all of Gu Man’s books and changing my blog to fangirling Gu Man, are you with me Lidge, lol? A genius computer science student who already has his own company to develop online computer game. Also specialises in chess, zither and a school champion swimmer. Da Shen (Big God) is number one on the online game player ranking. Attractive enough?


1. He Yi Chen from novel: Silent Separation

“As long as you do not think about it, superficial happiness is actually very easy to attain.”
“From now on, even if we were to torment each other for a lifetime, I will also not let you go.”
“My parent gave me ten years of their lives, but I want her forever …”
“Later, you will understand, if someone like her appeared in your life, others will just be substitutes.” He said, “I do not want substitute.”
“If in this world that person once appeared, everyone else will be a compromise! But I do not want to compromise.” (translated by decembi)
“In these seven years, how many times, he has counted to nine hundred ninety-nine? It is not that he has not thought of giving up, but he always will not count to one thousand.”
He is cool, rational and objective but when he is with the female lead he is crazily in love. He waited 7 years for her to return and during that time, his heart never wavers even for a moment. Although he knows that her dad indirectly caused the death of his parents, this never color his love for her. Now you know why he is constantly ranked number one!!!


23 thoughts on “100 Most Attractive Male Characters in Chinese Internet Novels – Part 2

  1. Hihi peanuts…is there a problem with SSB…can’t open…says server not found….

    • Hey, I tut you come here to support my article & my blog but instead asking abt SSB:( Xinn has already lodged a complain hrs ago. I think my landlord didn’t renew the lease so the website is down. I’ve emailed her to renew so pls come back tomorrow, dun runaway, haha…..In the meantime, you can hang out here:p

  2. OK, so HYC and XN are always maintaining there ranks,… since XN is so perfect and cool and HYC is so faithful and loving… =”= but… but… I think that FT just never has a chance to express his character, lah? =”=

    Imagining SS left him without saying a word, according to his character, maybe he will not wait for her but go straight to her “hiding” and then grab her back and… hit her bottom, maybe… =)) Anw, SS’s in his hand, she can’t never escape from him 😛

    Yeah, I’m rambling, but what I mean is… FT’s love for SS never loses to HYC’s and XN’s for their girls =)) he deserves better ranks so that he won’t lose his face from being left so far away by HYC and XN =)) he’s Big Boss after all =))

    • Should we like SS, protest to GM to revise FT to enable him to express his character better, lol?

      I think HYC & XN are ranked so high bcos they are the pioneer in those kind of storylines. The readers follow GM’s stories on them for many yrs. Whereas SS’s storyline is a very typical white text with no angst or conflict. I am listening to the audiobook of Kao now & I feel it is very similar to SS but Kao is better developed with more angsts & conflicts. In fact a few lines are even similar to SS.

      • I agree with Phong Nhi’s comments abt FT not really being given a chance to express himself. The book is actually all about SS, so FT’s character is really a supporting role but come hell or high water, FT is top on my list (I am so biased). I am not saying anything more abt FT becoz he’s private property. Lol…

        But Shi Fu, I am so surprised that you did not finished reading Kao, how could you hv abandoned Song Zi Yan half way?? I enjoyed that book so much, thinking about Qin Qing still make me laugh, and yes, she’s tonnes sillier than SS and I add together!!!

        • Hey, you think I’ve 48 hrs in a day? I am wasting a lot of time training you up, lol. Anyway no worries as someone is reading it to me now. I was smiling all the way to work just now, lol. Also, I dun like characer who is too extreme. QQ is just too stupid, she gets on my nerve !!!!

        • *popping my head* thanks XinnXinn, we must stand by our FT’s side, right? 😉

          And wait wait, what is Kao? If it’s similar to SS, I wanna read it too *eyes sparkling*

          • Yes, quite similar to SS but not as cute. Very funny, I am listening to the audio book now. Got the Viet book cover here for you, lol.

          • Ah ah, so it is that story. Well, I dropped KAO once (I just read to page 3~4 of it, but I dont know why, I didn’t like the heroine, she seems so stupid and shameless to me =”=, yeah)

            I remembered a lot of readers thought KAO was similar to SS and I’m very exciting reading it… however.. 😦 it disappointed me 😦

          • U’ve high std:P My pickled vege is also quite similar to SS & the heroine is not shameless but the bad news is no Viet translation:(

        • Yeah, I know I have quite weird taste =”= it’s hard for me to find some story that I truly, deeply love like SS :”>

          Nah, don’t worry, if I have a Chinese text of the novel, I can read them ^^~ but isn’t the heroine in My pickled vege a tomboy? I don’t really fancy of tomboy (yeah, tell straight to my face that I have high std once again 😦 )

  3. Hehe…I am ur loyal fan, supporter and cheering squad…. I luv peanuts…..

    I haven’t gone thru this one….will post my comments soon….coming soon…hehehehehe….

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that all three of GM’s novels made it although I wouldn’t have voted Xiao Nai at no. 2. (Remember the problems I had reading the book? Then again, I guess it’s just stupid me and i shouldn’t measure my low IQ against everyone else’s ultra high level). I must say, i like Silent Separation’s cover the most out of all the book covers I have seen. The three of them walking hand in hand, and the guy is so He Yi Chen like, it’s just how I imagine him to be in my mind.

    I am also up to my eyeballs with Hundred Million Wife, now I feel like having a Ning Ning in my life too (although I am most certainly not giving up any of my uncles!!!

    Oh….I really must go check out Rong Yan, for him to make no. 29, this fella ought to have some substance. So far, I’ve kept my distance from all the other brothers after i read Go With The Flow of Love because I didn’t think anyone else can come close to Xiao Bai and also Liang Fei Fan gave me indigestion.

    Another character that caught my eye is He Su Ye (Loving You Is The best Thing That I’ve Done). I love the title but the drawback is the male lead’s personality is not really my cuppa tea. But, haha….I’m going to invade Peanuts’ territory…..I am going to read this book too.

    And I can’t help but sadly reflect (think i’ve said this before) that I am missing out big time in not reading ancient novels…..closest one I got to was Ravishing Crown Prince and that too became an aborted project. I wonder if the day of ancient novels will ever come to me?????

    Big thanks for sharing this list with all of us…..

  5. Oky…..I’m here already… thru… :p

    After reading 100 to 51… I started reading little bunny and superman…….so cute..happy with no angst…..

    Ss and ft are such a cute couple….but i quite like the leads i am pickled vegetable you are fish….tomboy and outright crazy…but still managed to sink the boss….who is just so……well….kinda like ft…..haha

    I like kao as well…Funny interactions and conversations….recommend this one for laughs…,

    32. Meng jue meng jue….hmmm…I prefer ling ge ge and my oh so sweet meng jiu….somehow I cannot accept meng jue…kinda dont agree with his tactics of showing his love…. I still prefer my ling ge ge and meng jiu

    29. Haven’t read this book…but I read xiao bai and Qing song….I liked both very much… But xiao bai is really fu hei!!! So far no one talks much about mr nice Li Wei ran….I tot he was a nice caring and faithful guy….dunno much about rong yan other than he is a great flirt…haha

    13. Mu yan… Still dun understand this story much…but I like how he is always there with a fu….and is willing to live with a walking dead and even marry her and give her half his life for her.

    12. Ye hua…oh how he loves, indulges and spoils qian qian….a perfect house husband…haha nice to have one like him tho….

    10….ah my Li chuan..or is it Godfrey…hhmmm…..tho I must say the way they got together was well…. Way off my liking…within 3 dates and they make out in the pool!!!!!!.. But I also find him wishy washy…..wanting to release but yet still wanting to hold on….but I can understand tat he is doing it so that he does not tie her down in the event he dies, coz she is so young…he does not want to scar or hold down her future. But I’m touched how he still forces himself to show up whenever xiao qiu “summons” him, regardless of how sick he is…and how he is willing to die in china and stay with her forever…..but well… Once he was well….he came back to look for her……

    1. He yi Chen…..can someone enlighten me why he is number one?? Other than he waits patiently and faithfully 7 yrs for her?? But wasn’t he the one who well.asked her to scram far away from him?? He asked and got it….so why didn’t he blame himself for part of the cause? I think I prefer the ying guy…who stood by her and waited…

    Oky… inputs…hehe..back to reading my fluffy bunny story…..hahaha

    • Hey Pm, He Yi Chen is #1 becoz Gu Man created him, her creations snared the top two spots!!! But really, just imagine Zhao Mo Sheng’s father actually caused the death of He Yi Chen’s parents and yet, he can still love her so much. To me, that alone speaks volume of his heart and ultimate inner sacrifice for her, therefore, I don’t think it is the 7-year waiting period that got him the votes.

      I tot you’ve finished the Bunny Book, anyways, if you’ve not, step on the accelerator and then join us at the dark side to read Mr Ye Chen (#11) of Hundred Million Wife. This book is such a page turner, extremely long with something like 900 chapters, the consolation is each of the chapters are extremely short. Do you want to guess who got me hooked on Mr Ye Chen??

      (Btw, you can read the Bunny Book, but Ling Cao is mine)…..

  6. Xinn….we already share uncles…..can we share ling cao?? Btw….I think it’s ling zhao….not cao…( correct me if I’m wrong someone….) then again….hhmm….I think I have a few others in mind too…Wahhaa….

    True true…hhmmm to love the daughter of the man who indirectly caused ur parents death…… Takes quite abit….. But I’m sad that mr ying was all alone….

    I just finished bunny book yesterday….hehe…. 900++ chapters??!!! Seriously…tat will take ages. Ow wouldn’t it?? Is it a nice enough book tho? But my guess is that he is “UNCLE” … :p a charming one at that…..

    • Hey Pm, you’ve a FT to look after you like Xinn, so free to read books so fast:P FYI, I’ve not finished the bunny book yet, stopped at chapter 50. I like it too much so save the balance for future, lol.. Xinn posted a pirate version of bunny, a McDonald version so you can check it out. Needless to say cannot compare to the gourmet:P It is Ling Cao as in super.

      Hey, I’ve already stated the reasons why lawyer He is so popular. In romance novel, 1st love normally wins, haha. But I hope GM’s new book, the 1st love will lose bcos I am supporting the boss !!!

      You better don’t read Hundred Million Wife, or else your daddy will kick you out, lol. He is not really uncle, just father to a 7 yo genius. I didn’t finish it, gave up after 100+ chapters, too makjang. It is one of the best ‘gouxue’ book, very addictive full of nonsense, lol. FYI, this books has a 1000+ chapters sequel on Mr Ye’s 2nd son, not Ning Ning:( I

      • Hey, hey….Shi fu, what’s a “gouxue” book? Dogblood? Pls lay it on me upfront b4 I get too deeply sucked in like Superstar Bf. At the moment, I’m still not so far ahead but I already sense a lot of angst and turmoil coming from all directions. Poor Ye Chen. I need all the spoilers I can get, otherwise, I will not be able take the stress.

        And Ye Chen will hv a second son, with Cheng An Ya or another woman? If it is another woman, I swear I will ditch the book immediately. Lol….

        • You didn’t pay any tuition fee, so I am not gonna tell, you, lol. You are so slack, go & google for your answer. Already told you gouxue is nonsense book, haha…It is a new genre like soap opera, long, melodramatic, contrived, something with not much literature value:P There are plenty of these kind of books out there but I only posted one of the best.

          Don’t worry, guarantee you happy ending. Before that of course there is the std angst, misunderstanding, family secrets etc. Otherwise how to write 900+ chapters? Hey, I gave up after 100+ chapters so can’t tell u much. Where are you? Our friend is still hooked on it. She even plans to read the sequel. According to her, so far so good, very addictive. Ning Ning will have a love story with a cute girl. Ye Chen’s sis storyline is also interesting. Ye Chen will have another son & daughter with An Ya..

  7. Hi peanuts!! Hmm I like Li Chuan (novel) at the beginning because goshhhh one of the coolest handicapped man haha! But he became a bit too stubborn in the middle. Anyway Godfrey made me excited over the drama hehe. I don’t really like him in the past because of his moustache but he looks so HAWT in the trailer. Anyway any books to recommend? Read first chapter of tiny times book 1 but a bit too depressing. The words Guo Jing Ming used to describe the city makes my life more sad… Anyway I am into novels with handicapped male leads but it seems like I have read all the good ones alr… Not really sure but yeah…sorry for being so picky hahaha. But I like ye luo wu xin kind of novels!!

  8. I’m back here…..l peanuts…wat is ft?

    Hehe…I didn’t try the newest book by gm coz I rem reading it was not totally done yet….(am I rite?) but then again….long weekend over…back to the mill….. Guess my reading will slow down… 😦

    I’m going to stay away from 100 million wife…if not I will hv a 100million hrs of lost sleep…..Xinn u done with the book?

    No more long weekends in sight…I have to choose carefully wat book to read next… :p

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  10. why do you like silent separation so much?!!?

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