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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 22)



We have reached the halfway mark of the novel, but this chapter is kind of an anti-climax, a bit slow & draggy. However, I’ve included Big Boss Feng Teng’s handsome and attractive picture to sustain the interest of his many fans:P Don’t worry, the next chapter will be more interesting.

Chapter 22 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

It is quiet once again.

The car seems to have some protective measures, still extremely stable traveling on the road and passing each and every traffic light. Feng Teng’s expression is swinging from gloomy to bright, changing unpredictably.

A long time later.

“Congratulations, Xue Shan Shan, I am very satisfied with your answer.”

His voice is neither soft nor loud. Shan Shan‘s little heart is trembling, is the President really satisfied with my answer?

“So I’ll tell you a good news.”


“I was going to send you to a hotel then deduct the expense from your salary. However, I’ve changed my mind now.”

Oh, Shan Shan looks at him expectantly, could it be because of her flattery, no, no, they are heartfelt words …… change the deduction from his salary?

“These few days, you will stay at my place.”

Shan Shan is stupefied. Quite a while later, faltering she asks: “President, living at your, your place, what does that mean?”

Feng Teng does not feel like answering her. He hits the brakes, turns the car around and drives away in the opposite direction.

Shan Shan continues to look stupefied.

The car goes up the highway, then down the highway and turns two corners. Suddenly, the surroundings become quiet. The road on both sides are lined with tall and orderly trees, hiding the houses, without a trace of the bustling and crowded metropolitan. After driving for a while, the car turns into a neat and shady smaller road. At the end of lengthy enclosing walls, a black iron gate with flower carvings is in sight.

Suddenly, Shan Shan is jerked back to reality, “Wait, wait, wait, hold on, I have not said yes ah!”

Feng Teng is unmoved and says: “Are you sure you want to get off now?”

Shan Shan looks around for a taxi …… here, where would anyone call a taxi ah. Shan Shan, feeling depressed, says: “President, you travel so far to work every day?”

“This is the family residence, usually I do not live here.”

Family residence?

Would it not be a place where he lives with his parents, right? Don’t tell me I’ve to meet Boss’ parents? Suddenly, Shan Shan remembers her colleagues gossip that the President’s parents both died in a traffic accident more than ten years ago while the old chairman who raised him and his sister passed away last year. Probably because of this, he rarely comes back to this residence.

Suddenly, Shan Shan does not know what else to say.

The car is driven into that black iron gate with flower carvings. The moment they come in, the whole house is brightly lit. Shan Shan has just decided not to look around, but now she cannot help being attracted by the sight in front of her.

Feng Teng stops the car, “Get off.”

Shan Shan follows him out of the car and walks on the trail between the trees. Although the path is illuminated by small and quaint garden lights on both sides, yet she still cannot see the full view of the place. Momentarily, Shan Shan feels stressed …… When she sees the butler standing upright in the doorway to greet them, she feels even more stressed.

The mansion has a butler, truly typical of a capitalist’s standard ah = =

However, if you look at all these like watching television, then you will feel better = =

After entering the house, immediately there is someone to serve you. Shan Shan changes into slippers and asks Feng Teng: “Can I use the telephone to call my mother?”

Feng Teng nods his head and readily hands his mobile phone to her.

Uh …… she just wants to borrow the house phone ……

Shan Shan takes the mobile, moves a bit away and dials the home phone number. Shan Shan’s mother answers the phone.

“Hello, mum.”

“Shan Shan?” Mrs. Xue asks surprisingly, “Why do you call at this time? You are on the train, right?”

“No ……”

Shan Shan explains everything to her mother. Of course, she dares not say she was arrested and brought to the police station. She only says that her wallet together with the train ticket were stolen. Inevitably, she gets a good scolding from her mother, and Shan Shan obediently listens to her.

After Shan Shan’s mother finishes lecturing her, she asks: “Where are you staying now?”

“Uh, I live in …… a colleague’s home.”

Colleague’s home?

Feng Teng, who is listening to Wang Bo talking, could not help being distracted so Wang Bo immediately stops talking.

Feng Teng pays attention to Wang Bo once again, “You can continue.”

Shan Shan has finished talking on the mobile and is thinking of how to get home. She will definitely not be able to buy a train ticket now so she can only book a plane ticket, but how to book ticket ah? What is the phone number ne?

She waits for Feng Teng to finish talking to the butler, then only dares to timidly approach him and asks: “President, do you know how to book a plane ticket?”

Of course, Feng Teng needs not do something so trivial like booking ticket personally so he naturally does not know. Looking at Xue Shan Shan’s tired eyes, he says “Take a rest, you do not need to worry about booking a plane ticket.”

He turns around and instructs the butler: “Book a plane ticket for tomorrow morning to G city.”

Shan Shan, feeling embarrassed, says to the butler: “I have to trouble you.”

The butler solemnly says this is part of his duty, takes out a notebook and meticulously writes down her identity card number. Then, he calls a young girl, “Xiao Zhu, take Miss Xue to the guestroom on the second floor.”

“She stays in the east wing,” Feng Teng casually utters this.

A round-faced girl comes over, hears what Feng Teng said, her face showing a trace of surprise and is exceptionally polite to Shan Shan, says: “Miss Xue, please come with me.”

Xiao Zhu drags the suitcase to the end of the corridor on the second floor, opens the door, turns around and smilingly says: “Miss Xue, this is your room.”

She switches on the light, showcasing the comfortable and elegant bedroom so Shan Shan involuntarily says: “So beautiful.”

Xiao Zhu smilingly says: “In the whole house, only this room and Mr. Feng’s bedroom is of similar design.”

Shan Shan is taken aback, “Oh, really?”

“Yes ah, Mr. Feng’s room is on the third floor, directly above this room.” Xiao Zhu is pointing at the ceiling, “The rooms facing this direction have the best scenery. Miss Xue, you can open the windows to take a look in the morning. It seems the snow is going to stop falling so early tomorrow morning, the snowy landscape outside the window will be very beautiful.”

While talking, Xiao Zhu has already swiftly put away the luggage, and then goes downstairs to get her a cup of hot milk.

“Miss Xue, is there anything else I can do for you?”

Shan Shan quickly shakes her head, “No, thank you.”

Xiao Zhu laughs: “Miss Xue, you are just too polite. I will leave you to take a rest. If there is anything you need, you can use the intercom to call me.”

After she left, Shan Shan feels free to go and look around the room. This is a very spacious suite, with a cloakroom as well as a study room. There is also a large balcony outside with a white sofa, which looks very inviting to lie down.

Shan Shan switches on the balcony‘s light and sits down on the sofa. She looks at her surrounding, and her heart suddenly feels a little distressed.

Alas, Boss’ balcony is even bigger than my room. . . . . . Really hopeless ah. . . . . .

She could not help but seriously worry for a few seconds of the gap between the two of them. But Xue Shan Shan’s physiology composition will not allow her to feel down for a long time as once she feels depressed, her brain will start to go on strike. Suddenly, Shan Shan starts to feel sleepy and yawns so she gets up from the sofa and climbs on to the bed to sleep.

Then in the blink of an eye, she has fallen asleep soundly.

The light in the living room downstairs is still on.

Feng Teng does not always come here, also it coincides with Lunar New Year so accumulated a lot of matters to deal with. After he finishes settling each and every one of them, he walks up the stairs but suddenly stops and turns to look at Wang Bo who is downstairs and says: “Book her plane ticket leaving on the first day of Lunar New Year.”

The butler stares blankly for a moment, then immediately nods his head to indicate he understands: “Okay.”

Feng Teng looks calmly and goes upstairs, when he is passing by the second floor, a smile starts to form at the corner of his mouth.

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  1. hihi…feng teng is too sneaky. i bet he called shan shan mom later.

    • Good try but strictly not correct:P He gonna do something even better much later, lol.

    • aggre…that’s I think when feng give his phone cell…ha..ha…
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      • Apa khabar, you are from Indonesia right:)? Glad that you like SS & FT. SS will speed up in the next few chapters:P

        • Kabar baik …Saya harap Peanut juga sehat..Jadi bisa lancar menerjemahkan untuk kami.. he..he….Really this my 1st time to comment , usually I silent reader (my bad) …really appreciate your hard work….thanks to give us a little humor in hard day…

  2. he will follow her to her hometown? shan shan will be sleepy all the time bcuz she’s so stress

    • I wish GM is as creative as you, lol. Unfortunately no FT for 2 weeks when SS is back in hometown:( But, before that you are in for a treat, heehee….

      • aiya..i’m gonna miss feng teng-the-bully so much..shan shan need feng teng to pull out her silliness

        • To compensate you, next chapter we’ve FT from beginning to end, even more book time than SS:P

        • Yeah! Got the see more feng teng’s eye view on shan shan. Can’t wait until the next one. While waiting I will keep reread the previous chapters . Thank you peanut. Fighto-oh!

        • Did you listen to the very cute radio drama? Aiyo, have to reread previous chapters but some of them are truly funny which I also reread:) Maybe I’ll try to post another chapter at the weekend as a bonus:P

  3. OMG OMG, FT is not this cool and attractive in the cover *drooling* I’m dying waiting for the comic arghhh :((
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