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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 23)



Yeh, there is plenty of Feng Teng in this chapter, to enable us to understand Big Boss better through his conversation with his sister Feng Yue. We’ll also find out Shan Shan has a rival called Yuan Li Shu, who we’ll meet in the next chapter. Something interesting is going to happen on the vegetable farm!!!!

Chapter 23 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Shan Shan had a good sleep. The next day, when she wakes up, she feels refreshed and full of vitality. After washing up, she opens the door and sees Xiao Zhu is already outside waiting for her. When she sees her, she immediately steps forward and smilingly greets: “Miss Xue, good morning.”

Shan Shan returns the greeting: “Good morning.”

“Miss Xue, are you going to the dinning room to have breakfast now?”

“Uh ……” Shan Shan hesitates, since she is a guest in someone’s home, would this be considered impolite?

Xiao Zhu reads her mind and immediately says: “Earlier, Mr. Feng has instructed to bring Miss Xue down for breakfast. Miss Feng is here.”

“Miss Feng?” Shan Shan is surprised.

Xiao Zhu nods her head, “Yes, she came early in the morning.”

Feng Yue stirs her bowl of porridge, without much appetite. Actually, she did not really come so early in the morning just for breakfast. After stirring some more, finally she could no longer resist and ask.

“Brother, Miss Xue is going stay with us to celebrate Lunar New Year?”

Feng Teng glances at her, “You are very well-informed.”

Feng Yue looks a little embarrassed and calls out: “Brother.”


“…… Do you like Miss Xue?”

Feng Yue feels odd in asking such a question. It seems out of character for someone like big brother to like anybody, but how to explain the current situation ne?

Big brother goes so far as to bring a girl home for Lunar New Year…….

Although they have known each other for several months. However, Feng Yue still feels rather strange, like an incident in the entertainment circle where a certain rich and powerful person met a certain starlet for a few days, then got married.

Feng Teng looks like he does not have any intention to reply.

“My brother, I care about you.” Feng Yue looks at him and says in a serious tone, “I know you do not like to discuss about this with me, but I need to know what you are thinking. You must let me feel reassured. Just like when Yan Qing and I wanted to get married, I did not stop you from investigating him because I have to make you feel assured since we are the only surviving family left in this world. ”

Feng Teng sighs, “She is not annoying.”

“Then both of you are dating with the intention of marriage?”

Feng Teng pauses, “You think too much.”

Feng Yue hesitates and says: “Brother, you are not playing with that girl‘s feeling, right?”

Feng Teng shows his displeasure and interrupts her, “I also do not like to do useless work.”

“Okay.” Feng Yue gives up on this issue. Once brother starts to be evasive, it means she no longer can get anything out of him. She decides to change tactic, “I always thought you will give me a socially well-matched sister-in-law.”

Feng Teng indifferently says: “The benefits a marriage of convenience can give me are limited, Feng Teng also does not have such need.”

Feng Yue shakes her head and says: “I do not mean that, I also do not care about this, otherwise I would not have married Yan Qing. I would think like this because your ex-girlfriends came from quite well-off families.”

“It is just a coincidence.”

Yah, big brother had only two ex-girlfriends before so they cannot be considered a regular pattern. Come to think of it, since grandfather passed away, big brother has been single until now ah. Feng Yue probingly asks: “If you do not care about family status, then why do you not accept Li Shu‘s love?”

Li Shu?

Feng Teng is flabbergasted and says: “How come you mentioned her?”

“Li Shu grew up with us. Don’t tell me, you do not know she has always liked you.” Feng Yue starts to complain. Yuan Li Shu is the granddaughter of the family’s long serving servant and of the same age as Feng Yue. Both of them grew up together and went to the same school so Feng Yue has always treated her as a close sister.

Feng Teng says: “Feng Yue, she grew up with you, not with me.”

“However, she also lived here before high school.”

Feng Teng is displeased and says: “I thought you are discussing Xue Shan Shan, not Yuan Li Shu with me.”

Feng Yue knows that he does not want to continue discussing this issue, but she has long been entrusted by people so ultimately she has to get an answer.

“I just want to know what you don‘t like about Li Shu.”

Feng Teng looks briefly at her, “Feng Yue, there are a lot of things I am dissatisfied with Xue Shan Shan, but with Yuan Li Shu, there is nothing much that I am dissatisfied, do you understand?”

Feng Yue keeps quiet then sighs. Because he does not care so there is no dissatisfaction. But with Xue Shan Shan, because he is interested in her so brother naturally is using the family’s handed-down picky method so there is a lot of dissatisfaction.

It seems Li Shu has no chance. Actually, she has quite a good impression of Xue Shan Shan, but how is she going to explain it to Li Shu? Feng Yue asks, “Brother, may I ask, what is the criteria you use to choose your girlfriend?”

“Sensible and not annoying will do.” Feng Teng replies casually.

This is just too perfunctory, Feng Yue feels dissatisfied and says: “There are many cute and sensible girls, right? Brother, you have broken up with your ex-girlfriend for a long time already, why have you waited until now to be together with Miss Xue ah?”

“Because she is special.”

Feng Yue immediately questions closely: “How is she special?”

Feng Teng does not reply immediately, he gracefully picks up a cup and takes a sip, then only leisurely says: “She is special because she is easy to ‘eat’.”

“Ah?” Miss Feng suspects there is a problem with her hearing, blinks her eyes and remains expressionless, trying to understand what she has just heard.

Miss Feng continues to stare blankly so the conversation comes to an end. When the topic of their conversation appears in the dinning room, Miss Feng is already temporarily back to normal.

She is beaming when she greets Shan Shan: “Shan Shan, come to eat breakfast.”

“Miss Feng.”

“Aiya, I call you Shan Shan, but you call me Miss Feng, I feel sad ah.”

“Ah?” Shan Shan obviously is taken by surprise by her sudden overly friendly gesture so she can’t help but look at Feng Teng. He says: “Sit down and eat. Breakfast time is seven o‘clock so in the future, don’t be late.”


Shan Shan sits down to eat and does not realize he said the words “in the future.” Today, Miss Feng is rather sharp and immediately gives her brother a knowing smile.

Feng Teng pretends he didn‘t see anything.

At this time, Wang Bo and a maid carrying breakfast appear together to report to Feng Teng: “Sir, I am unable to book the plane ticket to G city for today, there are only tickets for half past ten tomorrow morning.”

Feng Teng looks at Shan Shan.

Although Shan Shan is disappointed, she has also anticipated such an outcome. She keeps on nodding her head to express her gratitude.

Feng Teng nods his head at Wang Bo.

“Wait ……” Feng Yue wants to say she can help book the plane ticket, but before she can utter a word, she see Feng Teng‘s meaningful glance.

She immediately shuts her mouth, scolding herself as a pig in her heart! She is able to book it, but her brother is not able to book it? Obviously, big brother did that deliberately lah.

Miss Feng cannot help but silently disagrees with his action. As it turns out, it is not a certain someone’s own free-will decision to stay here for Lunar New Year ah! When a person starts to have no sense of shame, he can be really shameless, big brother is a prime example. She is not even officially his girlfriend, he already does not let her go home for Lunar New Year.

While having breakfast, Shan Shan continues to feel very uncomfortable. This is certainly not because she is having a meal with the President. In fact, she has long been accustomed to eating with the Boss, but because of the way Miss Feng occasionally looks at her.

The way she looks at her is very peculiar, like, she is looking at a piece of food ……

Uh, this ought to be a misconception, Shan Shan presumes.

It must be that Miss Feng is thinking of food and is looking at her at the same time. Sure enough, Shan Shan immediately hears Miss Feng says: “Shan Shan, later we will go together to the farm to pick vegetables.”

Ah? Shan Shan is distracted, she has a conditioned reflex for the two words “pick vegetables”, her mind instantly recalls Big Boss’ dark sinister figure …… Could it be that Miss Feng also has this kind of habit?!!!

But why need to go to a farm ah? Shan Shan timidly asks Feng Yue: “Pick what kind of vegetables?”

Feng Yue smilingly says: “Our family has a tradition to personally pick vegetables from our farm for the majority of the dishes served on the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner. Later, you go together with my brother and I to the farm la.”

19 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 23)

  1. are there any significant meaning of “…goes well with rice”?

    • Haha, my 6th sense tells me you may question me on this:P Actually I dun really understand the meaning so I consulted the dictionary. It is like some dishes taste better if you eat them with rice whereas some is better with wine or bread. I think what GM is trying to convey is FT finds SS special bcos she is a tasty dish that is good enough to be eaten with rice so you can eat it often, lol. The Viet translation said bcos SS is special when she is eating which I don’t feel is correct.

      • Actually, there 2 Vietnamese version of SS. The first one is from the fans who translated SS using a Chinese converter therefore it’s not really exactly, and this version is the one translated “SS is special when she is eating”. It is just an internet-version, and of course, not official ^^~

        The second one is from a famous Chinese novels translator (who had translated GM’s WW) and this one is officially released, and she translated that “SS’s special ‘cuz she is easy to “eat” =))” Yeah, “eat” in inverted commans, which we can know from FY’s thought (in later chaps) that this type of “eat” is similar to “bullying” or “teasing” or anything that satisfies FT’s pervert character =))

        Anw, I’m in love with this chap, I’m in love with any chap that expressed FT’s feelings and thoughts ❤

        • Arrrgh, SS expert is here, lol. Next time I’ll consult you & not Lidge since she told me the incorrect Viet version, haha….Yes, easy to eat sound more appropriate. I also interpret it that way but I put the literal meaning in the translation. Maybe I should change it. I got the picture for this chapter from the original book:)

        • Yeah, Chinese has many deep meaning and is very hard to understand fully =”=
          The picture is cute ❤ and she looks like Gu Man neh, lol

  2. ah~ i guess all the picking vegetables done by shan shan before is a training for this day..hihi i believe shan shan will do well

    • Yes, yes, she is going to pick vege again in the next chapter but raw vege, lol. Do some advertising & tell u a big secret, lol. That is FT will also pick vege much later, lol.

      • u’re being cruel peanut !! you make me want to know more.. because you being cruel i hope you have a boring weekdays that you have nothing to do but only to translate shan shan..hehe

        • Haha, no luck bcos I’ve some bad friends who got me hooked on some rubbish audiobook so my weekdays will be very busy, lol. I take quite a long time with the translation bcos I am very meticulous. I need to make sure every words & meanings are conveyed with the most appropriate English equivalents which is not easy as the Chinese language is broader & richer in scope. I think I am spending more time with the dictiionary than sleeping, haha…Also Lidge is slow in proof reading, lol. Visit again at the weekend for the next chapter:)

  3. Peanut…dont make cliffhanger.. are you get pleasure from torture us…
    And for FT..Bigboss you wicked. ( .ups…)

    • Huh, I am as innocent as SS, lol. GM, the writer is the wicked one:P In Chinese novel, male lead like FT is called ‘fu hei’ (belly black), no proper English word for it. Chapter 25 is the climax, so coming soon, heehee….

      • I ll be nice and patient for next chapter..B-)….
        as always you r the best peanut. thanks for nice translation…….Fu hei..?dont get it..can you give sampel for fu hei male lead in novel or drama?

        • I do try to post at least a chapter a week so the wait is bearable:) Are you reading hamster’s translation of The Pillow Book? Dong Hua can also be considered a ‘fu hei’ male. The kind of male leads who are shameless & domineering & at times will bully the female leads yet they can also be very nice & sweet to the female leads, lol.

        • Why don’t just call them “pervert” =))
          Actually, the ‘fu hei’ male is kind of a type who takes control of the girl he loves (just like a mastermind, haha). We can just know that this little girl can’t never escape from his hand =)) (sometime I think that ‘fu hei’ males are S types, really) XN in GM’s WW is another type of ‘fu hei’ also 😛

        • Huh, I don’t think they are really perverts as this word is too harsh. They are pretty harmless:P What is S type? Hey, you wanna translate some chapters of SS:)?

        • S type as in SM. Do you know about it? If you dont, search google ‘cuz it’s hard and embarrassing to explain =)) I know about SM thanks to tons of manga and anime, haha.

          I want to translate ^^ but as u see, I’m not very good at Eng and vocab =))

  4. Hahahaha she’s easy to eat … Oh Feng Teng you made me laugh 🙂

  5. Lol, she’s easy to eat .. Feng Teng… Pick vegetables Shan Shan you way of thinking is priceless..

  6. Rabbits should be cautious when dinning with tigers.

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