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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 25)



Okay, the cat is out of the bag! The feature picture is self-explanatory as to what is going to happen in this chapter:) Yes, Feng Teng gives Shan Shan a ‘smooch’ in the middle of a radish garden to send signal to everyone that he is taken. Later, Shan Shan also makes her confession after they watched the TV. Aren’t they romantic or what, lol?

Chapter 25 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Shan Shan squats beside the radishes and stares blankly for a long time before picking a few of them. Then, she turns around to look at the group of people who are fishing beside the pond and starts to feel serious mental imbalance.

Capitalists are indeed very corrupt! Fishing so fish lah, but somehow they have to build a small wooden cabin to shelter from the cold. A group of people sitting there, drinking tea and fishing, talking and laughing softly whereas she has to pick radishes in the cold wind!

Permanent employees are not to be used like this ah!

Shan Shan seriously begins to consider the possibility of a strike……

But then she remembers that she is currently a freeloader in his home. Even the money for the plane ticket is paid by Feng Teng so Shan Shan’s rebellious heart is calming down. Let it be, let it be, just treat these radishes as repayment for the free accommodation la ……

Shan Shan resigns herself to her fate and starts to pick the radishes but every now and then involuntarily looks toward the pond. When she is peeking for the N times, it just so happens that she runs into Feng Teng‘s line of vision. Feng Teng gazes at her, unexpectedly gets up and walks over.

Shan Shan quickly looks down and pretends to concentrate on picking radishes.

“Xue Shan Shan, this is the result of your picking for such a long time?”

After hearing the familiar deep and low voice, Shan Shan sees a pair of black shoes. She feels aggrieved so she ignores him, flicks the soil with her fingers and mutters back a few words: “My hands are stiff so I cannot pick many.”

“Xue Shan Shan.” Feng Teng bends slightly, as if he is observing her facial expression. “You said you don‘t know how to fish.”

“…… I can learn ah.”

“Really?” The tone of his voice sounds like he is skeptical, “But you’re not interested in using a long fishing line to bait a fish?”

Shan Shan is stunned, how come this sentence sounds so familiar ah …… then, the fish bone incident comes to mind ……

“Xue Shan Shan, you don’t know how to use a long fishing line to bait a big fish?!”

At that time, she was too ignorant to understand what was said, but now it seems it has a different kind of meaning. Why did he suddenly mention this now? Suddenly, Shan Shan is at a loss to know what to do, stares at the radishes on the ground, takes courage and stammers a reply: “Now, now, I am interested ah.”

Thinking of Yuan Li Shu, her heart is a little depressed so she unhappily says: “But there are just too many people at the pond ……”

Are you complaining? A trace of smile is about to appear on Feng Teng‘s face, then he suddenly asks: “Xue Shan Shan, do you want to send a signal to others who are fishing?”

Shan Shan is doubtful, “What kind of signal?”

“A signal to tell others that this pond has been reserved by someone.”


Shan Shan is puzzled so she raises her head to look up at him. Then her line of vision is darkened and her lip touches something warm.

She She She, seems like …… has been kissed?!

The tall man looks down, his big hands grab her by the shoulders, touches her lip lightly and fleetingly. Then, he looks at her silly and blank appearance and says in a low laughing voice: “This is the reservation contract special seal.”


The radishes in Shan Shan’s hands drop to the ground, back into the recently left pit ……

In the end, Shan Shan also does not go fishing. Instead, she squats at the radish garden, apathetically picks a pile of radishes, filling two baskets fully.

Yuan Li Shu catches a few fish, pretending to look happy with several forced smiles. When it is time to go home, Yuan Li Shu hitches a ride with them, still appearing radiant, merely a little lost in thought from time to time. However, Xue Shan Shan is even more lost in thought than her. Actually, Xue Shan Shan is already completely lost.

The only thing left on her mind is the radishes ……

This situation even extends to the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner. That sumptuous feast ah, but everything she puts into her mouth also taste like radishes ……

However, you cannot really blame her because any unfortunate female who has lost her first kiss in a radish garden will definitely not be able to recover back to normal quickly.

Later, when Feng Yue says she wants to go home, Shan Shan only starts to recover herself, subconsciously pulling Feng Yue, “You are not staying here tonight?”

We used to live here, but brother has you to keep him company this year ma. Feng Yue smilingly says: “Yes ah, we have a seven something flight to Yan Qing’s hometown tomorrow morning, yet we have not finished packing.”

“Then, then ……” Shan Shan does not know what else to say. Suddenly, she has the urge to pack her luggage and go to the airport to spend the night.

Feng Yue gives her a wink. “Oh, have a pleasant time!”

It’d be a wonder to have a pleasant time! Obviously, I am scared to death, okay.

The servants have finished clearing the table and are going home, leaving only the two of them in the huge house. Unexpectedly, Shan Shan’s heart slowly starts to feel a trace of sadness.

It is Lunar New Year’s Eve, yet he actually doesn’t have a family member around him. Even someone inhuman, such as Big Boss, will also feel lonely. When she thinks about it, her nervousness at being alone with him decreases substantially. Shan Shan stutters and takes the initiative to ask: “What shall we do tonight?”

Feng Teng asks rhetorically: “What do you want to do?”

Shan Shan thinks for a long time, “Watch, watch Spring Festival Gala?”

Feng Teng remains silent and glances at her. The two of them go to the living room, switch on the TV and wait to watch the show.

Shan Shan looks at the clock on the wall. Very good, it is already seven forty-five, only fifteen minutes more, Spring Festival Gala will begin. As long as she can get through this fifteen minutes smoothly, after the start of the show, the situation won’t be so awkward as she doesn’t know what to say!

Oh! This world has Spring Festival Gala is really great.

Shan Shan effortlessly walks toward the direction of the kitchen, “I will go to get some fruits.”

She lingers for a long time in the kitchen. Shan Shan estimates precisely the time to bring in two bowls full of fruits.

“Here are the fruits!”

Feng Teng is sitting on the sofa and does not move. He is concentrating on looking at the mobile phone in his hand.

“Xue Shan Shan, I have just received a text message.”

“Ah?” Shan Shan does not quite understand why he told her that.

“Someone wished me a Happy New Year.”

Shan Shan is still a little dazed. This is normal, right, sucking up to the Boss or something like that. Wait, wait …… she seems to have forgotten something ……

Feng Teng says: “It is from you.”

Finally, Shan Shan remembers ……

After putting the fruit bowls on the coffee table, Shan Shan dejectedly accepts Big Boss’ inquiry.

“Didn‘t you lose your mobile phone?”

“It is the mobile phone sms timer.” Shan Shan replies softly.

“When did you set the timer?”

“A few days ago.”

Feng Teng pauses, “Did you send this to everyone?”

“No.” Shan Shan replies even softer “You’re the only one.”

Feng Teng nods his head and no longer speaks anymore. The Spring Festival Gala has officially begun on TV. Shan Shan watches TV attentively, but her heart is in a mess, a kind of feeling of being a criminal caught red-handed.

Suddenly, Feng Teng switches off the TV. Immediately, the living room becomes so quiet that you can hear a pin drop.

“Xue Shan Shan, this is also to reject me in order to captivate me?”

“Then, how about you?” Shan Shan does not know where her courage comes from, instead of answering, she asks, “What you did at the radish garden, …… is also rejecting me to captivate me?”

Feng Teng does not expect she will actually answer a question with a question, gives a smile and profoundly says: “No, it is to entice the enemy to penetrate deeper.”

She is already living in his house, don’t say this is still not penetrate deep enough. If he still thinks she does not penetrate deep enough, in that case ……

“Feng, Feng Teng.”

This is the first time, she addresses him by his name. Shan Shan feels a bit uneasy, but at this time, how can she be able to call him President?

“I have never been in love so I do not know how it should be like. Before the company’s annual party, I clearly have never thought about this, but later ……”

She lifts her head and tries looking into his eyes.

“A few days ago when I didn’t see you, I felt very loss. When I saw you outside the police station waiting for me, I felt very embarrassed but also very glad. When you brought me here, although I felt it was inappropriate, I still felt very pleased. When I ate Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner with you just now, I was still …… very happy. ”

I do not have your password, but I can tell you my password, disclose it for you to see. I think I like you so, you look clearly, that I am who you like?

She doesn’t know anything so when facing smart people, she can only use a silly method.

Shan Shan unconsciously hugs her knees and looks at him with unblinking eyes. Her expression appears to be timid as well as brave. Her eyes are filled with cautious expectation. Xue Shan Shan has always make people laugh. When people see her, they will want to bully her and pinch her cheeks. However at this moment, Feng Teng’s heart moves abruptly like never before.

“Xue Shan Shan,” he grabs her shoulders, slowly lowers his head and kisses her forehead once, then says, “We will give it a try.”

14 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 25)

  1. Honestly, SS is too adorable. I mean not only her appearance, her innocence, her easy-to-“eat” side or her funny way of thinking =)) but also her personality. Yeah, she’s slow, not very clever or smart and sometimes self-depreciation but she is just so… true and honest ^^~ I love her every time she confesses her feelings to FT, no lying, no cliche, yeah, she’s not good at talking, therefore she just say out loud her thoughts ^^ And she’s always trying her best in achieving what she wants. That’s what I like about SS and here, just like HYS lose to MS, FT loses to his cute little SS ^O^

    P/s: Oh, and this chapter is translated very nicely *hugging the translator*

    • Yes, yes, we like SS bcos she is cute, silly & honest. I can’t stand those utterly stupid female leads. I feel like pinching SS’s cheek whenever I read abt her, lol. Pssst, the cheek pinching part is not in the original Chinese version. The original book just said pinch only but didn’t say pinch where, lol. You like the featured picture? Actually SS looks quite ugly in the picture but her expression of shocked & blur are priceless, haha..

      I always meant to ask you but I always forget, just like SS, lol. Is my translation fairly close to the Viet one? I mean am I retaining the feel and style of the author? It’ll be better to ask someone who’ve read the Chinese version bcos your Viet version may have lost something in translation but you are SS expect. I try to lose as little as possible in my translation but my Chinese is not good plus some words/sentences just don’t have English counterparts.

  2. Hi peanuts,

    I didn’t realize you started picking up the translation after lidge at Chapter 19, so I also wanted to leave you a “thank you” note. You are doing a great job.

    However, I must admit that despite your warning about a less interesting latter half of the book, I was quite disappointed by the direction the novel has taken (or has not taken), nonetheless. The story started off with a very simplistic plot line, but I loved it anyway because of Shan Shan’s cluelessness. Furthermore, because this story is written from Shan Shan’s point of view, her cluelessness makes the progression of events even more hilarious because we readers blunder around right along with Shan Shan. This story sort of reminds me a lot of those harlequin romance novels (yes, I used to read those, haha) – very one dimensional in that we know almost nothing about the male lead’s thoughts. Because of that, Feng Teng, unfortunately, is not a very fleshed out character, nor are the other supporting cast very interesting, as Shan Shan’s world in the story seems to consist mostly of Feng Teng. In that sense, I prefer the 3rd person omniscient point of view. However, like I said before, the first part was very cute and funny and had easily captured my attention.

    The latter half (I’m only up to Chapter 25) is rather boring, without the humor. The kiss by the radish patch was not as exciting as I had hoped. Feng Teng started off as such an arrogant, dominating male lead, but then, he sort of…fizzled…after the end of the year party. Instead of continuing to put himself in Shan Shan’s path after dropping her off at her apartment after the party, he started giving her space. Perhaps I am more attracted to arrogant persistent alpha males in stories, and so I would have preferred that he aggressively continue his pursuit of her. Yes, I get it; he made the first move and kissed her, but somehow that scene was a bit anti-climatic for me. Plus, I felt that Shan Shan confessed her feelings for Feng Teng too quickly after that first kiss. It would have been more interesting to see a bit more of the tiger and rabbit chase with some more hilarious moments before they settled down and lived happily ever after. Anyway, I could be judging the second half of the story too quickly, as I am only up to Chapter 25.

    Good job, peanuts!

    • Thanks Mel ! Yah, I gave the best parts to Lidge so she can’t accuse me of bullying her:P

      The 3rd person view is more objective & comprehensive but not as personal or endearing as the 1st person. Thus, there are pros & cons irrespective of which view. It is a pity we don’t get to know FT as well as we know SS. But we do get to know some of his thoughts thru his conversations with his sis Feng Jue as well as his interactions with SS & others.

      I understand how you feel abt the lack of humour in the latter parts of the book. But I do understand why the author did that. I think she is trying to show some progress in SS’s life & thoughts. She can’t stay being naïve and being bullied by FT forever no matter how funny they could be. She needs to grow up and stand up for herself. The author did try to inject some humour whenever possible so I’ll forgive her bcos of the continuous humour in the first 18 chapters:)

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  4. first time commenting..and this is my first c-novel..i love it! I decided to read this because the subs for the drama version is not yet complete.. Glad i happen to see your blog! I’m loving this more than the drama version!

  5. SS very honest.. yes… this is how confession should be.. she specify when she start feels different. she’s adorable.. omg.. im so in love with SS… i ship this OTP hard!!

  6. Lol. I was so hyped up by seeing that smooch picture that I started seeing the words funny…. For example translated looked like transplanted and all the other words are repetitions of the phrase ” Feng Teng kissing Shan Shan FINALLY!” ( it is to be interpreted as my brain transplanting your translation with stuff out of my smutty brain) sigh.

  7. Thanks for translating,

  8. What’s with the author making the female lead lose their phones?

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