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50 Most Loving Couples in Chinese Novels Pictorials



I have posted influential novels as well as attractive male characters and favourite male characters poll results. I am not going to post attractive female characters because I strongly disagree with most of the rankings. Instead, I am going to post 50 most loving couples. I am also not really satisfied with this rankings.  Where are my Yun Ge & Ling gege or Yu’er & Huo Qu Bing? There is only 1 couple each from Tong Hua and Xin Yi Wu’s novels and none from Fei Wo Si Cun’s novels. However, the couples from Big Grey Wolf With Wings’ novels are over-represented and I don’t fancy most of them. In addition, there is a BL couple. I will not be writing any comment in this post, as you can read them in my previous posts but I expect you to make plenty:P I am posting some loving pictures for you to drool on, lol. I have painstakingly searched for the most appropriate pictures as I find the pictures from the source material are not good enough.


50. Róng Yán and Yè Mù – Who Waits, Coincides with Flowers


49. Fu Jūn Yán and Gù Bǎo Bèi – Qīn’Ai De Ai Qing (Chóng Shēng Yǎn Yì Quān Chǒng Wén) 亲爱的爱情 (重生演艺圈宠文)


48. Sū Niàn Qīn and Sāng Wú Yān – Blind Man, I Love You


47. Gù Tíng Yè and Shèng Míng Lán – Do You Know? It Ought To Be a Red Flower Amongst The Leaves


46. Zhū Zǐ and Zhào Zhēn – Nán’An Tài Fēi Chuán (南安太妃传)


45. Yún Xī and Fēi Xīn – Mí Xīn Jì (迷心计)


44. Yīng Huan and Hè Xǐ – Huān Tiān Xǐ Dì (欢天喜帝)


43. Méi Zi and Xiāo Jīng Shān – Liè Hù Jiā De Xiǎo Niáng Zǐ (猎户家的小娘子)


42. Chu Běi Jié and Bái Pīng Tíng – A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated


41. Wáng Xuān and Xiāo Qi – Emperor’s Conquest


40. Chéng Jiā Yáng and Qiáo Fēi  – The Translator


39. Yún Zhēng and Yè Hǎi Huā  – Wǎn Qīng Sī – Tie Up the Hair (绾青丝)


38. Chén Běi Yáo and Mù Shàn – The City of Mercy


37. Li Wei Ran and Qin Sang – Go with the Flow of Love


36. Xià Míng Lǎng and Lù Zhēn – Qi Lín Zhèng Zhuàn (麒麟正传)


35. Huáng Tài Jí and Bù Yōu Rán – An Unrivaled World


34. Xiāo Xuān and Xiè Zhāo Huá – Song in the Peach Blossoms


33. Cheng Zheng and Su Yun Jin – You’re Still Here


32. Bái Zǐ Huà and Huā Qiān Gǔ – Huā Qiān Gǔ


31. Hé Sū Yè and Chén Xī Fán – Loving You is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done


30. Chéng Mù Yáng and Nán Běi – Yī Shēng Yī Shì (Tú Rán Xiǎng Yào Dì Lǎo Tiān Huāng) 一生一世 (突然想要地老天荒)


29. Xiè Yún Shū and Jūn Piān Xiān- Night Song


28. Sì Ye and Ruò Xī – Bù Bù Jīng Xīn


27. Xí Xī Chén’and An Jié – Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer


26. Gù Míng Zhū and Róng Lěi – Yīng Gāi (应该)


25. Mù Xián and Huá Yáo – Dú Jiā Zhàn Yǒu (独家占有)


24. Lín’An Shēn and Jiǎn Lù – Jià Gěi Lín’An Shēn (嫁给林安深)


23. Yung Yuan and Ying Ge – Hua Xu Yin


22. Yīng Guǎ and Mèng Tíng Huī – Jiāng Shān Wèi Pìn (江山为聘)


21. Lí Xīn and Qí Mò – Dào Qing – Steal Love


20. Fàn Zhuō and Gāo Xiǎo Xiǎo – Blood X Blood


19. Luō Shén and Ai Qíng – Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You


18. Jiāng Xiū Rén and Zhao Zi Mò – Only If The First Sign of Life


17. Wáng Lì Chuān and Xiǎo Qiū – Li Chuan’s Past


16. Chén Yù Bái and An Xiǎo Lí – Go with the Flow of Love


15. Zhàn Nán Xián and Wēn Nuǎn – Warm Chord


14. Táng Yì and Jì Yǐ Níng – Black and White


13. Liáng Fēi Fán and Gù Yān – Bloom


12. Yè Tiān Líng and Fèng Qīng Chén – Drunken Exquisiteness


11. Dong Hua and Feng Jiu – The Pillow Book


10. Xú Mò Tíng and Li An Níng – Best to Have Met You


9.  Yán Xī and Wēn Héng – A Heart Warming Decade


8. Wú Xié and Zhāng Qǐ Líng – Grave Robbers’ Chronicles


7. Mu Yan and Jun Fu – Hua Xu Yin


6. Hēi Fēng Xi and Bái Fēng Xī – Who Gets the World


5. Tán Shū Mò and Zhao Shuǐ Guāng – So What, You Are My Student


4. Róng Zhǐ and Chu Yù – Feng Qiu Huang


3.  Ye Hua and Bai Qian – Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms


2. He Yi Chen and Zhao Mo Sheng – Silent Separation


1. Xiao Nai and Wei Wei – One Smile is Very Alluring


22 thoughts on “50 Most Loving Couples in Chinese Novels Pictorials

  1. Looks like I really must spare some time to read Rong Yan (#50). He keeps appearing in the top listing again n again, but it appears that none of you guys have read the book. As for Li Wei Ran and Qin Sang, I’ve got nothing against her, in fact I like her a lot, but she’s wasted on him. I cannot stand Li Wei Ran.

    I also definitely have to find time to read #5, So What You’re My Student. Is the male lead that irresistable?? Even as a couple, they have such a high ranking.

    Don’t know if it should surprise me or not, but appears that the top two couples have such a huge following.

    I did not read BBJX the book, but watched abt 70% of the drama. Didn’t really like 4th Prince or 8th prince. The prince that caught my eye was 14th prince. Maybe the book would hv given me a different feel. But I cried buckets at the end when Ruo Xi died so sadly, and the theme song really compounded the effect.

    • I wonder if Rong Yan or No. 26 is a better book. I think I read somewhere Big Grey Wolf the author said she likes No. 26 the most. The female lead in No.26 is the sis of book No. 13. Give me feedback if you read them. Hey, have you read the youngest bro’s cute book? Urrrgh, so annoyed that he always never get ranked but Liang Fei Fan always ranked so high:(

      I am allergic to teacher like you are allergic to angst but I did read teacher Song Zi Yan & teacher Qin Mo’s novels:p

      Huh, I tut u don’t read angst book & also don’t watch angst drama? I nearly dropped my specs when I read you watched BBJX. Hey, I tut u fancy uncles????

      Btw, you should slowly graduate to high school, can’t stay in primary school forever. OF course, long way for u to catch Lidge, Phong & me who are uni students, lol.

  2. 50. Who Waits, Coincides with Flowers + 37+ 16. Go with the Flow of Love~> I haven’t read these one, but I don’t like the story about the eldest brother of this series, therefore I decide that I won’t read this author’s works ^^ But most of the short stories of this author are done nicely ehhhh ^^

    49. Qīn’Ai De Ai Qing (Chóng Shēng Yǎn Yì Quān Chǒng Wén) 亲爱的爱情 (重生演艺圈宠文) + 22. Jiāng Shān Wèi Pìn (江山为聘)~> I’ve just downloaded it, and will spend time to read it soon, the introduction seem sweet and simple ^^

    48. Blind Man, I Love You ~> This one is one famous story, but I’m not still in the mood to read it *blushing* I wanna spend some silent and peaceful time alone just to read this touching story (maybe on a rainy day) lol.

    47. Zhī Fǒu Zhī Fǒu Yīng Shì Lǜ Féi Hóng Shòu” (知否知否应是绿肥红瘦) + 44. Huān Tiān Xǐ Dì (欢天喜帝) + 41. Dì Wáng Yè (帝王业) + 40.Translator (翻译官) + 39. Wǎn Qīng Sī (绾青丝) + 35. An Unrivaled World + 32. Huā Qiān Gǔ + 30. Yī Shēng Yī Shì (Tú Rán Xiǎng Yào Dì Lǎo Tiān Huāng) 一生一世 (突然想要地老天荒) + 29. Night Song + 26. Yīng Gāi (应该) + ~> Dont know abt those, not very interested in them also 😛

    46. Nán’An Tài Fēi Chuán (南安太妃传) ~> Read the first part of this, and is waiting for the finish translation ^^ this one is very cute 😀 the male lead is real man arh ^^ and I’ll give more review when I finish the story 😀

    45. Mí Xīn Jì (迷心计) ~> Honestly, I might die of waiting for this translation 😦 I wanna read this so much but the Chinese version is too complex 😦 and the translation seems to be dropped by everyone 😦 they are so cruel 😦

    43. Liè Hù Jiā De Xiǎo Niáng Zǐ (猎户家的小娘子) ~> This one is acceptable and the couple is truly loving. The story is long and simple, about a girl who was rescued by a hunter when she was trying to kill herself. Things happened and they got married, started their new life together, understanding each other and gradually fall in love ^^ The male lead in this story is amazing, he is smart, sophisticated, deep, loyal and kind… wow… real man ehhh…

    42. A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated ~> The manhua of this attracts me more.. such beautiful drawings *drooling* (ah, and that reminds me, I’m still waiting for SS’s manhua a *sniff sniff*)

    38.Cí Bēi Chéng (慈悲城) + 25. Dú Jiā Zhàn Yǒu (独家占有)~> Ah, this, on my on-hold-list.. I’m reading another novel of this author, therefore… ^^~

    36. Qi Lín Zhèng Zhuàn (麒麟正传) ~> BL????? Never my type.

    34. Song in the Peach Blossoms + 21.Dào Qing (盗情)~> on my on-hold-list 😛

    33. You’re Still Here + 28.Bù Bù Jīng Xīn ~> These authors are on my never-ever-reading-list =)) no offence though =))

    31. Loving You is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done ~> Dont know why, but I’m still hesitated reading it :”>

    27. Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer ~> Don’t like it very much. The female is such a lucky girl ‘ – ‘

    24. Lín’An Shēn and Jiǎn Lù – Jià Gěi Lín’An Shēn (嫁给林安深) ~> a good work, but there are things that annoys me so muchhhhh in this story. Everyone says that Jiǎn Lù gives a lot in this relationship, I’m not denying it, but what Lín’An Shēn gives Jiǎn Lù is not small either 😦 And… he is too monopolized just because he’s suffering from mental illness. Hello, you must know this, right, Jiǎn Lù? And untill his illness is cure, you shouldn’t blame him when he gets jealous over the guys around you =”= And I don’t know why Jiǎn Lù hides Lín’An Shēn the fact that it’s better for them when she had an abortion =”= while still knowing that she is the most important person in his life…

    23. Hua Xu Yin + 3. Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms ~> not reading these 😛

    20. Blood X Blood + 19. Bù Fù Rú Lái Bu Fù Qīng (不负如来不负卿) + 18. Life is Like Our First Meeting + 17. Li Chuan’s Past + 15. Warm Chord + 12. Zuì Líng Lóng (醉玲珑) + 9. A Heart Warming Decade + 8. Grave Robbers’ Chronicles + 6. Hēi Fēng Xi and Bái Fēng Xī – Who Gets the World + 4. Róng Zhǐ and Chu Yù – Feng Qiu Huang~> just not my type 😛

    14. Black and White (黑白)~> I hate this (more clearly, I hate the fema lead). Nothing more to say.

    13. Bloom ~> so this is the story that makes me hate most of the author’s works. OMG!!!! This couple is on top 20? OMG again! :v

    11. Dong Hua and Feng Jiu – The Pillow Book ~> Haha, this couple ❤ *hearts fluttering* they should get higher rank not very interested in this 😛

    5. So What, You Are My Student~> read the side story first, and then don’t really like the female and then decide not to read the whole story, lol.

    2 + 1 ~> nothing to say about them. Never fall out of top 5 @.@ and what? WW and XN ranked the first? Surprised :v (My cute Feng Sam couple, where are you??? *sniff*)

    • OMG!!!!!! Such a longggggggggg comment O_O What am I doing?

    • No, no, ignore Xinn Xinn, your comment is perfect, not long at all. Thank you very much for your useful comment, a kiss fr peanuts,lol. Wah, you’ve read so many books. I admire ppl who is well-read so you are now my new online best fren:P I’ve notified Lidge that she has been downgraded, lol.

      The elder brother’s novel, no 13 Bloom is bad. So far, nobody I know like it. But, you must read no. 16 Go with the flow of love. Xiao Bai is really cute & cool but I think you’ll dislike Xiao Li bcos she is a dummie, haha. No 26 Ying Gai is also by the same author big grey wolf.

      I notice you dislike gangster book just like me eg. No.30 Yī Shēng Yī Shì and no 14. Black and White. I am also not interested in BL novels. I am allergic to teacher & student r/s books like no. 32. Huā Qiān Gǔ + 5. So What, You Are My Student.

      Unfortunately, FT & SS can’t be considered loving couple. I check baidu every few days but no news on SS’s comic book:( Don’t worry, I’ll notify you immediately when there is any good news. Btw, did you buy a physical copy of SS in Viet? If yes, what is the free gift, same as China one?

      Currently Lidge is also very into the author 丁墨’s novels namely 38.Cí Bēi Chéng + 25. Dú Jiā Zhàn Yǒu. Since both of you like her I must read one of her novel ASAP.

      Why you don’t like Tong Hua, Xin Yi Wu & Tang 7’s books?

      27. Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer is ok bcos Xi Xi Chen is so devoted. Yah, I dislike the girl also. The girl in no. 10. Meeting You is the Best Thing That Happened to Me Is written better by the same author.

      31. Loving You is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done is boring as per Lidge. But I find it quite warm bcos I listened to the radio drama. Too bad you can’t understand Mandarin bcos radio drama is really very interesting & good. I am currently in love with them. No. 6 Who Gets the World is a good novel bcos the audiobook is very good. If you ask me to read it, I’ll die, haha….

      • I’m amazed at myself too, I don’t think that I even read (and know) that manyyy novels!!! Maybe ‘cuz this is a “Loving couple list” so that there are ton of novels I know in here. ‘Cuz I enjoy reading sweet stories which have loving couples in it, hehe ^^
        Hey, if you recommend, I’ll trying reading 16 Go with the flow of love. Actually, I don’t hate dummie. I just hate annoying and unreasonable girls that think she knows-it-all and acting oh-so-thoughtless =)) anyway, my principals for the female lead change depend on my mood and the way that story unfolds.

        And I don’t hate gangster stories also. It’s just most of gangster novels are so unreal and contain annoying female leads. That applies to teacher-student novels too. Therefore, I can read any kind of story, as long as the heroines are to my liking. See, I’m easy, right? =))

        I think you should start reading 丁墨’s novels now. Actually, she is extremely popular in Vietnam right now. Her novels always receive good reviews and attract many attention. ^^ I’m in love with her “If snail has love” (I translate it from Viet name) novel now. ^^

        I don’t read Tong Hua, Xin Yi Wu because it’s too lengthy, dragging and angsty. That’s why ^^ And Tang 7’s books have so much reviews that I don’t have to read to know the story, that is why I choose to read reviews of Tang 7’s book instead 😀

        31. Loving You is the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done ~> I’m interested in the introduction of this novel. And I usually don’t care about the “boring” review, ‘cuz I love sweet and warm stories without any misunderstanding and angst, that kind of story is usually boring to many people ^^

        Still sad for my Feng Sam couple ^^ they’re loving in their own way, neh? 😛

        Hey, I’m currently watching Cuo Dian Yuan Yang, I read the comment from Charlie in ^^ this comment mentioned about Peanuts so I thought it might be you? Eh? ^^

        P.s: And do you know, my first comment had been cut down a bit again 😦 I’ve just realized when I re-read it 😦

  3. Beautiful pictures! 😀

    Is it sad that the only couple I know out of this whole list is Ruoxi and 4ye from Bubu Jingxin?

    • Thanks, I searched high & low for those pictures which best represent the novels. Yup no. 28 is 4th Prince & Ruo Xi from Bu Bu Jing Xin. If you are interested, there are English translated novels for no. 3, 8 & 11. If you don’t like reading then you can feast your eyes on no. 7, 17 & 23 when the drama are released later.

      • Thanks for the hard work! 😀

        I like reading but I’m not a very fast reader. Thank you for always keeping us updated with news about novels and adaptations 🙂

        • Hihi, I just got back fr mookie’s blog & found out that you’ve been sick & your Chinese is fantastic. Firstly, I hope you can stay healthy always to watch more drama & discuss with us:) Secondly, sorry for assuming you don’t know Chinese bcos most readers of my blog are Chinese illiterate including me:( But, all of us have keen interest in Chinese novels & drama.

          Since you are a slow reader, maybe you can consider audiobooks. I depend on google translate to read Chinese novels which is very time-consuming so I resort to audiobooks. Some of them are fairly good, just like watching a drama minus the visual only. You can give your eyes a rest and treat them as bedtime stories. Also, they follow the original novel so you won’t need to tear your hair out like drama butchered adaptation. In addition, you can cast anyone you fancy in your mind, lol. Last but not least is you can learn/improve your Chinese with the ebook or physical book in front of you while listening. The Pillow Book & Who Gets the World are 2 audiobooks which I love. Hua Xu Yin audiobook is average but the novel is good. The drama adaptation will be like YMM adapting ROCH:(

        • Thank you for your well-wishes and my Chinese is actually quite limited (I’m lucky in that my parents are patient enough to explain things to me and the dictionary is my very good friend :D), but like you I also have a keen interest in Chinese novel & dramas. I think it’s wonderful that you guys are so in the loop in terms of what books/dramas are out there because I’m often lost as to where to start! All you wonderful people and your awesome novel/drama blogs are like a map and compass to me 😀

          Thank you for your great advice about audiobooks! My eyes aren’t that great so that’s another great alternative! And like you said, at least they’re faithful to the novel and won’t butcher it like Yu Zheng does – I’m still weeping at what he’s doing to the beloved classics OMG WHY?!!

          The Pillow Book is by Tang Qi Gong Zi, right? The same person who wrote Hua Xu Yin? I saw some pictures and trailers for HXY and I really like the leads (8th and 13 prince woot!), but I didn’t know they were gonna butcher the book! OMG REALLY? Noooooooooo… (I haven’t read HXY but I heard that it’s got really moving stories)

          I need to look up Who Gets the World because I haven’t heard of it…. *blush*

        • If you don’t know, I’ve a novel blog so you can always search there to read synopsis and get links for any genre you like. But the books posted are varied in taste and genre, mostly popular internet novels in the last decade so no JY or GL or other famous authors.

          Yup, Tang Qi is one of the most popular author in recent time. She is no JY as her subject matter is not wuxia but xian xia. You may need to read the first book 10 Miles of Peach Blossom as Pillow Book is some sort of a spin-off book.

          In the drama 13th prince will only have a guest role & his character in the book made me vomit blood:( I hope you don’t mind mini-spoiler as in the book the male lead met the female lead after she committed sucide in front of him but in the drama, I think they met when they were kids. This is very important bcos the book meeting is so much more poignant and memorable having them meet after she died.

          Haha, Who Gets the World is a current internet novel, so it is not surprising that you’ve never heard of it. You can find plenty of info on my blog & the book bar as I am a rabid fan, lol. It is something like JY’s book but smaller in scale & written by a female. Also, I find the emphasis on the wuxia world a bit lacking and the language is quite difficult to understand. But overall it is a well-written book on two equally matched and awesome female & male leads. Normally, I dislike either of JY’s leads.

        • Thanks for the link! Wow, the shushengbar is awesome! Excellent resource! *thumbs up* 😀

          I heard about Tang Qi cuz of Hua Xu Yin being made into a drama. I also heard about the 三生三世 十里桃花 book but I haven’t read it yet.

          Xianxia is actually one of my fave genres but I haven’t read too many books in the genre because I don’t know what books are out there. Wuxia/xianxia are actually my favorite genres so I’m always eager for more of those! I started Hua Qian Gu after seeing your other post and I totally love it! What an awesome story with a great mix of action, fantasy, and angsty romance (OMG the angst is EPIC). Even better that they all have a happy ending after all the suffering! 😀

          Oh I totally don’t mind spoilers at all! I’m always curious to know what happens and if I like what I found out, I’ll go back and check out the book! 😀 Hua Xu Yin sounds quite interesting but it’s a tragic ending, right?

          Who Gets the World gets lots of good reviews so I’m tempted to check it out. You’re totally right – the language is much more difficult (than Hua Qian Gu, for example).

          I actually like reading books by female authors because I think they usually write females better – as in, the female characters have more personality and brains and aren’t just there to be pretty or damsels in distress. As much as I like JY novels, I don’t really like his female characters EXCEPT for Huang Rong (best wuxia female character EVER) because it’s so refreshing to see a woman outsmart everyone and is so capable. She’s not just a pretty face to satisfy male fantasies, and she’s not just an obedient housewife who serves her husband. Huang Rong is on equal footing with Guo Jing (actually I reckon she’s the boss in that relationship LOL) and is a great leader.

        • Actually HXY is Tang 7’s best book. 3L3W10PB is just ok only. I prefer the spin-off or sequel called The Pillow Book. Wah, you are an angst fan. I prefer funny books but after eating ice-cream for too long, I’ll also eat some wasabi, lol. HXY’s ending is not really tragic. It is kind of open-ended in that you can interpret it as a happy ending. They were able to spend some happy times together but yes she died in the end. But he promised that he’ll go and find her later. After all, she is already dead but is sustained by the pearl. Tang 7 didn’t give a typical happy ending where she got resurrected and they live happily ever after. I don’t like sad endng but it is so beautiful, meaningful & memorable so I can accept it.

          I am not much of a JY’s fan but I grew up watching the drama adaptations of his novels. Probably those adaptations were done well so I’ve fond memory of them. Most of the time, I am annoyed at the male leads like that wishy washy Cheung Mo Kei, rapist Wai Siu Bo & that love sick Dun Yu. Yah, nearly all the females in his novels are flower vases except Huang Rong. His books are just too masculine for my delicate taste, heehee….

        • In that case I’ll add Hua Xu Yin and Pillow Book to my list too 😀 HXY sounds like a good way to end the novel – yes I generally prefer happy endings but if they fit the story better, then sad or memorable endings are OK too 🙂

          Hehe you got me there – I’m actually a pretty big angst fan. The more angsty the better. But of course I love happy endings and sweet stories too – just like ice cream, as you said 😀

          Yep I also grew up watching JY adaptations. I really like the ones from back in the old days because they stuck closer to the novels and didn’t make all these crazy (bad!) changes like Yu Zheng does (URGH). I agree with you – while I love Jin Yong stories, I also feel they focused too much on the male characters and the females are often just vases, which is why the awesome Huang Rong is a breath of fresh air and probably why I love her so much. As far as male leads, Yang Guo and Guo Jing are among my faves. I’m not a big fan of the others though: Cheung Mo Kei is too wishy washy, Wai Siu Bo is too sleazy (he’s funny but such a sleaze OMG), Dun Yu is too obsessed with Wang Yuyan.

          I don’t want to stereotype, but I feel that female authors usually write female characters better, in the sense that their female characters have strengths OTHER than being beautiful and are NOT so subservient to men (unlike the women that male authors usually write).

        • Yup, I agree with you and prefer women author, girl power, lol. JY’s novels are good, very epic & thematic but those stories are nothing new when they’ve been filmed to death. I need new work to keep me at the edge of my seat:P

          I am in the midst of listening to a wuxia book abt the male lead being captured by the evil sect then he is gifted by the sect leader to a girl assassin to be her subordinate, lol. It is getting interesting as the male lead is trying to get into her good book so that she won’t kill him like she killed the one b4 him. She is training him hard for an assassination duty. Oh, just found out from the epilogue that, she killed the previous guy for a valid reason. This book feels rather dark.

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  6. Kind of a strange comment, but I want to thank you for bringing me into the word of novel translation. I was searching for 高阳公主and 辩机和尚 and found the photo for Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You, I used google image search to look for a better quality one and some how stumbled onto your site and then onto shushengbar. Anyway, it’s weird but I thought a thank you was in order 🙂

    • Glad that I am such a big influence in your novel translation life lol. Add oil 🙂 Ya, I try to upload only clear & good quality pics but sometime it is really difficult to find them 😦

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