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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 26)



Did you enjoy the sealing of the contract in the last chapter? This chapter is also quite sweet until Shan Shan returns home. I am suffering from translation fatigue and is wondering if I should either stop translating or summarise some chapters which I find draggy and are not funny.

Chapter 26 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

That night, after Feng Teng said the sentence “we will give it a try”, everything seems somewhat unreal.

After the warm lips left her forehead, Shan Shan becomes stupefied. Feng Teng seems to want to continue to kiss her, but when he sees the silly expression in her eyes, instead he laughs. He pulls back and keeps a small distance from her, “Forget it.”

I will take it slowly.

He picks up his mobile phone and asks her: “Just one sms?”

She nods her head.

Feng Teng switches off his mobile phone and puts it on the coffee table. Then, he takes her to his study room. Initially, he wants to teach her to play chess but seeing that she is really absent-minded, he gives up. Consequently, they each read a book respectively.

Occasionally, she goes to get some fruits. Occasionally, she goes to make some tea. Occasionally she chats a few words of nonsense with him. Shan Shan is holding the book she selected and turning over several pages.

At twelve o’clock, the dark blue sky is lit up with bright and beautiful fireworks.
Because there are no tall skyscrapers around, standing in front of the French window in the study room, you can see very far, far away. Shan Shan puts down the book in her hand and runs to the window to see the fireworks.

Feng Teng also comes over and stands beside her.

“You want to set off fireworks?”

“Feng Yue said both of you have never set off fireworks.”

“No.” Feng Teng nods his head, then looks at her and bends down his head to give her a surprise kiss.

This is the third time he has kissed her today.

She feels as if the frequency is a little too many, but it is not annoying at all.

Then ……

She wears her fluffy slippers and quietly goes to her bedroom to sleep.

Early morning on Lunar New Year’s Day, Shan Shan quietly goes downstairs to the dining room to eat breakfast. She meets a beaming Xiao Zhu on the stair. Xiao Zhu smilingly says: “Miss Xue, Happy Lunar New Year.”

“Happy Lunar New Year.” Shan Shan immediately replies her greeting.

Xiao Zhu happily says: “Miss Xue, quickly go down to eat breakfast. Mr. Feng is down already so you are just in time to get a red packet ah.”

“Red packet?” Shan Shan is instantly awaken, surprised and says, “I will also get one?”

“Definitely will get ah.” Xiao Zhu says, “Mr. Feng will give us red packets on the first day of Lunar New Year every year. So Miss Xue, how can you not get one?”

Xiao Zhu means them, but your relationship is so extraordinary so naturally your red packet will be bigger and thicker.

Xue Shan Shan thinks ——

Yes ar!

She is also Big Boss’s employee ah!

Of course, she will also get a red packet.

Shan Shan immediately hastens her footsteps and merrily walks toward the dining room.

The red packet distribution activity seems to have finished. There are only Big Boss and the butler left in the living room. Feng Teng seems to be explaining something to the housekeeper, sees her appearance at the entrance of the dining room and says: “Shan Shan, come here.”

Shan Shan quickly runs over. Unconsciously, the emotion showing in her eyes is like that of a puppy longing for a meaty bone. Feng Teng is momentarily surprised by her sparkling eyes, pauses for a moment then asks: “Who are the members of your family?”

“Uh?” Household survey ar? Shan Shan in one breath mentions all the members in her family, “My father, mother, paternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather and maternal grandmother. Also, elder uncle and younger uncle, two aunts, each family has a child, that is all.”

“Ah.” Feng Teng nods his head and speaks to the butler, “Prepare at once.”

The butler nods his head, accepts the order and leave.

Shan Shan blankly asks: “Prepare what?”

Feng Teng casually says: “You don‘t need to know.”

“Oh ……” Shan Shan thinks most likely it has nothing to do with her so she does not ask further.

Feng Teng sits down for breakfast, “The plane ticket has been successfully booked. I have something to do later so let Xiao Zhang drive you to the airport.”

After arriving at the airport, when the driver Xiao Zhang takes out two big boxes from the car’s boot, Shan Shan comes to realise what Feng Teng told the butler to prepare.

“The boss instructed, these are Lunar New Year presents prepared for Miss Xue’s family.”

What Lunar New Year presents …… Big Boss is simply too thoughtful.

Thinking of the ambiguous connotation in the Lunar New Year presents, Shan Shan’s heart is both confused and touched. Looking at the bulky boxes, she begins to worry about how to get them home, the crucial point is how to tell the elders? Those presents from boss are certainly not cheap so how should she explain their origin?

Xiao Zhang enthusiastically helps her to check in, such as carrying her checked baggage etc., so Shan Shan ends up doing nothing, except following from behind. Finally, before she is about to enter the security gate, Xiao Zhang gives her a small box.

“Miss Xue, the boss said to let you temporarily use his old mobile phone.”

Shan Shan is surprised and opens the box to take a look. Indeed, it is really a mobile phone model for a man.

When she is sitting alone in the departure lounge,  Shan Shan only has time to take a closer look at the mobile phone.  The mobile phone is still very new, but it does have traces that it has been used before. She looks at the contact list,  which only have Big Boss’ mobile number. She gazes at it for a moment and could not help but walks to the front of the window to call Feng Teng.

The recipient of the call says: “You have arrived?”

“No, I am in the departure lounge. I have already seen the presents you have prepared for my family, as well as the mobile phone.”

“Ah.” Feng Teng replies, “You do not need to thank me.”

“…… Who said I want to say thank you …… so many things, very difficult to carry, okay.”

There are sounds of laughter from the other end, “Xiao Zhang did not tell you there will be someone to pick you up?”

Shan Shan is stunned and suddenly starts to feel uncomfortable.

“You shouldn’t be like this …… I am not accustomed to it.”

“You will get used to it. Okay, Shan Shan, Happy Lunar New Year.”

The plane arrives in the city of the province in the afternoon. After leaving the plane,  sure enough, someone is waiting in the arrival hall. A young man called Mr. Li introduces himself as an executive from Feng Teng Group branch over here. He keeps on addressing her as Miss Xue and is extremely attentive.

Shan Shan is not used to it. She does not know the people here only know that it is an instruction from the head office, but do not know it is Feng Teng‘s instruction. If they know, they will definitely not only sent a lowly ranked executive to pick her up. Then she will be even more uneasy.

Shan Shan’s home is near B city in the province, the expected time for a car journey is about two and a half hours. Due to traffic jam, when she arrives home, it is already at night. That man walks with her all the way to the stairs of her home. He also wants to help her carry her luggage upstairs, but Shan Shan quickly declines.

She extends her thanks to him, then after he leaves, Shan Shan only calls home to ask her parents to come down to help her to carry the luggage upstairs.

During the whole journey, Shan Shan feels like she is amidst the clouds and mist, everything seems so unreal. Until now, looking at the place where she grew up since childhood, she only starts to feel her feet are firmly planted on the ground.

She takes a deep breath, the chilled air deeply penetrates her inner body.

12 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 26)

  1. thank you peanuts for your hardwork..please don’t give up!! mayb you can just summarize uninteresting part.

  2. Please don’t give up on translating this I always come back everyday just to check whether you have release the new translation or not and I hope you’ll continue with this and if you feel that some parts are draggy please just summarize it. Thank you so much, your hardwork is appreciated ^^

  3. I’ve actually grown sick of all the stories with main female character being cutesy and then meet some rich handsome guys. BUT Come and Eat Shan Shan has proved to be an exception. Shan Shan comes across very dense but sincere and lovable. The way the writer depicts her and your translation give Shan Shan an amusingly attractive character. Good job guys and thanking for bringing this novel to us!

    • Thank you for reading. Ya, I understand how you feel abt sweet but annoying female characters. We like Shan Shan bcos she is slow but not stupid. A nice & honest girl who is trying hard to make a living like us, lol. No doubt this is a Cinderella kind of story but we read novels to escape from reality. Most credit is due to Gu Man’s warm and funny writing.

  4. I really like SS because she is always counting pennies. Poor thing, but she reminds me of myself. :p. I think the wealthy could never fathom what it is like to have to count your pennies and carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase. When SS positively jumps for joy at the sight of free food, I can totally identify with her. I may laugh when reading about SS’s reaction, but I understand where she is coming from. Ah, it is so nice to read a Cinderella story. Not every poor girl is as lucky as our female lead in real life, even the very pretty ones.

    Thanks, peanuts.

    • You are welcome, Mel. SS is unrealistic yet also realistic. I understand the counting pennies part as it is one of my hobby, lol. Although the story is unrealistic, it is entertaining. At least it brings laughter & hope into our life:)

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  6. no one will not fallen for this guy… why he so considerate?? i like u so much…

  7. If only this kind of man is real. Shan shan I envious of you. You are different

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