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Who Gets the World Part 3: Relationship



I am posting my final scene translation of my favourite book. Since I’ve translated half of it a long time ago, I might as well not waste it. Thus, I’ve finished my translation which has taken me a long time. This snippet highlights the ambiguity of the male and female leads relationship as well as a light-hearted interlude on the female lead’s feline phobia, lol. I can’t stop singing praises of the excellent quality of the audiobook as it is finished except the epilogues.Thank you for reading and hopefully you will give the book a try if you can read Chinese or understand Mandarin. Read my summary with spoilers for a better understanding of this snippet.

“All of you wait outside, don‘t disturb the prince who is recovering from his injuries.” Xi Yun told the servants.


She entered the quiet and cool room, moved through the bead curtain and saw Lan Xi with his eyes closed lying on the couch near the window.

“You do not need to pretend in front of me.” Xi Yun just sat down on the stool in front of the couch.

Lan Xi opened his eyes and looked at Xi Yun deeply for a long time. After a while, his lips cracked a smile and spoke softly, as if afraid to disturb something: “I thought you would not come.” Then he gently said “I really…… worry that you will not come, if you do not come …” He looked at Xi Yun closely as if he is complaining.

“I have come, right.” Xi Yun chuckled lightly.

“You know what I mean.” Lan Xi sat up, held Xi Yun’s hands and gently rubbed them with his palm.

“In this world, what else is not within your grasp?” Xi Yun looked at him and seemed to be trying to pull her hands away, “I am also part of your plan, right?”

“In this world, there is only you who I cannot grasp.” Lan Xi could not help but tightened his hands slightly and looked at her with his deep and unpredictable eyes, “only you …”

After hearing this, Xi Yun suddenly realized they have known each other for a decade. They have always ridiculed, teased and bickered with each other. Sometimes they will also assist and help each other, but … they have never had such a conversation. They are not clear what kind of relationship they have. Friends seldom behave like them, mocking and jeering each other. Yet friends may not be as close with each other as them. But they have never crossed the hurdle to be more than just friends. Their relationship has always been blurry.  They thought, it will stay that way for life, but …… when they resumed their respective real identities, because of the ever-changing world and a variety of interests, they have moved closer and even got engaged.

But between them … can they have true love, a ‘until death do us part’ kind of relationship? With their current positions, can they still trust and stay close to each other? They stared at each other to see what the eyes will reveal …… the heartbeats getting louder and anxious … just that being who they are now, can they have such relationship?

The face in front of him is rather calm and indifferent. A pair of bright eyes looking at him quietly like the deep and dangerous sea. Suddenly, Lan Xi felt chilly, the hands he has been holding are shaking.

After a long time, Xi Yun spoke calmly. “Do not worry, I have promised to help you get the world. Before the world falls into your hand, we will always walk together.”

After hearing this, Lan Xi reluctantly released Xi Yun’s hands. He gazed at her for a long while and frustratedly exclaimed: “We can only be like this? Ten long years, our relationship can only be as such?”

Yes. This is her answer, but when she spoke, it become: “I do not know, … what will become of our relationship …”

What will the future hold for their relationship? Perhaps, there is really no definite answer.

Knowing each other for ten years,  it is untrue to say there is not a trace of interdependence between them but … the two of them are no longer the simple Bai Feng Hei Xi of the martial arts world. Their current identities, status, living environment and the people and things around are no longer simple. What are in their minds? … From the beginning until now … for the foreseeable future, with the endless possibilities for tomorrow… where will their relationship go from here?

After hearing such answers, Lan Xi’s deep black eyes flashed faintly and looked at Xi Yun. He saw her look of confusion and helplessness, plus a trace of sorrow.

He felt relieved that she will still be around.

“Do you like the flowers I sent you?”

After hearing this, Xi Yun turned around and spoke: “Carry the thing in.”

A moment later, the door was pushed open and two chamberlains gently carried the veiled crystal hexagon tower into the room, then left.

“You sealed the flower in the tower. You consider this as gifting to me?” Xi Yun stood up and walked to the front of the tower.

Lan Xi smiled, got up and went to her side. Then he put his hand on top of each of the corner of the hexagon tower and touched lightly. The crystal tower is divided into six, like flowers blooming and a black and white orchid’s splendour smell permeated the room instantly.

“Only the two of us can enjoy this stem of ‘Lan Yin Bi Yue’ (Orchid Jade Moon)!” Lan Xi moved his head and looked at Xi Yun.

“Lan Yin Bi Yue?” Xi Yun said it softly, her heart trembling, looking at Lan Xi, “Aren’t you afraid it will turn into ‘bitter fruit?'”

“It is a sweet flower, definitely not a bitter fruit!” Lan Xi explained softly.

Looking at the dark jade moon ornament on his forehead, she raised her hand and gently stroked the snowy jade moon ornament on her forehead, “Lan Yin? Bi Yue? Lan Yin … bi yue …… Ai ……” In the end she lamented with a sigh. Can this pair of jade join together to dazzle? Are they able to reunite three hundred years later?


Suddenly a snowy white kitten made a ‘meow’ sound appeared on top of the couch. The kitten looked at them with a pair of jade green eyes.

Looking at the white cat on top of  the couch , Xi Yun frowned, then quietly retreated a few steps away from Lan Xi, “Why the object that appears on your bed is not a beautiful woman?”

“Beautiful woman …… ar” Lan Xi raised his eyebrows, looked attentively at Xi Yun wanting to gauge her reaction, but she looked indifferent, not even the slightest… jealous!

Xi Yun glanced at him, pursed up her lip slightly, smiled yet not smiling, “What?”

While they were talking, the white cat kept on crying “meow meow meow”, jumped down from the couch and approached the two of them.

Lan Xi bent down, extended out his left hand and the white cat gently fell on his palm. The cat licked his palm, then shrank into a snowball-like object in his hand.

The moment the white cat jumped on to Lan Xi’s palm, Xi Jun instantly turned around. Her gaze fell on the stem of  “Lan Yin Bi Yue” while her feet retreated a fair distance away.

“You do not think it is also a beauty ma?” Lan Xi smiled faintly, played with the white cat in his palm and whispered, “Lang Hua, Lang Hua, you are also a beauty.”

“Lang Hua?” Xi Yun muttered to herself, shook her head slightly and seemed to feel sorry. But she did not know if she felt sorry that such a name is given to this cat or this cat is given such a name.

“I think the name is very appropriate.” Lan Xi approached her and held the cat in front of her. He wanted to let her see clearly such a beautiful cat. However as soon as he stretched out his hand, he is surprised to find her faraway. The speed is even faster than that time when she grabbed his Lang Gan fruit!

“If this cat is called ‘Lang Hua’, then I’ll never eat Lang Gan fruit again!” Xi Yun put her hand into her sleeve and could feel the goose bumps on her hand.

“Huh?” Lan Xi is surprised for a moment. This person can be considered someone who loves to eat most in the world. Just because a cat is called ‘Lang Hua‘, she is going to give up the immortal fruit in the human world, ‘Lang Gan fruit‘? He kept on starring at her then something flashed in his mind and he gently laughed, “For the last ten years, I have been trying to find your weakness, but I have never thought, you actually… heehee …… you actually are afraid of cats!”

“What … What  … I … how would I be afraid of cat. I just dislike cats!” Her secret  has been found out so there appeared to be a flash of embarrassment on Xi Yun’s face and she stuttered slightly. Ultimately her confidence and boldness returned, she really just hates cats only.

“You’re afraid of cats? You are actually afraid of cats? How can you possibly be afraid of this kind of thing?” Lan Xi muttered and looked at Xi Yun surprisingly … a trace of joy — as it turned out someone as strong her also has weakness and a fear of something!

“You …… you black fox! Indeed birds of a feather flock together! Fox and cat lie together on the same couch …… Hmph! That is pretty normal!” Xi Yun stepped another two steps back and kept on looking at the white cat, afraid that it would suddenly jump on her. She felt a bit depressed. In the martial arts, she is the fearless Bai Feng Xi. On the battlefield and the palace court, she is the all-powerful queen of Feng country, but … she is afraid of something which everyone would like!

Lan Xi smiled and looked at her as if he could read her mind.  After a moment, he walked to the window, then threw the white cat out of the window. He turned back and said: “Between you and it, of course I abandoned it and take you!”

Xi Yun has been waiting for the furry and scary creature to disappear out the window before she started to relax. While listening to his words, she couldn’t help pursing up her lip. But when she was about to smile, suddenly she realized the meaning of the remainder of his words. She could not help that her heart skipped a beat and her face turned red.

Lan Xi who saw her blush, could not help being sentimental. Having known her for ten years, he had never seen her behaved like a woman. Most of the time, she always teased others until they blush, but at this moment …… this jade cheeks are blushing like snow clouds. This tender and beautiful woman is standing right in front of him … This woman became shy just because of his words?!

The current situation quickened his heartbeat. What truly made her secretly delighted actually is … what those blushes would bring … thinking about it, his heart could not help beating faster. He moved a step closer, held out his hands to gently embrace the beautiful woman and softly called: “Xi Yun…”

“Your serious injuries are not fully healed yet so you better have a good rest. I will take my leave.” Xi Yun ‘gently’ patted Lan Xi’s left shoulder, resulting in Lan Xi ‘hissing’ to suck in the cold air and involuntary released his hands. Suddenly, the sweet and warm atmosphere in the room is destroyed.

“Why would I chose a woman like you?!” Lan Xi looked at her. “My demeanor is elegant.” Xi Yun muttered to herself, while walking slowly away.

“I was not chosen by you. You shamelessly sought me out.”

“This woman … Ai ……” Lan Xi stroke his forehead and sighed deeply but actually his heart is oozing with sweet joy.


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  3. Very interesting characters! Too bad I can’t read Chinese to read the whole novel :(( thank you for the translations though 🙂

    • Thank you for your support! If you can understand Mandarin, listen to the audiobook which is even better than reading:) Also, can you read Viet bcos I think it is being translated? I am not sure if there is a Thai version but definitely no Bahasa Indonesia version. Heehee, I am just guessing what is your nationality as most visitors to my blog are from those countries & USA.

      • Haha good guess!
        Yeah I’ve tried to read some of the novels that are not translated in English in Vietnamese. But it just takes me much more time processing novels in vietnamese so I’ll just be content with what you’ve translated for us 🙂 * big hug*
        About the audiobook I just started taking Chinese lessons this week so it’ll be a while until I can listen to it lol, but hopefully that day will come at some point.

        • Most Chinese novels are not translated to English:( You’ll be missing out on a lot of novels if you don’t read the Viet version. I wish I can read Chinese or Viet, lol.

          Great move in learning Chinese as even if you can’t read, at least you can listen, haha…Later you can start listening to modern Chinese novels as they are a lot easier to understand than the ancient one. My recommendation is Shan Shan’s radio drama, lol.

  4. Thanks for more translations of Who Gets the World. 🙂

    I’ve just recently started on the first few chapters of the audiobook after listening to the radio drama and I really enjoyed how Lan Xi always called Xi Yun “女人”; every time he does, whether it’s out of amusement or exasperation, I can just imagine the smirk on his face. 😀

    • Arrrgh so happy, another fan just like me:) Did you give the audiobook a try bcos of my ‘shameless’ advertisements, lol? Haha, yes I like that part also & her reply asking him to stop calling her that or else ppl will think she is his ‘woman’, lol. This novel is really nice except some irrelevant parts are too descriptive & there is not enough sweet interactions b/w the 2 protagonists. You are listening to the audiobook with the 4 readers, right? Just checking to make sure you are on the right track, haha…

      If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask me but I can’t guarantee I can answer all of them:P Also, bcos I am slow at updating, there is actually a prequel & a spin-off which you can get the details in the book bar. Unfortunately no audiobook for them:(

  5. I love love love this couple. One of my all-time favorite wuxia couples. Actually, make that one of my all-time favorite ever couples. She’s not your average gorgeous wimpy damsel in distress and he’s not your regular dashing I’m-super-righteous hero, though she is definitely gorgeous and he is more than dashing. They’re such a match made in heaven. I just wish the novel would have written a few more romantic scenes for them. Can’t get enough of them!

    • Yes, yes, yes, agreed completely with you on that. I think they only have roughly abt 25% interaction time in the novel. The remainders are on other characters and the wars. Moreover most of the epilogues are not on them:( Maybe need to dig out a fanfic or make up a fanfic on them, lol.

      I guess it is bcos of the little time they spent together, we appreciate them so much more as a couple. I like BFX because she is smart yet not scheming. I can’t think of any female lead in ancient novel who is like her. They are either weak victim or strong schemer. As for HFX, he is flawed yet lovable. Most importantly he has a wicked sense of humour, lol.

  6. To queenanon: For WGTW, it is not like HQG where is has a few memorable quotes. In WGTW, I feel most of the dialogues are memorable. Thus, being slow is alright as you need all the time in the world to understand and appreaciate what has been spoken. Bcos of the epicness of the novel, most of what the characters said resonance with real life and human minds/conditions. I wanted to do a memorable quotes post but then I found out that I like so many of them so I decided to abandon this project bcos I could never finish it, lol.

    This one is quite creative as the fan made the MV like a dating show where HFX has to choose from all the girls who like him. Needless to say, he’ll choose BFX. Just look at all the girls who like him, lol. They should also do a female version as BFX also has a lot of admirers. This is what I like abt this book in that the author is fair in its distribution as both of them have fairly similar number of admirers as well as equal in strength & wit.

    It is best you rewatch those MVs after you are abt half way into the book or finishing the book. This is bcos you will be lost now as you don’t know who is who & why what they said are so significant. I only recommend you MVs with animation bcos they are more well-made. This book is more complext than HQG & unfortunately my summary didn’t do it justice at all as I only focus on the OTP:P There are still many males & females who got entangled with the leads, one way or another. Btw, the comment section in SSB has a historical summary as well as a character chart.

    • Thanks for sharing all the great MVs and WGTW goodness! 😀

      I’m savoring WGTW slowly because good things deserve detailed attention 🙂
      (I whizzed through HQG and then had to go back and re-read just to savor all the epic character moments LOL)

      Definitely bookmarking the video links for later review! I’m nowhere NEAR halfway – WGTW is even longer than HQG and the language is harder, so definitely needs more time to fully understand/appreciate its epicness 🙂

      I watched the MV’s you linked me to in our previous discussion and while I appreciate that they’re great videos, a lot of the character quotes I didn’t really understand because I haven’t gotten to that part of the novel yet, so your advice to save the videos for later is wise 🙂

      I need to check out the WGTW section of SSB 😀

  7. thank you. i dont read chinese and its difficult to get a teacher or find somewhere its taught in my country. but i do enjoy the books, i have to rely on your hardwork in getting the translations across to us. thank you for taking time out to translate

  8. I bought the book as soon as I read your snippet. My Chinese is not proficient as native but good enough to read novel with lots of artificial tears and bilberry supplement with the speed of turtle. Lol. Hopefully you can tell me whether someone is translating this book to English or not? I am so grateful for your efforts. I love reading Chinese novel. I am totally addicted reading it after reading gu fang bu zhi Shang.

  9. Please can you tell me, what chapter is this?? Im just starting the audio book but i really want to see this scene. Thank you

    • Aiyo, I forgot already but somewhere between chap 90 to 100 of the audio book. Listen slowly & patiently, well worth your time 🙂

      • Thank you! I found the scene! It’s as cute listening to it as reading it.

        I don’t know if you mind, but could I bother you to clarify something in the scene where he gets injured? I understand his plan and everything, but as far from what I could understand, bfx was running around fighting and hfx was sitting in a chair? until for some reason he grew(?) some orchids forest and killed everyone?? My mandarin is pretty shaky, so I got the general gist of what happened but the actual what happened was very confusing, so if you don’t mind clarifying a bit for me? thank you so much.

        • Huh? I do not know what you are trying to ask. Did you listen to the audio book from beginning to end? Don’t skip anything or jump around or else you will be lost. Tell me the specific chapter of the audio book and I will try to help u out. I do not remember all the minor details. By the way u can go to shushengbar where the novel is discussed in English. Also, Acrosstime did some scene translations in her blog.

  10. Sorry im not making sense. Its chapter 89. The scene where hfx organized some assassins to attack himself and gets injured.

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