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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 28)



Okay, Big Boss Feng Teng and Shan Shan are back in S city. I think S city means Shanghai since our author Gu Man lives in Wuxi, which is near Shanghai. Why is Shan Shan always so sleepy just like Lidge whereas I don’t need much sleep, lol? We have some sweet moments of the new lovebirds.

Chapter 28 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Shan Shan stays at home until the seventh day of Lunar New Year before going back. In this period of time, she has had four telephone conversations with the President, each calling the other person twice. The main topic of her calls was about eating and drinking, asking if he has been eating and drinking well. Big Boss mainly talked about the finalization of the return journey and the customer satisfaction survey after giving away the Lunar New Year’s gifts.

Both parties are also satisfied with the quality of their few conversations.

“You are taking the plane ah? You used to take the train?“

At Shan Shan’s home, Shuang Yi is lying on Shan Shan’s bed and watching her packing her luggage.

Shan Shan is also not speaking, quietly takes out her mobile phone, searches and shows a text message to Shuang Yi. She takes a look, “The airline company sent ticket booking confirmation to you? Why are you showing me this?”

“I did not make the booking…… The day before yesterday, he suddenly sent it to my mobile phone =  =”

“Ai yo, very overbearing, the desire to exercise control is very strong.” Shuang Yi holds up her face with both hands and there are many stars in her eyes.

Shan Shan shuts her mouth and decides not to tell her the message is followed by a phone call by someone who wants to exercise his strong desire to control. He ordered her not to wander around after getting off the plane and must wait in the airport for his flight to land.

Shuang Yi  is starry-eyed infatuated for a moment: “I am asking you, what are your plans after going back?”

“Uh firstly, pay him back the plane ticket money.” Shan Shan honestly speaks her mind.

Shuang Yi really wants to hit the wall and says: “Don’t you think returning the money is spoiling his good intention?”

“But I also cannot take advantage of him ah.” Shan Shan is very insistence.

“Of course the money has to be repaid, but don’t you feel by doing that you are being icy cold? Do you think your boss will care much about this twenty pieces of papers? You cannot do it in another way!”

“Then what should I do?” Shan Shan is struck dumb by what Shuang Yi said. She really feels she will look silly if she gives that little money to Big Boss.

“You do not know, soon after the Lunar New Year is Valentine’s Day? You do not know how to buy something and give people ah!”

Shuang Yi rants. She is a romance novel author so why does she have such a friend who lacks love IQ ah!

With Shuang Yi‘s encouragement, the two get dressed and go straight to the city’s most upscale shopping mall.

While they are on their way, Shan Shan is pondering over what to buy.  Shuang Yi leaves her alone to her thoughts. As a result when they are approaching the mall, Shan Shan grabs her and says seriously: “Shuang Yi, I think we cannot buy something costing $2,000. You think, ah, I owe him $2,000 so if I buy something worth $2000, it will not be considered a gift but a debt repayment. Thus, we will buy something costing $2,500 …..”

Shuang Yi glances at her and quickly ends the dialogue: “Xue Shan Shan, shut up!”

They stroll around in the mall and realise it is really difficult to buy a man’s gift, especially for a man such as Feng Teng.

“Shall we buy a pen?” Shan Shan proposes.

Shuang Yi: “Can you be even more old-fashioned?”

“What about a belt?”

“Also, no good, too sensuous.”

“How can it be …… Sensuous …… ”

“People say that men give women clothes to take them off. What you want to do by giving your boss a belt  ………” Shuang Yi laughs. “The female lead in my last book unfortunately gave a belt and it is the reason used by the male lead as an excuse to eat her up in the first chapter.”

” …… Shuang Yi, you write erotic novel ar?”

They stroll for exactly two full hours in the mall and finally buy a satisfactory gift. The next day, Shan Shan brings the $2,580 gift selected by the two of them with the utmost care to board a plane to return to S City.

The plane lands at three something in the afternoon while Big Boss’s plane will land a few hours later at the same airport. Thus after getting off the plane, Shan Shan drags her luggage to the café right across the arrival hall, on the second level.

This is what Big Boss commanded, to wait for him here and leave together.

After ordering a drink, Shan Shan finds a seat that can see the passengers coming out from the arrival hall on the ground floor. She sits down and calls her family to inform them that she has arrived safely. Then after every few minutes, she will look at the exit of the arrival hall.

After looking a few more times, finally she also feels bored and drinks her juice. Before long she takes out the gift to Big Boss from her small bag.

The gift is a pair of silver cufflinks.

Dark silver metal inlaid with black gems, the side is very Chinese style, delicate workmanship brings out a low-key but luxurious feel.

Shan Shan lays them out on her palm. How to give them to Big Boss?

Does she have to wait until February 14th?

When she takes them out, what shall she say?

Big Boss will have what kind of reaction?

She rests her upper body on the table and looks at the cufflinks in her hands. Various kinds of images pass through her mind. Gradually, Shan Shan is feeling a little sleepy. She clenches the cufflinks and decides to close her eyes to rest for a while.

Slowly, she loses consciousness. She does not know how long has passed, but in her drowsy state she seems to hear the sound of the collision of chinaware.

Shan Shan sleepily looks up and notices a well-tailored black shirt. The brain is not fully awake yet. She sits up and is surprised to see Big Boss’s gentle and handsome face.

He is holding a white porcelain cup in his hand and reading a magazine.

“You are awake?”

” …… ”

Shan Shan is completely awake now, “When did you arrive?”

“Half an hour ago.”

Huh, Shan Shan embarrassingly says: “Why you did not call my mobile phone?”

“I thought someone will meet me at the exit.”

” …… ” Shan Shan is ashamed, “I, I accidentally fell asleep.”

“Slept well?” Feng Teng casually asks.

” …… Okay =  =”

“Then let’s go as the driver has arrived.” Tang Feng puts down the cup and picks up his coat and luggage.

“Oh, I have to settle the bill.”

“I have already paid.”

“Wait ah.” Shan Shan stops and anxiously looks around on the ground. When she is standing up, she notices that only one of the cufflinks is left.

Feng Teng watches her looking around aimlessly for a while, before extending out his hand, “Are you looking for this?”

” …… ” Shan Shan looks at the cufflink in his hand, “How come it is with you ….”

“I picked it up at the side of your feet.” His eyes’ color is deep, “Where is the other one?”

Shan Shan embarrassingly gives him the one she is still holding in her hand. Aiya, initially she wants to find an appropriate time to give them to him. How come now it becomes like the landlord is rushing her to handover the property = = ”

Looks like something I can use.”

” …… Yes, they are for you.”


“=  = Yes.”

Feng Teng does not speak again and walks out of the cafe. After turning over all her property, Shan Shan silently follows him. When they are waiting for the lift, Feng Teng suddenly speaks up: “Why all of a sudden give me these?”

“Oh, that something day is around the corner ……”

“Valentine’s Day?” Feng Teng smiles, “Our family is very traditional so we never celebrate the Western Valentine’s Day.”

Ah? Shan Shan is surprised, so she has wasted her gift?

“My parents knew each other while studying overseas. They loved to celebrate Western holidays, but my grandfather hated them so on more than one occasion lectured my parents. Thus when I was a child, whenever it was Valentine’s Day, my parents pretended to take Feng Yue and I out. Then they left us with a nanny and the two of them sneaked out for a date.”

Shan Shan knows his parents were killed together in a car accident. Although when he talked about them, his tone did not reveal any emotion, his heart will surely be a little uncomfortable and unhappy.

Suddenly, Shan Shan wants to hold his hand but is also a little embarrassed. Eventually, she slowly holds out her hand, but her fingers only touches the back of his hand and right away he turns her hand over and captures it.

Although they have kissed many times, this is their first time holding hands in a public place. Shan Shan’s heart is full of tensions and worries so she decides to divert her attention by calmly discussing with him: “Then are we going to celebrate? What about we also sneak out to celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

Feng Teng turns around and takes a look at her, holding tightly the small hand which seems to want to escape from his hand and curls the lower lip slightly, “Okay.”

Perhaps the temperature of his palm is too scorching or her mind is too confusing while he is holding his hand all the way, Shan Shan only remembers to ask when she arrives at the car park and sees the driver: “Where are we going?”

“Firstly, we go to my home in the city to let you recognize the place, then we go out for dinner.”

Why recognise the place …… Shan Shan is a little embarrassed and feeling uncomfortable so she tries to think of something to say: “…… Oh, by the way, we need to go to the government department first to replace my lost cards.”

“Okay.” Feng Teng grasps the hand he has been holding, puts it on his lips and gently kisses it, “You’re so troublesome.”

Until dinner time, Shan Shan can still feel the touch of that lingering kiss on her hand. She could not help but raises her head and secretly looks at the man who has bent down to eat at the opposite side. When he went home, he changed his clothes. He has already fastened the cufflinks she gave him on his shirt cuffs. Initially, she felt the cufflinks were very delicate and sparkling, but after he had put them on, they seem to immediately lose their splendor and become ordinary.

“What are you looking at? Reluctant to give me?”

“No, no.”

Shan Shan quickly looks down and continues to eat. Then, she suddenly realizes that this seems to be their first date after getting together.

No matter from which point of view, this is a perfect first date.

However, Xue Shan Shan after all underestimates herself =  =

After dinner, Feng Teng sends her to the downstairs of her classmate’s place——

Feng Teng stops the car, “I will come to pick you up tomorrow morning.”

Shan Shan waves her hands, “No need la,  the subway from here to the office is very convenient. It is very far for you to come over and there is also traffic jam.” Feng Teng’s home in the city is near the office. To come over here to pick her up is equivalent to going back and forth, it is just a waste of time.

Feng Teng nods his head and does not force her, “Remember to come upstairs to eat at noon tomorrow.”

“Cannot, ah.” Shan Shan blurts out.

“Why?” After repeated refusals, Feng Teng’s voice becomes lower.

“Before, it did not matter for me to go to your office for lunch since there was nothing between us, but now we have a love relationship, then you …… need to lead by example?”

Feng Teng raises his eyebrows, “What do you mean by lead by example? Say clearly.”

“Huh, you do not know?” Shan Shan is surprised and looks at him, “Our office does not allowed office romance, ah!”

13 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 28)

  1. OMG, the little picture lt;3 This is the first time I see this. Such a cute picture

    • Arrrgh, my SS’s number one fan, kiss kiss, lol. Yes, when I saw that pic, I decided to steal it immediately lol. Unfortunately it is too small:( In this chapter, there is SS sleeping in the cafe while FT watching her & the mag so it kind of fit that picture, lol.

      • What is that =”= my comment had been cut again =”= This time I didn’t copy my comment ar 😦 I’m so sad.
        So I just want to tell that, SS is so simple-minded and FT is surely the one who leads this relationship 😀 Actually, FT knows SS so well that he could lead her doing what she initially wants to do. And, what else, ‘cuz he understands her so much, that is easier for him to tease her as well, lol.
        And the moment I love the most in this chapter is when FT kissed her hand and gently said reluctantly “You are so troublesome”. OMG, such a sweet moment which can melt my heart *heart melting* He is spoiling her undeniably, haha.

        • Oh my poor Phong, remember in future you must always copy your comment bcos you’ve a bad computer. To make you feel better, I’ve enlarged the cute pic so you can drool better, lol.

          FT is smarter which is why he knows what SS is thinking. But SS is not that weak as she stands firm with her decision not to have him pick her up as well as not having lunch with him.

  2. Thank you so much peanut! I’ve been anticipating on this. Kyaaaakkkk~ Feng Teng is a very sweet man although he seems to be cold outside. Loving this OTP so muchhh ♥

  3. No office romance? Well rules are made to be broken Shan Shan. And we’re talking about shameless big boss here :)) thanks for the new chapter P!

  4. i like this chapter very much!!!i keepr reread it many times ^ ^

  5. Ah, I am still sighing dreamily. Must be nice to be Cinderella. Rarely are there such romantic, sensitive, handsome, and NICE rich men. Most rich guys are old, bald, and with a pot belly. The young and handsome ones are usually jerks and playboys. We need more Feng Tengs in real life. Will SS ever bring FT home to meet her family?

    • If there are many FTs in real life, then we don’t need to read ‘xiaobaiwen’ (white text) novels, heehee…Reality is cruel but keep looking as you may end up as lucky as SS:) SS will definitely bring FT home in due course. Actually this is very unrealistic bcos if you’ve a bf like FT, I bet the 1st thing you do is bring him home to meet your parents, lol.

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