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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 29)



This chapter is mainly about Shan Shan hunting for a rental property. Oh, so nice to have such a rich and powerful boyfriend:) By the way, Shan Shan is not such a dummie after all and does use her small brain but just not enough, lol.

Chapter 29 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Miss Xue continually does not come up for lunch so President Feng Teng’s mood is not very good. Is it possible during the Lunar New Year holiday, Feng Teng and Miss Xue have not fallen in love yet?

That is not consistent with President Feng’s normal highly efficient style ah.

At Monday’s board meeting, Senior Assistant Fang maintains his elite senior assistant appearance, listening to the shareholders’ representatives talking endlessly without getting to the point, but his mind is a million miles away……

Sure enough, after the meeting, he is called to the President’s office. Sitting behind a black desk, Feng Teng thinks for a long time and asks: “Office romance is not allowed in our company?”

Senior Assistant Fang calmly replies: “It seems there is such saying.”

“Why I do not know about this rule?”

“Probably the erroneous message has been incorrectly spread around.” Senior Assistant Fang understandingly says, “I will find the right opportunity to clarify.”

“No need.” While his fingers are tapping on the desk, Feng Teng expressionlessly says, “Keep one’s mind wholely on one’s work is more in line with the company’s interest.”


In fact, it is because his own progress is not smooth so he does not want to see others sailing smoothly. Senior Assistant Fang, with his usual calm expression, says: “Okay.”

Xue Shan Shan apparently does not realize that her one word is forcing the dating couples in the whole company to go underground. During dinner time, Shan Shan, who is oblivious to the suffering of the dating couples in the company, talks to Feng Teng about her own small concerns, “I have to look for a rental property urgently. Otherwise, when my classmate’s boyfriend comes back, it will not be convenient for me to stay with her anymore.”

Feng Teng is surprised and asks, “Your classmate’s boyfriend?”

“Yes, her boyfriend is attending a training so I can stay ah.”

Feng Teng pulls a long face, ” Xue Shan Shan, how come I did not hear you say before that your classmate is living together with her boyfriend?”

Shan Shan is blank for a while, “I did not tell you ar? But this is not particularly important enough to tell you since he is not in S City la.”

“Very good.” Teng Feng stops eating, “Xue Shan Shan, I have a question.”

“Do you think I’ll let you sleep on the bed another man had slept on?”

Xue Shan Shan gapes. What …… Sleeping on the bed another man had slept on ah!

Big Boss, you think too much la!

Xue Shan Shan defends herself: “…… It is normal for classmates to lodge at each other’s places ah. Moreover, her boyfriend is not around.”

Feng Teng nods his head. Apparently, he has no intention to continue to argue fruitlessly with her so he says his decision: “You live in my place for the time being until you find a rental property.”

Xue Shan Shan immediately opposes: “No way, how can I live at your place …..”

Then she realises Big Boss’s expression is not looking good so she gently and cautiously discusses: “How about, I use my own bedsheet and blanket in my classmate’s home =  =”

His expression is still not looking good?

Xue Shan Shan continues to discuss: “…… then I sleep on my classmate’s sofa?”

“Sleep on the hard floor?”

Feng Teng, starting to eat again, neither too fast nor too slow, suddenly asks: “Xue Shan Shan, your classmate and her boyfriend are already married?”

“No ah.”

“They just casually live together?”

Feng Teng frowns slightly and deliberately hints his obvious disapproval with the tone of his voice. Sure enough, Xue Shan Shan immediately defends her friend: “It is nothing, my classmate is very decent. Moreover, living with a boyfriend is very normal ah. A lot of couples do that nowadays.”

Feng Teng nods his head, “I’m glad you think so. Then before you find a rental property, you just live in your boyfriend’s home.”

Shan Shan feels foolish. Now, she only realises she has been duped……. President, what will happen if you don’t set a trap for me a day ah! ! !

“I am in the wrong. I guarantee I will find a rental property within three days. I don’t want to move around.” Shan Shan clasps her hands and shows her pleading eyes.

“One day.” Feng Teng’s face turns cold, “If you cannot find one tomorrow, you move into my place.”

Shan Shan keeps nodding her head, “Then, it is tomorrow.”

Tomorrow after tomorrow. Too many tomorrows. Shan Shan wipes the sweat from her forehead. Firstly gets over today, then only think later la.

After dinner, as usual Feng Teng sends her to the downstairs of her classmate’s place. Shan Shan fears he will renege, hastily says goodbye and runs upstairs. Feng Teng is sitting in the car and watching her go upstairs. Then he takes out his mobile phone and calls his personal financial advisor.

Shan Shan feels very strange.

She has just registered with an agent to rent a property. Surprisingly, she immediately receives a call from a landlord?

“Is it Miss Xue?”

“Yes, who are you?”

“Hello, Miss Xue! My surname is Jiang. You can call me Xiao Jiang. Are you looking for a rental property? I happen to have a property for rent. The conditions are in line with your requirements.”

“Huh, how do you know my mobile number?”

“I saw it online.”

“But I did not register online ah?”

“You did.” There is a short period of silent and the other side replies firmly.

” …… ” Really? Shan Shan feels uncertain. Could it be that the agent has so quickly posted my requirements and information online?

“But shouldn’t the agent be contacting me?”

“Oh …… Ha ha ha, actually I stole a glance of your mobile number from your agent.” The other side does not want to dwell on this issue anymore and quickly asks, “When do you have time to inspect the property?”

Shan Shan hesitates and says: “I have time now.” In order to find a rental property, she took a day off from work.

“That’s very good as I also have free time now ah. How about I drive over and pick you up to inspect the property?”


This is a swindle! Shan Shan is not saying anything further and decisively hangs up the phone.

Not long after, Feng Teng calls and asks about the progress in her rental property hunting. Shan Shan tells him everything that has happened, “Do you think he is a swindler ah?”

“I don‘t think so.” Feng Teng looks at his paperwork while saying, “How about you give that person’s mobile number to me or I get Xiao Zhang to drive you there?”

“Yes, oh, I will tell him I have given his mobile number to a friend. Thus, no need to trouble driver Xiao Zhang. I will hang around the neighborhood security guard ah. I can send you text messages anytime, oh.” Shan Shan’s plan is arranged in details, “Wait Wait, ah, I will send that person’s number to you first.”

A moment later, Feng Teng looks at the familiar mobile number sent over by Shan Shan. He cannot help shaking his head and finding it funny. It seems that as expected, one is a master in one’s own field only. Even if he is a master in finance and investment, it doesn’t necessarily mean he can do a good job as a real estate agent.

After Shan Shan hints her warning at that Mr. Jiang, she is at ease to follow him to inspect the property.

The property condition is unexpectedly good. One bedroom, one living room, over thirty square meters, a kitchen to cook, complete bathroom and with a balcony. Small, exquisite and enchanting, elegantly furnished and also close to the company. Shan Shan is very satisfied.

“How much is the rental per month?”

The so-called elderly landlord Xiao Jiang thinks for a while. “Four thousand …… two thousand five hundred?”

To be honest, the price is too low for a property that is situated here. Thus, Shan Shan is more suspicious that he is a swindler. He better not uses a fake identification to cheat her money, “Can I take a look at your real estate license?”

Uncle Jiang feels awkward, “In fact, this is not my property. It belongs to my overseas friend. It has never been rented our before. Yesterday, he called me to simply rent out for some money. I do not have a real estate license. If you don’t trust me ——”

Uncle Xiao Jiang looks solemn, “How about you live here first, then pay me later when you move out!”

Shan Shan is stunned.

In the end, Shan Shan still signs a contract with him and pays two months rent in advance. He is so nice. No matter how untrustworthy, yet Shan Shan still feels sorry for inconveniencing him. After the landlord leaves, Shan Shan roves around the apartment. The more she looks, the more satisfied she feels so she takes out her mobile phone to call Feng Teng.

“Feng Teng, Feng Teng, I have just rented the apartment la. Very beautiful but not expensive, and it is very close to the company. After you finish work, come and help me move.”

She goes so far as to dare to use him to move things. Feng Teng hangs up the phone and his face darkens slightly. Half an hour later, Feng Teng calls Linda to go in to give her the finalized documents to distribute. “What other arrangements have been made today?”

Linda looks at the itinerary arrangement, “There is no more.”

Feng Teng nods his head, presses the turn off button and gets up.

Linda, who is holding the documents, asks: “President wants to get off work early today ar?”

“Yes, moving home.”

Linda follows him out of the office, and she is a little confused. She has not heard that President wants to move again. Could it be that he wants to move to a higher level luxury residence? Otherwise, why is his expression so joyful ah?

11 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 29)

  1. Haha, this chapter is very funny ^^
    I actually love Senior Assistant Fang, he is so calm and funny 😀 So generally he is the only one that knows all the hardships our Big Boss has to go through to get SS in his arms =))
    FT is so possessive “Do you think I’ll let you sleep on the bed another man had slept on?”, I don’t expect him to say things like that ^^
    And I love how FT is unknowingly spoiling SS so much (and with such joy too ^^) OMG I love this couple. Who says they are not a loving couple arrrr~~~~?

    • SS’s number one fan, always so punctuate, lol.
      Yaya, I also like SAF especially the part where he asked her abt her duckling present. Later, so funny that her family thinks he is her bf, lol. GM should have pair him up with SS’s friend Shuang Yi, lol.
      Haha, FT is not loving, just being possessive:P Poor SS, this means she can never stay in a hotel, lol. Luckily FT is rich so he probably has apts all over the world.

  2. Thank you Peanuts, I follow Shan2 story is light and fun :), thank you for you and Lidge to translate it 🙂

  3. thank you peanuts for translating this! can’t help but blushing everytime i read about those 2 teehee

  4. Congratulation Shan Shan you just bit Feng Teng’s bait! Annoyed at Shan Shan’s innocence but somehow that’s what made the two suited for each other LOL. Thank you, Peanuts!

  5. Oh, FT is so overbearing and possessive about not wanting her to sleep on a bed that has been occupied by another man, yet I find his jealousy and possessiveness so hot. When is SS going to introduce her powerful and rich bf to her family? I would to see the look on her aunt’s face.

    • Yah, I was thinking then SS cannot stay in a hotel as many men have slept on the beds b4, haha. If I tell you I don’t know which chapter she gonna introduce FT to her family, will you believe me:P? Honestly I don’t know bcos I’ve not finished reading it. But I do know she’ll definitely introduce him so stay tune.

  6. as predicted… this time my prediction didn’t go into drain.. hehehe..
    tengfeng, why are you so caring… i love you…

    lawyer he: then what about me ne???
    me: eeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….

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