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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 31)



I have bad news for mywanderlustsoul as Feng Teng is away in the US this week with Lidge and Mel, lol. I hope you will not be in tears like Shan Shan:P  Actually, Shan Shan is unhappy not because of Feng Teng only but some family problems as well so read on to find out what. I think I read somewhere that Gu Man’s dad was sick when she was writing this book so the hospital experience might reflect her own. Big Boss will come back next week so make sure you also come back 🙂

Chapter 31 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

In the blink of an eye, Feng Teng had gone abroad for two days. However, he has not even called back once so Shan Shan keeps on feeling something is wrong. At night on the weekend, Shan Shan is lying on her bed and staring at the ceiling. No matter what, she cannot sleep……

Is it possible that he heard what she said that day? If he heard them, Boss will surely not let her off so easily. Normally when there is nothing, he will also find something to bully her a little.

Maybe he is just too busy? Wonder what time is it in America? Should she make a phone call over there?

Shan Shan uses her fingers to count the time difference. Suddenly, her mobile phone rings.

Can it be Boss’s phone call? She does not even  bother to wear her slippers before running to get her mobile phone. It is an unknown local number. Shan Shan is somewhat disappointed and readily picks up the call. She hears Mrs. Xue’s happy and excited voice: “Shan Shan, we are in S City train station la!”

It can be considered a collective surprise attack by the Xue family as five people came. They are Shan Shan’s parents, Liu Liu’s parents, as well as grandpa Xue. Shan Shan manages to meet them at the train station and complains: “Why didn’t you call before you come ah?”

Mrs Xue smilingly replies: “To surprise you la.”

Shan Shan is speechless. Ha, really surprised.

“It just so happens that you and Liu Liu are here so we take this opportunity to come for a visit. At first, we wanted to come when the weather is hotter, but your grandfather has been a bit unwell recently. However, the hospital at home cannot find out what is wrong so it is better to come early to the hospital in the big city for a check-up.”

“How is grandpa?” Shan Shan is startled. When Mrs. Xue answers that the problem is not big, Shan Shan is relieved, “So it is decided to go to which hospital ah. It is difficult to get an appointment in a large hospital so I will go early to queue up first.”

“You don‘t need to bother. Liu Liu’s boyfriend is more capable than you ah. Your elder aunt said to ask him to go and find somebody.”

…… But Liu Liu did not come to S City ah.

Shan Shan glances at her mother, but in the end does not say anything. She decides to find time to go early to register. Not long after Shan Shan returned to S City, she received a phone call from Liu Liu. It turns out that she did not come to S City but went to Hangzhou so she asked Shan Shan to help her to keep it a secret.

When she is thinking about this, Liu Liu appears and walks hurriedly to say a few words to elder aunt and the others. Then, she anxiously pulls Shan Shan aside, “Shan Shan, you did not tell them I am in Hangzhou, right?”

“I did not say. You rushed over from Hangzhou?”


Shan Shan is very confused, “Liu Liu, what is the matter? You must at least tell me.”

Liu Liu purses up her lip, “I broke up with him after Lunar New Year.”

Shan Shan is taken aback, “What happened?”

Liu Liu probably usually doesn’t have anybody to confide in. This time when Shan Shan asks, she actually uncharacteristically says a lot, “I hate the way my mother flatters and curry favor with him. She asked me to please him, and I am not allowed to make him angry. Am I not a person? Shan Shan, I really cannot stand it anymore.”

” …… Then why you still left home?”

“I have wanted to leave long ago. All my life, I have not lived for myself. Anyway, I cannot work there anymore. By chance, I found a job in Hangzhou online.”

Shan Shan worries: “But I am certain we cannot conceal this for long. Ah, what if your mother calls him …….”

“He has come to S city so he would have changed his mobile phone number to the one here.” Liu Liu bites her lip, “I know it cannot be concealed for long, just as long as it can.”

Seeing her usually submissive cousin so determined, of course Shan Shan will support her. She nods her head and determines to help her to hide the truth to the very end.

As the saying goes, a mother knows her daughter best. In the world, the person who understands the daughter well is no doubt the mother. In the second day in S City, elder aunt finds out about this matter.

Elder aunt is simply furious. She shouts loudly at Liu Liu in the middle of the street. About wasting her effort in bringing her up, she has such a poor life and even vents her anger on Liu Liu’s dad. She scolds him for having no future prospects resulting in her not being able to live a good life.

When a crowd starts to gather around them, Shan Shan’s parents quickly try to soothe elder aunt but fail to calm her raging temper. Finally grandpa Xue shouts: “Go home and settle this, stop making a scene!”

Elder aunt is still unwilling to stop. Grandpa Xue’s face becomes flushed, and he falls to the ground.

This time, the whole family is scared out of their wits and stops quarrelling. They quickly send him to the hospital, but the hospital refuses to admit him.

The doctor in the emergency room reluctantly puts down the phone and shakes his head, “Go to the emergency room for a drip now.”

The hospital refuses to admit him, and he cannot do anything about it. Seeing the family’s worried faces, he tries to reassure them: “It is also the same there. Go on the drip for a day first to observe his condition.”

Grandpa Xue has waken up now but still appears drowsy. Just now on their way to the hospital, the family only found out that the old man‘s body is very hot, the waist is red and swollen and some areas even have blisters and turned blackish. This does not look like the result of fainting from anger. It seems that the old man has not been feeling well for a while but he did not want to trouble anyone until he cannot endure it anymore. In the end, because of elder aunt‘s outburst, this made him angry and led to him collapsing.

Since the emergency room doctor says so, all they can do is follow his advice. It is already late afternoon and grandpa has just went through a round of check-ups so he will not be able to bear to go to another hospital to be tormented again. Moreover, other hospital will be better compared to here?

Shan Shan has often heard that it is difficult to seek medical assistance in the big city. When something happens on oneself,  only then one knows how “difficult” things are.

This emergency room doctor is very warm and helpful. He comes to check several times and tells them what to pay attention to before getting off work. At night, grandpa sleeps comfortably after the drip. Finally, everyone feels relief.

The next day, grandpa is still on the drip. His situation is neither good nor bad, but the reassurance from the doctor gives them some confidence in his recovery. Tomorrow is Monday so Mrs. Xue asks Shan Shan to go to work. Although Shan Shan does not feel reassured, many family members are here so she is not really needed. If she takes too many leave, when something urgent really happens, it will be difficult to take more time off.  Thus, she nods her head and decides to go to work.

Who knows on her way to work on Monday, Shan Shan receives a distressed phone call from Mrs. Xue: “Shan Shan, hurry up and come over. The emergency room doctor said your grandpa cannot stay anymore.”

When you stay in an emergency room, a new prescription is needed every day. Today, the emergency room has a change in the doctor on duty. After the removal of the medicated drip, grandpa Xue could still lie in the bed.  Later, the doctor comes over and asks grandpa Xue to vacate the bed and have the drip sitting elsewhere.

Grandpa Xue is still having a fever and the swelling on the waist has not subsided so how can he sit up? The Xue family argues strongly, but the doctor ignores them completely. He even says rightfully family is not allowed to spend the night in an emergency room so they have broken the rules.

Mrs. Xue is angry and anxious, wiping away her tears while saying to Shan Shan: “At first, everything was okay. What did that hospital scalper (yituo in Chinese is somebody who for a profit entices others to obtain medical care) tell him, resulting in this?”

There are many middle-aged men idling around the emergency room. Shan Shan also only found out yesterday that these people are hospital scalpers. Yesterday, a hospital scalper approached the Xue family, but they ignored him so he is seeking revenge today.

Elder aunt boldly says: “We will not go. See if they dare to chase us out!”

Ya, can only be like this.

Shan Shan slowly sits down on the chair next to her. Her heart is ice-cold and weak.

She is aware all along that this world is realistic and tough. However, in her ordinary life she does not have many opportunity to encounter such blatant discrimination. When this kind of thing happens to her personally, she only starts to feel the slicing pain of small people being forced to become unruly.

She unexpectedly starts to hate her former self, how can she have lived such a naïve life? Why she can be so carefree and without worries?

Momentarily, her heart is filled with desperation and despair.

She initially had thought grandpa would recover fast. The doctor in the emergency room in the first day gave her confidence, but she is doubtful now. What to do? Ought to do what? The doctor who is on duty today will be finishing work soon so the hospital will not “persuade” them to leave but what about tomorrow? What if the hospital wants them to vacate the bed tomorrow?

Seeing her family members’ anxious expressions, Shan Shan clenches her mobile phone and finally makes a call to the other side of the ocean.

The phone rings several times before being picked up. Then, she hears that familiar voice.

“Feng Teng ……”

By just uttering his name, Shan Shan’s tears all of a sudden rush out and all the suppressed emotions seem to burst out in a flash. Everything is so unbearable until she is speechless and her heart feels suffocated.

“Xue Shan Shan.”

When Boss calls her full name including the surname, it means he is in a bad mood. If it is as it used to be, Shan Shan inevitably will be trembling in fear, but now it seems like suddenly she is being comforted.

“I ……”

Once again, she is chocked up with emotions.

The phone is quiet for a while .

“Shan Shan, where are you?”

Xue Shan Shan says: “I am in a hospital.”

15 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 31)

  1. Oh, our Feng Teng is sulking now… Poor him, this must be the first he ever felt like… rejected, yeah?

    And FT’s little Shan Shan is facing the real world now. Honestly, when I read this, I really sympathized with SS’s family. Just thinking about hospitals in Vietnam, it’s the last place I ever want to go to in the whole list =”=

    Unknowingly, SS trusts FT more than she thought. When a girl calls some one in her breakdown, it must mean that person means a lot to her, ha?

    • Oh oh oh, SS’s no. 1 fan is here as fast as the wind (feng), lol. Haha, it is good for his ego to get rejected once in a while:P Poor SS but at least she can call someone dependable & powerful.

      Before I read SS, I don’t know what is hospital scalper. I was so naive, just like SS, lol. Now I am glad I live in a country with good health care. When I had my wisdom teeth extraction in the hospital, it felt more comfortable than my home, lol.

  2. oh it’s not a totally a bad news…i still can hear feng teng’s sweet voice at the end of chapter(through imagination) hehe…i feel sorry to shan shan..what is scalper anyway? is it like bribe or something? is it really happening in china? oh my..i don’t want to get sick there..!! I want feng teng to fly right away to support shan shan’s hearbroken.

    • Hospital scalper is called yituo (医托 ) in Chinese who is somebody who for a profit entices others to obtain medical care. I guess it can be considered a form of bribe in that by paying it you get better health care and priority in doctor appointment and hospital bed spot. Of course, it is real. You can google for it, plenty of news. Ya, don’t get sick in China unless you can afford private hospital. I went to China public hospital b4, shockingly run down & primitive:(

      Haha, you’ll find out next Monday what FT will do for SS:P.

  3. I CAN’T STAND THIS! I CAN’T STAND THIS WAITING! I want to know what suit of armor Feng Teng is going to wear when he comes charging into the hospital on his white horse!

    I must say I am angry at Shan Shan for denying her relationship with Feng Teng. It hurt him. But I am also angry at FT for not being magnanimous enough to forgive her. A good man, a good boyfriend should be generous and not hold grudges. He should have contacted SS earlier rather than sulk in America. Now, she has to contact him first. Too bad this situation with her grandpa happened and SS had to contact FT first. If not, I would have encouraged her to NOT contact him, if I were her friend. Whether SS was right or wrong, FT should have taken the first step toward reconciliation because it is the right thing for a man to do!

    Eh, anyway…. FT better do something very impressive in the next chapter, or I will still remain very ticked off. And he better come charging on that white horse in person instead of sending a minion to do his job as a boyfriend! Hmph!

    Peanuts, you’re killing me with the suspense! Thanks for your hard work. 🙂

    P.S. Feng Teng is rapidly dropping below Pei Zheng (in I Have an Urgency) in my list of romantic male leads.

    • PATIENT ! PATIENT ! Ten more chapters to go. I am starting to plan for my next project already. Have you voted:P?

      FT will be in suit and aeroplane in the next chapter but no armor or white horse. You are in the wrong time era, lol. Haha, it is good that you are leaving FT for us since there is not enough of him to share with so many readers here:P Wah, you really have a big crush on Pei Zheng but it is unfair to compare them since they live in diff time era.

      Mel, FT is the high & mighty Big Boss, not your average Joe bloke so don’t expect him to grovel first. Luckily SS doesn’t have a fren like you or else you’ll probably kill her, lol. I still have one more page to finish translating next chapter. So far, nothing impressive yet so pls keep your expectation to the min. Anyway, I’ve a feeling you’ve a lot more to rant in the next chapter but pls do keep in mind he is Mr. President with lots of money & staff:P

  4. Patience is not my forte. :p I couldn’t stand waiting, so I went to the audiobook link at Shusheng Bar and started listening to the rest of the chapters, starting from Ch 32 onward. How come there are only 37 chapters in the audiobook? Anyway, I couldn’t understand the audiobook very well. First, there is only a single female reader, which makes the audiobook less entertaining. Second, that reader speaks very quickly and slurs her words together, unlike Ah Shou, who enunciates very clearly and speaks at a slower pace. Third, having a woman read Feng Teng’s parts totally makes him unsexy. 😦 Anyway, I think I will have to depend on your translation, since I don’t really get what the audiobook is talking about. (Is there a better audiobook out there? Since she is such a popular author, how come there isn’t a good audiobook for this story?) So please hurry up and add more chapters! I know it takes a lot of work to translate, but hopefully, my ardent support will motivate you to post more quickly! Thank you so much!

    With regards to Feng Teng, I feel like he is being too cool towards Shan Shan when he is angry. She is confused, but he isn’t. He strikes me as someone who knows exactly what he wants and doesn’t dilly dally when he figures out what he wants. So why is he dilly dallying and acting distant? He should just keep on advancing and back SS up into a corner. That should chase away her doubts. 😛

    • I am here to train you to be patient,lol. Haha, I know bcos I saw unusual activities in my stat so I suspect it must be Mel, haha…Oh, you don’t like my voice? Heehee, just kidding, I wish I can speak Mandarin. For your information the reader is an amatuer, not a pro like Ah Shou so you cannot compare them. There are only 37 chapters bcos it is to prevent impatient girl like you finding out the ending, lol. The real reason is the reader is too busy to finish it. There is no better audiobook out there. But the radio dramas are all very good. Unfortunately they are incomplete and I’ve translated further than them. Although this is a popular book with popular author, it is still a ‘white text’ so normally pro broadcasters will not read them as there are not much depths to sustain the listeners’ continuous interest. Aiya Mel, my translation is the best so stop searching for something better and wait patiently like a good girl, lol.

      FT’s characteristic is cool so he cannot help being cool, haha….I think he wants to give SS more time and space to sort out her thoughts and feelings & doesn’t want to be too imposing. Afterall you never know with SS type of character, you may end up scaring her and she will run home, lol.

  5. I think I am just as imposing and demanding as FT, or maybe even more so, because I don’t like to back off and give people time to think. 😛

    I went back and read all the chapters again and laughed hilariously at SS. There must have been quite a time lag between the first 18 chapters and the rest of the chapters because SS almost seems to have a different personality. In the first half of the story, SS is clueless and ditzy, but constantly cheerful. In the latter half of the story, SS loses her naive charm and just seems insecure. I didn’t really like this personality change. I thought Gu Man should have tried to keep SS’s ditziness and cheerfulness; it would have made her character infinitely more interesting in the second part of the story. This is a story with a simple plot with uncomplicated characters. The point of the story is humor. There is no need to forcefully inject too much seriousness for the sake of “character growth and development.”

    • I am scared of you & finished chapter 32 just for you:P Unfortunately my proof reader, aka Lidge is on strike so you need to impose & demand from her. Btw, I need to warn you now that this blog will be on hiatus for the mth of Nov as I’ll be travelling so no time to do anything.

      Can you keep on dating and not get married lol? Maybe GM cannot think of anything else to continue SS’s cluelessness so she becomes insecured. I think there are some fanfics on SS b4 she becomes all serious. If I’ve time, I’ll translate a bit just to satisfy you, haha…..

  6. I am glad I scare you. 🙂 That was my intention – to bend people to my will. See? It all turned out well; now everyone has an additional chapter to read ahead of schedule. 🙂

    Is lidge proofreading for grammatical errors? If yes, then can’t you proofread it yourself? Or is she proofreading to make sure the translation is accurate?

    I think SS and FT can still get married without SS losing her fun personality. Getting married does not mean you have to lose a part of your original personality. If you have to lose your personality in order to get married, then maybe getting married isn’t such a great idea. Besides, aren’t SS’s refreshing innocence and naivete the very aspects of her personality which FT has fallen in love with? He’s rich and handsome. He could have any woman, but he chooses SS because she is quirky and different. If she loses those aspects of her personality, then she is not the SS that FT has fallen in love with.

    • Try bending tough cookie Lidge’s will ! You know I am soft, lol.

      She is proofreading for both. As you know I can’t read Chinese and is doing a word for word translation so I need Lidge to make sure that even if I am not 100% accurate also must be 99% as something just cannot be translated fr Chinese to English so perfection is impossible. Both of us are perfectionists:P Moreover I’ve a few blanks for her to fill in bcos I don’t know what those words mean even after consulting the dictionary bcos I never studied Chinese:(

      What I tried to say is you can’t just have fun & laughter fr beginning to end just like your life. SS did not lose her innocence. She is still her silly self. Just that there are not as many opportunities for her to showcase them like the first 18 chapters.

  7. TToTT my shanshan is crying….. dont cry too hard baby… fengteng will help you… TToTT


  8. I have watched the drama adaptation way long before I found this blog and so, I pretty much know what happened. But still, this is probably one of the most emotional scenes for Shan Shan and also one of my favorites. It was then that she realized that she cannot simply live so carefree. That the world is way crueler than she had imagined. And it was also the time that she has wholly depended on Feng Teng. I have so much love for both of them..truly.

  9. I’ve been here to read this story many times, but this is the first time I really stopped to figure out the details about the hospital scalper. Even with the helpful definitions, I couldn’t wrap my head around how such a thing worked in a sustainable manner. So I Googled. And…just, wow. Shan Shan’s level of frustration and upset and moment of “real world clarity” feels significantly more evocative to me now!

    Thanks for the translation!

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