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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 33)



From the picture, you can guess that this is a sweet chapter. I bet Gu Man got her inspiration from Cinderella:) Instead of a footman putting on the glass slipper for Shan Shan, we have Feng Teng pulling off her boot, lol. This is a rather long chapter and there are a fair bit of huggings so blush blush, haha….For your information Gu Man studied accounting in university but did not become an accountant so I guess she wants Shan Shan to do the exam for her.

Chapter 33 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

As a slow-witted girl from outer space, Xue Shan Shan realises the truth in a flash.

Subconsciously, she feels Big Boss and her will break up? Thus, she dares not go to his office to have meals again, dares not let the colleagues know about them dating and even dares not tell her family …… That time with Da Hua, if not Feng Teng took the initiative to mention it, she reckons that she would not tell Da Hua ……

As it turns out …… she actually thinks like that ah?

Shan Shan does not sleep well for a few consecutive days.

Four days later, grandpa Xue is discharged from the hospital.

His illness flared up rapidly but after undergoing the appropriate treatment, the recovery is also very fast. Mrs. Xue and the whole family are exhausted in S City and are eager to return home so they refuse to stay even a moment longer. Shan Shan runs around to settle the discharge paperwork and books train tickets for them. After smoothly sending them away, she feels drained of energy.

However, she still cannot rest as she needs to clean up the property she borrowed from Feng Yue and returns the keys. Of course, to show her gratitude, she also has to invite her and Yuan Li Shu for a meal.

Before calling Feng Yue, Shan Shan suddenly thinks actually the person she should be more thankful of this time is Big Boss.

But ……

Better wait for tomorrow when she goes to work!

Feng Yue is someone who has nothing much to do and is always free. Once she hears Shan Shan wants to give her a treat, she readily says: “I am free today ah. I am going to go shopping in the afternoon to buy clothes for the baby. I will call Li Shu along.”

Hence, the three people meet in a certain shopping mall. After Shan Shan treats them to a meal, they go shopping together. When shopping, Miss Feng is scary as she is so energetic, and before long there are four to five large packages in her hands.

Yuan Li Shu seems to be in a very good mood, but Shan Shan always feels she looks at her in a strange way, as if sneering at her.

After a full three hours of shopping, Miss Feng seems to have bought enough so she calls the driver to pick her up. After a while, the driver calls back and says there is a car accident blocking traffic so he cannot make it.

Feng Yue is unhappy as she does not like to take a taxi. Then, she remembers Feng Teng’s residence in the city is not far from here so she calls him: “Big brother, I am shopping with Shan Shan and Li Shu. The driver cannot come so can you come to pick us up ah?”

“He says he is coming soon.” Feng Yue hangs up the phone and looks at the time, “Aiya, since we have to wait, we might as well continue shopping.”

Consequently, they continue to shop in the mall.

Very soon, Feng Yue finds a pair of shoes she likes in a shoe store. The store does not have her size so the salesperson goes to the storage room on the fifth floor to get a pair. While waiting, she casually looks around at the seasonal discount items and suddenly sees something.

“Shan Shan, come and try this. This pair of boots will certainly look good on you.”

Since knowing Feng Teng is coming, Shan Shan starts to feel ill at ease. When Feng Yue asks her to try the boots, she begins to do so and forgets to look at the size. She pushes one foot hard in ……

Very good, cannot take off now.

Shan Shan is stupefied. Then, she only remembers to look at the size. It turns out to be two sizes smaller. How did she manage to push her foot in ah?

Feng Yue uses her strength to help her to pull, wipes away some sweat and says: “No, I cannot take it off so better wait for the salesperson to come back.”

In the end before the salesperson comes back, Feng Teng‘s call arrives. Feng Yue holds her mobile phone and says: “Big brother, we have not finished yet. You wait in the carpark first.”

Yuan Li Shu, who has been standing on the side and watching all this like a comedy, suddenly suggests: “It seems that we will be taking quite a while. The air in the underground carpark is not good so it is better to get big brother Feng to come up and join us ah.”

Feng Yue thinks she is right. Shan Shan wants to open her mouth to prevent her, but Feng Yue has already said: “Big brother, why don’t you come up. We are in xx shoe store on the first floor.”

At this moment, Yuan Li Shu is feeling extremely pleased in her heart.

Unlike Feng Yue‘s ignorance, Yuan Li Shu is acutely aware there is something wrong with Xue Shan Shan. She soon made a correct judgment that there is certainly a problem between the couple. Moreover, she also has learned from other sources, when Xue Shan Shan’s grandpa had been hospitalized recently, Feng Teng had not visit him even once. She has always look down on Xue Shan Shan so she naturally feels Feng Teng thinks Xue Shan Shan is not good enough for him. It is most probably Feng Teng cannot stand Xue Shan Shan’s family and relatives. Feng Teng most probably feels they are unbearable. If he also sees Xue Shan Shan’s pathetic figure now, he will definitely feel she is even more unpresentable.

Being not able to take off the boot seems like a small thing yet it is also embarrassing enough. If Feng Teng is already impatient with Xue Shan Shan, it will certainly deepen his sense of disgust for her. Irreparable cracks, they are an accumulation of feelings that the other person is insufferable?

Thinking about all these make Yuan Li Shu very eager to see Feng Teng show up.

Shan Shan glances at Yuan Li Shu, does not say anything and looks down at the boot. She has always been silly, but since getting together with Feng Teng, she suddenly starts to become more aware of all things related to Feng Teng.

She practically feels Yuan Li Shu seemingly acting casually but with hidden maliciousness. However, so what, their problems have never been caused by others.

Soon, Feng Teng is already walking impatiently within their line of vision. Feng Yue waves at him: “Big brother, we are here.”

Feng Teng sees them and glances at Xue Shan Shan. He turns, walks over and slightly impatient says: “Why delayed for so long?”

Feng Yue takes a quick look at Shan Shan and mumbles: “Oh, we are waiting for the salesperson to go and get my shoes.”

Shan Shan stammers: “I tried putting on a boot but end up not being able to take it off so we are waiting for the salesperson to come back to help.”

Feng Teng looks at her. Shan Shan bows her head, even her hair also reveals her dejected feelings.

Feng Teng snorts and walks towards Xue Shan Shan.

Yuan Li Shu’s heart is pounding, and she opens her eyes wide to wait to see a good show. Unexpectedly Feng Teng walks to stand in front of Xue Shan Shan. All of a sudden, he bends one of his knee and holds up Xue Shan Shan‘s calf with his hand. The other hand stealthily uses some strength and pulls the boot off.

Yuan Li Shu is stunned.

Feng Yue is also shocked and stares with her eyes wide open. Oh My God, my big brother is actually helping Shan Shan to take off her boot in a public place with so many people! Oh no, this is not the main point. The main point is this pose looks so much like a marriage proposal ah! Aiya, but doing it in a department store is really not romantic ……

Miss Feng’s train of thought is already far away ……

Shan Shan also raises her head and is startled to see his broad shoulders so closely. The well-ironed suit on his body is creased because he bent down. His warm and strong palm stays on top of her calf.

She is in a daze and feels that he is going to stand up. She can’t be bother to put on her shoes, but hurriedly stretches out her hands to hug his neck, before he stands up she whispers: “Are you still angry ar?”

Feng Teng frowns and says: “Let go and put on your shoe.”

Shan Shan rarely does not listen to his order and stubbornly clings on to him. Feng Teng body is still. Then, he holds out his hands to embrace her waist and stands up, “Are you sure you want to say this to me here?”

Shan Shan quiets down. Feng Teng throws the car keys in his hand to Feng Yue, “Drive yourself home.”

Feng Yue catches the keys and says “Oh” twice. Then, with a dreamy expression she drags a dissatisfied Yuan Li Shu away, resulting in her forgetting about the pair of shoes she wanted to buy.

Only the two of them are left in the store, and Feng Teng lowers his head to look at her, “Now, can you put your shoes back on?”

Shan Shan blushes. Her bare feet are still stepping on other people’s shoes. She quickly releases him and holds onto his hand for support to put on her shoes. Then, the sweating salesperson finally comes back. He sees only a man and woman are left in the store and sullenly asks: “The lady who wanted the shoes has left?”

Shan Shan pulls Feng Teng’s sleeve, “The shoes Ah Yue wanted.”

After paying with his credit card, Feng Teng carries the plastic bag and walks in front. Shan Shan follows closely and cannot help but asks: “Where are we going?”

Feng Teng does not answer. Shan Shan can only silently follow behind. After walking for a while, unexpectedly someone pulls her hand into a deserted corner.

“Okay, now you can say what you want to say.” Feng Teng neutrally says.

The corner is very quiet and cannot hear the noises in the shopping mall. After a while, Shan Shan softly says: “Thank you for helping me just now.”

“You only have this to say?”

Seeing that he seems to look impatience, Shan Shan quickly says: “No, I, I want to say I’m sorry.”

Feng Teng has no reaction.

Shan Shan continues to say: “I have never thought I will break up with you. However, I also have never thought about the future.”

“I dare not think too much. I also dare not tell my family and refuse to let my colleagues know because in my heart I feel that we may not be together for long. The gap between you and I is just too big so I do not have confident.”

“I’m afraid to hear someone says, you see, they are so not matching. Hence, I hid and refused to listen.”

“It seems like you have though a lot in these two days.” Feng Teng gazes at her and almost coldly says, “So, what are you going to do? Xue Shan Shan, the gap between us will always exist.”

Shan Shan glances at him, suddenly she looks firm, makes a fist and says: “So I intend, this time I must pass the CPA exam!”

Feng Teng stares at her and suspects he may have a hearing problem. He slowly repeats that three English letters: “CPA?”

“Yes, it is certified practicing accountant.” Shan Shan nods her head, “Before when I said I was taking this test, I was actually not serious, but this time it is for real. In the future, I even want to take the international registered accountant exam!”

“Very well.” Feng Teng touches his forehead, “Xue Shan Shan, please explain to me how our topic is related to your career planning.”

“No, cannot ar?” Shan Shan stammers in her explaination, “My thoughts are like this. My personality is not any worse than you so I do not need to work hard on this. Although there is quite a wide gap between our appearance and family background, this is natural so I cannot do anything. Plastic surgery and reincarnation are just too difficult. Thus, I can only work hard in my career, ah. After I finish my CPA exam, I will be a registered accountant. In any case, I have a license to practise.”

“I, I certainly cannot become the best person, but I can become the best of me.”

I certainly cannot become the person who is your best match, but I want to use the best of me to match with you.

Feng Teng looks at Xue Shan Shan’s serious look in her eyes. Actually, he is still a bit angry but instantly his heart softens and is in a total mess. He remembers his sister asked him before why he likes Xue Shan Shan.

Perhaps, initially he had not been that fond of her.

He merely feels she is amusing, cute, has white and soft skin which he feels tempted to pinch, and he feels very relaxed when seeing her. He has seen too many beautiful flowers. They are well-educated and well-bred young ladies from prestigious families, yet he has not really felt tempted by them. Finding such a worry-free and well-behaved person is also pretty good.

He believes all along he is maintaining a can-leave-anytime stance and even adopts a detached point of view, watching her overcautious and indecisive behaviour. However at this moment, he discovers that he does not want to move back a step but wants to just step forward to embrace her.

Thus in the next second, Shan Shan is pulled into a strong embrace. Shan Shan is stunned for a moment, then carefully holds out her hands and hugs him back.

“Actually, I have made another decision.” After a while, Shan Shan says in his embrace.


“I will tell you tomorrow.”

The next day at noon, it is time for lunch and a colleague asks Shan Shan, “Let’s go to the cafeteria?”

Shan Shan shakes her head, “You go, I am going somewhere else to eat.”

“Where ah?” Actually, the colleague is just asking casually.

“Feng Teng‘s office.” Shan Shan frankly replies.

Colleague: “……”

Under the colleagues’ shocked and/or curious gazes, Shan Shan holds her lunch box and goes to the 22nd floor. Linda and the others are still working and Shan Shan steps forward to ask: “Linda, is the President in his office?”

Linda hesitates since Xue Shan Shan has not come up for a long time so can she let her go in now?

Senior Assistant Fang just happens to come and sees Xue Shan Shan so out of concern asks about grandpa Xue‘s current health condition. Seeing Senior Assistant Fang who is very close to  the President being so familiar with Shan Shan, Linda understands everything now. On one hand, she secretly hates Senior Assistant Fang for not passing on the information. On the other hand, she eagerly says: “He is inside. Do you want me to inform him?”

Shan Shan politely declines: “I will go in and look for him myself.”

Shan Shan stands outside the President’s office and knocks on the door, something which she has not done for a long time.

“Come in.”

Feng Teng, who is working hard, says in a deep and low voice.

Shan Shan pushes open the door, but does not go in. Instead, she is holding her lunch box and standing in the doorway and asking: “Can I come here to eat my lunch ah?”

Feng Teng, who has his eyes fixated on his documents, is surprised and raises his eyes. He sees her, smiles happily and puts down the pen in his hand, “Welcome.”

21 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 33)

  1. Ohh noooooooooo ahhhh~
    Shifuuuuuuuuuuuuu this is really too much ah!!
    The suspense!! What does SS want to say??? Oh, may I have a tiny spoiler please?

    This chapter really increased my liking of SS… her thinking in getting the CPA may not be the most normal logic, but it’s very brave logic. She’s doing something she hates, independently, so that she can match FT.. I really like that.

    Best line was “Plastic surgery and reincarnation are too difficult” XD I agree la!

    Btw, I accidently started reading Fated Marriage… I saw one chapter somewhere, and before I knew it, I was hooked.. the chapters are short, so I could manage to read one chapter and after every hour of studying, good motivation and stress relief for me… thank god midterms are over ah >.<;; I am on chapter 47, so I think I'm almost done (don't remember how many chapters are there, che).

    Where are you going for vacations ah (if I'm not being too nosy)? So jealous of you~~~

    • She wants to say I love you, lol. No la, did you read properly? She wants to resume having lunch with FT in his office so she can study for her CPA there.

      Fated Marriage? In English? The one with Ting Ting & Yan Song? If it is that one, I also like it, very sweet and cute. After that, you should read Go With the Flow of Love. Chen Yue Bai is very ‘fu hei – belly black’. Oh, maybe not bcos got too many ‘H scenes’, haha…..

      Take a good look at the featured picture for this chapter. What do you see? Cherry blossoms everywhere right? That is where I am going but instead I’ll see withering autumn leaves and it is not Canada, lol.

      • Haha, I didn’t read carefully enough then o)^//^(o

        Mmhmm, that Fated Marriage ^^.. I plan on reading Go With The Flow Of Love next, but you know me, contract marriage plot is like a very strong magnet xP I don’t mind H-scenes, as long as no one is peeking over my shoulder… I don’t blush easily UvU

        Pack well, don’t forget anything! And remember to eat as much as you can! Don’t miss out any opportunity ^v^ If you tell me which city you are going, maybe I can even recommend some places to you (we used to live in Sapporo)~ And buy many pretty things!

        • When you said cherry blossoms I thought Japan… just saw that you’re going to China ^//^ Same rules apply though!!

        • You are right, it is Japan. But I am also going to China to stock up on my books, lol. I didn’t tell Mel abt Japan bcos I don’t want her to turn green, haha…It is costly to eat a lot in Japan:P I’ve been to Sapporo b4, very nice but this time I am going to Tokyo, Osaka & Hiroshima to visit Disney Sea, Universal Studio, butler cafe, capcom cafe etc

 Have you read that book? It is also something like contract marriage, a very funny book so highly recommended.

      • Can I ask you where did you read those two books, you like the fourth person I see mentioning them.

  2. I really love this chapter, when their thoughts are shared and the problems are solved ^^
    Feng Teng is sweet in this, and… haha, he admits his true feelings for the first time. There there, bickering makes your love stronger right? ^^ If SS is not that insecure, maybe FT won’t realize how much he loves and needs SS 😀

  3. Aha! Another chapter update! Thanks, peanuts.

    My, my… Yuan Li Shu is quite a nasty one, isn’t she? 😛 She is one of the worst kind of people – smiley and polite on the outside, but malicious and vindictive on the inside. Who gave her the right to deem who is suitable for Feng Teng and who isn’t? It’s ironic that the wealthy people in the story (Feng Teng and Feng Yue) are not as snobby as the rich-wannabe, Yuan Li Shu, who isn’t exactly wealthy, but acts like she is related to the Fengs.

    I thought the shoe removal scene by FT was sweet, but not as sweet as the one when he hugged SS after she revealed to him why she wanted to pass her CPA exam. It was really important (to me) that he took the first step forward (literally, figuratively, and emotionally) and hugged SS first. All throughout the story, we have been privy to only SS’s thoughts; we could only guess what FT’s feelings are. Now, with his very telling step forward and hug, we can be pretty certain FT’s heart has been ensnared. 😀

    FT has Yuan Li Shu as an additional admirer. I kind of wish SS would have another sweet guy after her, too, just to give FT a bit of competition. Senior Assistant Fang would have made a great contender for SS’s heart, as he seems like a nice guy, not too unobtainable and yet with a secure career. It would be cool to see how a jealous FT would act, as Senior Assistant Fang has one thing FT doesn’t have – a less imposing position in the company. All along, SS was worried about the difference in status between her and FT, because he is THE boss. Well, Senior Assistant Fang would be less imposing and more obtainable in SS’s mind.

    By the way, is SS suppose to be beautiful? I don’t think Gu Man ever described her physical appearance in the story. She must be at least very cute to attract FT, right?

    Anyway, now I have to wait for the next update! Hey, how long have FT and SS been dating? There hasn’t even been a kiss yet. Boo!

    • Hey Mel, did you read my translations properly or not? They’ve kissed so many times !!!! I can understand you’ll miss those parts in Mandarin but it is in English now, haha…Remember the first kiss in the radish field in chapter 25, the kiss on the forehead in chapter 26, the kiss on the hand in chapter 28 & SS said they’ve kissed many times b4. Dun worry, there is more to come:P

      SS will have a so-called ‘admirer’ in the later chapters but it is not SA Fang. Come on, will you dare to snatch your boss’s bf or gf?

      Aiyaya, in this chapter FT has already described how SS looks like. “She is amusing, cute, has white and soft skin which he feels tempted to pinch, and he feels very relaxed when seeing her.” She is cute, pleasant to the eyes but not drop dead beautiful or gorgeous. If FT wants pretty girl, he needs not date SS. Read this chapter properly again:P

      • Oh, sorry. 😛 I forgot about the kiss in the radish field. This is what happens when there is a 1 week wait between updates… I forget what happens. Ha. I don’t even recall the other kisses on the hand, forehead, etc. They must not be that memorable. 😛

        FT’s description (or should I say, Gu Man’s description) of SS is very vague. I was expecting something more detailed. I guess I like to have a definite image in my mind of each character. So maybe I’ll imagine Ariel Lin as SS then. She’s cute, pretty, but not bombshell gorgeous. Who should I imagine as FT? Any suggestions? Wallace Chung!!! Hahaha! Wallace Chung should be any cool, handsome male character because he can do no wrong in my eyes. 😀

        The quotation marks around admirer make me anxious. That just means it’s not a real admirer. I want SS to have a real admirer and I sort of like Senior Assistant Fang. 😦 If SS is so adorable, how come she doesn’t have any other admirers other than FT? 😦

        • Hey, at least I update and didn’t abandon my project:P You can always read back to refresh your memory. Sorry lah Mel, no R-rated stuff here for you like all the other books that you are fascinated with, lol.

          SS’s pictures are in nearly all the chapters. Chapters 23 & 29 are the pictures of SS from the actual novel. Yup, Ariel is close enough. Oh, how nice if she is paired up with WC since they’ve never acted in a drama together b4. Also, WC has a soft spot for Taiwanese girl, lol.

          You go & write a fanfic of SS with a real admirer:P She lacks admirers bcos FT has unique taste in woman, lol.

  4. Aww, no update? I guess peanuts is on her vacation. Where are you right now, peanuts? Having fun?

    Yes, I am so glad you update, even if I have to hold my breath and wait a week or two. Thank you for being so faithful with your updates, dear.

    I actually do not like too R-rated stuff. Makes me blush… 😛 Subtle hints are fine with me. However, they can’t be too subtle or else I won’t even know something happened, as apparently, I’m extremely dense, even if the translation is in English. Ha!

    I went back and looked at the SS pics in Chapters 23 and 29. Hey! Those are like anime pics, not how I imagined SS to be. I imagine SS to be petite, with long hair down to mid-back, with delicate features and large, expressive, innocent eyes, and a sweet smile. And I see Feng Teng as tall, broad-shouldered, leanly muscled, dashing in a suit and tie and a conservatively short hairstyle, lightly tanned, with dark, intense eyes, and a subtly chiseled profile. Maybe one day this story will be adapted into a drama. Hopefully, the actors will live up to my expectations. Seriously, Wallace Chung would not be a bad choice for Feng Teng, huh.

    Write a fanfic on SS and Feng Teng and SS’s real admirer? As tempting as that sounds, I can’t even finish my own two ongoing fanfics, let alone tackle another one. If I do start a new fanfic, the pitifully few readers I have left would probably just kill me and be done with it. 😛

    • Got update, translated the radio drama. Listen to it, very cute:) I am still slaving in the office. Flying on Sat but plenty of last min stuff to do eg collating & packing, etc.

      Huh, you sound like you are even more dense than Shan Shan, lol. I read your questions 101 with hamster, haha….Yah, share the same opinion as you. Dong Hua’s pictures are everywhere. He has silver hair !!!

      Shan Shan looks best in anime. The comic book will come out soon so hopefully I get to buy it & share with my readers. Just use your imagination since this is only a story:P There was rumour floating around that Chen Xiao will be Feng Teng. I think WC is too serious ar, lol. Actually FT pretends to be serious but in fact he is a prankster:P

      The pen is in your hand so you can always made them time travel to modern time & become Shan Shan & FT. Or you can end your fanfic, stop beating around the bush, lol.

      • Where are you going, peanuts? Have a fun time!

        Yes, I am very dense. 😛 Many people tell me that. 😀

        Ah, so you have discovered me over at hamster’s translation site, huh? That was where I was while waiting for you to update SS and FT’s story. It’s funny that I like FT so much and yet I am not too fond of Donghua, even though some people might find them somewhat similar in personality – arrogant, alpha male, and not very easily moved or impressed. However, I find FT more likable because he is less obtuse than Donghua. Like you said, FT acts serious and demanding, and yet he shows his caring for SS through his actions. Donghua is less likable because he is just overbearing, period. He probably has a kind heart beneath those thick layers of arrogance, but he is TOO arrogant! Everything is about him, not about Fengjiu. I was starting to warm up to him when he braved the serpents without his fairy energy to save Fengjiu from Aranya’s dream, but then his huge ego popped up again with his reasoning that he liked Fengjiu simply because he had “good vision.” Regardless, I like this guy because he is sort of a gray character, shown by his desire to off Xiao Yan because Xiao Yan was monopolizing Fengjiu’s time. I like gray characters, because they are fun and interesting.

        Eh, Chen Xiao is going to be FT? Does that mean that Yu Zheng already bought the rights to this story? Oh no, does that mean the story is going to be so convoluted that we won’t even recognize our beloved SS and FT? Chen Xiao is ok, but he’s too pale and skinny. Hey, how old is FT in the story? How old is SS suppose to be? Well, maybe Yu Zheng will invent a real admirer for SS in the drama version, then. 😛

        I don’t like time travel, and so I will pass on turning my fanfics into time travel stories. 😦 Ha, I’m trying to end my fanfic but I find I don’t have that much time anymore to write. It takes me forever to whip out a chapter, but I’m still writing, although at a very slow pace. Like translating, it takes a really long time to write a chapter, and it only takes a reader 10 minutes to read it.

        • Thanks Mel, I am going to visit SS & FT in China, lol.

          I don’t need to read your name to know the longest comment in hamster’s blog is yours:P Nice to have such an ardent reader like you to scrutinise & dissect the book, haha…I agree with you that FT is more likeable than DH but you’ve to read them in their context. How can you compare ancient with modern? DH is traditional and the king of the universe so he thinks highly of himself and doesn’t really care abt your feeling. Whereas FT although is rich & handsome is still a modern man with good manners.

          No, no, I doubt GM will sell the right to YZ. I think it is YZ’s unrequited love, lol. I don’t mind CX as FT as the book doesn’t say he is not pale or skinny:P Did u see the fan-made MV with Roy Qiu as FT? I don’t know how old FT is but I guess it is below 30, maybe 28 or 29 whereas SS will be around 23 or 24 so very matching, heehee…

  5. Uh uh. FT sounds like he’s in his early 30s. Most men are still pretty immature and not well established yet in their 20s. (That’s why I like older men. Hehe.) FT sounds like he knows what he wants in life and is very well established in his career. Besides, to have the experience and competence to run his corporation so adeptly and efficiently, he must be at least in his early 30s.

    But I skipped ahead and muddled through the ebook using google translate (too impatient to wait for English translation updates) and discovered that SS’s age was revealed to be 23.

    When I decide to read a story, I really jump into it and try to dissect every little detail. That is probably why my comments are so long-winded and filled with questions. Other than Three Lives Three Worlds, I think I have given this story and Heavy Sweetness just as long comments. *blush* Maybe I’ll try to tone down my enthusiasm and inquisitiveness next time and shorten my comments, since I know it is sometimes annoying to read long essays.

    • Haha, why am I not surprised since I noticed usual activities in SSB:P? Oh, so now you are not gonna support my translation anymore:(? How about helping me to translate chapter 36:)? Are you going to read ahead for Pillow Book 2 also? Email me some spoilers bcos I am slack, lol…

      I think FT is not that old bcos he has been trained since young to take over the family business by his grandpa. Also, his parents were killed in an accident when he was young. I think FT is immature and childish with the ways he bullies SS so I stand firm with my late 20s estimation. SS is 23 yo when the book starts or ends, haha?

      No need to change Mel, just be yourself. You can write as long as you like and I can choose to reply as short as I want:P

  6. I’m not good enough to translate. 😦 You and lidge will resent me for ruining your Shan Shan translation project. Poor grammar plus poor comprehension of Mandarin… Nope, you don’t want me on your translation team. 😛

  7. She practically feels Yuan Li Shu seemingly acting casually but with hidden maliciousness.

    im glad that shanshan can see this.. at least she is not that naive+stupid!! good shanshan, good..

    this chapter is amazing.. im melting thousands of times.

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