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Come & Eat, Shan Shan Radio Drama with English Subtitles (Part 3)



This is the last part of the released radio drama from Echo of Wings production. There are three more parts but they have not been released yet:( Later, maybe I’ll translate the radio drama from another equally good production so you can compare and contrast. I will be away on holidays so update will be on a fortnightly basis until I come back in Dec. In the meantime, listen to this radio drama to refresh your memory as the first 18 chapters are the best and most funny.

Echo of Wings Radio Drama – Part 3 or

Chapter 12

“At last, I have finished. Shan Shan, what is the time?”
“Already 12 o’clock.”
“Aiya, whenever it is year-end accounts closing time, life is intolerable.”
“This is nothing. I heard the Accounting department has to work until 3 o’clock in the morning.”
“Shan Shan, it is already 12 o’clock, why you have not gone up yet?”
“Oh, go up?”
“President ar!”
“Oh, how can I forget about this? Somemore I have to pick out vegetable. Okay, I am going up now.”
“How come I feel there is something wrong with Shan Shan today? She doesn’t look well.”
“Yes ah, her face is very red.”
“Is she blushing?”
“She seems to have a cold and fever.”
“How do you know?”
“Look at the medicine on her table.”
1.48: 1st Jan 2007 XXX Coy gave each of its 80 management level employees 1,000 shares…..etc (Shan Shan is studying)
I feel very dizzy. Big Boss is in his office so he cannot see me. (Shan Shan fainted)
“A little fever.”
“Is an IV necessary?”
I don’t want an IV. Using IV for a little cold is silly, and also, an IV costs several hundred yuans.
“Not at this moment, taking medicine and resting are enough for now.”
3.08: I am still in the President’s office? How come there is a screen? A blanket? I am finished, I have been found out.
Thank goodness, I do not snore.
I am finished! I am finished! The President has found out. What to do? What to do? Last time, I saw online, “100 Things That All Workers Need To Know”. The first one is what to do when your boss catches you looking at adult websites. The second one is what to do when your boss catches you sleeping on the job. Yes, yes, this is the one.
“Why didn’t you tell me you’re sick?”
“President, you’re not angry?”
“When was I angry?”
Cheh, stop bluffing. If you are not angry why everyday, your face seem to say “You better not make me angry, think how to appease me quickly or I will fire you”?
“Don’t go back to work, I’ve already talked to your manager.”
“Ah, thank you, President.”
“President, what did you tell my manager?”
This girl! Also, knows need to worry about her reputation.
“Take the medicine.”
“President, you didn’t say I want the day off, right?! I want to trade my shift with someone! Taking time off will reduce my year-end bonus.”
Xue Shan Shan!!!

Chapter 13

4.40: “Take the medicine then go to sleep. You’re not allowed to say anything or else I’ll deduct your year-end bonus.”
If I say something, my year-end bonus will be deducted. Is this the only threat Big Boss can think of?
Am I supposed to be going so why am I still staying here? But if I leave now, would it be strange if people see me? Never mind, I don’t care. I will wait for everyone to go home before leaving.
5.35: “Take your medicine.”
Although Big Boss’s mood changes quickly, one minute hot another minute cold, very volatile, very weird, sometimes the expression on his face is also good. If one day, Big Boss suddenly tells me not to come up here anymore, will I get used to it?
Hey, how come I have such weird thoughts?
6.15: “Oh, so tired, everyday also like this.”
“Hey, have you guys heard, Zhou Xiao Wei from Human Resources left in the President’s car at noon today.”
“Oh is that the girl who wanted to sit next to the President during previous excursion but was chased away by the President?”
“Yes, that is her.”
“It is impossible since the President doesn’t like her. How is it possible?”
“You don’t believe me, but a lot of people downstairs saw it.”
Wah, so fast the President already has his evil clutches on another female employee.
That girl looks so delicate and tiny. How will she be able to withstand Big Boss’s tortures?
The President is outrageous, how can he be like this ar!
“People likes it like this. Just look, at noon Zhou Xiao Wei left in the President’s car and since then her treatment is different. Everyone in Human Resources have to work overtime today but she’s the only one allowed to go home by the HR director.”
This is too unfair !!!
Take time off from work! She can actually take time off from work! I am also a servant but I have never been allowed to take time off from work! I have to pick out vegetables even when sick! Big Boss also is not afraid of infection!
“Ah, Shan Shan!”
“Oh no, she wouldn’t think I have been gossiping. If this gossip reaches the President ……”
“Shan Shan, don’t misunderstand. There is nothing between the President and Zhou Xiao Wei. It’s said Zhou Xiao Wei has a rare blood type. The President’s sister bled heavily and needed a blood transfusion which is why Zhou Xiao Wei was called. You mustn’t misunderstand ah.”
Miss Feng? Isn’t she aboard? Bled heavily?
“What happened? Is Miss Feng all right?”
“The people in Human Resources said she’s all right. Aiya, why did I tell you this? You’re with the President every day so don’t tell me you don’t know?”
As it turns out, there is someone with the same rare blood type in the company.
Based on Miss Feng’s routine, someone will deliver lunch with pork liver to Zhou Xiao Wei tomorrow. Then she will go to the President’s office to eat, at the same time becoming Big Boss’s long-term servant. Then I don’t need to go to the President’s office anymore. I will be completely liberated! Yes, it will be like this.
8.36: Why I feel like I have been abandoned?
“Shuang Yi, my mood is bad right now.”
“What is the matter?”
“Hmm~ Like this, I will use an example.”
“Okay speak up, I’m listening.”
“Once there was a pig captured and raised by a wolf. The wolf tells the pig that he wants to fatten her up so he can eat her later. The little pig is scared and wants to resist, but she cannot fight against the wolf so she can only comply to be fattened up by the wolf. Time passes and the pig grows fatter and fatter, but the wolf lets her go and catches another pig to eat. Somehow, the released pig feels terrible. What do you think the pig should do?”
“Umm …… Go be a liberated wild pig!”
“You’re not getting the main point of the story! Isn’t it good not to be eaten? Why does the pig feel terrible?“
“Ahhh! I know! Of course the pig has fallen in love with the wolf! A love which crosses boundaries! So romantic~”
“…..Lu Shuang Yi! You’re a dummie!”
10.36: “Shan Shan, have you finished with the paperwork?”
“Yes, yes, very soon.”
“Shan Shan, you take a rest first.”
“Xue Shan Shan, you dare to go on strike!”
Huh! Of course Big Boss will not let an experienced worker like me go.

Chapter 14

11.08: “President, is Miss Feng all right?”
“You know already?”
“She’s fine.”
“Oh, that’s good.”
“President, how will you and Miss Feng reward Miss Zhou?”
“Why do you ask this?”
“Uh, that. I I actually…”
“With a check.”
“Why didn’t you give me a check also?”
“Xue Shan Shan, are you a dummie? You don’t know how to use a long fishing line to bait a big fish?”
How can a check be more valuable than me?
What is the meaning of the President’s words?
“You. What’s wrong with you?”
“I I…… big …… fish …… bone …… stuck ……”
12.08: “Shan Shan, what do you plan to wear tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow night is the New Year’s party. Working overtime so much is turning you into a blockhead.”
Oh, it is that annual New Year’s party with the lavish feast.
“Really have to wear a formal dress?”
“Yes ah.”
“But the temperature is nearly zero degree now.”
“Yes. The requirement of formal clothing is the same every year.”
“You can’t dance in the ballroom in sportswear.”
“Moreover the hotel has heating.”
“There is also the voting for ‘the most beautiful and elegant lady’ title. The people in our Finance department look ordinary. Thus, we don’t dare to think of winning but people in other departments will go all out to dress their best. We can’t be too simple and be humiliated.”
“Yes ah, yes ah.”
“I bought a new dress recently.”
“Shan Shan, you must dress nicely tomorrow and get the opportunity to dance the first one.”
“What dance opportunity?”
“Don’t tell me you don’t know! Whoever wins ‘the most beautiful and elegant lady’ can have the first dance with the President.”
13.16: “Hey, Shan Shan.”
“Ah, Ah May.”
“Shan Shan, you want to go in like this? You need to at least make a bit more effort!”
“This is fine.”
“You don’t even put on any makeup. Come, I will put some on for you.”
“No need. Thank you Ah May. I am not used to having makeup. I don’t feel comfortable.”
Are you kidding? I will eat and drink a lot. If I wear makeup, the powder will fall into the food. That is unsanitary.
“Okay. Shan Shan, who are you looking for?”
“The President is not here yet, but Shan Shan, why didn’t you come here with him?”
“Ah May, don’t say such a scary thing before dinner, okay?”
“The President is here!”
“The President looks very handsome today.”
“Yes, yes, so handsome.”
Is he that handsome?

Chapter 15

14.22: “Really very handsome.”
Cheh, so disdainful!
Big Boss is playing it cool once again!
Men who attract flirtatious women are no good. Dressing handsomely, does he think he is a model walking the catwalk at a fashion show!
“I am sure everyone here are eager to hear our handsome President Feng makes his speech. Hence, please welcome our President Feng Teng!”
“This year, the result for Feng Teng is better than last year. etc…”
As it turns out, all Big Bosses have deterrence skill which can scare people.
“This result is the effort of each and every employees in the company……etc”
The President of today is different from the normal President.
He exudes a particular temperament, undemanding but easily suppressing everything else, controlling the entire atmosphere, inspiring admiration from listeners. He appears confident and elegant, his movements are not exaggerated and his every word is compelling and exhilarating.
Actually, where is the different?
Probably, suddenly feels he is so distant.
“Make us more accountable, service-oriented and united……etc”
Oh, finished talking already. Clap, clap, clap.
Never mind, don’t think so much. Eat, eat!
16.18: “Miss Xue!”
Who is that? Miss Feng’s husband called Yan Qing?
“Hello, Mr Yan.”
“Miss Xue, finally we meet again. Aiya, my wife and I don’t know how to properly thank you. We owe you too much.”
“You are too polite. It was nothing.”
“How can it be nothing? When Yue Yue had an accident last month, I was on a business trip. Thanks to Miss Xue for helping or I’ll regret it forever. Yue Yue is still in the hospital. When she has recovered, we have to invite you for a meal.”
“Mr Yan, there’s a mistake, I ……”
“Yan Qing. Andy is looking for you.”
“Miss Xue, I have to go. We’ll talk next time.”
“Oh yes, goodbye.”
Is the President waiting for me to send him away? Also, just now…..
“President, Mr Yan seems to have made a mistake. He thinks I donated blood this time too.”
“If it’s a mistake, then let it be a mistake. Whatever he says later, just don’t deny it.”
“Huh? Why?”
“Don’t ask so much.”
Don’t say, I won’t say. No big deal.
I am not the person who is bluffing people. At most, I am just an accomplice, but only under coercion.
“President, I’ll go look for Ah May. I won’t bother you.”
“Hold on. Who says you can go? Follow me, help me drink wine when I’m asked by other people.”
Help you drink wine???
Is this not done by a man? Of course, capitalists think women are the same as men and men are the same as animals!
“President, I’m not your secretary …… ah ……”
“Your year-end bonus.”
“President, I, we have a union.”
“Union? Who pays them?”

Chapter 16

19.01: Arrrrrgh, my feet is very tired. Somemore cannot eat anything. President, are you a devil?
I hate those high level people lying with their eyes open. You are just trying to polish my shoes.
“Miss Xue is glowing and shinning tonight. Later, I must cast a vote for you.”
Glowing and shinning?
“Thank you, thank you. You’re too kind.”
“Aiya, Miss Xue is a natural beauty, young and lively …… Ah! Just like ……… Ah! Along with the President …… Ah!”
Lying without blinking is already a talent, but even going as far as composing poems!
“Thank you, thank you.”
“President, does the man in traditional Chinese clothes hold a higher position than the old man in the suit?”
“I knew it. Because his ability to lie with his eyes wide open is better.”
This girl is probably a bit drunk. Usually she does not dare to say such a thing.
Also, she actually dare to tug at my sleeves back and forth. I will make her completely drunk.
“Mr, is there anything I can help you?”
“A glass of cocktail please.”
“Okay, please wait a while.”
“What kind of drink is this? It looks very pretty.”
“The alcohol concentration in this cocktail is lower.”
“Thank you, President.”
Ai, the alcohol concentration in this cocktail is actually several times higher.
Don’t tell me that I’ve heard wrongly.
“Where’s your flower brooch?”
“Ah, flower brooch?”
“Shan Shan, you have to keep this well. Although this flower is a bit ugly, there is a number beneath it so the men will base on the different numbers to vote for who they think is “the most beautiful and elegant lady.” Women competing for this title are busy walking around the room to lobby votes for themselves. If other people cannot see your number then it does not matter how well you are dressed.”
“Oh! Where’s my flower brooch? It probably fell off somewhere.”
“…… It fell into the sky?”
“Uh …… How can it?”
“Then why did you look at the ceiling?”
“Please give this young lady a flower brooch.”
“President, I won’t need it.”
“Year-end bonus.”
President, I won’t win.”
I only come to indulge in the lavish buffet so I did not bother to dress up.
“Why not? Although you don’t look great, others look worse.”
“Sir, this is the new flower brooch for the lady.”
“Wear it.”
“President, why do you insist I put on the flower brooch?”
22.22: Every year in the annual party, all the men will vote for ‘the most beautiful and elegant lady’. The winner will get a prize money of $10,000.
“President, surely you’re not helping me to cheat!”
“If you say so. We’ll divide the prize money, I get 70% you get 30%.”
“Miss Xue, you are really a heroine.”
“Thank you for your praise.”
“Miss Xue, you look exceptionally warm and nice tonight.”
“Thank you.”
“Miss Xue, you are so pretty.”
“Thank you.”
“We are going to give away the most exciting prize soon.”
“Indeed for the ladies here, this prize is more important than the first prize given out just now.”
“President, they are probably going to announce the winner soon.”
“What if I don’t win?”
“Okay, I won’t say anymore as I am sure everyone have been waiting impatiently. Without further ado, I will quickly say who is ‘the most beautiful and elegant lady’ tonight.
“The lady with the most votes tonight is..”
“Miss Zhou Xiao Wei from the Human Resources Department!”

Chapter 17

23.44: Very good, very good. It is not me.
Justice still exists in this world.
Investing in me is really risky. See, see, you have lost.
But the President will not direct his anger at me later ar?
“Wait for me here, don’t go anywhere.”
Indeed he will direct his anger at me!
Cheh, he goes and dances with a beauty but commands me to stand here looking silly.
“Miss Xue!”
“Ah, Mr Yan!”
“I wonder if I may have the pleasure to invite Miss Xue to a dance.”
“That…I don’t know how to dance.”
“Sitting here to talk is also good.”
“Oh, Miss Feng is feeling better?”
“Thanks for your help, she is no longer in danger. She is slowly being nursed back to health. These things can’t be rushed.”
“That…I heard Miss Feng was in Europe. When did she get back?”
“Europe? We travelled there for our honeymoon, but we haven’t been there for two years. Why? Do you plan to go for a vacation? Earlier, Yue Yue has intention to go on a vacation. Why not both of you go together when she feels better?”
“Both of you didn’t go to Europe for two years ar?”
“President, I cannot eat anymore. Last time, Miss Feng said she won’t send lunch to me anymore. She has probably forgotten to talk to your cook. Moreover, the blood I donated has been replenished. You see my face is very red now.”
“I don’t care what she does. You tell her yourself.”
“Uh, President, can you let me know how I can contact her?”
“She flew to Europe yesterday. She’ll probably come back in about a month.”
“Yes, why?”
“Nothing, I am just asking, just asking.”
25.56: “Why should you be jealous? The investment she spent is ten times what you spent.”
“Linda, everything I’m wearing isn’t cheap.”
“But the stuff she wears is worth about a year of our salary. So, ready to admit defeat now?”
“She is just a small staff but willing to spend so much money.”
“A wine-lover’s heart is not in the cup (having an ulterior motive). If you don’t fork out, you won’t reap big profit.”
“But I bet, even if she spends ten times more, it will be useless. The President will definitely invite Shan Shan for the next dance.”
“Oh, too bad the President also dances a second time with Zhou Xiao Wei.”
“Has Zhou Xiao Wei’s beauty tonight melted the heart of the President?”
“Hard to say.”
“Hey Ah May, see Shan Shan’s blank look. Is she too heart broken?”
“Shan Shan did not even put on makeup today and her gown is last year design. Actually…”
“Where is Shan Shan? Just now she left looking forlorn. She has probably gone home.”
27.38: Big Boss, actually lied to me? Miss Feng did not go to Europe! Then who sent the lunches in the past few months?
Could it be Big Boss?
Definitely not, definitely not.
But why?
To exploit her, to enslave her? Or to …… or to ……

Chapter 18

28.01: Very cold ah!
How come I’ve walked to the front door?
Never mind, then go home earlier since it is getting late.
“President, Big Boss.”
“Where are you?”
“Downstairs in the lobby.”
“Didn’t I tell you not to go anywhere? Wait for me there, I’m going down now.”
“Wait. President, please bring my jacket down too.”
If die, also must die thoroughly.
“What are you doing down here?”
“Well, I feel dizzy. I want to go home.”
“I’ll send you back.”
“President, Mr Yan said Miss Feng did not go to Europe in the past few months.”
“Um, so what?”
“Um, why did you tell me she was in Europe?”
“Xue Shan Shan, can you be even more of a dummie?”
I am dumb. Could it be that the President like me? But the President will like me is more unlikely than the earth will be destroyed in 2012.
“Don’t misunderstand about the dance.”
Big Boss explaining about dancing with another woman out of self-interest, telling me not to misunderstand ……
Is it possible, is it possible, it really is …… it really is ……
“President, can I misunderstand that you like me?”
“Sometimes, it is all right to misunderstand.”
The President means he really likes me. Ahhhh!
30.24: “President, can you drive a little slower?”
“Are you car sick?”
“No, the car is going too fast.”
“President, I….I”
Ahhhhhh! Why is the President leaning over here? What is he doing?!
“Why are you so nervous? I want to help you unbuckle the seatbelt.”
“Oh, heehee. You…um…I, why didn’t you tell me before?”
Really! Tell me if you like me. If you do not tell me, I cannot know you like me.
“About this, shouldn’t the person who falls in love first speak up first?”
“Yes. Isn’t it obvious?”
Such a slow on the uptake girl. Must tease her a bit or else she will be forever slow.
“I, I, I ……”
Now, it is the President who is having a crush on me.
So I am at an advantage! He cannot do anything to me!
“I, I don’t like you! Because President, you’re too childish!”
“Xue Shan Shan!”
I, I am not afraid of you!
The worst you can do is fire me!
“If you fire me because of this, then you are even more childish!”
“I won’t fire you.”
“Okay, I want to go home.”
“All right. Shan Shan, you forgot your jacket.”
“Shan Shan, we have a lot of time. Good night.”
“Good night.”
Why Big Boss’ smile is so scary?
Aiya, don’t care. I am not afraid of you!

Shan Shan’s Song is being sung

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  1. Booh, that’s funny. I like the instrumental. Shan Shan’s voice sounds cute, not annoying like some chinese dub in some dramas.

    Bonnes vacances Peanuts ^^

    • According to some Chinese fans, the other version is even better but I like all 3 versions. I can listen to them often yet never get tired of them. Soon, I can recite them, lol.

      Merci Bongsd:) I’ll be flying on Sat.

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