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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 35)



‘Lei Ho’ (Hello) from Hong Kong:) The featured picture is Shan Shan sleeping while studying. It is also Lidge sleeping while proofreading, which is why updating has been slow lately, lol. Haha, just kidding! Lidge has been working hard to finish this before I go on my holidays so thank you. This chapter is mainly about a love rival with a love letter, but all is not what it seems to be!

Chapter 35 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

When Shan Shan receives a gossipy phone call from Shuang Yi, she only realises that she and Feng Teng have actually been together for about half a year.

Shuang Yi sounds very enthusiastic on the phone, “Shan Shan, when I was in retreat to write my novel, did anything that cannot be divulged to other people happen between both of you ah?”

Shan Shan gives up, “Since it cannot be divulged to other people, why do you still ask me? Aren‘t you a person?”

“Hey, Shan Shan, you have become more eloquent! Your boss is very eloquent ah?”

“Yes ah.”

Thanks to Big Boss, recently Shan Shan gets to meet a lot of so-called successful people. She discovers that most successful people have a common characteristic, which is they are very capable of fooling people. Could it be that Shuang Yi wants to praise her, “One takes the behavior of one’s company”, as the reason for her improvement in her eloquence?

When she is thinking like that, she hears Shuang Yi excitedly says: “Indeed, indeed! Through kissing, it indeed can influence the other person’s eloquence ability ah! Ai, Shan Shan your eloquence level has improved so fast, both of you must have practiced very hard, right!”

“! ! !” Shan Shan flies into a rage out of humiliation, “Lu Shuang Yi!”

Shuang Yi “heehee” laughs for a while, “Okay, okay, no need to be shy. Really nothing happened ah? Then as your theory and technical instructor, I have nothing to do …… Don’t tell me there is not even a rival ah or something melodramatic ah? Oh, no, I cannot have a crow‘s beak by mentioning misfortune to tempt fate so treat it as I did not say it. What about any accidental discharge? Hey, hey, did it happen or not, did it happen or not?”

Happen your head ah =  =

Shan Shan’s face becomes red.

What accidental misfire …… Indeed, there were many times she was nearly eaten up completely. However, this kind of information, if it is to be kept from becoming source material in a certain someone’s next novel, then Shuang Yi must not know!

Hence, Shan Shan firmly says: “No!”

Shuang Yi is defeated so she complains and sighs, “Oh, Shan Shan, do you know, as a novelist, we hate such a situation like yours the most. The author can only brush lightly over the subject. Such as this treatment —— ah, in the blink of an eye, a few months have passed ~ ~ ~ The female lead is still a virgin …… ”

Ah, in the blink of an eye, a few months have passed, and she still has to go to preparatory class ……

T  T

Perhaps being affected by Shuang Yi’s big mouth, Xue Shan Shan experiences something exceptionally unique in her life in the coming day.

She goes to WC during the interval of accounting class and when she comes back and opens her textbook, she actually sees a pink letter——

A love letter?

Because President Feng doesn’t have a girlfriend to accompany him, he calls other high-powered executives out to play ball to further their friendship. Soon, he receives an urgent phone call from his girlfriend.

“What, what to do ah? I, I I actually received a love letter!”

Feng Teng calmly finishes playing ball, drives to pick up his girlfriend for lunch and says: “Take it out.”

Shan Shan immediately gives it to him: “I am innocent. I definitely did not flirt, attract attention or behave unfaithfully.”

Feng Teng casually listens. His slender fingers are grasping the letter, and he starts to review it in a calm and collected manner.

“The hand writing is quite good …… he does not even know your name? Why not lift up your head?”

Shan Shan tries to prove her innocence and steadfastly says: “Of course, he does not know my name. I do not talk to other men la!”

Big Boss apparently is not interested in her self-defense and rapidly finishes reading the letter. He says with dissatisfaction: “…… Why is there only one piece of paper?”

Hey! Your girlfriend has received a love letter from someone. Can you have a normal reaction ah!? Shan Shan is also dissatisfied, “…… You don’t even have one = =”

Feng Teng ignores her, “How are you going to deal with it?”

“Huh , pretend I did not receive it?”

“My experience tells me that if you take this approach, there will be an unending stream of love letters.”

Shan Shan digresses from the topic straightaway and snorts: ” …… you received an unending stream of love letters before ah ……”

Feng Teng uses “This is very normal” kind of expression to glance at her. Shan Shan immediately wilts.

“This afternoon, go and turn him down.”

Alright. Shan Shan nods her head repeatedly.

“Oh, by the way, at the same time, ask him why he has taken a fancy to you?” Feng Teng strokes his chin, “This issue has been bothering me for a long time.”

It is rare to find someone with similar taste ah. I must seize this opportunity to interact.

Shan Shan has long been accustomed to a certain someone’s ‘bullying’ so she acts like she did not hear it.

Regarding the love letter, Big Boss has already given instruction on how to settle it so Shan Shan feels calm enough to enjoy her food and drink. After tasting one bite, Shan Shan complains: “Why did you order this ah? This restaurant made one, not nice to eat.”

Feng Teng smilingly glances at her. Xue Shan Shan probably did not realise this herself. Previously when she went to this kind of place, regardless if it tastes good or not, she will appear reserved.  She will not dare to make any comments, but at last she has learned to pick and choose now.

Oh, Feng Teng cannot help  but feels proud of his accomplishment.

After lunch, Feng Teng takes her back to preparatory class. Before getting out of the car, Shan Shan finally cannot help but stutters when asking: “That, I want to ask how you feel about this incident ah?”

Feng Teng raises his eyebrows, “My feeling?”

Shan Shan nods her head repeatedly.

“My feeling is that ……” Feng Teng pauses and replies in a comforting tone: “Our Shan Shan has finally grown up.”

Hey! Your girlfriend received a love letter ai!  What is the meaning of your “My little girl has just grown up” look ah!

Shan Shan is stunned.

In the afternoon, there are a total of four classes.  Shan Shan waits and waits until finally the second class is finished. The target person goes out so she quickly follows and calls out to him. When they walk and turn the corner which is secluded, she starts to voice her rejection.

” Uh, I read your letter ……”

Shan Shan is still mulling over what to say, but the other party with an odd expression says: “What kind of letter?”

“Ah? The letter you put in my book this morning, ah.”

The other party’s facial ’color’ is a little odd. Shan Shan cannot pinpoint what is wrong and takes out that envelope. When the other party sees the envelope, his facial ’color’ become very unsightly, and he very rudely asks: “How come this letter is in your hand?”

“Ah?” Shan Shan is dumbfounded.

At the same time, Feng Teng is looking at Yan Qing getting drunk on alcohol to drown his sorrow. Originally, Feng Teng intends to rest and read magazines in the afternoon then go and pick up Shan Shan on time for dinner, but Yan Qing, who is full of worry, comes looking as if something is weighing heavily on his mind. He does not say anything but drinks three glasses of wine immediately.

Feng Teng asks: “What is wrong with you?”

At the beginning, Yan Qing still refuses to say anything. Then in the end, he cannot resist the desire to talk: “You know Blain, right?”

Feng Yue’s ex-boyfriend. Feng Teng starts to understand “So? He has returned to the country?”

Yan Qing is dejected, “He recently …… ” the talking suddenly stops halfway in.

Feng Teng helps him to finish: “Is pestering Feng Yue?”

Yan Qing agrees silently.

Feng Teng looks at his suffering appearance because of love, torn between anger and amusement. These two people already have a child yet still play this game.  Feng Teng now thinks that this brother-in-law is really a perfect match with his little sister.

“What are you worrying about? You still do not know what kind of person Feng Yue is?”

“It is not that I do not trust Feng Yue, ai.” Yan Qing wants to share his feelings, but he does not know how to express himself so he can only sighs and says, “Big brother, nobody is pursuing your Xue Shan Shan so you do not know how I feel.”

Feng Teng’s face immediately turns black. Who says nobody is pursuing his Shan Shan? Today, there is even someone handing her a love letter. Just that he is broad-minded and have elegance and good demeanour to plan strategies to obtain victory.

” …… ”

Feng Teng decides not to comfort him.

Yan Qing drinks wine like drinking water so he needs to go to the toilet frequently. While he is in the toilet, Feng Teng sends a text message to Shan Shan: “Finished handling it?”

As a result, after a few minutes, Shan Shan only sends an ellipsis to him.

What does this mean? Feng Teng frowns.

When Yan Qing comes back, Feng Teng is already wearing his jacket. Yan Qing asks, “Are you going out? ”

Feng Teng nods his head, “I am going to pick up Shan Shan after her class.”

He picks up the car keys, “You drank alcohol so cannot drive. You wait for Feng Yue to come pick you up as I have already called her.”

Feng Teng parks his car across the road from the school‘s gate. He watches Xue Shan Shan with her head bowed crosses over and weakly opens the car’s door.

Feng Teng takes her schoolbag and throws it to the back seat, “Settled already?”

“No need to settle.” Shan Shan depressingly says, “It is a misunderstanding. The love letter is for Miss Yu who sits beside me.”

Feng Teng looks at her dejected appearance and feels a little unhappy, “You are sad because it is a misunderstanding?”

“No la.” Shan Shan says angrily, “It is because that man is too much. Obviously, he is the one who put it in the wrong book, he actually said that I ’randomly’ took his love letter by mistake. He has mistaken ah! Why will I take other people’s love letter ah? He insisted that he put it in accordance to the name on the book. I think he should go and get a pair of reading glasses.”

Feng Teng’s fingers lightly tap the steering wheel, “Wait, he said he saw the name before putting the letter in?”

“Yes ah, he said he saw and checked it was Miss Yu’s book before putting it in.”

“If he did not lie, then Shan Shan, have you ever thought, it is that Miss Yu who put it in your book?”

Shan Shan is surprised for a moment, “It is unlikely. If she does not want to accept, she can just throw it in the rubbish bin. Why put it in my book?”

Feng Teng is instinctively suspicious, but he also cannot predict other people’s motives. Thus, he does not say anything anymore. Since it is an unexpected mishap, there is no need to see that man. When he is about to drive away, Shan Shan’s mobile phone rings.

Shan Shan takes out the mobile phone from the bag, looks at the name flashing on the screen and is puzzled for a moment.

“Who is it?”

“It is the actual intended recipient of the love letter, Miss Yu. Why is she calling me?”

“Answer it.”

“Oh.” Shan Shan presses the accept key.

“Hello ….…yes, my boyfriend came to pick me up …… Have not left yet, at across the street …… ah, you really put it, why? …… Oh, like that ah. No need la, it does not matter … … ah? You have crossed over?”

Shan Shan winds down the window, turns her head to look out the window and sees the girl who sits beside her, Miss Yu, gracefully coming over.

Shan Shan hangs up the phone.

“She said that she made a mistake and wants to apologize to me.”

Feng Teng raises his eyebrows, “I also want to listen in.”

The two of them get out of the car. Miss Yu maintains her graceful posture and walks to the front.

She glances at Feng Teng first, “Shan Shan, this is your boyfriend ah?”

Shan Shan nods her head but does not introduce them. Miss Yu waits for a while, then smilingly takes the initiative to introduce herself to Feng Teng by saying: “Hello, I am Shan Shan‘s classmate, Yu Min Long.”

Feng Teng has been in plenty of battles so he replies coolly: “Hello.”

Miss Yu stares at him for a while but does not get any response so she turns to Shan Shan, woefully says: “Shan Shan, I’m really sorry. You will not be angry with me, right?”

Shan Shan is shocked to see her teary eyes and feels confused. No matter what, does she need to cry? This makes it look like she is the victim.

“I really do not know that the letter was meant for me. This is because I do not know him and have never spoken to him before. I feel that both of you know each other better so I thought he sent it to the wrong person. Thus, I helped him to put it in your book.”

Shan Shan cannot help but ask: “When was I familiar with him?”

Miss Yu, glancing at Feng Teng, trying to hide something but making the matter worse, says: “Ah, I said the wrong thing. Both of you are not that familiar with each other.”

Feng Teng smiles, then his face darkens and he says: “Did I hear wrongly? Xue Shan Shan, what is that letter?”

Miss Yu looks fearful, “Shan Shan, you have not said it yet? I’m sorry, I, I did not do it on purpose.”

Shan Shan finally understands ah …….

What a talented girl.

The interval is only a few minutes short, but this girl has instantly thought of how to use the love letter to create opportunity. At the same time, it also creates misunderstanding between them…… although it is not necessarily effective, it is still a chance. Even if it fails, she will not lose anything.

With such talent girl, why does she need to study CPA ah? Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama is a more suitable school for such a person! Shan Shan sizes up the delicate and weak woman in front of her and is a little doubtful whether she is thinking too much ……

Regardless of whether she is thinking too much, Shan Shan also does not want to say anything more to her. She stares at Feng Teng, who looks like he is enjoying himself, then clears her throat and says: “You see, we need to clear up this little misunderstanding so we will make a move first, oh.”

Miss Yu eagerly steps forward, “Shan Shan, I want to apologise by inviting both of you to dinner.”

“No need la, the misunderstanding has been explained clearly. I wish you lovers have a happy ending and get married!”

The car starts to move, leaving Miss Yu far behind. Shan Shan angrily bites someone’s hand, “Attract the attention of bees and butterflies!” (flirtatious – Attract the attention of the elegant young idlers.)

Looking back, in fact, there have been clues over time. At first, she was not familiar with this Miss Yu. Now thinking back, it seems after Big Boss picked her up at the school gate on a certain day, they only started to become familiar with each other. Before that, every time she went to class, she will sit randomly, but thereafter Miss Yu always coincidentally sat besides her, or if she came early, she will reserve a seat for Shan Shan.

Furthermore many times, it seemed the topic of conversation inadvertently lands on Feng Teng. Not long ago, she also asked if he is the same person because the car was not the same ……

How observant T T

At that time, she seemed to have said Big Boss is a car salesman, but Big Boss’s whole body emits elite smell so it is impossible to conceal it.

The more Shan Shan thinks about it, the more depressed she feels, “I already said you are a used car salesman, but how come people are still interested in you ah?”

“What did you say I am?”

” …… ”

Shan Shan immediately changes the topic and angrily says: “Attending class also can get a love rival Humph! I am not going to class anymore la!”

8 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 35)

  1. Awww this chapter is so cute hehe. We can see how SS got jealous over the girl who tried to snatch FT away from her. I thought FT will be jealous over the love letter but he doesn’t, I also never expect this kind of chapter coming. Thank you, Peanuts, how far are we to the ending?

  2. SS is so cute in the picture ❤
    SS, good job, at least you are alert enough to say that FT is a car salesman to have less rivals =))
    Hey, I've just realized that The Pillow Book is not finished yet ="= Book 2 was released but the story is still not completed *crying*

    • FT is too elite to be a salesman.
      I got your email. I am shocked that GM sold the right to the book. I expect more from her but I guess money talks. According to baidu, Zhang Han will be FT and Zhao Li Ying will be SS. Arrgh, I want my Chen Xiao. I won’t make any comment until I see the drama but I don’t have high hope with any adaptation. It’ll definitely be changed. The news is not well received in baidu. Most SS’s fans are crying:(
      Pillow Book 2 is sort of completed but of course T7 will write abt other characters which will also involve DH & FJ.

  3. what an obvious gold digger…shan shan is smart to say feng teng is a used car salesman..hhaha

  4. shanshan is a smart girl after all..

    n to that yu girl.. “f*** off!!!!!”

  5. Forget the all cuteness of this chapter the best lines were ““Oh, by the way, at the same time, ask him why he has taken a fancy to you?” Feng Teng strokes his chin, “This issue has been bothering me for a long time.”
    It is rare to find someone with similar taste ah. I must seize this opportunity to interact.” FT aren’t you growing smug and that little bit about him being proud of turning her into a picky person.

  6. “It is rare to find someone with similar taste ah. I must seize this opportunity to interact.”

    Hello! Silent reader here but i just can’t help but comment how hilarious that line was hahahah i laughed so hard 😂 FT you cray cray xD

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