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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) Drama Adaptation



What can I say? I’ve only been away on holidays for about 3 weeks but so much has happened with my Shan Shan. There is no chapter 36 update this week because I’ve not even started translating it. A few days ago, Phong sent me an email informing me that in an interview, Gu Man has confirmed that Come and Eat, Shan Shan will be made into a drama.

When Yu Zheng mentioned about adapting Shan Shan, I did not pay much attention to him. I always though Gu Man will not sell the rights to her books for drama adaptations as she has too much love for them. I guess monetary reward and widespread recognition probably made her succumbed to this trend together with her peers. I understand that writers need to eat also but I still feel a little disappointed.

My plane has just landed and I found out who will be the leads for the drama. From the pictures I posted, you should recognise who they are. According to unconfirmed report, Zhao Li Ying will be Shan Shan and Zhang Han will be Feng Teng. The drama will start shooting by the end of the year but I am confident I’ll finish my translation faster than them:P Oh, what happened to my Chen Xiao? Due to Yu Zheng’s notoriety, the film right is not sold to him so he’ll not released his baby for this project.

I am okay with Zhao Li Ying as I’ve seen her in Cuo Dian Yuan Yang and Legend of Lu Zhen and quite like her. However, many Shan Shan’s Chinese fans in baidu don’t like her which I don’t know why. As for Zhang Han, I know who he is but I’ve never seen any of his drama. I think Shan Shan’s Chinese fans also don’t think Zhang Han is suitable to be Feng Teng and some even left messages in his weibo. They complain that he does not have the temperament and acting skill to portray Feng Teng well. I will adopt a wait and see attitude but at least their age matches with the novel.

What do you think of the book being adapted into a drama? How do you like the casts? Do you think they are suitable and are the Shan Shan and Feng Teng, you’ve in mind? Many Shan Shan’s Chinese fans are crying in baidu over the adaptation as well as the casts. I can understand how they feel as they don’t have high hope that it’ll be faithful to the book. Moreover I think it will be 40 episodes long so the scriptwriter will definitely add something more. However, all these are not within our control so we’ve to accept any official announcement. Our only choice is whether to watch or not.

I will wait and watch the final product before I start to bash the drama with Lidge, lol. Indeed, we do have good taste as we picked this book way before there was any news of an adaptation. I hope my next translation project will not be made into a drama because I am not keen to watch my translation being destroyed on screen. There is exception to everything in life so I may change my mind if the leads are my favourites, haha…There is buzz that my Wallace Chung may be the lead but my allergy Peter Ho is another strong contender. Heehee, I think you can guess which book will be my next project.

46 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) Drama Adaptation

  1. I don’t know why but with any mention of ZLY, I immediately think of Chen Xiao. =X

    I also watched Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (both parts) and LOVED the main couple (this was before I had discovered Chen Xiao btw, lol). The height difference between the two leads is laughable but oh man, every time he picked her up by the waist and sat her down on a table or on his lap…*swoons*. The chemistry between them was sizzling and Zhao Li Ying’s acting there was really good as the spunky heroine.

    Zhang Han’s acting is pretty wooden in my opinion. Couldn’t finish the Mainland China version of Boys Over Flower/Meteor Garden because of the terrible acting from the entire cast. Watched SOP Queen because of Godfrey Gao and Joe Chen Qiao En and once again, Zhang Han’s acting failed to impress me.

    I’m all for ZLY as Shan Shan, she’s definitely “cute” enough for sure. Zhang Han, on the other hand, might not be able to pull off Feng Teng unless his acting chops have improved tri-fold since SOP Queen.

    Talking about Wallace Chung, are you watching “Best Time”/Secrets Hidden In Time? I watched the first 10 minutes and decided to give up despite the great cast. I need confirmation that the ending has changed for the drama adaptation. Do not want to invest 40 hours of my life to watch a sinking ship knowing what I was getting into from the beginning. 😦

    • Yah, if Chen Xiao is Feng Teng then it’ll be perfect. Those who expect Chen Xiao to be FT eg Bongsd will be very disappointed. At least ZH is not bad looking so hopefully his acting skill has improved and will have awesome chemistry with ZLY. We can’t have CX and ZLY in every drama. Beside the casts, the storyline is the most worrying part. I think the drama will be very diff from the book bcos it needs some angst or something sensational to sell the drama. The book is just too simple and sweet.

      Yup, I saw a few episodes of BT. I will finish watching it purely for WC only bcos I cannot stand anyone else in the drama. I fast forwarded everything but WC parts. Btw, I think an episode is only half an hour so at most you’ll just waste a day, lol. I am not 100% sure but I am 99% sure WC will get the girl. I hope Janine will get over her crush real soon bcos I get so irritated over someone who is blind, haha….I feel Tong Hua’s storyine is the problem, not the acting. WC really needs to act in a drama with a good script !!!!!

      • As we can’t have ZLY n CX in every drama, I don’t like the idea of ZH n ZS in every drama as well. I think ZH is a better match with ZLY. I am not a big fan of CX n ZS. ZLY’s acting skill is much ugh better n natural than ZS.

        The whole casts in Shan Shan Comes n Eat, are very decent. I enjoy it.

        • This article was written at the beginning of filming. Of course, watching the drama proves me wrong and LY & ZH do have chemistry & look good together. Everyone did a great job to contribute to the success of the drama.

  2. I don’t know what I’m feeling now, Peanuts 😦 I’m happy ‘cuz Zhao Li Ying plays Shan Shan, but without Chen Xiao??? 😦 *crying softly* but you’re true, at least ZH is quite good-looking in the picture =”= But isn’t ZH the one who played in the Chinese Version of Meteor Garden? I’m not quite impressed with him =”=

    Li Ying is not very well-liked by Chen Xiao fans, ‘cuz obviously, Chen Xiao seems to very fond of her… And there are many evidences that they’re dating now ^^

    But actually, I don’t want SS to be adapted into drama 😦 Peanutssss arrrrrrr *crying*

    • Yes, that meteor guy is ZH. You can read the comment by Joanna and google for ZH’s profile. He is not the FT I imagine but I’ll keep my mind open for him to impress me. I also don’t want SS to be adapted into a drama. I am surprised it is not lawyer He who will be adapted first since it is GM’s most famous novel. I never dream SS will be adapted bcos the storyline is more suitable for anime/cartoon, not a drama !!!! I am kind of disappointed with GM as I always think she is diff from others and will not sell her book rights. Although I can understand why she did it, my respect for her has fallen a few steps. Anyway, no amt of crying can reverse the decision so might as well accept it & hope for the best.

      • Lawyer He isn’t adapted first ‘cuz GM still unsure about it =”= She said that, I don’t know why she feels unsure, maybe ‘cuz it’s her first book, and I remembered she mentioned about the storyline and characters 😦

        Maybe GM feels that SS is more suitable to be adapted? I don’t really know now… Just hope that the drama won’t be a disappointment 😦

        • I guess lawyer He is GM’s baby so she wants to take more time to assess the situation. Whereas Shan Shan is the least well-received among her 3 books so she has no hesitation in selling it:( I don’t think SS is more suitable to be adapted into a drama bcos the storyline is so cartoonish. I am 100% sure the drama will be rather diff fr the book & more stuff will be added. I am looking fwd to the comic release not the drama.

          • Yeah, that’s true… I’d rather want the comic 😦 with obviously cute drawings and stuff :(, not the drama 😦
            If the comic is release ❤ plz send me a copy *pleading*

        • Of course I will but the problem is I am not sure if I can acess a copy. I think the comic will be serialized monthly in the mag called Fireworks which is sold in China only. It’ll be good if someone buy, scan & post them in baidu monthly. Otherwise I may need to ask someone in China to buy & post to me which will probably take forever:(

          Correction: After reading GM’s Q&A session, she said the comic will be out in March with 2 books. Wah, such a long wait but 2 books. Counting down to March, lol.

          • Just 2 books? 😦 I thought it would be longer 😦 I seem not be able to have enough of SS *lol*
            Counting down, yeah yeah 😀

          • GM said probably 2 books will be released in March but that doesn’t mean all the books. Also, for comic purpose they’ll edit out some parts so don’t expect it to be 100% like the novel.

          • I don’t think that it will be 100% like the novel. Of course it has to be, at least, slightly different 🙂 I just want the comic ‘cuz it’s so cute… awwwwww…
            I read the interview you email me 🙂 It doesn’t have the Viet version so I read the Chinese one. Never thought that GM would be even younger than me 😦 she’s just 20, eh? @.@

          • Wait patiently for the comic:P I am stuck translating chapter 36, rather hard to translate:( You should know why, haha…

            Are you sure you know how to read Chinese, lol? GM was born in 1981, definitely older than you. Lidge said there is a Viet translation so you better read that in case you misinterpret something else again, haha…

          • =)) really? I scan the interview real quick and I remembered seeing some fans mentioned her birthday and something about “turning to 20 yrs old” so Im really surprised, lol. Actually, I remembered she was born in 1980s also 😛 Haha, didn’t re-check the information *blushing*

            The story is coming to end 😦 honestly it’s so quick 😦 (I’m not mentioning about your translating speed, lol). I just wish to have more of it 😛

          • It is the fan who turned 20 yo & she wanted GM to wish her happy birthday.

            Hey, my translation speed is not that bad. On average, 1 chapter a week and I should be able to complete it so a big achievement, lol.

            Later, you can read the comic & watch the drama, haha…

  3. I have watched few of ZH’s drama before although yeah, he’s very lovable and I like him quite a lot I still think that he’s missing something to portray FT. You have allergy toward Peter Ho? But I think he’s a very good actor, he can act very well and he might be good in my opinion to be FT.
    But then let’s just see how it goes, anyway I’m excited to know that it’s going to be adapted into a drama since these past weeks I’ve been thinking how fun it is if this will be made into a drama because I can finally see myself of what I’ve been imagining in my mind while reading the book.
    As for the girl, I never watch any drama with her before so I can’t give my comment. Please keep us updated on this news peanuts, thank you ^^

    • Haha, you misunderstood me. Wallace & Peter are too old to be FT, lol. According to the rumour mill, they are being considered as the male lead for my next translation project which you should be able to guess by now:P

      Sorry lah, I can’t see Peter as FT and thank goodness he is not, haha….I don’t find Peter handsome enough and his look scares me. He may be a good actor but I am allergic to him like some people cannot eat peanuts:P

      You better keep your expectation low as the adaptation may be vastly diff fr the book. Most of the time, when you look fwd to something, it’ll turn out bad but when you’ve no expectation, you’ll be surprised.

      You should watch Legend of Lu Zhen with ZLY and Chen Xiao. They are such an adorable couple but everything else in that drama is yawn yawn which I fast forwarded, lol.

      Don’t worry, Shan Shan is my baby so you can be sure, I’ll keep you posted. I’ll also definitely watch the drama for comparison purpose as well as to assess it.

      • I agree, Legend of Lu Zhen was really yawn inducing….except for ZLY and CX!…but also General Shen! The hottie general was so easy on the eyes. 😀

  4. I don’t dare to have high hopes for a SS drama. Usually, when my favorite books are adapted into a screen version, inevitably I’ll be disappointed because it’s nothing like I imagined. Been burned too many times. I saw ZH in SOP Queen and am neutral towards him. Never saw ZLY in a drama so can’t judge, but she looks cute enough to be SS. As for Lawyer He, I prefer a new actor I haven’t seen, but if given the choice between Wallace or Peter, my vote is for Wallace.

    • Yah, better keep our expectations low so we won’t be disappointed. Don’t expect it to be similar to the novel bcos it is impossible as the storyline is just too childish & bland. I am 100% sure they’ll spice it up but I hope they won’t overdo it.

      Why you copied words from GM’s interview? She also said she prefers new actor as lawyer He. I don’t mind newbie but he must be good looking and can act reasonably well, plus has chemistry with the lead actress. I don’t want to watch a log of wood walking on screen:P

  5. hahaha You know my love for Chen Xiao ! I feel a little cheated because I listen/read the book because of him and now he’s not in the project. >.< To be honest, CX gives me the feeling…not being mature or old enough to be FT. But I want to see him in a modern drama. I'm a YingXiao shipper. I can watch LY with another male lead (like Hawick) but can't stand Chen Xiao with someone else (Shan Shan, Yang Rong, Michelle). No, No, No.

    There is a character, beside Chen Xiao, until now I can't see anyone else who fits the description (Ye Zheng Chen, Nuptial Chamber Next Door). I don't think this book will be adapted into drama. But I have my own drama version. hahaha

    I watched 'Queen of SOP', ZH is ok.. he doesn't look like the FT in my mind but I will wait and see.

    • Ya, when I read the casting news, the 1st person I thought of was you, not CX, lol. Anyway aren’t you glad you found my blog & read my awesome translation, haha?

      Age wise, CX is a tad too young compared with ZH who I think is similar or maybe slightly younger than FT. ZH looks boring but at least he is easy on the eyes.

      EEEEE, you are so possessive of CX, this is scary, haha… At least ZLY is SS not YSS, lol. Hawick with ZLY? He acted as her daddy b4:P?

      Many Viets and overseas Chinese like Ye Luo Wu Xin but I don’t know why she is not popular in China so the chance of her book being adapted into a drama is next to nil. I like Ye Zheng Chen also & Ye Luo Wu Xin’s books minus the mustard bits, lol.

      • Haha Yes, I am. But since then, I don’t have time to watch dramas ! I’m so behind right now. I have to finish ‘Triumph in the Skies II’ and ‘Just You’ and I’m still at ep 1 of ‘the Heirs’ :-/

        Not her daddy but her hubby laaa. The title is ‘The secret of the wife’.

        ya I’m not possessive, it’s just, once you ship an OTP, nothing could make you stop ! “want to stop but can’t stop” << the famous sentence XD

        People don't have the same taste, like I told you last time about my fav book, I like the author too, but she's not popular in China. T_T

        • No need to finish TITS2 after Chilam’s character goes haywire. Wait for Heir to finish then you can marathon in 1 sitting, lol. Anyway the feedback is that the drama is not that good so my friend is watching it purely for LMH.

          Eeeeeee, cradle snatcher on & off screen, haha:P

          Ya, China fans have weird taste, lol. Btw Big Grey Wolf with Wings 长着翅膀的大灰狼’s style is fairly similar to YLWX so you can check our her books. Highly recommend Go With the Flow of Love.

        • Ok, thanks, I’m at 1/3 of 独家记忆. I will check the book you recommend after I finish this one. =)

          • I heard abt this book which has the same author as How Not to Love? I won’t make any comment and wait for you to finish it to tell me, lol. Hey, you want to translate the synopsis and post this book or your fav book in SSB? If yes, I’ll enable you to register as I’ve disabled that function due to many spams.

        • Yes, the same. ^^

          I’ll try for one book first to see if I can do it because it’s something that I never did before. Can you give me your email ? I’ll send it to you. 🙂

          • I enable the register button in SSB now so you can register & post whenever u like in the future. give me a few mins, dun run away:P

          • Pls register now as I need to disable soon b4 I get flooded with spams. After you register, I’ll give you author privilege so you can draft, edit & post your book whenever you like, no stress:P

        • “registration complete”, I guess it’s done. But I didn’t receive the email yet.

          • Congrats, u r an author in SSB now, lol. Don’t think u get an email. Just login, go to dashboard, click post then add new & you can experiment with it. Drop me a line if you are stuck. Just let me know b4 you post & I’ll beautify for you if needed:P

        • Thank you !!! I’ll send you a message before, for sure I need you to correct the syntax. haha 😀

  6. Ooh! I hope they make it comedic! I really don’t want to watch a melodramatic Come Eat Shan Shan! I always imagined Roy Qiu as Feng Teng hahaha!

    • I think it will be comedic at least at the beginning but whether it’ll turn melodramatic is another story:( Haha, you must have watched the fan-made MV and/or his dramas Waking Love Up and/or My Daughter. Ya, I am on the same boat as you as Roy has nailed the role of the Big Boss to perfection:)

  7. Hmmm…I’m quite a big fan of Zhang Han-Zheng Shuang and Chen Xiao-Zhao Liying pairings……..just never thought to split them up with each other. ZH with ZLY should be interesting and would probably work since ZLY seems to have very good chemistry with most of her acting partners. I don’t have a problem with ZLY as Shan Shan…I just hope her character won’t be written too dumb.

    Zhang Han is quite perfect looks-wise, and I do prefer his acting to many of his peers, but I don’t think he has the right “aura” to play FT. =/

  8. Golly……I feel so flat out of place and space becoz I don’t follow Taiwan or mainland dramas so I don’t know all those who’s who everyone is talking about here. But as fate has it, I watched several episodes of Queen of SOP, so I surprisingly do know who is Zhang Han. However, I don’t think he fits my perception of how FT should look like. Zhang Han is too doll-like, too feminine and even too skinny.

    All the same, I’m still thrilled to have the book adapted into a drama although movies/drama adaption always fall short of my expectations. So definitely looking forward to your updates on this.

    • FT is supposed to be handsome so doll-like is fine. As for being feminine & skinny, yah ZH needs some padding and make-up to make him look more manly. The difficult part is the aura. He needs to look intimidating yet with a wicked sense of humour, lol.

  9. Yingxiao :((((( i’ve just watched Legend of LZ and fall deeplyyyyy for Yingxiao couple:(((( why dont such an cute couple be in this drama :(((( i want more drama or anything else to watch 😦

  10. Hi I am Thai who just happened to find out Shan Shan comes to eat on YouTube and then surf net till I am here!!! Long Story….but I never read Shan Shan before, never Gu man. However, from TV drama with both cast I can accept them. I like ZLY from Lu Chen and for sure I love CX. However, ZH is not bad to be Feng Teng as I never read book before. Lucky me.

    By the way, Thank you for keep translation in English. I keep following your wonderful work.

  11. i wonder how was the feedback after the drama on-air?
    i don’t watch much mainland drama so, i don’t know much of the actors and actress. after watching 31episodes of shanshan, i feel very satisfied so far. the fillers were not that bad, though its did develop my hatred toward lishu, but the drama still enjoyable.

  12. well the drama is good, as good as “my girl” or “secret garden” and i very like it. oh when shan shan dreamy, sometimes I thought of the character Ally McBeal

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