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Come & Eat, Shan Shan (杉杉来吃) – Gu Man (Chapter 36)


be6ef2deb48f8c5433812abe3b292df5e1fe7f94This is a difficult chapter to translate because it is long and suggestive, plus Lidge and I are sick. It is a very important chapter so you need to pay full attention or else you’ll miss something significant, lol. Don’t ask me anything, just use your imagination, haha….

Chapter 36 (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge)

Shan Shan really does not go to class anymore, but this is because the preparatory classes have come to an end. With the exception of the last class which she needs to attend to learn about tip questions, other classes are unimportant and can be skipped.

In the blink of an eye, the month of September which is the time for exam has arrived. On the first day of exam, Feng Teng has been the driver. However, he has something on the second day. Initially, he arranged for the driver to take her, but Miss Feng said her son is staying with her mother-in-law so she is bored and volunteered herself to be the driver.

Shan Shan finishes the exam in the afternoon of the second day, and Miss Feng comes on time to pick her up.

“You have finished taking all three papers, how do you feel?”

Shan Shan happily nods her head, “Basically, I have answered all the questions. I think I should be able to pass, but CPA is very abnormal so it is uncertain.”

Miss Feng automatically ignores the last part of the sentence and happily says: “That is very good, we will go and celebrate.”

“Uh, I just feel good only. The result has not come out yet, what if ……”

“What are you afraid of? When the result is released, we will celebrate again. Let’s go, let’s go, let me see.” Feng Yue looks at the time, “Let’s just simply eat dinner first, then go shopping and at night when big brother and Yan Qing finish their meeting, we will meet up with them to have supper together.”

“= = Okay la, you arrange since you are the expert in eating, drinking and be merry.”

Shan Shan has suppressed herself for a long time for the exam. Once she starts to relax after the exam, her enthusiasm for shopping is quite scary. As a result, both of them are so engrossed in their shopping that they fail to turn up to meet Feng Teng and Yan Qing at the appointment time of eight thirty. When they rush to the agreed meeting place, it is already a quarter past nine.

It is common for Miss Feng to be late so she feels no guilt about it whereas Shan Shan is a little embarrassed. Feng Teng pulls her down to sit beside him.

“How was the exam?”

“I think I will pass.”

“Ah.” Feng Teng nods his head, “If you fail any paper, later don‘t sit for the exam again.”

Shan Shan is embarrassed, “Is it that you wish that I fail all my three papers ah?”

With a lack of sincerity, Feng Teng says: “Why will I since my future depends on CPA?”

Miss Feng snickers. The young master and miss of Feng family are too lazy to look at the menu leaving Yan Qing working hard to order the dishes by asking each of them whether they want to eat whatever dish or not. Miss Feng finds him annoying, “You just simply order. Do order some wine, as without wine how to celebrate ah.”

Shan Shan stops her: “No, I do not drink.”

Feng Yue says: “It is good that you do not drink because what happens when you are drunk, oh brother do you know?”

Feng Teng replies in a lazy tone: “Do I need to get her drunk?”

Shan Shan wants to flip the table, “Hey, all of you stop before going too far ah!”

Feng Teng appeases her by giving her a pat, “Okay, I will not let you drink.”

He takes the beverage list, casually flips over it, calls a waiter and orders drinks. Shan Shan has eaten here before. The food is rather good, but the only drawback is it is a little pretentious. A lot of things are written in English without any translation. Shan Shan only hears Feng Teng’s few words that have a tea word, but she right away subconsciously thinks it is a kind of fruit tea so she quickly nods her head and says: “I will have this tea drink.”

Feng Teng smiles.

Getting Xue Shan Shan drunk, who has more experience than him? (Remember what happened at the company’s banquet?)

After more than an hour.

Feng Yue anxiously watches Feng Teng carry Shan Shan into the car and turns around to speak to Yan Ching: “Do you think big brother will do something to Shan Shan ah?”

Yan Qing says: “Do you hope something will happen, or something won’t happen?”

Feng Yue, who is planning far ahead, sighs and says: “I feel that our little precious should have a baby cousin to play with la.”

Feng Teng drives the car to his city apartment.

Shan Shan’s intoxicated eyes look dizzily at the door and surprisingly asks: “Why is it your home ah?”

“You looking like this, still want to go where?”

Shan Shan says oh, nods her head and earnestly says: “Then you need to guarantee that you will not loose control when drunk.”

Feng Teng cannot help but laughs. She is truly thoroughly drunk since she dares to say something like this. Hence to coax her, he blurts out: “Okay, I do not guarantee.”

Shan Shan is obviously made more dizzy by the contradictory logic in his words and looks at him in bewilderment. She frowns to think for a moment, then beams with joy and cheerfully says: “Then I also do not guarantee.”

Then, she happily throws herself into Feng Teng‘s chest, spontaneously putting both her hands around his neck and impulsively touches his lips.

At the beginning, Feng Teng is caught between laughter and tears, letting her kiss him all over and at the same time has his arms around her waist as he is afraid she will fall down. However, following the fragrant and sweet smell of the fruit alcohol permeating between her lips, her tongue tender and soft, gradually he feels heated.

He holds her with one hand and uses his other hand to get the key out from his pocket and opens the door. Then, he carries a certain someone who has been “messing” with his body in and turns around to shut the door. When he is just about to turn from acting passive to active ……

Xue Shan Shan calls it a day.

She moves her lips away, yawns, turns her back on him and says: “Don‘t want to play anymore, sleepy.”

“I want to sleep la.”

After finishing her declaration, she leans on his shoulder and shortly after, there is a light and even breathing sound, leaving behind a big man at a point of no return, carrying her and gnashing his teeth.


Well, after getting drunk, getting the Boss mad, who has more experience than Xue Shan Shan?

When she wakes up in the morning, she finds herself laying on Big Boss’s naked strong chest, her head resting on a certain someone’s arm, her lips just inches away from pure muscles, and her hands are embracing a certain someone’s waist, so what to do now?

Xue Shan Shan’s response is —— quickly closing her eyes and her hands firmly feel around a bit more. Aiya, how can she have an erotic dream? So rare, also so real so must close the eyes to sleep more, to prolong this dream a little longer.

Then her head gradually becomes clearer ……

And clearer ……

Shan Shan is speechless.

Trembling to pull back her claws, she carefully lifts up her head, moves the body little by little ah and wants to leave the crime scene, but her foot has not even touched the ground yet, someone hugs her from behind and pulls her back.

This time is better, as she directly lay on a certain someone’s body.

“Why did you run?” The voice of a man who just woke up is low and husky.

“I, I did not run.” In order to prevent him from continuing with this topic, Shan Shan preemptively condemns him, “Why do you sleep without wearing any clothes!?”

Feng Teng squints his eyes and smiles faintly, “What am I not wearing, you can’t feel them?”

While talking, his firm and powerful long legs move slightly and swiftly trap Shan Shan in a more embarrassing situation.

Hey, what she meant is a pajama shirt, not pajama pants ah …… with him like this, does he want her to feel his pajama pants or ……

Feeling his scorching heat, Shan Shan‘s cheeks become hot so she quietly reminds him: “Yesterday, you promised you will not loose control …… when drunk.”

“You still remember?” The palms that have stopped on her butt playfully beat it once, “Who started it yesterday?”

“It does not matter ah, whatever you said will be counted.”

“Of course, it will be counted”

Shan Shan is relieved. Someone slowly says, “But Shan Shan, we seem to be sober now.”

“……” Shan Shan is speechless. Experience tells her if she does not let him succeed today, he will not let her off. Thus, Shan Shan resigns to her fate and meekly presses her cheek on his naked strong chest.

“…… Then you loose control la, but faster ar T T”

Actually, she knows in the end he will not do anything to her, which is why she is willing to let him do whatever he wants la ……

In the bathroom that is attached to the bedroom, Xue Shan Shan washes her flushed face.

Although just a moment ago, Big Boss also wants …… but actually he didn’t get his satisfaction la …… Talking about it, in fact, Big Boss, is truly a gentleman. Taking into account, they have already been together for more than six months and she can feel his desire is on the verge of eruption several times, but in the end nothing happened. She does not know why he is being patient, but he being like this makes her feel at ease and secured.

Shan Shan washes away the foam on her face and raises her head to look at herself who have a pair of bright eyes in the mirror.

Yesterday after the CPA exam, she has yet to call her family to report it, the crucial point is …… It is also time to tell mum and dad about her relationship with Big Boss.

Although she has decided to tell mum and dad, she still needs to think through how to explain to them. Shan Shan ponders for a day. She lingers in Feng Teng’s house until night time. Taking advantage of him having a video conference with someone in the US in the study room upstairs, Shan Shan calls home. After absentmindedly reporting the CPA exam situation to her mother, Shan Shan nervously starts the main topic.

“By the way, mum, I have something to tell you.”

“What else do you have to say ah?”

“I have a boyfriend.”

After finish saying it, Shan Shan subconsciously moves her mobile phone away a little. Sure enough, Mrs. Xue’s voice in the phone suddenly becomes louder, “What?!! You have a boyfriend?”

Mrs. Xue happily says: “Is it your colleague Senior Assistant Fang ah!?”

You see! Dodging Boss to make this call is really wise ah!

“No la! But he also can be considered a colleague ……”

Mrs. Xue is very accepting, “It is not also good. That Senior Assistant Fang ah, looks very good. He is too good so is not really matching with you. Ordinary colleague is still the best, as each other circumstances are about the same, an appropriate match.”

“……” Shan Shan is silent.

Mrs. Xue continues to talk a lot, but there is no sound from the daughter’s side so she can’t help feeling baffled, “Are you there? Why you did not say anything? Mum said a few words and you are already shy ah?”

“No = =, Mum, I want to say …… his position is slightly higher than Senior Assistant Fang. Yes, yes he is our boss.”

This time, it is Mrs. Xue’s turn to be silent. Shan Shan’s boss …… A long time later, Mrs. Xue says: “Shan Shan, did you meet a swindler, ah?”

“…… Mum, how can I not know my own boss ah?”

“It’s hard to say because when you were a child, you have mistaken your mother in the street before.”

Shan Shan stammers, “At that time, how old was I ah?! I have already forgotten.”

“One’s character at three years old seals one’s fate!”

“He is really not a swindler ah.”

After explaining for a long time, Mrs. Xue still refuses to believe so Xue Shan Shan frustratingly says: “Okay, I will let him talk to you personally. Don’t hang up ah.”

The video conference should be over by now. Shan Shan, holding the mobile phone, walks to Feng Teng’s study room and gives the phone to him, “My mother, please, quickly prove that you are not a swindler.”

Feng Teng takes the phone but does not talk to Mrs. Xue immediately. Instead, he tells Shan Shan: “Go downstairs and make me a cup of coffee.”

It is already night time, why need to drink coffee ah? Obviously, he is trying to get rid of her and does not want to let her listen in la. Shan Shan agrees overtly but opposes in secret by squatting outside the study and trying to eavesdrop at the door. Unfortunately, she cannot hear any sound at all.

After squatting for a while, Shan Shan suddenly recalls, in fact she can tell her mother that Feng Teng was the person who helped grandfather to transfer hospital ah. Aiya! How can she forget this? Truly, she must be too annoyed by her mother until she becomes muddled.

She quickly opens the door, wanting to remind Feng Teng but is surprised to find Feng Teng has just put aside the phone, which means he has hung up the phone.

Shan Shan, who is full of expectation, asks: “How, my mother believed you ah?”

“I do not know.”

“What?” Shan Shan feels Big Boss is unworthy of her trust in him.

“But this is not important.”

“How can this be unimportant ah?! My mum thinks you are a swindler ah!”

“Xue Shan Shan, what time is it?”

Why ask this? Shan Shan looks at the clock on the wall, “10:22 ah.”

“Night time?”

“Useless words!”

Feng Teng nods his head, “You understand?”

“Understand what?” Shan Shan eyes are dazed.

“You’re in my house at ten o’clock plus at night …… So, now whether I’m a swindler or not is no longer important la.” Feng Teng calmly says, “Your mother should have realized that even if I am a swindler, what is worth to swindle, I have already cheated all la.”


Finally, Shan Shan comes to understand, then reflexively picks up her mobile phone, “Ah ah ah, I’ll call back immediately. No, I want to make it clear that I am still an innocent ah!”

Feng Teng holds out his hands to catch someone who is running away and holds her on his laps, “No need la, you will not be an innocent soon.”


Suddenly, Shan Shan feels the danger. The hands that are still on her waist seems particularly firm, making her feel like she is unable to move a single step. Masculine breath is beside her ears.

“Xue Shan Shan, your willingness to tell your mum means you finally trust me?”

Shan Shan weakly rebuts: “Where got I did not trust you ah?”

Feng Teng says okay. Then his hands waver and point to her heart and replies “Here”.

Although she has her clothes on, his hands are blazing hot like an iron, making Shan Shan feels like she can’t breathe.

Don’t, do not take the opportunity to bully me ah. She scrambles to push his hands away. As a result, her clothes become messy and two buttons are loosened.

Feng Teng smiles and stops his wicked hands, “Move over here to live la.”



“…… It is already nearly midnight, ah.”

“Move body first.”

The last three words are vague. The scalding hot lips begin to kiss lightly and slowly on the side of her neck. Shan Shan intuitively knows what will happen, yet the whole body feels limp and painful, powerless to resist.

In fact, many times before what Feng Teng did were even more excessive than now, but every time at the critical moment, he will promptly pull back, like this morning. However, this time it seems ……

Not the same ……

Perhaps, all this while Big Boss has been waiting for this day ah.

Waiting for her to finally sweep away all her misgivings. Finally, she feels assured to boldly announce to everyone that they are together.

Actually, he is a very proud man.

“Feng Teng ……” In the midst of such intimate moment, Shan Shan, with a shortness in breath, reluctantly calls him.


“Tomorrow go and help me to move and also terminate the lease.”

Is this her answer? Feng Teng smiles, “No need la, I am your landlord.”

What, what? Shan Shan takes a long time to react. Although they are in such an intimate situation, she cannot help but be filled with righteous indignation to denounce him: “Indeed a capitalist, you are very bad la! You go so far as to secretly recover back one third of the wages you paid me.”

Feng Teng chuckles, “Can the capitalist now collect and walk away with everything, the person and the property?”

Shan Shan is quiet and calm, conveniently buries her face in his chest, “Let’s not stay in the study room.”

He softly says: “Okay la.”

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  1. Wow… Thank you for the recap, waiting so long for this chapter:)

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  3. Haha, this chapter makes everyone blushing ar ^^

    I love this way of writing, funny and loving… We don’t have to write clearly to attract attention ar 😉

    [Shan Shan weakly rebuts: “When did I not trust you ah?”

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    Actually, I find this part kinda… off, therefore I check the Viet book again and realize that your translation doesn’t the word “here”… that’s why I have the… “off-feeling”, lol

    • What sharp sense/eye you have, lol? Lidge must have been very sick bcos she edited out my ‘Here’. Thank you for your contribution & when you’ve time pls check other chapters as I want to clean up a bit to ensure my translations are as accurate as possible b4 I finish the book.

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      • Haha, yeah, it’s easier to follow now ^^

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