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Come & Eat, Shan Shan Radio Drama Translated Trailer by Vigorious Workshop




Happy Birthday Phong! Wish you get to spend it happily with your big tiger in a sweet garden but make sure he gets to eat the cake only and not you, lol. With such short notice, I don’t know what present to give to the number 1 supporter of Come and Eat, Shan Shan and my blog. Since you love Shan Shan and Feng Teng so much, I will give them to you, haha, their radio drama trailer translation only:P You told me that you don’t really like the voice of Feng Teng in the Sound of Wing production which I translated. How do you and others like the voices of Shan Shan & Feng Teng in this version? or

0.30: Welcome to small staff Xue Shan Shan’s dream.

Before your eyes is the vast field of green grass.

Shan Shan is sitting and eating grass happily.

This is because she is a little white rabbit here.

“The sun on a Sunday is really good.”

Aiya, who is coming? Oh, it is our big tiger, Mr Feng Teng!

“Oh, this shoes belong to the Big President. Cheh, coming here for an outing yet still wearing your suit. Big President, you are so out of place! Aiya, forget it, I eat my grass. Don’t care about him.”

“What? The grass looks better than me? Hmph ! I wasted my effort in feeding you and liking you.”

1.52: “Like? I must have heard wrongly.”

“Hmmmmm, you didn’t hear wrongly. I do something you. Don’t get too excited.”


Wei, dummie bunny.

Wei, Xue Shan Shan ! Earth is calling!

“Xue Shan Shan! You don’t have anything to say or any reaction?”

“No, no, ah. I suddenly remember I am a rabbit. Thus, how can a rabbit talk?”

“Somemore  you dare to shake your head!”


Aiya, this pitiful little rabbit. Because it didn’t know how to say or do something pleasing, got eaten up by the big tiger. At the same time, probably because the meat is not tasty, the big tiger quickly spits out the white rabbit from its mouth.

3.01: “Ah, so you like me?”

“Oh, How do you know?”

“Because I just ate you into my heart.”

This tiger is not knowledgeable at all.  Food will go down to the stomach. How can it be the heart?

But …… not necessarily, this is after all a tiger not a rabbit. Maybe tiger is more weird.

So the place with the thumping thumping sound just now that kept calling “white rabbit” “white rabbit” is the heart of the mighty tiger?

3.46: “Do you want to go into my garden? My garden is very big and beautiful, suitable for a small rabbit to live. There is also a lot of delicious grass.”

“There is lot of delicious grass?  But, but ……”

“But what?  Speak up quickly!”

“But you can’t bully me. You have to listen to me. You can’t make me do this or that. Also, you have to eat grass with me.”

“Eat grass? Me??”

“Of course! Also, you can’t be a picky eater. You can’t choose to eat this kind of grass but not that kind of grass.”

“All right, all right, I promise you! So you’ll come with me to my garden now?”

“Yes, okay.”

“Get on my back, I’ll take you there.”

“You kneel down. You’re so tall. I can’t get up there.”


“Okay lah tiger, let us go. Run faster ah!”

5.11: Aiyaya, Shan Shan is such a tame little rabbit. So easily get taken in……

“What? You do not agree?”

“Ahahaha, no, no. Both of you continue. I will go first.”

“My little rabbit. When you arrive in my garden, I must tell you. If a tiger is ferocious to a small rabbit, this means it wants to eat the rabbit in one big gulp.”

“If a tiger is very gentle to a small rabbit, this means it wants to fatten up the rabbit, then eats it slowly.”

“Oh, In addition I want to make you slowly like to eat meat ……

6.16: You have just listened to the trailer of Come and Eat, Shan Shan – My Boss is a Tiger. Xue Shan Shan is voiced by Ji Chuan Jiu.

“Hello everyone, I am little white rabbit Xue Shan Shan!”

Feng Teng is voiced by Ling Yan Zi.

“I am Feng Teng, that big tiger!”

Cute scenes and warm storyline presented in the radio drama by Vigorous Workshop. You must listen ah!

A cute song……………..called A Sweet Garden.

14 thoughts on “Come & Eat, Shan Shan Radio Drama Translated Trailer by Vigorious Workshop

  1. I loveeeeeeee this so muchhhh ^^
    Laugh a lot with such cute voices and lovely story. I’ve always love this dream, it’s silly, but way to cute for words ❤
    Thanks u so much dear, this is a very special and lovely present ^^ I love it ❤

    P.s: By the way, I love FT's voice in here ^^

    • Haha, glad you like this FT. The 3rd FT will appear in 2014 bcos Lidge is slow with the translation:( Happy New Year!

      • HAPPY NEW YEAR dear Peanuts 🙂
        Hey, I’ve seen some picture of SS played by Li Ying, kinda cute ^0^

        • HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

          She looks cute but the story is so different from the book:( Oh, there is another cute guy beside Feng Teng, lol. I’ll do a post on it later when more pics are available.

          • really? The story is SO different? 😦
            I’m so depressed now 😦
            which parts are different, do you know?

          • I saw some of Feng Teng’s pictures. I am not sure if they are truly Feng Teng’s pictures or Zheng Han’s pictures from other dramas. If they are, then he doesn’t look like the Feng Teng I imagine at all:( The clothes and expressions are all wrong, too serious & bland. I always think of FT as someone with a hint of mischief, lol. What is the use when SS looks cute but FT looks boring:(? I feel Zheng Han looks more like He Yi Chen than FT. He is so sulky, haha.
            Don’t be depressed. Just treat this as a new drama not Shan Shan the novel. The differences are too many which have not been verified so best to wait for the drama or trailer to compare.

          • You’re right 😦 I’m really disappointed at FT right now 😦 There is no use in having SS so cute but FT so boring =”=
            I imagine He Yi Chen kinda a glassed-man with gentle smile 🙂 not really find it in Zheng Han though =”=
            Ok, just waiting for the comic now 🙂 my antidote ar ^~^

          • Hey, you need to read my Silent Separation translation to refresh your memory!!! Yi Chen doesn’t wear specs. In the novel, where got say he wears glasses? He is too handsome for that, haha.. Also, I doubt he has a gentle smile. I think he likes to sulk, lol. Zhang Han gives me the feeling of Yi Chen more than Feng Teng but this could change when I see his interaction with Zhao Li Ying on screen. Hopefully they’ve sizzling chemistry. Post you some cute pictures to cheer you up later provided I can find some, heehee….

          • I actually imagine Yi chen with glasses… that’s just my imagination =”= But I don’t care about Yi Chen or Zhang Han, I just want my FT and SS 😛

          • Ok, ok, posted chapter 38 for you:P

  2. i want to wish a Happy New Year to Lidge Peanuts and lovely fans of hui3r website!! Thank you Lidge and Peanuts for awesome translations and news brought up by you all!! This site really bring alot of joys to me especially SHAN SHAN..I hope you all will continue this amazing works for long long timesssss. I know translation is alot of hard hard workss..and we really appreciates your hard hard workss..LOVE U ❤

    • Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for your support. Shan Shan is going to end soon which is why I am dragging it out, lol. How do you like Silent Separation which is quite different from Shan Shan?

      • Hehe..are you sure you are not dragging bcoz other reasons..^^! So far I like the silent seperation..but its sound like melo.. Yi Chen looks like very loyal which I like..but I heard he’s going to be emo bully..which I don’t like..hehe as long somebody willing to translate I’ll be willing quiet reader..

        • Wah, question me, somemore:( I’ll update once a mth:P Yi Chen is emotional but I don’t feel he is an emo bully. I think the reader in the audiobook is the one who sounded like an emo bully. Mr He is the ideal man in a lot of young girls’ hearts including lidge. Maybe they all like to be bullied, lol. Oh, I expect comments from you for every chapters, more comments, faster update:P

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