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Silent Separation (何以笙箫默) – Gu Man (Chapter 1.2)



Happy New Year! The second part of chapter one has more interactions between the two protagonists. The part when they were in university is quite weird and funny. Now, I know why Lidge likes this book so much. It is because she is just like the young Zhao Mo Sheng, lol. After one chapter, how do you like the novel and lawyer He?

Chapter 1.2: Reunion (translated by peanuts and edited by lidge) or

0.30: After shooting a session, Xiao Xiao waved her hand. “We will stop here for today la.”

“But Xiao Xiao, there is more ……” Her agent eagerly said.

“Stop here.” Xiao Xiao said firmly, then turned to speak to Mo Sheng, “We will go for a cup of coffee.”

“For this long-awaited reunion, we ought to go for a drink, but unfortunately recently, there is something wrong with my stomach so there is no choice but to drink coffee.”

“Uh, a cup of coffee is good, or you should drink milk.” Mo Sheng did not know what to say. There are too many things she wanted to ask but did not know where to begin.

“Health is very important so dieting should be done in moderation.” Mo Sheng tried to find a neutral topic.

“I never go on a diet.” Xiao Xiao smiled faintly. “I’m an alcoholic.”

“Shao Mei!” Mo Sheng was shocked by her friend’s mistreatment of her own body. She anxiously reached out to take her hand. Why did Shao Mei become like this?

Xiao Xiao reflexively pushed away the hand, Mo Sheng was stunned, the atmosphere turned awkward and quiet.

“You’ve changed a lot.” After awhile, Mo Sheng said softly.

“Yes, do you still remember my crush when I was a freshman?” Xiao Xiao spoke of her own story coldly. “One day, I told him I liked him, he accepted, but he did not love me. After that, Shao Mei died, I am now Xiao Xiao.”

Xiao Xiao’s words were like carvings into the heart. Mo Sheng felt distressed and was not able to ask anything else.

After a while, Xiao Xiao coldly mocked: “You have not changed much, still a hypocrite displaying insincere affection. How come you are willing to come back from the glittering United States ah?”

Her words somewhat hurt Mo Sheng but thinking about it, after all, she was in the wrong first. That year, she left without a word and did not keep in touch for seven years so she was the one who did not value their friendship. “At that time, I left in a hurry ……”

2.00: “You do not need to say that to me.” Xiao Xiao interrupted her. “You should say those words to He Yi Chen.”

He Yi Chen? How come he is mentioned? Mo Sheng remembered that day he and Yi Mei behaving like a couple at the supermarket: “I think he does not care ……”

“Does not care? Do you think everyone is like you, so unfeeling and heartless?” Xiao Xiao’s voice became agitated, “The first few days when you went missing, he looked for you until he nearly went crazy. Later, he just waited all day downstairs in the dormitory, but what did he get in the end?” Xiao Xiao’s eyes coldly accused her. “A few people came and took all your stuff away. Then, they told him and us that you have gone to the United States and may never come back.”

“Mo Sheng, you were really cruel.” Xiao Xiao paused and said, “I will never forget the way he looked at that time, like a person falling off a cliff, his face dark and empty, extremely despair until people could not bear to see. He is such a proud person but to actually look like that  ……”

Mo Sheng listened until she was muddleheaded. Did that really happen?

“Maybe he felt guilty ……”

“Zhao Mo Sheng, the one who abandoned him to go to the United States was you so the one feeling guilty should be you.”

“Shao Mei, you do not understand ……”

“I have eyes to see.”

Mo Sheng stopped talking. Everyone thinks that she was the one who abandoned him. That’s clearly not true!”

Definitely, he was the one who said …… he said he did not want to see her again. He said he would rather he has never known her. He asked her to go the farther the better ……

Definitely, it was him!

After saying goodbye to Xiao Xiao, Mo Sheng walked in the streets in early summer, Xiao Xiao’s words still rang in her ears.

“He has always been single …… He Yi Mei?  Isn’t she his sister?”

They surprisingly did not get together? Then why did she leave during that time?

Then, why did he say those words?

She spread out her palm, a piece of paper with the address of ‘Yuan Xiang He Law Firm’ laid in her palm.

Xiao Xiao said: “Maybe you need this.”

She did not specifically come here, but she was just passing by. Before she knew it, she was already standing in ‘Yuan Xiang He Law Firm‘.

The receptionist smiled apologetically: “Lawyer He is not in the firm. Do you have an appointment?”

Mo Sheng was not clear if she felt disappointed or relieved. “No.”

“Do you have anything important? I can help you to convey to him or ……” The receptionist looked at the clock on the wall, “You can wait as lawyer He should be back soon.”

“Oh, no need, I will come again.” Mo Sheng walked away then turned back. “This is lawyer He’s wallet. Please help me to return it to him, thank you.”

An outcome not so bad!

4.06: As the fate was shallow, no wonder the love was not deep.

“Ah Sheng, what is different when you worked abroad compared to working in China?” It was nearly time to go home so the workers had no motivation to work, while chatting a colleague suddenly asked this.

“Uh.” Mo Sheng looked around and saw the boss was not in, “The salary abroad was much higher.”

“What a shame!” The colleagues who thought the grapes were sour, immediately expressed their disdain.

“Did you experience any discrimination there?”

“A little la.”

“This is nothing to be concerned about. Hong Kong people also look down on people from the mainland!” Da Bao, who just came back from Hong Kong, felt that deeply.

“When you personally experience it, then you would not be able to dismiss it easily. Once in front of all of my colleagues, my former boss said that China does not have authentic artists. When I heard that, I was angry. I have never so keenly felt so Chinese so I immediately pointed at the old man’s nose and said ‘What do you know about Chinese art?’. When we Chinese people were practicing our art, who knows where you Americans were wandering at.”

“That’s how to do it! How fierce!” The colleagues kept clapping their hands, praising her continuously and then together asked her: “Later, what excuse was used to fire you?”

“……” Mo Sheng did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Although the Americans are arrogant, their magnanimity are still directly in proportional to their stature. One day, he unexpectedly took the Four Treasures of the Study (for calligraphy) out, which I did not know where he got them from, and asked me to write a few Chinese characters. He said he wanted to hang them in the living room.”

“Wow, really?”

“Ah Sheng, is your writing good enough?”

“Ha, I showed off my Zheng Ban Qiao’s unique skill by firstly pouring all the ink on a fine writing paper. Then I pretended to do this and that for a long time, resulting in those Americans grasping in amazement. Honestly speaking, if those words were not written by me, I would definitely not know what they are.”

“What did you write?”

“You are a barbarian!”

“Ack!” A colleague laughed so hard and spit out tea.

In the midst of loud laughter, someone called out: “Ah Sheng, someone is looking for you.”

Mo Sheng turned around, and Hua Xian Zi (flower fairy), also known as——starry-eyed infatuation fairy and a busybody, walked over. “In the reception room, there is someone very handsome, very cool and very masculine.  He obviously looks like a young and talented urban elite with a successful professional career. Ah Sheng, you have just returned from overseas but already met such good quality stock. No need to hide such talent ah.”

If Hua Xian Zi’s words can be believed, pigs also fly in the sky. Usually, her words should be taken at less than their value, no, more like half of their value.

6.03: Mo Sheng was very curious, she had just returned home without hardly meeting anyone, who would look for her?

She never thought it would be him!

The handsome man standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows in the reception room with his back to her turned out to be He Yi Chen. When he heard the door open, he turned around, looked at her with cold eyes, completely indifferent and without any emotions.

Finally, Hua Xian Zi did not exaggerate. Indeed, he was extraordinarily handsome and impressive looking. His tailored and body fitting suit accentuated his tall and straight figure. He looked just like before, full of confident, calm and collected, but also with something like aloofness that made people uncomfortable.

She was left totally speechless.

In contrast, he looked cool and calm, nodded his head to greet her. “Miss Zhao.”

Miss Zhao?

Mo Sheng really wanted to smile, but it was just too difficult. “He …… Mr.”

Gesturing to a chair, Mo Sheng said: “Please sit down.”

She took out the tea leaves and looked down to conceal her expression. She was unable to look indifferent like him so she can only hide her stirred up emotions. “What do you want to drink?”

“Thank you, no need.” His eyes were cold. “After I say a few words, I will leave immediately.”

“Oh, you came to see me …… how did you know I’m here?”

He paused for five seconds before speaking. “It is Xiao Xiao, I am her lawyer.”

“What is the matter ah?”

His tone of voice appeared to be chilly. “Miss Zhao came to my law firm three days ago and said you would come back, but after some time you still have not come by. I have no choice but to personally come here to pay you a visit.”

Mo Sheng was surprised, raised her head and met his luminous eyes. “How do you know ……” She did not leave her name so how did he know she was the one who returned his wallet?

“Miss Zhao, I can reason like any normal person.” He said mockingly.

Probably those who are lawyers also have this kind of  ‘ability to reason like a normal person.’ Mo Sheng stared at a wall. “I did go to return the wallet. Since you have already received it, you do not need to make a trip here.”

He Yi Chen‘s eyes flashed. “Beside returning the wallet, there is no other matter?”

What other matter? Mo Sheng was in a daze. “There is nothing else.”

“Very good.” There seemed to be a trace of disappointment in his eyes. He walked and stood in front of her. “But I have a matter.”

He took out the black wallet and put it in front of her. “Inside the wallet, it was supposed to have a photo. Miss Zhao, do you know anything about that?”


Of course. Mo Sheng lowered her head. “Really? I did not notice.”

“Oh? The inside of the wallet had nothing but money. Thus, how did Miss Zhao know it was my wallet?”

Mo Sheng was dumbstruck and unable to reply. She almost forgot he is a lawyer, someone good at spotting all the loopholes in other people’s words. Want to deceive him, it would be best to realize one’s own capability first.

He half rose out of his chair. “Miss Zhao, can you return the photo to me?”

Suddenly, Mo Sheng felt baffled. What did he mean? On one hand, he put on a ‘you are a stranger’ look, yet on the other hand asked for her photo.

“The person in the photo is me so why should I give it to you?”

“Miss Zhao, I advise you not to discuss ownership legality with a lawyer.” Yi Chen said coldly.

Mo Sheng was discouraged as she was not familiar with Yi Chen like this and unable to deal with it. “The photo is not here.”

8.06: “Give it to me tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow, I have ……”

“Miss Zhao!” He Yi Chen interrupted her, “I think both of us do not want to have too many entanglements with each other, let’s end this quickly.”

End this quickly? Mo Sheng was silent for quite a while, “What do you want that photo for?”

“Who know?” Yi Chen’s gaze darkened, “Maybe I want to keep it with me, to constantly remind me about that part of my stupid past.”

Stupid …… yes ah, so stupid! She even had some expectations.

He Yi Chen went ahead to make a decision. “I will come to get it tomorrow. If you do not have time, you can ask someone to pass it to me. Goodbye, Miss Zhao.”

He moved forward to leave. When his hand was grasping the door handle, he heard Mo Sheng said from behind: “Wait …… tomorrow, I will send it over.”

“Good.” Yi Chen turned around with a blank face. “Thank you for your cooperation, see you tomorrow.”

Mo Sheng, in a daze, looked at the back of the tall and straight figure walking away. Not that she had not thought what it would be like if they met again one day, but she did not expect they did not even have the affection to say “Long time no see.”

Really, stupid past ah?

Mo Sheng stood in front of the bedroom mirror and looked closely at the woman facing her in the mirror.

If the short hair changed into long hair tied up in a ponytail. If the tanned skin became whiter. If she could still smile brilliantly without a worry …… most importantly, if the eyes could lose more than seven years of deep melancholy and be filled with innocence —— then she could become the Zhao Mo Sheng who first started university and met He Yi Chen.

“He Yi Chen, He Yi Chen ……”

“He Yi Chen, He Yi Chen ……”

She was not very clear how she managed to pursue Yi Chen. Yi Chen was even more unable to make head or tail of it. At that time, she just chased after him continuously. Finally one time, he could not stand it anymore and, with a straight face, asked: “Zhao Mo Sheng, why do you always follow me around?”

If now, she would probably be ashamed until unable to show her face!  However, back then, she was shameless so she opened her eyes widely and asked: “Yi Chen, are you stupid or am I stupid? Aiya, you’re so smart, I must be the stupid one la. How can I be such a failure? I chased for such a long time, yet he still does not know what I’m doing!”

She remembered Yi Chen was dumbstruck and speechless for a long time. Later, when he mentioned about this, he laughed and also angrily said that he wanted to use the questioning tone to make her feel ashamed. But who could foresee in this world, there would be such a shameless little girl, in the end he was the one ashamed.

9.59: Thus, the outstanding student at that time in the Faculty of Law, after reacting slowly, unexpectedly can only stammer: “I don’t intend to find a girlfriend in university.”

At that time, she was too simple because she was not aware that it was just an excuse so in a spurt of energy asked: “Then I will stand in line right now and wait for you to graduate from university. I will be given priority, right?”

Facing such a stubborn opponent, the future lawyer and also best debater surrendered. He quickly ran away after saying out loud: “I have to go to class.”

She certainly was not discouraged by this. Before she could think of a better plan, she unexpectedly heard someone in the university said: “I heard that He Yi Chen from the Faculty of Law already has a girlfriend called Zhao Mo Sheng, the name is quite a mouthful.”

After hearing that, she immediately ran to the self-study classroom, found Yi Chen and hastily clarified: “I did not start the rumour. You have to believe me.”

Yi Chen looked up from his book, with a clear and bright expression, said: “I know.”

She foolishly asked: “How do you know?”

Yi Chen answered with a calm expression: “Because I’m the person who started it.”

Finally, it was her turn to be stupefied. He calmly explained: “I have thought about it. If three years later, you are destined to be my girlfriend, I might as well exercise my rights earlier.”

Oh! That time ah!

The mouth of the person in the mirror curved up slightly, but the smile had not reached her eyes before it quickly disappeared.

Mo Sheng walked onto the balcony, her mind in confusion. Looking at the bright moon and stars, tomorrow should be a good day.

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  1. Awww… long time no see ^^
    Hey, so you translate the radio drama, not the novel ar? Well, it’s so like the novel, maybe they just read the novel eh? That’s still call radio drama, right? @.@
    Actually, I love the main couple while they’re in university, they’re so cute in here.. but since the separation, well…
    You did a good job ar ^^

    • Yah, where did u disappear? You didn’t even come to support your Shan Shan:P

      The audio book is nearly the same as the book. I am translating from the book but included the audio link for some sound effects as well as if you want to learn Mandarin, lol. There is also the radio drama which sound better but summarised a lot.

  2. Hey, today is my birthday, and you posted something ar ^^

    • Happy Brithday !!!! Wish you happy & healthy all year long:) Yah, my 6th sense told me need to post something today lol.

      Hey Lidge is also a Dec baby & I am a Jan baby, haha..

  3. Haha never play with someone who study law. Yi Chen is sweet.

    • Hui3r the owner of this blog is also a lawyer:P Happy New Year ! What book are you reading? I gonna post an intensive book in SSB for u, lol.

      Yi Chen is only sweet when he was young. Later, he is too bitter for my taste. GM should give some of Feng Teng’s humour to him, haha…

      • Haha should not tease her/him then. Happy New Year to you too. I’m reading something like ‘Meeting you is the most wonderful surprise’ (Gap anh la dieu bat ngo tuyet voi nhat) by Diep Tu. Do you have something for me like ‘Warm Chord’ ? Yea can’t wait for new books at SSB.

        Btw, I found a website which ship internationally. 😀 Hope it won’t take 2 months to come here. The fact I want to buy online, it’s because I really really really want a book, but since it was released in viet, the translator stopped to post it online. >.<

        I read somewhere that Wallace huo will play Yi Chen. Is it true ?

        • Hui3r is a female:) Is your ‘meeting you’ this book ? How do you like it? Wah, you like Warm Chord so much? Ok, i’ll try to find you similar books next week when I can use my office faster pc:P I read 2 modern books recently but too lazy to post them, lol.

          Is the postage expensive? Which book you want to read in Viet? Maybe Lidge can find it for you online since she is an expert on freeloading lol.

          Wallace Huo???? OMG, I hope not. He is not the Yi Chen I’ve in mind!!!!!! I prefer Hu Ge or Wallace Chung:P I read abt Wallace Chung, Peter Ho etc but nothing is confirmed yet. All I know is Shan Shan has started filming and from the screen shots, they are not looking like the novel:((((

        • No, not this one but this one I think the story is OK. If you like ‘Just one smile is very alluring’ you will like this book for the online game part. The first time the girl met the guy at the hotel. She thought he is her boyfriend who cheated on her, so she hit him. Later he becomes her superior at work. Haha

          Thanks in advance. Yes, I like ‘WC’ even if I wanted to strangle the male lead several times when I read the book. lol I need some serious love stories, with anger and revenge but with a happy ending. hihihi I have a weird taste.

          The 9 books cost approx. $45.54 but the shipping cost $82.88 and it’s not the fastest. The boat transport is cheaper but I don’t wanna wait 2 months. The book I want is ‘Dung noi voi anh ay toi van con yeu’ (Don’t tell him I still love) by Luc Xu.

          I don’t think Wallace Huo has the Yi Chen’s aura. I don’t know but for me he is very very tall like the one in the drawing.

          • Hey, I can’t read Chinese so how to copy & paste from jpg to find this book in Chinese? Can I’ve the name in Chinese?

            You want a book on anger and revenge then I’ve the perfect book for you. Go & read Paper Rose which fits your criteria perfectly. It is quite lengthy so you’ve to be patient. But it is really a good book, quite realistic & meaningful. I love the female lead, very strong & optimistic. As for the male lead, he is hateful at the beginning but redeemed himself towards the end. Silent Separation has plenty of anger but no revenge. You know WC means Wallace Chung, haha?

            Wah the shipping costs more than the books:( Luc Xu is the author of your fav book which you told me b4 right? I doubt Lidge knows bcos she doesn’t like that author.

            Huh? Many actors are also very very tall, lol. I doubt WC will be Yi Chen bcos his character in Best Times is something like Yi Chen. He said he doesn’t like repetitive roles. I chose HG bcos I saw a few of the fan-made MVs with him as Yi Chen so they kind of stuck in my mind, haha….the power of fans:P

        • lol So here’s the title : 遇见你是我最美丽的意外- 叶紫

          Ok I’ll try Paper Rose. Haha I mean ‘Warm Chord’. 1st day of new year, but I’m already lazy.

          No worries.. I’ll receive the book in one month. I like her style, We are aquarius and apparently she was born the same year as me.

          I didn’t watch ‘Best Times’ yet. People say the ending is very bad. I will wait for the dubbed version.

          • Don’t worry, I called the director of Best Times to film 3 endings:P The one shown on tv is open-ended which you’ll like if you like neither guy. If you are supporter of that other guy, you’ll like the novel ending. If you are Wallace’s fan like me, the last ending is the best. The links for all 3 endings are in SSB.

  4. He Yi Chen is a really smart and sharp man but to compare him with FT it’s a whole different new world and I’m still liking FT more than HYC so I’m sorry to Lidge hehe. Maybe this is because SS has simpler conflict compare to Silent Separation so this tends to feel more serious. I wonder what happen between the two 7 years ago?

    • Haha, of course your affection for HYC still cannot compare to FT since you’ve only read 1 chapter of Silent Separation:P

      You’ll find out in due course what happened 7 yrs ago:P I think ultimately I’ll finish translating the novel but you probably has to wait until 2015:P

  5. Loving this already ㅠㅠ

  6. i tried to read 1st chap of shan shan, but its seems like i like this better.
    as a writer myself, i seriously envy chinese writers, they are creative. hope i can learn something new from your blog 🙂

    thank you for translating.

  7. Try to read this while waiting next chapter of Wipe Clean After eating..

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  10. if there is any eng audio book of this book? i love your translation, and hope to find mp3 file to listen every day.
    Thanks you very muck!

  11. Hi, I’m looking for silent separation translation novel and I found your blog. So I really want to know if you’re translate from the novel or audiobook???

  12. Thank you for the translation.

  13. Aww…the past was so cute. And the present so thick with tension.

    Okay so they are actually looking for excuses to somehow find answers as to what went wrong in the past.

    Xiao is playing the cupid here, is she? Excited to read further.

    As for Lawyer He Yi Chen is shrewd here. I like his reasoning skills. The man seems to have this confidence that’s totally a turn on. As for the heroine, she’s clueless about her own power over him. It’s going to be fun.

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